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Black Knight Satellite


Our universe is a fascinating and mysterious place. Populated with planets, stars, meteors and other celestial bodies, it’s a never-ending source of wonder. Even with the technological revolution, we know very little about what’s going on in outer space. Are there some kinds of aliens or other life forms out there? What mysteries does the universe hold? This strange feeling of wonder and curiosity is what inspires scientists and researchers to continue learning more about space.

While scientists are searching for undiscovered planets, new stars and galaxies, some mysterious objects have already been discovered and unclosed. One of the most bizarre and controversial objects is the “Black Knight” satellite. This satellite has been a source of speculation for decades. This blog post will explore the background and history of the Black Knight satellite and the various theories about what it could be. So, let’s get into the article.

What is Black Knight Satellite?

The Black Knight satellite is a large, unidentified object orbiting Earth. This satellite is orbiting in the vicinity of the near-polar orbit of the Earth. According to some conspiracy theorists, it is of extraterrestrial origin and has been doing so for over 13,000 years. Some theories claim that NASA is trying to keep this satellite a secret, as its discovery would challenge our current understanding of the universe.

During the first space shuttle mission, STS-88, in 1998, American astronaut Jerry Ross took a photograph of the Black Knight satellite. The NASA photo of this satellite is catalogued as a photo of space debris. An American space journalist, James Oberg, claimed that the Black Knight satellite is nothing more than a thermal blanket lost during a spacewalk mission.

History of Black Knight Satellite

The first recorded sighting of the Black Knight satellite was in 1899 by Nikola Tesla. He claimed to receive radio signals from space that were not of natural origin. These signals were later thought to be associated with the Black Knight satellite. In 1928, a ham radio operator in Jorgen Hals first received odd signals. The signals were Long Delayed Echoes (LDE) that he couldn’t explain.

A UFO researcher named Donald Keyhoe claimed in 1953 that the US Air Force was investigating two satellites orbiting Earth, one of them being the Black Knight satellite. However, it was later revealed that Keyhoe’s claims were based on any actual evidence. Moreover, he was also advertising his book related to UFOs and the stories were made to create a sensation.

In 1958 and 1965, a British rocket was launched to study the Van Allen radiation belts around Earth. These rocket launches unintentionally intercepted signals that were later associated with the Black Knight satellite.

In 1960, another astronaut Gordon Cooper reported observing a glowing green object in his capsule while he was on a mission in Mercury 9. The object was also detected by tracking systems. However, no clear evidence of this object was found. In addition, NASA’s mission transcript or personal copies doesn’t include any mention of this event.

In 1973, a Scottish author, Duncan Lunan, claimed that he had decoded these signals, which were of extraterrestrial origin. He believed that the signals were sent by aliens observing our planet. He also claimed that the signals were sent from the Epsilon Boötis star system and that the aliens were warning us about nuclear war.

Mail Online also published a story in 2017 which claimed that elite soldiers from a secret Illuminati war plan had shot down an alien satellite that has been orbiting around the Earth for 12,000 years. The clip was uploaded on WikiLeaks. According to SecureTeam10, it was a Black Knight satellite. The article also claimed that the US government had been withholding this information from the public.

Sightings of Black Knight Satellite

Several scientific explanations have been put forward to explain the existence of the Black Knight satellite. Despite this, several proponents of the Black Knight theory have come up with their own explanations. These claims make Black Knight a controversial topic. It has become a jumble of unrelated stories, where fact and fiction are often difficult to distinguish.

In 1960, Time Magazine published an article about the Black Knight satellite claiming it was a Soviet spy satellite. In 1963, a US military test missile was photographed in space, and some saw this as evidence of the Black Knight satellite’s existence.

In 1998, NASA took a murky image of the Black Knight satellite as evidence of its existence. The image is called STS-88. The astronaut Jerry Ross claimed it to be a thermal cover lost during a spacewalk. However, NASA has never confirmed the Black Knight satellite’s existence and claimed it was space debris. Moreover, NASA has also released several images of space debris that they say is the Black Knight satellite.

Some conspiracy theorists believe that the US government is aware of the Black Knight satellite but is keeping it a secret. They claim that it is an extraterrestrial spacecraft that is monitoring our planet. Some believe that the satellite is of alien origin and is responsible for UFO sightings. They also believe the government is hiding this information to prevent widespread panic.

Is Black Knight Satellite a Space Junk or Alien Satellite?

Whether the Black Knight satellite is space junk or an Alien satellite is still a debate. Several scientific explanations claim it to be space junk. NASA’s claim that it’s just a wayward thermal blanket lost during a spacewalk mission in 1984 is widely accepted by the scientific community.

On the other hand, several conspiracy theories claim it is an Alien satellite. They believed it to be a sign of aliens’ existence that has been monitoring our planet for centuries.


The truth behind the Black Knight satellite is still uncovered even after many years. It might be space junk, as NASA’s scientists and astronauts claim. But, there are also several theories which deny this claim.

Till now, there is no concrete evidence that can prove the existence of this satellite. Moreover, our knowledge of other life forms in our solar system is very limited. So, the existence of aliens is also a matter of debate. However, the speculation surrounding the Black Knight satellite continues to intrigue people. Maybe someday we can get some answers about this mysterious satellite.

What did cleopatra look like?


Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, was one of the most renowned figures of her time. She was a beautiful, intelligent, and charismatic personality that used her power and influence to shape the course of history. However, her appearance and looks are still a mystery to the world as there are no clear images or descriptions of her. There are no surviving images of Cleopatra that were made during her lifetime, so we can only speculate about her appearance.

Archaeologists and historians are still trying to piece together her appearance through the many coins, statues, and busts they found. The findings and guesses about Egyptian queen looks are constantly changing, but one thing is for sure, Cleopatra was a stunning woman who left a lasting impression on the world. This article will help you explore the different aspects of Cleopatra’s appearance and try to better understand what she may have looked like. So, let’s dive into it.

Who was Cleopatra?

The original name of Cleopatra was Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator. She was born in 70 BC in Alexandria, Egypt. Cleopatra was the last Pharaoh of the Ptolemaic dynasty of Egypt and ruled for 21 years. She took over the throne of Egypt in 51 BC, after the death of her father, Ptolemy XII Auletes. Ptolemy gained the throne after Alexander the Great’s death and the Greek rule over Egypt.

The Queen of the Nile is known for her influence on Roman politics and her love affair with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. She met Caesar in Alexandria in 48 BC, after he had conquered Egypt. They became lovers and had a son together, Caesarion. He settled Cleopatra and her brother Ptolemy XIV on the throne. After Caesar’s assassination in 44 BC, the Queen returned to Egypt.

Three years later, she met Mark Antony in Tarsus, a city in modern-day Turkey. They became lovers and had three children together. Cleopatra accompanied Antony on his military campaigns in the East and even helped him fight against Julius Caesar’s hire Octavian.

The relationship between Cleopatra and Antony is one of the most famous love stories of all time. However, it came to an end when both of them died in 30 BC. Cleopatra killed herself with a poisonous snake bite, while Antony committed suicide after hearing the news of Cleopatra’s death. This event marked the end of the Ptolemaic dynasty and the Egyptian monarchy.

Cleopatra was a skilled diplomat and used her charm and wit to great effect to get what she wanted. She was also an excellent military strategist and led her armies to victory on many occasions.

How is Cleopatra Portrayed?

Cleopatra has been portrayed in many ways by historians and writers over the years. She is shown as a beautiful and seductive queen, a skilled politician and diplomat, and a brave and bold military leader. The image of the ancient Queen that we see today is largely based on her portrayal in Roman sources, as there are no surviving images or descriptions of her from Egyptian sources. In Egyptian carvings, the ancient Queen is depicted as a beautiful and powerful goddess, but there are no specific details about her appearance.

