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The Ica Stones: 20 fascinating, rare images of the controversial stones


The mysterious Ica Stones depict a wide number of scenes: From dinosaurs attacking human beings to traces of advanced technology, medical operations, maps and erotic scenes.

While there certainly is a note of ambiguity which ultimately leaves room for different interpretations of the stones, these artifacts are the ultimate proof that there is more to ancient history than any of us have been led to believe by mainstream scholars.

Many researchers agree that our history books are incomplete and are missing from essential information that has been withheld from society because it offers a totally different timeline than the one we are currently set to believe in.

The Ica stones have been a subject of debate for a period of over 50 years. They have caught the attention of many researchers who have been left astonished by the scenes depicted in the countless stones found in modern-day Peru. Many agree that the Ica Stones question many aspects of modern science, creationism, and human origin and are the ultimate opposition against prevailing mainstream theories.

The stones are made of Andesite, which is a gray/black volcanic rock commonly found in the region. Numerous laboratories are said to have validated the authenticity of the stones and engravings, indicating that the carvings on the stones are extremely old. However, unlike clay artifacts that have also been found in Peru, there is no organic material found in the rock which makes it extremely difficult to find out more about their true age.

According to popular website Crystalinks.com, traditional radiocarbon dating techniques rely upon the organic material (that was once alive) to determine age. The surface of these rocks, however, has a varnish that is the result of bacteria and minute organisms which have adhered to them. A good black varnish or patina will take thousands of years to discolor and coat each stone. Etching these rocks would have removed the existing varnish, revealing the bare rock. Since these rocks have developed additional varnish in the grooves, it seems likely that they have were carved a long time ago.

The stones first made headlines in 1966 when Doctor Javier Cabrera Darquea received one of the stones as a Birthday gift from a friend.

Cabrera eventually opened the Ica museum where he displayed several thousands of stones and published a book called ‘The Message of the Engraved Stones of Ica’ where he claimed that: “Through the transplantation of cognitive codes to highly intelligent primates, the men from outer space created new men on earth.”

The Truth behind the Ica stones remains a mystery. While creationists believe the Ica Stones are the ultimate evidence proving that mankind coexisted with dinosaurs over 65 million years ago disproving the evolutionary theory, skeptics argue that there is nothing special to the stones and that the thousands of stones found in Peru are just another elaborate hoax. Millions of people around the globe, firmly disagree.

But as always, an image is worth a million words; that’s why in this article, we have gathered dozens of extremely rare images of the Ica Stones so you can observe them and come to your own conclusion.

The vast collection of the Ica Stones. Image credit

Ica Stone 2
The Ica Stones allegedly depict a time when dinosaurs coexisted with humans. Some 65 million years ago.


Ica Stones (2)

Ica Stones (3)
A fascinating image of the Ica Stone collection

Ica Stones (1)
Hoax or not? The Ica Stoens depict fascinating events.


Incredible Ica Stone showing a Dinosaur attacking a human.


Ica Stones (6)

Ica Stones (5)

Ica Stones




Irrefutable evidence that ancient man coexisted with dinosaurs?
Irrefutable evidence that ancient man coexisted with dinosaurs?

Ica Stone Dino

Ica Stone Map

Ica Stone Map 2

Ica Space map

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