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Alien Implants: The Ultimate Proof Of Alien Abductions?

Alien implants

Every time we speak about aliens, we talk about UFO sightings. When talking about UFO signs, people speak of alien abductions, and when you read about a case where someone claims to be abducted, you end up learning about alien implants.

But what are the mysterious, miniature devices? Fact or fiction? If proven authentic, these implants could be considered as crystal-clear evidence of an alien presence on Earth.

For years, the general public has been tormented by stories of UFO sightings, and even, in some cases, even alien encounters.

However, fact-checking these stories have been disappointingly challenging to achieve.

More often than not, it simply comes down to taking a person’s word for it.

In some cases, photographs have been taken, but, inevitably, questions about their authenticity always come to light.

Therefore, when it comes down to aliens, and UFOs, physical evidence has been treated as the Holy Grail of UFO research.

The amount of “official” information about the UFO phenomenon that has been made available thanks to ufology reports around the world is impressive.

In recent years, various governments around the world have taken a step towards Disclosure as they’ve started releasing an ample amount fo top-secret documents about the UFO Phenomenon.

Not long ago, if you remember, NASA brought together scientists, theologians, philosophers, and historians to examine how to prepare the world for alien contact, whether it be microbial organisms or intelligent beings.

Recently, declassified materials have revealed that the Pentagon spent at least 22 million dollars researching the UFO phenomena in a secret program that existed for at least three years.

According to reports, from 2008 through 2011, the Pentagon spent a budget of around 22 million dollars on a program that investigated UFO’s. Called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, the mysterious secret program was supposedly shut down in 2012.

Anyway, getting back to alien implants…

Strange marks on the body and implants extracted from people who claim to have been abducted have been present whenever someone comes forward saying he or she was abducted by aliens.

The case of the extracted implants is very fascinating, and if proven authentic, this material could be considered as the long searched for scientific evidence of the existence of aliens, and alien abductions.

Dr. Roger Leir is arguably the best person with ‘experience’ in the extraction of extraterrestrial implants. According to Dr. Leir, he performed 17 surgeries in which he extracted small objects of unknown origin.

Alien-implants - Alien Implants: The Ultimate Proof Of Alien Abductions?
Fact or fiction? Image Credit: MUFON.

According to Dr. Leir, a hallucinatory feature is that these supposed incrustations the size of a pencil point were magnetic in nature, and some even emitted radio frequencies.

Other objects examined had meteorite fragments inside them; metals such as gallium, germanium, platinum, ruthenium, rhodium, and iridium.

According to Alex Mosier, who has a Ph.D. in Philosophy, Chemistry, and Physics, who examined the pieces together with Leir, fibers were found very similar to carbon nano-tubes, suggesting that the fragments were designed or manufactured:

“You would not find these things in nature, they have to be processed, they require complex engineering, and they are not easy to manufacture. ”

As noted by mufon.com, tests were performed on both the removed alien implants and the individuals several years after surgical removal.

As noted in mufon’s article Alien Implant Removals: Before And After Effects;

The alleged implants removed from the first set of surgeries were studied by two different pathologists and then sent to various independent laboratories for extensive scientific analysis. The tests performed on these alleged alien implants were: a pathology/tissue evaluation, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), extensive metallurgical testing involving a density immersion test, X-ray energy dispersive spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction pattern analysis and electron/magnetic and fluorescence property analysis. Isotopic range tests are also in progress. Tests were conducted by the National Institute of Discovery of Science (NIDS), New Mexico Tech, and other independent sources.

“The findings of these implant surgeries are highly unusual,” reported Dr. Leir. “In all these cases, there was virtually no inflammatory response.”

This is not the usual finding in foreign tissue reactions. Typically, foreign bodies embedded in tissues result in some type of acute or chronic inflammatory response and may include fibrosis and cyst formation. Such was not the case here. The pathology reports of the first two surgeries revealed that the metallic objects were encased in a very dense, tough, grey membrane consisting of proteinaceous coagulum, hemoseridin, and pure keratin.

More directly, blood protein and skin cells that are usually found in the superficial layer of the skin. Biological “cocoons” encasing the implants were also found to contain nerve proprioceptors – nerve and pressure cells of the wrong tissue type for that part of the body. These implant cocoons also fluoresced a bright green color in the presence of an ultraviolet light source.


Dr. Leir, who also worked as a consultant physician at the Mutual UFO Network, claimed that the people from whom he extracted the alien objects had no visible scars or disruption in the integrity of the skin.

There were no signs of inflammation, but the X-rays showed the incrustation, which seemed almost impossible.

The specialist in podiatry died on March 14, 2014 (paradoxically, due to a foot injury), so his studies did not go beyond a limited budget that prevented further understanding of the findings.

Until now, medicine, and probably other scientific fields, have had a phobia with respect to performing tests on people who claimed to have been abducted.

There are very few scientists and doctors who have dared to venture out into UFOlogy, especially because of the loss of prestige that this entails. However, if we are to come to the bottom of the UFO mystery, scientists, doctors, and other experts should start thinking about proactively participating in the UFO discussion, as only then will we be able to fully understand what on Earth is going on.