Several documents are found of Cleopatra’s father, Ptolemy XII, but there is no clue of her mother. It makes it hard for historians to predict what she looked like. However, we can get some idea about her appearance from coins, statues, and busts that have been found.

What was Cleopatra’s Nationality?

The ancient Queen was of Greek descent and was a member of the Ptolemaic dynasty, founded by Ptolemy I Soter, one of the generals of Alexander the Great. The Ptolemies ruled Egypt for nearly 300 years and were of Greek and Macedonian origin. Cleopatra was not Egyptian by origin, but she was fluent in Egyptian, Greek, and Latin.

It was customary in her family not to marry someone of another race or ethnicity, and Cleopatra followed this tradition. According to some historians, Cleopatra also married her brother Ptolemy XIII to rule Egypt solely.

What was The Size of Cleopatra?

There are no specific records of Cleopatra’s height, but we can get an idea about her stature from the many statues and busts that have been found of her. Several speculations about her height have been made over the years, but no one knows which speculation is accurate.

In the movie Cleopatra (1964), the Queen is depicted as tall and slender with long, flowing hair. However, some historians believe she was short and stocky, with a hooked nose and large eyes. According to Plutarch, an ancient Greek historian, Cleopatra was small in stature and ill-favoured in aspect.

How was the Hair of Cleopatra?

There is no specific information about Cleopatra’s hair, but we can get an idea about it from many coins and statues found with her depiction. She likely had dark hair, as most Egyptians did. Cleopatra’s sister Arsinoe is often depicted with curly hair, so Cleopatra might also had curly hair.

One of her ancient statues shows that she had red hair. In Cleopatra (1963), the Queen is portrayed with long, flowing hair. It is unknown whether Cleopatra had long hair or if this was just a Hollywood portrayal.

Depiction of Cleopatra by Romans Historians

Most Roman historians describe Cleopatra as an irresistible charm with great beauty. They believe that the depiction of Cleopatra and Mark Antony on the coins minted in Egypt showed the accurate physical appearance of both. Historians also found the coins with depictions of her father, Ptolemy XII. The depictions show that the father and daughter had very similar facial features.

The ancient Roman historian Cassius Dio depicted Cleopatra as an attractive woman with a pleasing voice and manner. He also described her as a charming queen who was very intelligent. According to Cassius Dio, The Queen of Nile can subjugate anyone with her beguiling talk. That’s the reason Julius Caesar fell in love with her.

The ancient Roman biographer Plutarch also wrote about the Queen of the Nile in his book Lives. He described Cleopatra as a charming woman who was very beautiful and had an irresistible wit. However, he believed that Cleopatra’s beauty was not altogether incomparable. According to Plutarch, the most important thing about Cleopatra is her conversation skills. He wrote that she could charm anyone with her wit and intelligence. Moreover, he said that Cleopatra had a sweetness in her voice that was very captivating.

Dislikeness of Romans Towards Cleopatra

Despite her attractiveness and beauty, the Romans didn’t like Cleopatra because she was not from their culture. They considered her a foreigner who was trying to destroy their way of life. The Romans also believed Cleopatra was a powerful woman capable of seducing their leaders. In their eyes, Cleopatra was a dangerous and manipulative queen who was not to be trusted.

The hate and dislikeness were obvious in the way several Roman historians and poets depicted Cleopatra in their writings and artwork. Horace considered the last Egyptian Pharaoh a crazy woman who planned to ruin the Roman empire. This depiction of Cleopatra as a scheming and dangerous woman was a distraction from her real accomplishments as a skilled politician and diplomat. It might be because the Romans couldn’t take a woman with power and leadership qualities.

Several modern historians also believe that the Egyptian Queen was a seductress. However, it might be a misperception spread by Octavian to justify his actions against her. By making Queen Cleopatra look like a slut, Roman Emperor Octavian could gain the Romans’ support against Mark Antony. In this way, Octavian could present himself as a saviour of Rome from the seductive and dangerous Queen.

Depiction of Cleopatra by Egyptians

In ancient Egypt, Pharaohs were considered the embodiment of gods or goddesses. They were also considered the intermediary between humans and gods. The Egyptians believed that Pharaohs had divine power and were responsible for their well-being. This concept of divine power kept citizens from overthrowing their rulers.

Like other Pharaohs, Cleopatra was also considered a goddess. She was worshipped as the reincarnation of the goddess Isis. The Egyptians believed that Cleopatra was an incarnation of the goddess Isis. They also believed that she had the power to cure diseases and bring fertility.

The Egyptians were very proud of their Queen and considered her a symbol of Egyptian culture and civilization. Cleopatra was the only Pharaoh who could speak the Egyptian language. It made her very popular among the Egyptian people.

Queen Cleopatra saved her people from war and famine. With her ability to speak different languages, she also helped to improve trade relations with other countries. It also helped to bring prosperity to Egypt. Under the rule of Cleopatra, Egypt became a powerful and prosperous country.

Cleopatra took the role of Isis very seriously and worked hard to protect the Egyptian people. She often wore the sacred robes of Isis and took part in the religious ceremonies of the goddess. The Queen of Egypt, her father, and her son were quite serious about religion. Their focus on temples and religious ceremonies build up the strength of the Egyptian civilization. It made them very popular among the people of Egypt.

Though no one knew how real Cleopatra looked, she was depicted in various ways. Some described her as an olive-skinned lady with dark hair. But most historians and writers described her as a beautiful woman with golden skin, blue eyes, and curly hair.

The variation in the depiction of Cleopatra might be due to the fact that the Queen was considered the most beautiful woman in the world. It made it difficult for people to describe her in words. Painters and sculptors also found it difficult to capture her beauty in their artworks as they have not seen or read about the features of Cleopatra. Their art often depends on the descriptions given by other people. It might also be because Cleopatra was a very complex person. She was not only beautiful but also very smart and intelligent.

Depiction of Cleopatra in Films

Cleopatra has been depicted in various ways in films. In some movies, she is shown as a beautiful and seductive woman who uses her beauty to achieve her goals. Over 100 years, her character has been depicted in over 40 films. Cleopatra has been portrayed by some of the most famous actresses in the world, including Theda Bara, Claudette Colbert, Vivien Leigh, Elizabeth Taylor, and Angelina Jolie.

First Film on Cleopatra

The first movie about  Cléopatre was made in 1899. It was a silent film created by George Méliès. It was a twominute movie in which Cleopatra was shown to be very beautiful and seductive. After the silent film, Cleopatra was shown in a long dress with a spiky crown. George Méliès also introduced some effects in the film to make it more interesting.

A film by Theda Bara

Another movie was created in 1917 in which Theda Bara played the role of Cleopatra. This film was very popular and was one of the highest-grossing films of that time. In this film, Cleopatra wears an elaborate dress. She is also shown to wear the typical crown of Pharaohs.

Caesar and Cleopatra

This movie was based on the romantic life of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar. It was written by Geoge Bernard Shaw and released in 1945, and it was one of the most expensive movies of that time. Vivien Leigh played the role of Cleopatra in this movie. This film shows the love story between Julius Caesar and Cleopatra. However, it does not show much about her political life.

In this movie, Cleopatra wears a scaled wig and a falcon-like headdress. She is also shown to apply an extended eyeliner, which was common among ancient Egyptian women.


It is a 1963 American epic historical film directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz. It stars Elizabeth Taylor, Rex Harrison, Richard Burton, and many more. This movie is about Cleopatra’s struggle to keep Egypt independent from the Roman Empire.

