Three of the most influential Alien Species on Earth

There is a worldwide debate going on about aliens. There are people who believe that we have been visited in the past by extraterrestrial beings, and there are those who firmly disagree, suggesting that we are the only intelligent species in the universe.

While many texts that mention Gods who descended from the heavens, we still believe that what was written by ancients was just a myth. What is the truth? I guess that it depends on what you believe.


The Ancient Alien theory has become very popular in recent years. According to the Ancient Alien or, Ancient Astronaut theory, our planet has been visited by otherworldly beings for thousands if not, hundreds of thousands of years.

Today, people who have studied and analyzed the UFO and Alien phenomena on Earth agree that there are several Alien beings that are walking among humans.

Here we have three of the most important Alien species that exist, according to ufologists.

1) The Reptilians:

Reptilian Xindi - Shape-shifting Royal

As the name implies, are anthropomorphic reptiles whose civilization spread from the system Alpha Draconis, so they are also known as ” Draconian”. According to ufologists, they measure about 4 meters in height and are characterized as excellent warriors and have an extremely hierarchical and competitive political – military system. They also have a great psychic power and feed on negative energies like fear and hatred, thus, they are considered ” regressive ” and were considered before as “demons.”

Many believe that the “Reptilians” are now in control of the world, camouflaging among the ruling elite on our planet.

2) The Greys:

Steven Greer ufo alien moon landing

These beings are perhaps the most famous of all the alien races. The Greys are believed to be beings with large heads, almond-shaped eyes and smaller bodies. They come from the constellation Orion and the star system Zeta Reticuli. According to ufologists and researchers, their population is in fact very small and they have numerous clones among them. They do not have souls as humans and behave as robots. The Greys are the ones responsible for the majority of abductions on our planet. The Greys are sometimes believed to serve the Reptilians. According to some, a secret pact was made in the 50’s between our government and these aliens. We received highly advanced alien technology, while they got the green light to abduct people and perform human experiments.

3) Anunnaki:


The Anunnaki are perhaps one of the best-known “alien species” together with the Greys. Annunaki is the name given to a race of extraterrestrials by the Sumerians. These beings arrived from a planet called Nibiru which allegedly approaches our solar system every 3600 years. Anunnaki means: “those who from heaven came down to earth.”

According to the Sumerian tablets translated by Zecharia Sitchin, the Anunnaki mixed their own genetic materials with early humans creating a race of slaves. These genetic experiments are believed to have occurred around 200,000 years ago. Given the technological differences and knowledge between the Anunnaki and early humans, it is believed that ancient man regarded the Anunnaki as gods.

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  1. Sif, how do you know so much or where do you get your information? I like your post

  2. The theory in my mind that is even remotely plausible is the Annunaki Ancient Alien theory. Zecharia Sitchin wrote a great book detailing evidence of their presence here on Earth. Read Genesis Revisited and any of his other books to see what I mean, The existence of the Greys and Reptilians are fictional and there are no credited works by a legitimate author that I know of to show evidence that they exist. I mean seriously the ‘Draconians’ are a carbon copy of the Pantahian Lizard-Men from Raymond E Feist’s fictional series the ‘Riftwar Saga’. The Greys are X-Files material only. This is just my opinion of course and I could be totally wrong.

    1. Sitchin is not the authority that you might think, but is right about some things. He is interested in selling his books. Controversial and provocative sells much faster than dull and bland.

      Von danekin(sic?)is closer to correct than sitchin in his ideas.

      Both grays and reptilians truly exist.

      I just posted my knowledge and experience with the grays, above.

      The annunaki are reptilians. They are the spiritual beings that have brought us the divine seed that is Advaita Vedanta. The cosmic religion. Every religion on earth can trace its roots back to Advaita Vedanta. I have never seen a reptilian, but know they are.

      Shiva claims to be annunaki. He is the God that people say their prayers to. (I know, sitchin says “the ancients didn’t have a word for extraterrestrial, so they called the Gods, and extraterrestrial and God are interchangeable”) this is not correct, in that God is extraterrestrial, but not all extraterrestrials are Gods.

      Reptilians are interfrequency and do not travel by a craft or ship, they open a portal and step through.

      While I am not an author in the strictest sense, I will be bonafide sooner or later. I’m going with sooner. The answers I have lent you all are from the all seeing, all knowing that I get as part of the biblical giant get down.

      The images here are two of close to 15,000 or so that I have shot over the last few years. I can’t saw what species they are, but in the second, you can see the ” frame” of a duct, and a mist being sucked in to the duct. I’ve been shown that this is “boarding” a craft. You can see a face in the mist.

