Rare, ancient maps show how thousands of years ago, an advanced civilization mapped the Earth

Countless maps suggest that before written history, ancient explorers had an extremely well-developed cartography system comparable in precision to the one we have today proving that ancient mankind knew the exact shape and size of the Earth, contrary to popular beliefs, and used spherical trigonometry, precise and elaborate mathematical calculations, as if thousands of years ago an unknown civilization undertook a global-scale project of mapping the entire planet like no one has ever done before.

Have you ever considered the possibility that thousands of years ago, before the rise of some of the greatest ancient civilizations on Earth; the Aztecs, Maya, Olmec, Inca, Egyptian, Chinese, Sumerian etc., a much older, and far more advanced civilization existed on our planet?

Earth’s history is shrouded in mystery. The giant puzzle we call origin of life is filled with gaps mainstream scholar have been unable to fill. Adding fuel to the mystery of our history are countless discoveries that have been made around the globe.

In addition to curious monuments, megalithic sites, and ‘out of place artifacts’, experts have come across dozens of maps that suggest an extremely advanced civilization—capable of great feats—existed before the rise of some of the greatest ancient civilizations on Earth.

Some refer to this civilization—however, I’m more inclined to think that many civilizations could have existed—as the antediluvian predecessor of the most important ancient cultures on Earth.

How can you explain—from a logical point of view— prehistoric, ancient maps, depicting regions of our planet like Antarctica without ice?

By doing some simple research you’ll come across not one, but countless maps that depict the same thing: The continent of Antarctica presumably without ICE.

But… how is this even possible? We’ve only ‘found’ Antarctica recently. So how can there be maps of the continent depicting it free of ice?

According to experts, Antarctica separated around 160 million years ago from the Gondwana supercontinent, beginning to cool down again. By 23 million years ago, Antarctica was mostly icy and for the last 15 million years, it has been a frozen desert under a thick ice sheet.

Today, scientists estimate that 98% of Antarctica is covered by the Antarctic ice sheet, a sheet of ice averaging at least 1.6 km (1.0 mi) thick. The continent has about 90% of the world’s ice (and thereby about 70% of the world’s fresh water).

An ancient global-scale ‘mapping project’

A look at the ancient Piri Reis map

Piri ReisThe fact that there are maps that depict Antarctica free of Ice, and other parts of the world that were not discovered until recently gives rise to MANY theories—some of them somewhat controversial.

Interestingly, many authors—including myself—will venture out and say that these maps may very well prove that in the distant past, ancient explorers had an extremely well-developed cartography system comparable in precision to the one we have today.

These maps could also ‘prove’ that ancient mankind knew the exact shape and size of the Earth, contrary to popular beliefs, and used spherical trigonometry, precise and elaborate mathematical calculations, as if thousands of years ago an unknown civilization undertook a global-scale project of mapping the entire planet like no one has ever done before. The result: numerous ancient maps that according to many prove our history is not what we’ve been told.

The Zeno Map. Published around 1380, the enigmatic maps accurately depicts the coasts of modern-day countries such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and Scotland. This ancient map also happens to depict—somehow—the EXACT latitude and longitude of a number of islands on our planet.

The Camerio map, created in 1502 uses a spherical grid, even though people in the middle ages still believed our planet was in fact… flat.

The Iehudi Ibn ben Zara map, drawn in 1487 displays remnants of glaciers in Britain. The map also includes extremely detailed depictions of islands in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. Today, these islands still exist, but due to rising water levels, these are now underwater.

The Hadji Ahmed map, published in 1559, shows incredibly accurate delineations of the western coast of Northern America and Antarctica.

The Buache map—created around 1737— is believed to be the result of much more ancient maps. This chart depicts Antarctica well before the ‘icy’ continent was in fact discovered. Interestingly, like many other ancient maps, this too accurately illustrates Antarctica without ice.

Another shocking map is the King Jaime World Chart. Created in 1502, the map accurately depicts parts of the Sahara Desert displaying it much differently than it is today: with fertile land, huge lakes rivers and what appear to be ancient cities.

The Oronce Finé World Map created in 1534, is an early cordiform chart which displays features of Antarctica when the continent was not covered by Ice.

1534: The Oronce Finé World Map. An early cordiform projection which features the Antarctic continent splayed along its southern edge some 300 years before it is believed to have been discovered. An inscription spans the width of the continent, “Southern land newly discovered, but not yet fully explored.”

