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Who were the Anunnaki? The Ancient Gods Of Mesopotamia

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The Anunnaki are believed to be the creators of Man. These mighty Gods left Earth in the distant past, saying that one day, they shall return to Earth. Curiously, if we look at ancient cultures around the globe, most of their Gods—Creator Gods—left Earth and promised to return one day.

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According to certain researchers and authors, the Anunnaki are due to return to Earth in order “fix what they had done wrong” in order to accelerate a spiritual awakening and the evolution of human consciousness.

The Anunnaki could be returning to Earth, according to a recent interview with Stan Deyo who said NASA and the Pentagon believe the Annunaki will return with the arrival of the planet Nibiru.

But hold on a minute, aren’t Nibiru, the Anunnaki and all of that stuff nonexistent?

In Sumerian mythology, the Anunnaki were a group of good and evil gods and goddesses who came to Earth and eventually created the human race.

The existence of the ancient Anunnaki –An Extraterrestrial civilization that came to Earth in the distant past–has long been disputed by researchers, yet their existence and arrival to planet Earth is well documented in many ancient texts that mainstream history has completely ignored according to numerous authors around the globe.

Interestingly, there are certain African cultures believe that extraterrestrial beings have been visiting the Earth for tens of thousands of years, for example, the Zulu legends speak of a time when “visitors from the stars” came to excavate gold and other natural resources. These mines were worked by slaves created by the “First People“.

According to some sources and interpretations, these gods came from Nibiru.

The Assyrians and the Babylonians called the planet ‘Marduk’. The Sumerians said that a year on Planet Nibiru (A SAR), is equivalent in time to 3,600 years on Earth.

DNA: Evidence of the Gods?

According to researchers from Kazakhstan, “Our hypothesis is that a more advanced extraterrestrial civilization was engaged in creating new life and planting it on various planets. Earth is just one of them.”

The researchers indicate that “What we see in our DNA is a program consisting of two versions, a giant structured code, and a simple or basic code.”

The team believes for a fact that the first part of our DNA code was not written on Earth and according to them it is verifiable. Secondly and most importantly, genes alone are not enough to explain the evolution/abrupt evolution process and there must be something more in ‘the game’.

According to Makukov “Sooner or later,” “we have to accept the fact that all life on Earth carries the genetic code of our extraterrestrial cousins and that evolution is not what we think it is.”

The implications of these scientific findings reinforce claims by other individuals and observers that claim to have had contact with aliens that look like humans. Human-like aliens could have provided some of the genetic material necessary for human evolution.

Quote from Discovery: This interpretation leads them to a farfetched conclusion: that the genetic code, “appears that it was invented outside the solar system already several billion years ago.” This statement endorses the idea of panspermia, the hypothesis that Earth was seeded with interstellar life. It’s certainly a novel and bold approach to galaxy conquest if we imagine this was a deliberate Johnny Appleseed endeavor by super-beings…

Alternative theories?

According to Gregg Braden—an American author of New Age literature, who wrote about the 2012 phenomenon and became noted for his claim that the magnetic polarity of the earth was about to reverse—we only have 20 of the 64 codons in our “on” DNA. One has to ask, “Why did the Source of creation limit our genetic abilities by turning off most of our DNA?”

One theory is that our DNA was limited by the Anunnaki in order to keep us in submission, control, and conformity with our Anunnaki masters.

Many believe the Anunnaki are those who have been ‘controlling’ us for millions of years, and they know the true genetics of man. Many authors claim that the Anunnaki—who could be the gods mentioned in numerous cultures that promised to return one day— have total control over us since they are the creators of man.

Simon Parkes—a UFO researcher—says we have 12 strands of DNA and each strand is related to a specific galactic race. Hypothetically, if we can find a way to ignite the latent codons in our DNA, we could practically do anything, such as healing every person on the planet instantly, as well as the healing our planet.

Facts about Anunnaki:

According to The Oxford Companion to World Mythology, the Anunnaki: “…are the Sumerian deities of the old primordial line; they are chthonic deities of fertility, associated eventually with the underworld, where they became judges. They take their name from the old sky god An (Anu).”