Cleopatra is shown to be a powerful ruler who can lead her people to victory in this film. Elizabeth Taylor wore several elaborate dresses and headdresses in this movie. She also applied heavy makeup to look like an ancient Egyptian queen. In this movie, the Egyptian Queen is shown to have black braid hair. Elizabeth Taylor won the Academy Award for Best Actress for portraying Cleopatra in this film.


Cleopatra undoubtedly was one of the most famous and powerful rulers in ancient Egypt. She was also considered to be the world’s most beautiful woman. Over the years, she has been depicted in various ways in films. Some of the world’s most famous actresses have played Cleopatra’s role in movies. These films show the different sides of Cleopatra’s life. They have also helped to increase our understanding of ancient Egyptian culture.

However, with all the depictions and speculations of the Egyptian Queen, the real Cleopatra is still an unsolved puzzle. Historians and archaeologists are still trying to piece together the true story of this amazing woman.


Do we know what Cleopatra really looked like?

No one knows for sure what Cleopatra looks like. We only have theories based on statues, coins, and paintings that were made of her. Some historians say she was fair-skinned with long, curly hair. Others believe she was dark-skinned with braided hair. In contrast, some believe that Cleopatra was a black woman.

Was Queen Cleopatra white or black?

The skin tone of Cleopatra is an unsolved puzzle. Many experts have argued about it for years. Some say she was fair-skinned, while others believe she had a darker complexion. There is no clear evidence to support either claim about her complexion. The reason is that the depiction of her mother is not known.

What did ancient Cleopatra look like?

According to the coins and statues made of her, Cleopatra was a beautiful woman with long curly hair. She was also depicted as a queen with a hooked nose. Some historians also claim that she had a jutting chin. As far as her stature is concerned, most historians believed she had an average height. Some historians also claim that she was not tall as described. However, we cannot be sure if these depictions are accurate.

How was Cleopatra described?

Cleopatra was described as a beautiful and intelligent woman. She was also said to be very persuasive. According to Roman historians, Cleopatra was a cunning woman who used her beauty to get what she wanted. They believed that she was capable of seducing any man she wanted. Plutarch, a Greek historian, wrote that Cleopatra was a woman of surpassing beauty with a brain to match her looks.

According to Egyptian records, Cleopatra was a kind and generous ruler. She was also said to be a great speaker. Her people loved and respected her. In Egyptian records, she was described as a goddess that controls fate.

Woolly Mammoth ‘Proxy’ Could One Day Roam the North American Tundra

Woolly Mammoth, Lyuba

The woolly mammoth may have gone extinct as recently as 4,000 years ago on Wrangel Island near Alaska. However, scientists have been working diligently for years on bringing them back.

In 2019, Japanese researchers made a breakthrough using 28,000-year-old DNA from Yuka, a perfectly preserved baby mammoth found on the Yukaghir coastline of Siberia in 2010. 

Even though she remained frozen for millennia, scientists could extract flowing blood from Yuka, a first in history.

Yuka possibly died as a young mammoth, possibly around age six to eleven. Her body still featured thick and long strawberry blond shaggy hair. If scientists brought back a baby like Yuka, a calf might look much like a living Snuffleupagus.

See Yuka from the BBC below:

Reawakening a Woolly Mammoth

Scientists in Japan implanted Yuka’s cell nuclei into mouse egg cells. For 90-year old Japanese biologist Akira Iritani, his dream of resurrecting the woolly mammoth seemed near.

In five cases, the scientists observed a biological reaction indicating cell division could take place.

Kei Miyamoto, a member of the team at Kindai University in western Japan, told AFP:

“This suggests that, despite the years that have passed, cell activity can still happen and parts of it can be recreated,” said Miyamoto.

“Until now many studies have focused on analyzing fossil DNA and not whether they still function,” he added.

However, Miyamoto said cellular damage was “profound.” Thus, a “Jurassic Park-style resurrection” remained implausible.

“We need new technology, we want to try various approaches,” Miyamoto said.

Therefore, scientists needed better cloning technology and samples. Perhaps then, they could insert mammoth DNA into eggs from their closest living relatives, the elephants. Until methods improved, they would continue with mouse embryos. 

Reviving and Restoring Woolly Mammoths

Today, a leading organization in the “de-extinction movement,” called Revive & Restore, hopes to bring back the woolly mammoth. If not the actual species, they could bring back a “proxy” species with similar traits and ecological functions. 

By editing the woolly mammoth’s genes into the Asian elephant genome, the researchers could create “an elephant cousin” more adapted to live in the far north.

“The ultimate goal of Woolly Mammoth Revival is to bring back this extinct species so that healthy herds may one day re-populate vast tracts of tundra and boreal forest in Eurasia and North America. The intent is not to make perfect copies of extinct Woolly Mammoths but to focus on the mammoth adaptations needed for Asian elephants to thrive in the cold climate of the Arctic. The milestones along the way range from developing elephant tissue cultures to genome editing and most importantly, developing insights that help with Asian elephant conservation,” the website states.

Furthermore, as researchers are learning with today’s elephants, these large grazers are essential for maintaining and balancing their environments.

In northern regions, there used to be a “mammoth steppe.” There in the tundra, grazing herds of antelope, deer, caribou, horses, bison, and woolly mammoths roamed. If these grazers came back, their activities could restore the grasslands, preserve the permafrost, and trap carbon. Consequently, the mammoths could help mitigate human-driven climate change.

The project also hopes to revive extinct species like the passenger pigeon and revitalize the Amerian Chestnut tree.

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We Are As Gods

A new documentary called We Are As Gods focuses on Stewart Brand, 82, the Stanford-educated author and co-founder of Revive & Restore.

When asked why he wants to bring species back from extinction, Brand says it’s a way to undo humans’ environmental damage.

“As it happens, all three of those projects make a lot of ecological sense. There is a gap in the ecosystems those creatures were in that has not been filled by anything else. If you bring them back, you not only increase biodiversity; you increase resilience.”

To Brand, science can partially empower people to reverse the harm they have done to the natural world.

“But maybe the deeper thing is that we get caught up in our kind of tragic sense of human damage, not only to each other but to the natural world. Most of the damage was done unintentionally. The idea of undoing that damage is potentially very freeing,” Brand says.

See more about the documentary, We Are As Gods, below from ReasonTV:

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The Story of a Woolly Mammoth Named Lyuba

In May 2007, a Nenets reindeer herder named Yuri Khudi discovered Lyuba, a woolly mammoth calf on a sandbar on the Yuribey River in Siberia. A year later, a calf named Khroma was discovered 3,000 miles away.

Nenets believe that mammoths are dangerous omens, creatures that wander the underworld. Worse, some Nenets even believe people who find a mammoth are marked for early death, according to National Geographic.

Nevertheless, Khudi and a friend contacted a local museum, and officials managed to save Khudi’s body from near disaster. Unbeknownst to Khudi, his cousin sold the calf to a local shop where people began taking photos. Meanwhile, stray dogs gnawed part of her tail and right ear. Thankfully, the officials intervened and shipped the mammoth by helicopter to the Shemanovsky Museum in Salekhard, the regional capital.

Later, they named the mammoth Lyuba after Khudi’s wife.

Amazingly, she remained perfectly intact, aside from missing hair and toenails. After thousands of years, she retained her internal organs, stomach still containing milk, bones, milk tusks, and other teeth. Even her eyelashes remained and she looked like she was sleeping.

See more about Lyuba from National Geographic:

Mysteriously Well-Preserved

Using carbon-14 dating, scientists in the Netherlands found that Lyuba died 40,000 years ago as a one-month-old.

Notably, traces of sediment in her trunk suggested she died after sinking into the mud and suffocating. Then, scientists suspect her body was pickled and preserved by microbes, which may have discouraged scavengers.