Just as the Buache map, the Piri Reis Map—one of the most famous ancient charts—is supposedly a collection of even older maps, displaying the correct coastline of Antarctica as it was under the ice. The map was composed around 1520 and in addition to displaying Antarctica without ice, it accurately depicts the geography of the American Continent with such a precision that it looks as if it was put together with the aid of aerial photography.

Is it possible that all of the above maps are the result of an advanced ancient civilization that somehow managed to map the entire planet thousands of years ago—perhaps before the last ice age?

If so, who was this mysterious civilization and does this provide enough ground to venture out and say advanced ancient civilization—like Atlantis—may have existed on Earth, terns of thousands of years ago?


Six Ancient Maps that should not exist according to mainstream Scholars

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    1. Deception is what goes on here! More lies about Antarctica to distract from the fact that NASA can’t PROVE anything here in Modern 2017!! Where are the real pictures of earth, not CGI and Artist’s renderings??

      1. There are countless satellite maps of the world that prove it’s round. It’s pretty sad that so many people have no critical thinking skills.

        1. And lest we forget, the countless number of images of planets in our own solar system taken by both professional and amateur astronomers which prove conclusively the spherical nature of most heavenly bodies. Flat earthers are the most egregious manifestation of information age mass paranoia.

        2. Yes it is sad. All of those ‘images’ shown to us via ‘satellite’ are CGI, Composites and/or Artist’s Renderings….so, Fake. Oh, and the ‘Math’ they use to calculate the curvature of the earth, doesn’t prove a globe but does prove it’s flat, unmoving, with the same constellations in the sky for centuries which is not possible on a globe, yet we’ve used these same stars for navigation for thousands of years! Maybe you should re-think this whole “spinning ball in space” thing. Sounds like a bunch of science-fiction or that cult religion ‘scientism’ to me. Blessings!

        3. Satellites, Please you are making me laugh so hard at your ignorance, critical thinking skills, I truly hope you learn some. I have been to many comment sections but this is one that is truly SAD, and the lack of intelligence is WAY over whelming.

  1. Funny how here in 2017 we still don’t have an accurate map of the world and NASA is still putting people on harnesses in front of the green screen and almost drowning ‘Astro-NOTs’ in space! Why would we believe anything that NASA says when it’s so obvious they lie? The earth is flat and NASA can’t prove otherwise! NASA LIES. NASA fakes everything. NASA Steals $$$. NASA has nothing but CGI. Where is the real PROOF of this spinning ball you nassholes live on?? “Modern Technology” That makes me laugh!!

    1. The Earth is not flat. Go down to the shore and watch a ship coming towards the coast. First you see the topsail and slowly the whole ship appears. That alone is proof the Earth is really round.

      1. Modern cameras with zoom have disproved that old way of thinking as when you zoom in the ship is still there, there are numerous videos of that! The earth is not a ball spinning in space as NASA has NO PROOF of that at all! Nasa gives you CGI, Artist’s renderings and Composites…..No REAL pictures at all! They (NASA) give you people in front of green screens with harnesses on doing back-flips to ‘prove’ they’re in space, and people still buy it?! There is no proof of curvature even by their own math equations! Bridges, Lighthouses Railroad tracks all prove a flat earth, no curvature! Where is NASA’s proof of the globe? Who is the famous scientists that Proved Gravity? NASA has NO PROOF yet they continue to steal all that $$$$ and can’t give us ONE REAL PICTURE of earth when they have billions of $$$ in their budget and thousands and thousands of satellites ‘in space’ to use??? I ain’t buying it and I’m sure glad they ain’t stealing MY $$$$$ anymore!! The earth is flat….don’t believe me? Then go prove it’s round, I’ll bet you can’t!

        1. Show me the one air route that’s at least 10,000 miles. Is it Australia to South America? Is it Japan to England? A flat earth map distorts air travel distances. Look it up.

          Also, take a powerful telescope to the top of the Sears Tower. Show me pictures of the Rocky Mountains. How come you can’t see the Sears Tower for more than 35 or 40 miles? Even when it’s toward a higher elevation?

          1. Sounds like you need to do some more research as there are hundreds of videos already showing how plane routes work better on the AZ map and ‘Emergency landings’ have shown the same! Maybe you should do some traveling to the shores and visit a couple lighthouses, go up to the top and look out in every direction (360 view) the horizon is always at eye level. Take some binoculars with you to view the ships that have gone ‘over the curve’ and you’ll be amazed that they are still there, just out of your viewing distance. Research. Blessings.

