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North Carolina man captures Bigfoot on video, and two other recent sightings in the state

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YouTube Video Here: https://www.youtube.com/embed/FVlVolsCquE?feature=oembed&enablejsapi=1

Doug Teague, 53, from Hickory, North Carolina, is an avid researcher of both gorillas and Bigfoot. He routinely sets up game cameras to keep watch on area wildlife. He regularly posts photos of gorillas to Facebook, stating “Poaching of these great apes should be considered murder.” He knows that these primates are intelligent and very similar to human beings. But what about the creature said to look like an oversized gorilla, Bigfoot?

“I believe it’s a primate, a very large primate,” said Doug Teague.

According to Teague’s video post to the Facebook group, to Catawba Valley Bigfoot Research:

On August 16, Teague went out to retrieve cameras from the woods in McDowell County, only to find they were stolen. On the way back, he heard knocking sounds, then saw a rock the size of a golf ball thrown down a hill. His dog, Crazy Daisy, ran off to chase the stone. Teague pulled his smartphone from his back pocket and started to film the surroundings as another stone hit the ground nearby.

“To the right, there was loud grunts, numerous loud grunts. Definitely got my attention…got Daisy’s attention,” said Teague.

As he yelled for his dog to come back, he saw another rock thrown through the air. Then he spotted something in the distance.

“The object was very black with a pretty silver sheen to it, and it just sit there and every now and then you could see it move.”

As he continued filming, he claims the creature turned its head to show its “perfect profile.”

“It’s awesome because it does look like a gorilla,” he said.

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Doug Teague via WFMY News

Afterward, Teague says his phone started to overheat several times in the 90-degree heat. As the camera misfunctioned, he says a creature that may have been seven and a half to eight feet tall stood up and moved into the woods, disappearing. Crows started to make noise in response.

While he only saw one creature, a friend reviewing the film saw two other creatures in the footage.

After returning home, Teague contacted the local news about his sighting, at the request of a local reporter who knew he was frequently out looking for Bigfoot.

According to the Hickory Daily Record, Teague was excited about his latest encounter:

“I’m almost 54 years old and I was like a giddy kid,” he said about his latest encounter. He’s only encountered Bigfoot four times.

So far, Bigfoot remains a creature of myth, but Teague and many others believe that one day there will be definite proof. He has taken plaster casts of footprints found along muddy woodland paths.

“There’s probably a lot more evidence than people realize,” he said. “People hide it. They don’t want people to ridicule them.”

As he probably expected, Teague received some negative feedback to his story from people online. One person asked why he didn’t approach the creatures more closely, to which he responded:

“I did some bouncing in my young days, and I went up against some big ole’ fellas. And what I’ve seen up there on them hills, eight-nine feet tall, I ain’t’ approaching it,” said Teague. “The reason they throw rocks is you are close enough. That’s their way of telling you you are close enough, and I’m going to respect their wishes.”

If this really is a huge creature throwing rocks, can you blame anyone for keeping their distance? Fortunately, Crazy Daisy stayed clear, remaining near Teague rather than chasing the creatures.

More Sasquatch sightings in North Carolina in 2019

Meanwhile, a real Bigfoot of sorts was stolen from nearby Linville North Carolina in late August. It was almost eight feet tall and weighed hundreds of pounds, but somebody stole the statue bolted the ground in front of a landscaping business. The Avery County Sheriff’s Office is searching for the kidnapped Squatch. (see video below)

In Mocksville, North Carolina, someone constructed a giant statue of Bigfoot with red eyes and left it beside a freeway, prompting calls to 911 earlier this year.

YouTube Video Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BG3epA9jJRY

See more video from Doug Teague below:

YouTube Video Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVhS3y4feEE

Featured image: Screenshots via YouTube