However, it’s mysterious how her body remained preserved and pristine after thawing, possibly for nearly a full year. If pickling had discouraged scavengers, why did the stray dogs attack the body?

Researchers used CT scanners to create 3-D models of Lyuba and  Khroma. 

Since the bodies were too large to scan at a hospital, they required something larger. Thus, they used scanners designed to find flaws in vehicle transmissions at Ford Motor Co.’s Nondestructive Evaluation Laboratory in Livonia, Michigan.

(see video below)


Featured images: Screenshot via YouTube with mammoth calf: Apotea via Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

NASA’s Bill Nelson Pushes for Scientific UFO Research 1 Month into Office

NASA chief Bill Nelson

Bill Nelson, 78, the former Florida senator and spaceflight veteran, became the NASA Administrator on May 3, 2021. 

One month later, Bill Nelson has directed NASA to study UFOS (or UAPs). Notably, the push comes as a much-anticipated UAP report is due to Congress.

In 1986, Nelson flew on the 24th flight of the Space Shuttle Columbia, conducting 12 medical experiments.

During a CNN interview with Rachel Crane, Nelson claimed that NASA doesn’t know what the authentic UFOs observed by Navy pilots and equipment could be.

Now, he’s quickly leading scientific efforts into the phenomena. 

“Well, I have talked to those Navy pilots, and they are sure that they saw something real,” said Nelson. “And of course, we’ve seen the video from their jets. What is it? We don’t know. So, now that I’m here at NASA, I’ve turned to our scientists, and I’ve said, “Would you, looking at it from a scientific standpoint, see if you can determine so that we can have a better idea?”

Leading UFO Research with Science

Leading with science and evidence is also how former Nevada senator Harry Reid proposes approaching UFO research. In a recent op-ed in the Times, Reid, the man who created the clandestine Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), wrote:

“I believe it’s crucial to lead with the science when studying UFOs. Focusing on little green men or conspiracy theories won’t get us far,” he wrote.

Now, NASA could have more funds for scientific inquiry. In the budget for 2022, President Biden has requested a 6.6% increase for NASA science.

No Formal NASA UFO Task Force?

Although Bill Nelson is pushing for scientific research, NASA press secretary Jackie McGuinness says Nelson “did not establish a formal task force,” per CNN. 

Interestingly, McGuinness cited American’s interest in the subject as a reason why NASA scientists are taking a new approach.

“There’s not really a lot of data and…scientists should be free to follow these leads, and it shouldn’t be stigmatized,” McGuinness said, acknowledging that UFO research can be negatively associated with unfounded conspiracy theories. “This is a really interesting phenomenon and Americans are clearly interested in it [so if] the scientists want to investigate, they should.”

In response to the news about NASA, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Christopher Mellon called the news “wonderful and unexpected news of scientific open-mindedness.” Then, he notes “potential” for NASA’s collaboration with the Intelligence Community.

Bill Nelson isn’t Ruling out Extraterrestrials

When Rachel Crane asked Bill Nelson, “Do you think we have been contacted by extraterrestrials?” he deflected to talking about the Navy pilot’s experience.

Although Nelson denies knowledge of extraterrestrials, he doesn’t rule it out, saying he doesn’t know if it’s ETs, an enemy, or an optical phenomenon.

“…And so the bottom line is, we want to know.”

Then, Crane pushed again, asking Nelson directly, “What do you think it is? What’s your personal take on it?” 

A smiling Nelson replied:

“I don’t have an idea. That’s why I turned to our scientists.”

“What have they said to you?” asked Crane.

“Well, they’re looking into it. Would you like me to call you when I get an answer?” Nelson joked.

Then, Nelson claims that NASA won’t be working directly with the Pentagon on the upcoming UAP report but said, “I can guarantee you if we find something, the Pentagon will want to know.”

The UAP Report

According to recent reports, current and former government officials say military and spy agencies are “blocking or simply ignoring the effort,” to create a UAP report that may come this month.

Meanwhile, the Navy-led Pentagon task force, now called The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, or UAPTF, reportedly has few personnel or resources to gather any evidence.

Now, it looks like NASA is not directly contributing to the public report, a notable omission, although they are seeing a budget increase.

Hopefully, there is potential for a collaboration sometime in the future, as Mellon suggests? Right now, it doesn’t seem to be happening – at least not publicly.

For those who have long accused NASA of covering up the truth about extraterrestrials, it comes across as curious. However, tomorrow is a new day, and who knows what may happen next?

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See the Bill Nelson interview via CNN:


Featured image: Screenshots via YouTube/CNN

Veteran Combat Pilot Alex Dietrich Describes Tic Tac UFO Encounter

Tic Tac UFO , Navy Lt. Commander Alex Dietrich,

Retired Navy Lt. Commander Alex Dietrich, a veteran combat pilot, gave an eye-witness account of a Tic Tac UFO. Dietrich spoke to Anderson Cooper about what she saw off the coast of San Diego in 2004. At the time, she was on a routine training mission off the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier 100 miles southwest of San Diego.

Lt. Cmdr. Alex Dietrich and Cmdr. Dave Fravor, a graduate of the TOPGUN naval flight program, also appeared on 60 Minutes to discuss what they saw together.

 They both described an “unsettling” experience with a Tic Tac UFO.

“It was unidentified. And that’s why it was so unsettling to us. Because we weren’t expecting it. We couldn’t classify it,” said Dietrich.

Strangely, the Tic Tac-shaped UFO had no exhaust plumes, markings, or apparent means of propulsion. Notably,  both pilots reported their sighting in a debriefing but didn’t think there was any formal investigation at the time. Behind them, each pilot had a weapons system officer in the seat, who each witnessed the UFO.

Unsettling, Unexplainable Encounter

On November 14, 2004, Dietrich and her fellow crew gave “thorough debriefs” about the sighting minutes after landing. Furthermore, hours after landing, Dietrich says she gave a written account about the UFO. 

Years later, she gave even more details in what she calls an “interrogation-style” interview to members of Navy intelligence and the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP).

Dietrich was a new pilot flying with the VFA-41, also known as the “Black Aces.” That day, she was flying a F/A-18F as part of an exercise to intercept and identify a “real-world contact,” after command redirected her squadron.

When the pilots arrived at the specified coordinates, it looked like something the size of a Boeing 737 had crashed, creating roiling whitewater.

“So my heart sank,” said Dietrich. “I went from being excited that we would go get those bad guys to, ‘Oh no, those bad guys have crashed and are sinking,” she said. 

Suddenly, her heart-sinking feeling changed into the surprise of a lifetime.

Unpredictable Movement

All of a sudden, instead of the expected search and rescue effort, something extraordinary happened: a UFO that closely resembled a white Tic Tac appeared.

“Then, as soon as that happened, enter stage left – the Tic Tac,” said Dietrich. “And, that’s what we affectionately refer to it as because that’s what it looked like.”

Notably, Fravor’s account on 60 Minutes was somewhat different:

“We saw this little white Tic-Tac-looking object… and it’s just kind of moving above the whitewater area,” Fravor recounted.

“No predictable movement, no predictable trajectory,” Dietrich said.

According to their observations, the aircraft was about the size of an average aircraft fuselage.

“It was white, sort of a matte finish, just like a Tic Tac. And, it behaved in a way that we were surprised, unnerved. It accelerated, or it almost didn’t accelerate, right. It sort of jumped from spot to spot and tumbled around in a way that was unpredictable.”

See a clip of her appearance on 60 Minutes below:

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Commander Engages the Tic Tac UFO

Upon seeing the Tic Tac UFO, commanding officer Fravor decided to engage with the craft. Meanwhile, an “uncomfortable and inexperienced” Dietrich (as she put it) fell back to give cover, circling above as Fravor approached.