  1. One of the most popular translations for Anunnaki is (Sumerian) “those who came down from the heavens.”
  2. “Adam” in Hebrew stands for “man.” “Adamu” is what the Sumerians refer to as “first man,” the Anunnaki slaves.
  3. The Anunnaki come from a massive planet which is called Nibiru. This planet is located in the outermost reaches of our solar system.
  4. Nibiru has a 3,600-year elliptical orbit. The Anunnaki came from Nibiru to mine Gold on Earth. Nibiru’s minerals and resources were depleting, specifically Gold.
  5. All kinds of dreadful gravitational phenomena are connected with Nibiru and some even argue that Planet X or Nibiru poses a threat to Earth and that one day it will collide with our planet. Science explains that it might exist, but they just haven’t seen it yet. Mythologically speaking, Nibiru is real.
  6. According to later Assyrian and Babylonian myth, the Anunnaki were the children of Anu and Ki, brother and sister gods.
  7. The Anunnaki appear in the Babylonian creation myth, Enuma Elish.
  8. The Anunnaki are mentioned in The Epic of Gilgamesh when Utnapishtim tells the story of the flood.
  9. There are four primary gods: Anu, Enlil, Enki, and Ninhursag.
  10. Anu is believed to be the earliest attested Sky Father deity. In Sumerian religion, he was also “King of the Gods,” “Lord of the Constellations, Spirits, and Demons,” and “Supreme Ruler of the Kingdom of Heaven.”
  11. Interestingly, Anu existed in Sumerian cosmogony as a dome that covered the flat earth; Outside of this dome was the primordial body of water known as Nammu.
  12. Enlil is considered the god of breath, the wind, loft, and breadth (height and distance). Enlil is associated with the ancient city of Nippur, sometimes referred to as the cult city of Enlil.
  13. Enki was the deity of crafts, mischief; water, seawater, lakewater, intelligence, and creation. The exact meaning of his name is uncertain: the common translation is “Lord of the Earth.”
  14. There are three Sky Gods: Inanna/Ishtar, Nanna/Sin, and Utu/Shamash.
  15. There are also ten major gods: Adad, Dumuzid/Tammuz, Enkimdu, Ereshkigal, King, Geshtinanna, Lahar, Marduk, Nergal, Ninurta.
  16. The Igigi are a group of the Gods of heaven in ancient Sumerian mythology. The Igigi were the younger gods and are sometimes synonymous with the term Anunnaki.
  17. Before humans were created, the Igigi were used by the ancient Anunnaki as their primary labor force.
  18. Researchers believe the term Igigi is of Semitic origin and indicates the group of gods in the Mesopotamian pantheon. It is still unclear which ancient gods belonged to the Igigi, but many scholars suggest Marduk –the patron god of the city of Babylon—was one of the Igigi.
  19. According to the Ancient Astronaut theory, thousands of years ago even before recorded history, our planet was visited by astronauts from another world, these beings were the Anunnaki.
  20. According to many authors, proof of the existence of the Ancient Anunnaki can be found all around the globe. We only have to look at ancient civilization and their ability to erect massive monuments, and transport stones weighing hundreds of tons. In each ancient culture, we will find a connection to the Anunnaki.
  21. In 1976 author Sitchin published his personal translations of the Sumerian texts in a series of books called “The Earth Chronicles“. In that book, Sitchin describes the Anunnaki and their history in depth.
  22. Sitchin’s work is heavily criticized. Many archaeologists and historians disagree with Sitchin. According to Sitchin, the clay tablets describe an alien race known as the Anunnaki, who came to Earth to mine gold.
  23. Sitchin suggests that 450,000 years ago, on Nibiru, a distant member of our solar system, life faces slow extinction as the planet’s atmosphere erodes.
  24. Nearly half a million years ago, deposed by Anu, the ruler Alalu escapes in a spaceship and finds refuge on Earth. He discovers that Earth has gold that can be used to protect Nibiru’s atmosphere.
  25. Sitchin claims that ancient Sumerian tablets indicate that some 445,000 years ago, led by Enki, a son of Anu, the Anunnaki land on Earth, establish Eridu -Earth Station I – for extracting gold from the waters of the Persian Gulf.
  26. According to the ancient Sumerians, ‘Eridu’ –modern day Abu Shahrein, Iraq– was believed to have been the first city ever created, and was the home city of the great God Enki. The city is thought to have been founded circa 5400 BC.
  27. Some 300,000 years ago, Enki and Ninhursag create Primitive Workers through genetic manipulation.
  28. Humans were a hybrid species and could not procreate. Since the demand for humans as workers became greater, the ancient Anunnaki once again manipulated ancient mankind so they could reproduce on their own.
  29. Looking back into the recent history of mankind, Sitchin tells us that around 7,400 B.C. the Anunnaki grant Mankind new advances; the Neolithic period begins. Demi-gods rule over Egypt.
  30. Soon after, around 3,800 B.C. Urban civilization begins in Sumer as the Anunnaki reestablish there the Olden Cities, beginning with Eridu and Nippur.

