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The mysterious Fawn Hoof Mummy: Ancient Egyptian Presence in North America

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The mysterious Fawn Hoof Mummy: Ancient Egyptian Presence in North America


This fascinating mummy was found over 200 years ago in one of the largest cave systems in America: The Mammoth Cave. There, miners discovered an extremely well-preserved mummy with red hair prepared and embalmed in an eerily similar way as the ancient Egyptians. After examining the mummy in the late 1800’s, the Smithsonian Institute ‘lost’ the mummy. 

Mammoth Cave Mummy, Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky

Mammoth Cave Mummy, Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky

Some 200 years ago, a very unusual mummy was discovered in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky.

There are a couple of things about the mummy which completely challenge what we have taught to believe about history books, especially about the ability and accomplishments of the Ancient Egyptians, their intrepid transoceanic voyages and their influence in other ancient cultures.

The mummy known as Fawn Hoof is considered by many as evidence that history books are wrong and that we are being given filtered information when it comes to ancient civilizations and the origins of mankind.

The mummy was mentioned in the book Prehistoric Mummies from the Mammoth Cave Area, by  Angelo I. George where the author indicates that the mummy was found in the cave in September of 1811.

According to George, the Ancient mummy was given the name “Fawn Hoof” in 1815 and that ‘thousands’ of people saw the mummy as it was put on display.

But what’s the story behind the mummy and why is it so important?

Sometime between Between 1811 and 1813 (different authors vary on the date) a group of miners were working inside one of the Kentucky caves known as Short Cave.

One of the workers, who was excavating, came across a hard surface which proved to be a large rock with a flat surface.

After miners had removed the rock they discovered a crypt that contained a mummy inside. But it wasn’t an ordinary mummy.

In the past, such discoveries were not given much importance and people looked to make a profit out of history.

In 1816, Nahum Ward from Ohio visited the cave, purchased numerous artifacts and the Fawn Hoof Mummy. In addition to the Fawn Hoof Mummy, Ward also purchased other mummies and some of them were over reportedly 2500 years old.

Years went by and the collection purchased by Ward was placed in a traveling exhibition of rarities. Through the years, the Fawn Hoof Mummy traveled across the country. It was first taken to Lexington, Kentucky and later transferred to the American Antiquarian Society.

In 1876 the Fawn Hoof Mummy was transferred to the Smithsonian Institution by Isaiah Thomas, founder of the American Antiquarian Society.

Due to the fact that the mummy was inadequately cared for and because it was transported a lot, the mummy suffered damage.

Researchers at the Smithsonian examined the mummy, dissected it and reported their findings. At some point after that –like many other things that challenge history— the Fawn Hoof Mummy was completely lost.

According to initial reports, the mummy was found to have been a woman of around six feet in height.

The mummy was wrapped in deer skin, which in turn was decorated with leaf and vine patterns.

The mummy was found to be in an extremely well-preserved conditions even though the mummy was not analyzed by researchers for over 60 years after it was initially found.

Among the more unusual finding was the fact that this mummy –like other mummies found in Peru and Bolivia in recent times— had red hair.

It was concluded that the hair was cut to a length of an eighth of an inch, except for the back of the mummy’s head where the hair was about two inches long.

Based on the artifacts found where the mummy was buried, it is believed that the woman was of great importance in ancient times.

However, researchers noted that among the most fascinating details about the Fawn Hoof Mummy is the fact that it was prepared and embalmed in an eerily similar way as the ancient Egyptians used to.

Reports indicate that the hands, ears, fingers, and rest of the body were dried, but extremely well preserved.

But how is it possible that the mummy was lost? Is it possible that the mummy challenged historical doctrines set into place by certain institutions?

Many people believe that the Fawn Hoof Mummy is one of the many indicators which proves that thousands of years ago, before written history, ancient cultures around the globe were intricately connected and that transoceanic voyages occurred much sooner than mainstream scholars are willing to accept.

  • Charles T Lawson

    The Smithsonian Institute is so good at losing ( Hiding ) The truth to History , I do not know why anyone keeps sending their finds to them .