When Fravor’s fighter moved forward, the Tic Tac abruptly disappeared. All the while, the stunned pilots discussed what was happening on their radio.

“It zoomed out of the picture so fast that we were all then scrambling on the radio,” Dietrich said. “And, the whole time we’re on the radio with each other sort of losing our minds.”

According to Fravor’s account, the Tic Tac began mimicking his moves as if aware of his presence. 

60 Miles in Seconds

Seconds later, the USS Princeton’s radar reacquired the location of the Tic Tac UFO 60 miles away. Furthermore, the ship’s radar had also detected “multiple anomalous aerial vehicles” descending 80,000 feet in less than a second. 

According to CBS News, the pilots later found out the USS Princeton had been tracking UFOs for days. However, the pilots were left uninformed and unarmed.

“I felt the vulnerability of not having anything to defend ourselves,” Dietrich said on 60 Minutes. “And then I felt confused when it disappeared.

In all, the strange encounter lasted about five minutes.

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Ending the Stigma of UFO Reports

After her story, Anderson Cooper asked Dietrich what she thought she had witnessed that day. However, she says she’s “not qualified to make the analysis.” 

Although she isn’t sure what the UFO could be, she appeared to encourage other pilots to come forward. Even so, she may not have come forward at the time if she had been the only witness.

“If I saw this solo I don’t know if I would have come back and said anything because it sounds so crazy when I say it,” she told 60 Minutes.

Notably, both Fravor and Dietrich had endured “ribbing” from their fellow crew about their reports.

Today, she says everyone can contribute to a data pool of sightings. 

“I’m trying to reduce the stigma for other aircrew so if they see something or when they see something, say something, and that they will not feel embarrassed or ashamed to make the reports,” she said. 

By contributing their UFO reports, the veteran combat pilot hopes that intelligence analysts and scientists can use the data to draw “reasonable, rational conclusions.”

Today, the pilots say they have no idea who was responsible for the Tic Tac UFO. 

We All Want Answers

After finally coming forward with her account, Dietrich says she’s seen many camps of people fascinated by her story. Thus, UFO enthusiasts, debunkers, conspiracy theorists, and religious fanatics have all shown interest on Twitter. Unfortunately, they seem intent to fight each other as much as getting to the truth.

“At the core, no matter how much they’re attacking each other, what I see is that they all want answers. They all want to know what it was. And, we can’t do that if we’re just attacking each other or if we’re shaming each other or sensationalizing it. We really have to cooperate and get more information, get more evidence so that we can come to some conclusions.”

See the interview on CNN or watch the clip from Internet UFO Database below:

Featured image: Tic Tac by Brett_Hondow via PixbayPixabay License with the ocean by Free-Photos via Pixabay, Pixabay License with Screenshot via Twitter/60 Minutes 

UFOs Outstrip Our Arsenal by 1,000 Years, Says Navy Witness Sean Cahil

UFOs, Sean Cahil, retired US Navy Chief Master-at-Arms, Christopher Mellon, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence,

In 2004, Sean Cahil, retired US Navy Chief Master-at-Arms, was aboard the USS Princeton when radar picked up extraordinary Tic Tac UFOs.

“The technology that we witnessed with the Tic Tac was something that we would not have been able to defend our forces from at the time,” Cahil said on CNN. (see video below)

Appearing with Christopher Mellon, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, Cahil described the Tic Tac UFO’s abilities.

“What we saw in the Tic Tac and what Mr. Luis Elizondo described as the five observables indicate a technology that outstrips our arsenal by at least 100 to 1,000 years at the moment,” said Cahil.

The Five Observables

In 2008, Luiz Elizondo was first detailed to the secret UFO program sponsored by Senator Harry Reid, then called the Advanced Aerospace Weapon Systems Applications Program. Later, it became the Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program or AATIP.

During his time at AATIP, Elizondo compiled a list of extraordinary feats that unidentified aerial phenomena shared:

  1. Anti-gravity lift
  2. Sudden and instantaneous acceleration
  3. Hypersonic velocities without signatures (vapor trails or sonic booms)
  4. Low observability, or cloaking
  5. Trans-medium travel (moving between air and water)

Tic Tac UFO Abilities

According to Sean Cahil, the Tic Tac UFO was capable of all of the five observables and more.

“First of all, the aircraft had zero control surfaces; it had no means of propulsion that we could detect. It moved at hypersonic velocities, and it proceeded the pilots to their CAP [Combat air patrol] points. So, it seemed to have some knowledge of where the pilots were headed to ahead of time. And, we don’t posses those abilities to do that in our aresenal at the moment,” said Cahil.

Increasingly Bold UFOs

Host Chri Cuomo asked Mellon what he made of the matter.

“We clearly are vulnerable,” said Mellon. “And, this has been going on for too long. Finally, our Congress is learning of this situation. They’re beginning to react. We’ve got a lot of catch-up here, but it’s very concerning.”

Although the UFOs haven’t been hostile, the activities have become bolder, says Mellon.

“It’s not an imminent crisis or imminent threat. There’s been no hostility but there’ a lot of activity, and it’s increasingly bold. In some instances, we’ve had these things swarming around warships off the coast of California, swarming around strategic missile defense spaces in Guam,” he said.

Now, Mellon says, considering all the tensions in the world involving drone attacks, it’s something to take seriously.

See the interview below from CNN:

What’s Changed About UFOs?

Cuomo asked Mellon why there is a new urgency in studying UFOs today. 

In response, Mellon discussed the frustration Elizondo faced in AATIP. As pilots on the East coast saw UFOs frequently, Elizondo’s program was low on resources and unsupported by the intelligence community. 

In frustration, he retired in 2017 and joined a group organized by Tom DeLonge, “To the Stars Academy.” 

Then, a report in the New York Times that year finally got attention from Congress. The report detailed $22 million spent on the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, exposing the Pentagon program to the world.

“Finally, our leadership in both branches of government became aware this was going on. So this has only just come to light,” explained Mellon.

A UFO Breakthrough

Next month, the US executive branch could issue a public UAP report of its activities related to the phenomenon for the first time in half a century

Meanwhile, journalists at POLITICO and the New Yorker have detailed how Elizondo, journalist George Knapp, DeLonge, Mellon, and many others have pushed UFOs into the mainstream.

Today, DeLonge says there has been a breakthrough as the conversation has changed. 

“You rarely read the ridiculous dismissals of the UAP phenomenon that were all too common over the past 70 years,” DeLonge told POLITICO’s, Bryan Bender. “We are witnessing the socialization of the UAP phenomenon in a much more accepting way. I am very optimistic about real research on this phenomenon happening in the near future.”

A Public UAP Reckoning

As we prepare for the June UAP report, nobody knows for sure what to expect. According to Cahil, the Tic Tac UFO encounter may be just the tip of the iceberg.

“I think that we’re going to find that this phenomenon represents a very large spectrum of different things,” said Cahil. “At edges of that spectrum are going to be near-peer technology of our adversaries here on Earth. At the other end of that spectrum is going to be something that we don’t yet understand and haven’t identified yet.”

Although he isn’t sure what the UFOs represent, Cahil knows they seem far beyond human technology.

“So, I hesitate to speculate on the source but I can tell you that I don’t believe that this is within our arsenal of any human technology at the moment.”

However, Cahil doesn’t necessarily think the UAPs are necessarily extraterrestrial.

“What we can say is we don’t know what this is and it’s here. It’s going to take all of us to figure this out together.”

Otherworldly Origins?

On the other hand, Mellon says there’s no reason to rule out extraterrestrial origins.

As for otherworldly origins, Mellon says, “There’s no scientific reason or basis to doubt that possibility. That’s a hypothesis that could explain the facts. People need to be open to that. We’re spending billions looking for extraterrestrial civilizations. We’ve got spacecraft that have already left the solar system. It’s possible somebody found us before we found them.”