The enigma behind the Anunnaki, creator Gods of our civilization

The Anunnaki (also transcribed as AnunakiAnunnaAnanaki) are a group of gods that appear in the mythological legends of the ancient Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians, and Babylonians.

The Anunnaki are the most influential deities in the pantheon, they were the descendants of An, the god of the heavens, and their primary function is to judge the fates of humanity.

According to Mesopotamian mythology, the Anunna were, initially, the most powerful gods and lived with Anu in the sky.

In the poem Enûma Elish, it was Marduk who created mankind and then divided the Anunna between heaven and earth and assigned them tasks. Then the Anunna, grateful to Marduk, founded Babylon and built a temple in their honor called Esagila.

The reinvention of the Anunnaki term through its Acadian form, Anunnaki, emerged in 1964 after the publication of ‘ancient Mesopotamia: Portrait of a Dead Civilization,’ by the Assyriologist Adolph Leo Oppenheim, who popularized this concept.

It was Zecharia Sitchin who further popularized the term of the Anunnaki.

The earliest known usages of the term Anunnaki come from inscriptions written during the reign of Gudea and the Third Dynasty of Ur.

In the earliest texts, the name is applied to the most important and powerful deities in the ancient Sumerian pantheon: the descendants of the sky-god An.

Zecharia Sitchin published a dozen books known as Chronicles of the Earth from the 1970s which further dwelled in the study of the ancient Anunnaki.

In the books published by Sitchin, Sumerian tablets of cuneiform writing and biblical texts were supposedly translated in their original writing revealing fascinating details that rapidly gained popularity among readers.

In the book The 12th planet, the author describes the arrival of the Anunnaki to Earth from a supposed planet called Nibiru some 450,000 years ago. The Anunnaki were tall beings, around 3 meters in height, pale skin, long hair, and beards, who would have settled on Mesopotamia and, by genetic engineering, accelerated the evolution of Neanderthal to Homo Sapiens contributing their genetics, hence creating mankind.

The story of how the Anunnaki created mankind is quite similar to the creation of man by God as written down in the Bible. The story goes that Enki took clay and gave it shape despite the fact that his first trial was unsuccessful.

Anunnaki-Gods - Who were the Anunnaki? The Ancient Gods Of Mesopotamia

Early humans considered the ancient Anunnaki as gods, for they were extremely intelligent to them, and possessed technologies humanity had never seen before.

Some authors argue that evidence of the Anunnaki can be found in the Bible, where they are referred to as the “Nephilim”, although some other translations call them “giants”.

According to Sitchin’s writings, the technology and power of the Anunnaki are still far from our reach, as the Anunnaki had the ability to space travel and genetic engineering 450,000 years ago.

It is believed that the ancient Anunnaki greatly contributed to Earth with technology still unknown to us and that they were involved in the construction of pyramids around the world and numerous other ancient megalithic sites.

Sitchin’s assumptions have been dismissed by scientists, historians, and archaeologists, who disagree with his “translation” of ancient texts and his misunderstanding of physics.

So who were the Anunnaki? Were they just part of a great ancient legend? Or, is it possible, like many authors state, that the ancient Mesopotamian deities were in fact those responsible for the creation of our civilization?

Anunnaki-Enki - Who were the Anunnaki? The Ancient Gods Of Mesopotamia

Approximately some 250,000 years ago, according to Sitchin, the ancient Anunnaki merged their Alien genes with that of Homo Erectus and created a species known as Homo Sapiens, obtaining, as a result, a genetically bicameral species. However, humans were a hybrid species and could not procreate. Since the demand for humans as workers became greater, the ancient Anunnaki once again manipulated ancient mankind so they could reproduce on their own.

Based on The Cosmic Code: The Sixth Book of The Earth Chronicles by Zecharia Sitchin, this is the real historical timeline of our planet:

For more, see this clip from the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens, Season 11, Episode 10:


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