      The third image is very telling, as you can see three different races in the clouds as well as FTs which we know as shadow people strewn about on the mud. The best one is on the right side of the mud volcano, àbout halfway up. There are dozens of them in the image. The first two images are mine and the third on is not but was taken about three miles from the second. Both of these are shot looking out over the salton sea. The first is also taken within five miles of the salton sea.

      The chocolate mountains hold some attraction for them. I have seen crafts come in and dismantled using a nuclear fusion of some kind that is timed to correspond with the sunrise. This is resulting in a sunrise that you cannot look at and at least once was so bright and hot that you couldn’t face east without wincing and closing your eyes, but still felt the heat on your face.

      I have seen battles and orgies( these beings are very hedonistic) in fact I’ll post another to back up my claim.

      The fourth picture is of, ……….well, ………a couple going at it, with another watching with his little head, too.

      Really makes you wonder about rain.

  3. Alrighty then.

    Thats a great guess. The only point you hit correctly was the height of the reptilians.

    The reptilians are the annunaki. They do not control the earth. The annunaki are the cosmic race that carry the divine seed known as Advaita Vedanta, which is the seed that every spiritual dogma on earth has roots to.

    This idea of malevolence was started by the government because they have not aligned them selves with the government. The government has enslaved other extraterrestrial races.

    They have one extraterrestrial race which will be in everyone’s reality very soon. The Yo Yo Niopion are extraterrestrial termites. The Yo Yo are represented on the murals in the DIA by the metal, wood and glass being destroyed, by the bricks are untouched. They eat everything, and I mean EVERYTHING but stone. Their favorite meal is lithium. That’s batteries and brains.

    There is a sculpture in DIA that is supposed to be a Mexican folk monster. It is not. That’s a flesh eating termite from space.

    So back to your ” influential” extraterrestrials.

    Just by their spiritual belief they brought here, the annunaki got the gold metal.

    The grays are beneficent. They are taking notes and when it is time those that have fallen into the negative with their karmic account will be kept in mind.

    The grays that I have seen have the ubiquitous head with almond shaped eyes, but no arms or legs. Their bodies are very much like a terrestrial manatee. They had something to do with my being placed in the position I’m in somehow. The night before I was probed they had some kind of council where I watched them form wall, not unlike a set of bleachers filling.

    I posted on Facebook about the experience being Numinous. My first but not my last “Numinous”.

    There are seventy seven different species that come and go at will.

    The more influential of them are FTs known to humans as ” shadow people”. There are pilfering water from any unsecured water source from swimming pools to sewage treatment plants.

    Water is rare in the cosmos, and they have been taking ours a few gallons at a time. They have some kind of “equipment” that sublimes it into steam to get it to a waiting tank ship in near space.

    They like most extraterrestrials are harmless but will attempt to intimidate your by charging at you.

    Some people can see them well. They are a “blob” with a head.

    They pop like a balloon should one pester you. It has been part of my cosmic task to dispatch them. I cant count the number of times that I had to get out of bed and go out in the cold and step on one.

    In fact, one way to tell if there is one near you, is the cold draft the drag with them. You can feel the air temperature drop if you get near one.

    The lemurians, are here, spreading their good will. The lemurians “seed crystals” are encoded with information of benevolent knowledge.

    The Malaysian air flight that disappeared without a trace until recently the tail section was located. The rest of it was taken with the passengers and crew by extraterrestrial being of a race I do not know.

    That is influential!

  4. . There are only eight dimensions on this planet. Not sure about yours.

    Not sure what makes you think that grays want to be called “zeta”. I’m being shown that’s odder than the picture of the reptilian here, and that drew an amused chuckle.

    The grays are working with reptilians, but the reptilians are the cosmic spiritual beings, including having saints, bishops, abysses, and a ” Pope”. The grays are beneficent.

    You missed the mark on your statement about creating mistrust.

    Sirians and andromedians are malevolent, while arcturians, nordics, and amazons, and all pleaidian races are benevolent. There are two different species from the Pleiades. One are the grays, and the other is from the planet “Heaven”. Which is where any ancestors of yours that have ascended to heaven are.

    Your statement regarding ñordics working with humans is correct in that they are working with us and bringing us messages from the Architect of the Universe.

    Buddy Holly was a Nordic.
    Johnny Cash was pleaidian.
    June Carter Cash was an amazon.
    The list is long, and chances are you have several messages from the cosmos in your 8 track collection.

    To allow you to understand, Google,” XTC prophecies ” and that should give you a good idea.

  5. It always floors me how only the negative races are mentioned in these articles.

  6. TECHNICALLY the the Sumerians regarded the Anunnaki as the body of gods for the UNDERWORLD, not heaven. There was another body of gods for that. So I personally don’t get why people would pick them as the supposed aliens were as they might as well have picked the other lot.

    But since this article is full of science fiction I guess it doesn’t matter anyway.

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