So far, ETs haven’t made contact, and perhaps that’s because they see us as something like less intelligent animals in a zoo.

“If they’re as smart as we think they are then I think we’re kind of silly thinking we can guess their motives,” says Cahil.

Or, perhaps it’s like former Israeli space security chief Haim Eshed said?

“They have been waiting until today for humanity to develop and reach a stage where we will understand, in general, what space and spaceships are,” Eshed said.

More about the upcoming UAP report from POLITICO:

Featured image: Screenshots via YouTube/CNN

Government is Ignoring and Blocking UAP Report Efforts, Say Officials

UAP Report June

In June, a public UAP report on unidentified aerial phenomena is due as requested by the Senate Intelligence Committee. However, multiple current and former government officials say military and spy agencies are “blocking or simply ignoring the effort,” reported POLITICO.

Sen. Marco Rubio requested the UAP report, which is required to provide “a detailed description” of all unidentified aerial phenomena reporting for the federal government, “regardless of which service or agency acquired the information.”

“We have things flying over our military bases and places where we’re conducting military exercises. We don’t know what it is and it isn’t ours,” Rubio told CBS last July.

Nevertheless, it seems the report will likely be incomplete, delayed, and highly redacted, similar to a recent CIA document dump.

Now, the Biden administration may decide to delay the report due to all the roadblocks.

Public Perception of a Coverup

In all likelihood, delaying the forthcoming report would only strengthen the public’s perception of a coverup.

“Any delay in delivering it is likely to be perceived by a large segment of the public as an attempt by the government to hide what it knows,” reported Bryan Bender.

Such perception would be entirely logical, given the long history of coverups, such as the decades of secret multimillion-dollar UFO study programs.

Also, recent public statements by Trump’s former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe make it clear there may be much more to cover up than we know.

For example, Ratcliffe said, “there are a lot more sightings” than the public is aware of.

Furthermore, Ratcliffe explained that U.S. military craft and satellites picked up aircraft moving with unknown technology, even breaking the sound barrier without a sonic boom.

Public Disclosure in the UAP Report?

Despite Rubio’s request, it’s plain that the Pentagon maintains the position that protecting national security takes precedence over public disclosure.

Thus, the Air Force deferred reporters’ questions to the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Then, Pentagon spokesperson Susan Gough responded without addressing criticism:

“To protect our people, maintain operational security and safeguard intelligence methods, we do not publicly discuss the details of the UAP observations, the task force, or investigations,” said Pentagon spokesperson Susan Gough.

From this statement, we can assume any report would redact UAP details.

Taking it Seriously

Already, Rubio has asked fellow lawmakers to take the report seriously on 60 Minutes.

“I want us to take it seriously and have a process to take it seriously,” Rubio said on the show.

Further, Rubio acknowledged a stigma about the subject.

“There’s a stigma on Capitol Hill,” Rubio said. “I mean, some of my colleagues are very interested in this topic and some kinda, you know, giggle when you bring it up. But I don’t think we can allow the stigma to keep us from having an answer to a very fundamental question.”

Now, consider that some in Congress may giggle at the mere mention of UFOs and that the report will almost certainly be incomplete. As for us, we gave up a long time ago on seeing many in Congress take issues seriously.

Former Pentagon Intelligence, Christopher Mellon

According to former deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence Christopher Mellon, the Air Force has denied access to information. Also, a Navy-led Pentagon task force set up last August has few personnel or resources to gather any evidence.

Further, government bureaucracies are stymying the efforts, as one would expect.

“I know that the task force has been denied access to pertinent information by the Air Force and they have been stiff-armed by them,” Mellon said in an interview. “That is disappointing but not unexpected.”

On the other hand, Mellon notes that, in contrast, the “tide is turning against the illogical stigma” preventing objective UAP study. 

Former AATIP Leader Lue Elizondo

Whistleblower and former AATIP leader Luis “Lue” Elizondo, who now works with Mellon and other former high-level officials at To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences, says delaying the June UAP report might be the best outcome. 

Instead, an interim report using more time and resources would serve the public better.

“We can do this right or we can do it right now,” Elizondo said. “It’s certainly not sufficient time to provide a comprehensive, government-wide report that Congress not only expects, but that Congress deserves and frankly, so does the American people,” he added.

Recently, Elizondo tweeted that he does not think the recent sightings could be attributed only to drones.

“Drones? In some cases, most certainly yes. In other cases, absolutely not. It is for this precise reason why we need a well-funded and enduring capability to collect, analyze and determine the exact nature of these things. It is here, it is real, and it is now,” he tweeted.

 In a 60 Minutes interview, Elizondo says that while the government has confirmed the UFOs are real, it has also been covering up the truth.

See Elizondo in the clip from Inside Edition:

Decades of Stigma and Secrecy

Even as decades of stigma and ridicule are giving way to mainstream UFO acceptance, it’s clear that full disclosure at this time would be extremely unlikely.

Already, we can see that the June UAP report will withhold much from the public. As Mellon said, even getting government agencies to agree on the language used will prove challenging.

 “In addition to the onerous job of trying to get everyone to come clean,” Mellon said, “there will be a sensitive and probably difficult process of getting all the players … to agree on the language and approve it. That process alone could take weeks or months.”

Therefore, we can all plan to continue searching for the truth after the UAP report comes out. In all likelihood, the prevailing attitudes of stigma and secrecy will not just vanish like a UFO.

Indeed, these attitudes were carefully cultivated for decades to discourage interest in the subject. For an in-depth analysis of how it was done, see the recent piece by Gideon Lewis-Kraus in the New Yorker.)

Public Interest Only Growing

On the other hand, now that the government has disclosed that UFOs are authentic, interest is only going to grow from there. As public interest grows, we could be more likely to see the disclosure about UFO origins.

Perhaps, one day, we’ll even learn about extraterrestrials?

For those interested, Mellon recommended the new “explosive documentary,” called The Phenomenon.

“I can’t think of a better way for people to begin educating themselves on the #UAP issue. The film provides a badly needed remedy for the unwarranted stigma that has prevented government & academia from taking this important topic seriously,” he tweeted.

The film touts itself as “the most credible film ever made about the global mystery involving unidentified aerial phenomenon.”

In the documentary trailer, Mellon states, “We need to accept that we are not alone in the universe.”

Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube

Harry Reid: We May Be Close to Finding Out Truth About UFOs

Harry Reid, UFOs, UAPs

Former Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid continues to call for leading with science when studying UFOs. Originally, he says he “never intended to prove that life beyond Earth exists.” However, he has “no problem with that,” if the science proves otherwise. 

As a June UAP report is due in days, Reid wrote in the New York Times, “We still don’t know what they are, but we may be close to finding out.”

Nevertheless, other former government officials indicate we could be far from finding out. Recently, reports from former and current government officials suggest “military and spy agencies are blocking or simply ignoring the effort to compile a report.”

Harry Reid On Visiting Area 51

As a senator, Reid says he visited Area 51, the top-secret Air Force testing site in southern Nevada.

“What I saw fascinated me, though much of it must remain classified,” Reid wrote. “During one visit, I traveled a short distance to the facility that housed the Air Force’s secret new stealth fighters. For security reasons, the pilots could fly them only at night — under the same Nevada stars I had gazed upon as a boy.”

Then, suggested the existence of Area 51 should have remained classified until 2013.

“Though Area 51 was developed decades ago, during the height of the Cold War, its existence wasn’t publicly acknowledged by the US government until 2013. To do so earlier would have been detrimental to our security as a nation, given that our government constantly balances the competing priorities of secrecy and transparency in a democracy,” he wrote.