    • Snufy

      You’re right about that. They took down displays of huge human remains, some up to 40′ tall. I suppose it doesn’t fit what ‘they’ want us to know.

      • Fuzzybunny

        Any evidence of that?

        • patriot156


          • Fuzzybunny

            Welll?? I am interested, you could at least point me in the right direction 😀

          • patriot156

            this article for one and many others like it. But I did ask them and got a glimpse of the truth but they would open the door wide enough for me to see completely what evidence of Giants they had. Long story they teased me but wouldn’t give me full access.

          • pitchpole

            Check out Trey Smith videos on Youtube and Gen6 Productions on youtube with Timothy Alberino. This article barely scratches the surface. Keep an open mind, weigh the facts and make up your own mind. My research over the years tells me we’ve all been lied to.

          • Fuzzybunny

            Thanks mate!

          • Point yourself. Do you always have to have someone else tell you what to read? Do some research on your own.

          • Fuzzybunny

            Oh get over yourself, I am asking for reference on the specific info mentioned.
            I bloody never have someone else tell me what to read, I was politely asking for some specific information.
            What the hell is you problem?

          • Donkeyrider of the Dale

            TTM was a bit rude there methinks FB

          • Fuzzybunny

            Eh, do I look bovvered? AM I bovvered? Look at my face, does it look bovvered? 😀
            What did you do to the pony?

          • Donkeyrider of the Dale

            I think he could be a donkey.
            Must have lied on the application…

          • Fuzzybunny

            Were the rabbit-like ears not a giveaway?
            Your QC department needs an overhaul!

          • Fuzzybunny

            Just thought you might be interested to know that there is a crop circle list on LV. 😀

          • Donkeyrider of the Dale

            You are awesome FB.

          • Fuzzybunny

            It would not be the same there without you!

          • Donkeyrider of the Dale

            Thanks. Been light on the action of late. Work is all consuming.

          • Fuzzybunny

            Are you done with it for a while?
            Sounded like a hectic project or summat?

          • Bettie

            You can believe it or not. Who cares that you are a skeptic except you.

        • Jakrabt

          There were many newspaper articles and photos made during that time. I was able to locate a number of them using Google. I live in the MS River Valley and there are numerous Mounds that the Indians never made claim to. Even my grandparents remember seeing bones of giants when a carnival came through. At least that’s what my great grandmother told me before she died. Fascinating stuff.

    • J. B. Ferguson


      • XxDebraKayxX .

        Or open minded and yours is closed? Hummm. One of you is right and one is wrong…..

    • Smithson, the creator of the Smithsonian, was a New York Liberal. Maybe he was a Mason, too. Seems like he and his buddies had a conversation that went like this: “Somebody needs to get these giant skeletons out of the hands of the church people. They will never stop believing in God if they keep finding proof that giants really existed”. So Smithson had an idea : “Men, I have it. I will establish a museum to collect these skeletons for ‘the public’, we will go get them and bury them in a huge warehouse where we will control them. No one will ever see another giant skeleton again.”

      • XxDebraKayxX .

        Yes, I’ve heard that the Smithsonian hides any thing that doesn’t support evolution.

      • rickd12

        Utter, utter, utter bullshit

      • Will Miller

        Funny, I was just thinking the same thing about the Smithsonian institute. Along with all the pictures of said skeletons, because you know they want to ” hang them all up around the display of the skeletons. Then they make sure there are no copies and in a box they go to be hidden away if not distroyed so they can’t be rediscovered.

    • Dianne Hardy Ashcraft

      I agree!!

  • Clamb

    I grew up in that area of Kentucky ’72-’97. In the ’70’s we went on one of the tours of Mammoth Caves when I was about 6y.o., the tour guide asked if anybody had any questions, I raised my hand and asked if any mummies or bones were ever found, everybody laughed at me cause I’m a dumb kid and the guide said no nothing had ever been found. What a low-info liar he turned out to be.

  • Alleged Comment

    Sorry, but no mummy means no dadah.

    • Clamb

      So you are a dumbee..

      • Alleged Comment

        Yes, a Gumby.

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