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The Bosnian Pyramids

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A Pyramid in Europe? Well… Pyramids actually!

It is true that new findings will redefine the way we look at history and archaeology. Proof to that is the discovery in Bosnia & Herzegovina and the incredible Pyramid complex found by Dr. Semir “Sam” Osmanagić Ph.D.

According to researchers around the world and the Head of Anthropology at the American University in Bosnia-Herzegovina Dr. Semir Osmanagić, Ph.D.

The Bosnian Pyramids located near the town of Visoko, northwest of Sarajevo are the oldest man-made Pyramids that have been discovered on our Planet. 

Dr. Semir Osmanagić and his team have spent over 340.000 man-hours in archaeological excavation, sample testing, and radiocarbon dating in the period from 2005 to 2013. 

The Pyramid of the Sun, with its 220 meters height, exceeds the Great Pyramid of Egypt, which measures 147 meters (height). But what we find mind-blowing is the fact that the Pyramid’s orientation to the North is accurate with an error of 0 degrees, 0 minutes and 12 seconds. Incredible precision and this is where the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun has an amazing fact in common with the Great Pyramid of Egypt. the great Pyramid of Egypt resides at the intersection of the longest line of latitude and the longest line of longitude, the exact center of all the land mass in the world. Also, each of the four sides aligns almost precisely with the four points of the compass. So we have precision in Egypt that is almost equal to precision found in Bosnia. But how can this be? These two ancient civilizations were not connected.

These strange geometrical shapes were first sighted in 2005 when Dr. Osmanagić traveled to the town of Visoko, and these strange looking hills caught his attention when you travel to the area, these geometrical shapes clearly stand out from the rest and are very difficult to miss.

But how strange is it to find Pyramids in Europe? In our opinion, it’s not strange at all. Our planet is full of Pyramids, it doesn’t matter where you decide to look, wherever it is, you will find PYRAMIDS. If you travel to the Americas, you will find thousands of Pyramids scattered across the Americas. In Asia, we have the same phenomena of huge pyramids invading the horizon and even if you look at Africa you’ll find Pyramids again. Now, finally, Europe gets the right to brag about Pyramids, and not just any pyramid, but according to researchers, it is the biggest and oldest Pyramid found to date. It is a huge and marvelous construction that has not yet been fully studied.

In summer of 2013 we analyzed a piece of organic material discovered between two concrete layers. The age was released in September 2013 and it shows 29.200 years +/- 400 years. This finding confirms that the Bosnian pyramids are also the oldest known pyramids on the planet. – Dr. Osmanagić

According to Dr. Osmanagić, these finding change the way we look at European history in many ways.

And how can it not? But the journey towards the discovery of these incredible structures has been both turbulent and difficult for Dr. Osmanagić and his team. With the lack of support the progress has been slow and difficult, the search area is extensive, and some areas are difficult to access. In the last two years, the government has refused to support the archaeological excavation process slowing the mapping and discovery further, but Dr. Osmanagić and his team are not giving up. It is this Adventurous Spirit that is fueling the archaeological team towards their goal.

The Bosnian Pyramids Project is open to everyone — there are no secrets, and most importantly all archaeological discoveries are made public immediately. Dr. Osmanagić and his team hope that this spirit of inclusiveness will inspire everyone who reads this project description to make a donation and help not only archaeology but the human history that will be rewritten.

With this crowdfunding project, our nonprofit Foundation is offering the public the opportunity to support financially its mission to continue employing Bosnian locals to work in Ravne Tunnel Labyrinth throughout the fall, winter, and spring — until tourism money in the summer months of 2015 can again energize the project.

The Beam of light of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun

Bosnian-Pyramid-of-the-Sun - The Bosnian Pyramids
The PYramid Is Said to Posess Advanced Technologies

If the discovery itself isn’t enough, there’s more to the Bosnian Pyramids. Several teams of physicists and electrical engineers from around the world have gathered in Visoko to study these findings and found some interesting things in Bosnia. Researchers have detected and measured an energy beam (electromagnetic in nature) coming through the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, and the details are just incredible. The radius of the beam is 4.5 meters with a frequency of 28 kHz with a strength of 3,9 V.

According to researchers, the beam is continuous, and its strength grows as it moves up and away from the pyramid. This phenomenon contradicts the known laws of nature, physics and technology and might as well be the first ever “tangible” proof of non-herzian technology found on Earth.

If we look elsewhere on Earth, we will find that beams coming out of Pyramids are not strange phenomena as beams of light have been recorded coming out of the Mayan Kukulkan Pyramid located in Yucatan, Mexico. Interesting huh?

In China, we also have reports of strange beams of energy coming out of the Xianyang pyramid, and according to some even the Chinese government has begun monitoring the Xianyang pyramid as researchers claim, the beam has extraterrestrial origins. 

What you have here are Pyramids separated by thousands of miles that share similarities. You have energy beams coming out of American Pyramids, Asian Pyramids, and now, you have the biggest known Pyramid, located in Europe that also emits this “unexplained” beam of energy. Could it be that these Pyramids are enormous energy machines? If so, what is their actual purpose? And better yet where does this beam lead to?

An “ultrasound” beam found at the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun comes in regular blocks of 9,3333 Hz with peaks up to 28.3000kHz so what you have here are properties of energy making constructions, natural formations or natural pyramids do not display these characteristics. By the end of 2012, the source of the beam was located 1.5 miles under the Pyramid and according to researchers it has an estimated power of over 10kW.

Hydrophone recordings conducted in water pools within the Ravne tunnels showed the presence of ultrasound oscillations at 24 kHz and one octave up at 48 kHz whose amplitudes changed in a rhythmic manner.  A 38 kHz frequency also appeared erratically.  Interestingly, this is 14 kHz higher than the 24 kHz frequency, a difference frequency that is half of the 28 kHz frequency reported coming from the Pyramid of the Sun.

But that’s not all, enormous underground constructions have been discovered as well, chambers, labyrinths, and even underground lakes have been found in the area. Energy screenings show that the ionization level has over 43,000 negative ions which are about 200 times higher than the average concentration which makes these underground chambers display healing properties.

Further tests have confirmed that the levels of “negative radiation”  through the Hartman, Curry, and Schneider grids are equal to zero in the tunnels discovered. There has been no technical radiation nor cosmic radioactivity found in the tunnels. Ceramic sculptures have been discovered over the underground water streams which are positioned in such a manner that the negative energy is converted into positive.

untitled- - The Bosnian Pyramids
Underground Labyrinth “Ravne”, Visoko, Bosnia-Herzegovina

These findings point to the fact that the underground labyrinth discovered in one of the most secure underground constructions found on the Planet.

With each discovery progress towards the understanding of these Pyramids is being made, but to fully understand this complex science and technology, we must go out of our conventional way of looking thinking if we are to understand fully the purpose of these incredible, megalithic structures found worldwide. Many archaeological discoveries have been suppressed because some of them go outside of our conventional thinking methods, if we are to understand our past, present, and future, we must redefine our thinking methods and travel outside our comfort zones.

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Personal thanks to Dr. Semir Osmanagić, Ph.D. Director of Center for Archaeology at the American University in Bosnia-Herzegovina for providing us with the necessary material and images.