Recently, Reid suggested that Lockheed Martin might have fragments of UFOs, but he has never seen proof.

“I was told for decades that Lockheed had some of these retrieved materials,” the Democrat told the New Yorker. “And I tried to get, as I recall, a classified approval by the Pentagon to have me go look at the stuff. They would not approve that. I don’t know what all the numbers were, what kind of classification it was, but they would not give that to me.”

Harry Reid and AATIP

At the same time, Reid realized that the “unofficial taboo” of UFO discussions could actually harm national security. Furthermore, it could inhibit technical advancement as other countries openly study the phenomena.

Consequently, he decided to create AATIP with two other senators, Stevens and Inouye, focusing on science.

“I believe that there is information uncovered by the government’s covert investigations into unidentified aerial phenomena that can be disclosed to the public without harming our national security,” he said.

In 2007, Harry Reid requested funding for the self-described “clandestine Pentagon operation” the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. Although his staff warned him to “stay the hell away from” the UFO subject, he says he “politely ignored” them.

Although the program officially ended in 2012, UFO studies carry on in the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force today. 

What Inspired Harry Reid

In the Times, Reid says he became more interested in UFOs after journalist George Knapp invited him to a UFO conference in 1996. There, he was impressed with the academic and scientific approach. Rather than focusing on aliens, they focused on “technological advancement and national security.”

Following the experience, Reid became “hooked,” and his interest grew after conversations with former astronaut and then-senator from Ohio, John Glenn. He was the first American to orbit Earth.

Notably, Glenn reported seeing UFOs and “fireflies” himself. Later, reports attributed the fireflies to vapors vented from his body and the spacecraft. 

Below, Knapp interviewed Reid about UFOs in 2019:

Leading UFO Research with Science

When he was a younger man, Reid believed that leading with science was the best way to approach UFOs. Today, he believes it’s crucial.

“I believe it’s crucial to lead with the science when studying UFOs. Focusing on little green men or conspiracy theories won’t get us far. Of course, whatever the science tells us, some portion of the public will continue to believe in the reality of otherworldly UFOs as a matter of faith. Ultimately, the UFO debate can be broken down into a sincere belief in science versus a sincere belief in extraterrestrials. I side with science.”

To date, he says, “there’s still a great deal we don’t understand” about the phenomenon. Thus, he isn’t sure if the aircraft are of extraterrestrial origin, or made by other countries. On the other hand, some reports could be due to distorted visual perception. 

However, he remains open-minded. In the past, he has indicated a belief in the probability of extraterrestrial life.

“I look at it this way,” Reid said in an interview with Motherboard in 2020.

“The world as we know it today is extremely large. It’s so big I can’t comprehend it. And I think that we as human beings have to be a little short-sighted if we think we’re the only species in the entire universe. In the entire universe, there is for sure more than one [species].”

Robert Bigelow and Skinwalker Ranch

In 2017, the Times revealed AATIP, the “mysterious UFO program,” existed and was funded for $22 million. 

Much of the money went to Reid’s longtime friend, conservative Republican Robert Bigelow, who also worked with NASA to “produce expandable craft for humans to use in space.”  

Further, the Las Vegas real estate and Bigelow Aerospace mogul financed ventures with funds from Budget Suites rentals. According to George Knapp, Bigelow may have spent more on UFO research than “any person in history.”

In 1996, Bigelow purchased the 480-acre Skinwalker Ranch. The place earned its nickname “for the shape-shifting witches of Navajo legend.” Before Bigelow arrived, the former owners, Terry and Gwen Sherman said they witnessed three types of UFOs and saw mutilated cattle.

According to Vice, much of AATIP’s research took place at the ranch, a paranormal hotspot in Utah. However, Reid says he never visited the location.

“I didn’t feel that it was appropriate for the government to take me,” Reid said.

Appearing on 60 Minutes, Bigelow said he remains “absolutely convinced” that aliens have visited Earth in UFOs.

Below, Bigelow talks to George Knapp about UFOs and his latest quest to learn about an afterlife.

Ongoing Stigma and Taboo 

Today, the former AATIP leader, Lue Elizondo, and former Pentagon intelligence official Christopher Mellon suggest UAPTF faces many hurdles.

For instance, Mellon stated that the Air Force “stiff-armed” the task force from obtaining information. On the other hand, Elizondo cites enormous resistance from government bureaucracy.

“You have all the stigma and the taboo that is associated with it,” said Elizondo, who serves as an informal adviser to the military. “Organizations whose mission this might fall squarely into are resisting adopting this mission.”

Although public interest is great and the stigma about the subject has lifted, that may not be the case inside the government. 

“There’s been so much public taboo about this for decades that no one wants to risk their professional careers and that of their bosses on a topic like this without being directed,” Elizondo said.

Mellon, who served in the administrations of Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, says lifting taboo may require direct involvement by senior executive branch officials –and more time.

“My hope is that this administration will provide our military people the support they deserve,” Mellon told NBC News. “On this issue, that means determining ASAP what threat if any is posed by the unidentified vehicles that are brazenly and repeatedly violating restricted US airspace over hovering around our warships. Our people are naturally and rightly concerned and almost nothing has been done to address their concerns.”

The American People Deserve to Know

Today, Harry Reid, now 81, hopes the upcoming UAP report will give Americans more answers.

“The American people deserve to know more — and hopefully they will soon,” he said.

In 2020, Reid said he thought it would be “a really unfortunate thing for the country” if the government stopped working on UFOs considering “other countries are doing it.”

However, Elizondo thinks the UAP report should be delayed. With more time and financing, it could reveal more facts instead of serving merely as more evidence of ongoing coverup.

Featured image: Harry Reid via Wikipedia, Public domain with UFO by Jazella via PixabayPixabay License

Putin Advisor Announces Plans to Clone Scythian Horse Lord Army

Putin Advisor Announces Plans to Clone Scythian Horse Lord Army 13

One of Vladimir Putin’s closest advisors, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, has announced his intentions to create an ancient clone army of ancient Scythian Horse Lords. Shoigu is from the Republic of Tuva in Siberia, where archaeologists discovered Scythian burials two decades ago.

Remains of the so-called Horse Lords were preserved well in some cases due to Siberian permafrost. Sometimes, the Scythians were laid to rest with their horses. Today, they are considered among the greatest warriors of antiquity.

Using the DNA of the 3,000-year-old Scythian warriors, he hopes military scientists can accomplish something to top Dolly, the Sheep. You may recall, the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, Scotland, announced Dolly as the first mammal ever cloned in July 1996. 

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Scythian depiction via YouTube
Scythian depiction via YouTube

‘Very Interesting’ Plans

To achieve cloning, scientists used a process of nuclear transfer. For a simplified explanation, they took a nucleus from a cell. Then, they implanted it into an egg cell after removing its nucleus.

Reportedly, Shoigu assigned a team of Russian-Swiss archeologists to collect DNA samples. In 2018, he brought a shaman to oversee a dig by the experts.

“Of course, we would like very much to find the organic matter and I believe you understand what would follow that.” The Putin ally noted that the permafrost preserved the DNA, saying “it would be possible to make something of it, if not Dolly the Sheep. In general, it will be very interesting.”

Now, he wants to clone the ancient nomadic warriors and their horses. 

Putin attended the online session of the Russian Geographical Society, which Shoigu leads. At the session, he announced the plans, which may be nothing but a distraction. 

After the announcement, political analysts noticed the timing as Russia deployed about 100,000 soldiers to the Ukrainian border. Thus, it might be a case of state propaganda to distract from the looming threat of war.

An Army of the Dead

Although Putin’s friend wants us to believe it’s possible to make a clone army, it might not be so easy. According to Popular Mechanics:

“To date, no one has cloned a human being. But scientists have successfully executed the therapeutic cloning of individual kinds of cells and other specific gene-editing work, and of course, there are high-profile examples of cloning pretty complex animals.”

So far, the closest thing to cloning a long-dead mammal may be the cloning of a black-footed ferret earlier this year. Unfortunately, the donor of the endangered species died over 30 years ago.

However, cloning a primate or human may prove much more difficult. Scientists note that nuclear transfer is difficult since removing a cell’s nucleus also removes essential proteins. Thus, the process used on Dolly the Sheep would not work and result in a damaged cell. Even with the sheep, it took scientists 277 tries.

Not to mention, cloning humans is considering unethical or illegal in much of the world. Also, even if the Russians managed to clone a Scythian, it would take decades to raise a baby to become an adult warrior.

Interestingly, lore about the Scythian origins from Herodotus suggested the first king; Scythes was the offspring of Heracles and a Serpent woman. (see video below)

See all about the Scythians from Kings and Generals. 

Valley of the Kings

In 1998, Russian and German archaeologists began excavating at a Tunnug burial site in the Republic of Tuva. There, they found soldier’s remains in a burial mound called a kurgan.

Later, the area became known as the Valley of the Kings. 

First interred thousands of years ago, archaeologists found mummies and pure gold ornate artifacts depicting horses and supernatural creatures. In some cases, archaeologists discovered evidence of ritual horse sacrifices.

Although they created extraordinary metalwork, there was not yet a system of writing. 

Ancient Origins notes the Scythian warriors were of Iranian descent and dominated between the northern borders of China to the Black Sea from the 3rd to 7th centuries BC. The area is called the Eurasian steppe.

Scythian artwork
Scythian artwork via YouTube
Scythian artwork
Scythian artwork via YouTube

See more from History Time below:

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Transmedium UFOs – It’s Time to Let the Public Know the Truth

transmedium UFOs
Transmedium UFOs – It's Time to Let the Public Know the Truth 15

US Navy warships in restricted waters near San Diego were surrounded by swarms of transmedium UFOs. There, some 100 miles at sea, the crew spotted an assortment of strange vehicles in July 2019. Notably, they were too far at sea to be attributed to known drone technology.

Following the reports, some called these “transmedium UFOs” since they can move through both air and water. 

However, official reports may describe them as drones and UAVs. Nevertheless, behind the scenes, Pentagon investigators may use other terms, according to Mystery Wire.

A video of one of the UFOs became viral after investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell released it on Instagram.  Now, considering all the latest evidence, Corbell says it’s time for the government to come clean.

“We are now at a tipping point,” Corbell told Fox 11, Los Angeles. “It is time to let the public know what is known, no matter how big or small,” said Corbell. “What is known about the UFO presence on planet Earth?”

Corbell said someone leaked the video to him after an Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) briefing on May 1, 2020. 

“UFOs are real. They’re flying with impunity within our restricted air space. They represent an advanced and sophisticated technology,” Corbell said. (see video below) “And, it’s a technology that requires scientific scrutiny and study,” he continued.

Today, after UFO witnesses endured years of ridicule, Corbell says the script has flipped.

“The script has flipped,” said Corbell. “People are now taking this seriously and eliminating the unnecessary ridicule that stigmatized the UFO topic.”

See the interview via Fox 11 Los Angeles:

Confirmed Video and Photos 

Amazingly, a Pentagon spokesperson confirmed images seen in the video were recorded by US Navy personnel aboard the USS Omaha, a littoral combat ship. 

Officially, the vehicles remained unidentified and were not referred to officially as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs). As you may know, that’s the official government term for UFOs in 2021.

“I can confirm that the referenced photos and videos were taken by Navy personnel,” Pentagon spokesperson Susan Gough said in a statement to the Black Vault

However, Gough confirmed that the UAP Task Force “has included these incidents in their ongoing examinations.” As you may recall, the Department of Defense announced the Task Force last year on August 4, 2020.

Furthermore, Gough explained why she does not discuss details publicly.

“As we have said before, to maintain operations security and to avoid disclosing information that may be useful to potential adversaries, DOD does not discuss publicly the details of either the observations or the examinations of reported incursions into our training ranges or designated airspace, including those incursions initially designated as UAP.”

Transmedium UFO Dives Underwater

In the video, you can hear sailors discussing the spherical craft, saying, “It splashed!” when it dove into the sea. Afterward, the Navy sent a submarine to search for the object, finding no trace of the advanced transmedium vehicle.

However, although the crew says the object “splashed,” Corbell clarified the UFO slipped effortlessly into the sea. Thus, there would be no actual splash. 

According to Corbell’s description on YouTube, the Navy took the video at 11 pm PST on July 15, 2019. See the video below:

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The Least Compelling Evidence?

Notably, these UFO encounters took place in the same general area of the 2004 Tic Tac UFOs.

And, in Puerto Rico, a similar transmedium UFO was filmed buzzing by the Aguadilla, Puerto Rico airport in April 2013. After it flew by the airport the UFO went straight into the ocean. After entering the water, it seemed to split into two disappearing vehicles. (see video below)

Today, the most recent video shows one type of spherical craft. However, there was a variety of strange vehicles reported. For example, the USS Russell used a night-vision camera to record flying triangle or “pyramid” shaped UFOs flashing in the clouds in July 2019. 

As the Independent reported, sightings in Virginia were daily for years.

“A former Navy pilot says flight crews saw UFOs maneuvering in restricted airspace off Virginia every day for years.”

As strange as these videos are, they are grainy and low resolution, a disappointment as usual. But, NBC’s Gadi Schwartz says he spoke to the former director of the AATIP, Luis Elizondo, to find out if the Pentagon has other videos.

“Those were probably the least compelling videos and in some videos you seen an object about 50 feet away from the cockpit,” said Schwartz. (see video below)

See the Pyramid-shaped UFOs as seen on TODAY:

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George Knapp on Transmedium UFOs

Journalist George Knapp has covered the latest round of authentic UFO sightings on Mystery Wire and news sites like Fox8.

In an interview, a reporter asked Knapp what he thought the diving UFO could be, and he replied:

“It appears to be a highly intelligently controlled high-tech system. We don’t know what the propulsion is. There’s no rotors, you’ve seen the images, there’s no wings, there’s no blades. That thermal imaging would detect if there were any kind of exhaust. None of that. It’s flying by means that we don’t know,” said Knapp.

Furthermore, if the Chinese or Russian governments have made transmedium UFOs, “it represents an incredible failure on the part of our intelligence establishment.”

On the other hand, Knapp notes that US intelligence doesn’t believe the UFOs were made by either the Chinese or Russian governments.

“That leaves some fairly exotic possibilities but nobody is saying anything beyond – it’s unkown,” said Knapp.

See George Knapp discuss the Transmedium UFOs below:

See more from NewsNation NOW:

Metallic Blimp, Acorn, and Sphere 

On March 4, 2019, a Navy F/A-18 jet off the coast of Virginia encountered three unidentified “drones.” Interestingly, an F-18 weapons systems officer behind the pilot took pictures with his iPhone. Then, the still images were dubbed the “Metallic Blimp,” “Acorn,” and “Sphere.”

Later, according to Mystery Wire, the UAP Task Force briefed military and intelligence audiences on the “drones.”

“The Task Force reports noted that the objects were able to remain stationary in high winds, with no movement, beyond the capability of known balloons or drones,” reported George Knapp.

Now, we all wonder if the UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin? Currently, we don’t know and probably won’t even after an anticipated government UAP report due this June. However, the former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe has suggested that UFO evidence is much more common than the public has previously known.

Featured images: Screenshots via YouTube

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