          2. First you must understand the bible was NOT written in English originally. Once you get past that we can get to the original meanings of the words and their context.
            The next step is to have an understanding of Hebrew. The Hebrew language is a very primitive language and does not have vowels or contractions and lacks technical granulated details like the Greek language does. The Hebrew language has what is called “Hebraisms” that take a Hebrew word that can have multiple meanings, that usually take multiple English words to define it and that can even contrast in definition depending on context of sentence structure. Let’s look at this bible verse:
            Isa 40:22 It is he that sitteth upon the circle(H2329) of the earth (H776), and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:
            Each word that is in the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts has a strongs number assigned to it so that we may look at the easily verifiable original definition of the Hebrew or Greek word used. Let’s look at the sentence structure and definition in the Hebrew of the word “circle (H2329)” here:
            H2329 ????chu^g khoog From H2328; a circle: – circle, circuit, compassive there really is no definition of compassive but its root word is clear and meaningful. Define compass/encompass en•com•pass en’kompos verb past tense: encompassed; past participle: encompassed 1. surround and have or hold within. “a vast halo encompassing the Milky Way galaxy” synonyms: surround, enclose, encircle, circumscribe, bound, border; More literary gird, engird; rare compass “the apartment buildings encompass common recreational grounds, complete with swimming pool and tennis court” include comprehensively. “no studies encompass all aspects of medical care” synonyms: cover, embrace, include, incorporate, take in, contain, comprise, involve, deal with, range across; formal comprehend “the debates encompassed a vast range of subjects” 2. archaic cause (something) to take place. “an act designed to encompass the death of the king”
            Now let’s look at the word “EARTH (H776)” in that verse: H776 ???’erets eh’-rets From an unused root probably meaning to be firm; the earth (at large, or partitively a land): – X common, country, earth, field, ground, land, X nations, way, + wilderness, world.
            The land of the earth is firm as opposed to all liquid, also meaning countries, fields, ground, and nations and you just can’t pick those things up and put them in your pocket and move them… no lesser god, angel or Satan can move them because our God Yehovah creator of the universe placed the earth here and no matter how hard satan tries, it’s here to stay in this orbit around the sun. I dare you to try and move the earth from its firm orbit, it’s unmovable.
            Read the verse and that is the Hebraism context of the verse. Circle meaning all to include all of the Earth ground and nations and the people on in. keep in mind we also need to take in the whole council of God in the bible and not just one word or verse here and there without understanding the context and meaning of the original text it was written in. The bible is not of private interpretation. “2Pe 1:20 Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.“
            Now let’s look at the more technical and granulated detailed language of Greek in the New Testament of the word “EARTH” keep in mind the BIBLE DOES NOT CONTRADICT…EVER! And if it seems to contradict in the English then we MUST return to the original language to straighten it out:
            Rev_20:8 And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth(G1093), Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea.
            The Greek word for “EARTH” is: G1093 ??? ge¯ ghay Contracted from a primary word; soil; by extension a region, or the solid part or the whole of the terrene globe (including the occupants in each application): – country, earth (-ly), ground, land, world.
            Earth is defined more accurately and detailed in the Greek as globe. Remember the bible does not contradict anywhere. The Bible says that unbelievers have no spiritual perspective:
            1 Corinthians 2:14 KJV But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.
            The movement of the stars, sun, moon look to our perspective as they are moving around us ONLY. It’s actually both as all planets including ours move and spin in space but to our perspective it seems as though we are standing still and everything revolves around us. Now that is perspective.
            Gen 1:8 And God called the firmament(H7549) Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day.
            firmament H7549 ????ra^qi^ya? raw-kee’-ah From H7554; properly an expanse, that is, the firmament or (apparently) visible arch of the sky: – firmament.
            The firmament the bible speaks of is the spherical arch of the atmosphere around our planet because of its unique attributes it does many things for our well being including help keeping the dangerous parts of the suns radiation from reaching our skin and bodies by separating space from earth and so much more. If the sun was as close as flat earthers say it is, then we would all die from its radiation.

          3. I own a Strong’s concordance and use it all the time! I also have read the bible and know God said he created the sun, moon and stars on the 4th day and set them in the firmament, so they are LIGHTS not planets! The sun is not made of radiation! God did not design the sun to kill you or you would not be able to absorb vitamins from the sun!! Maybe you’d better re-read the book of Genesis without all the ‘scientism religion’ in your head. The earth is God’s footstool and not a ball spinning in space like the satanists that teach this scientism! God’s word does not lie like NASA does. Oh and gravity has NEVER been proven! You are going around believing that people on the bottom of the ball are walking around upside down and because of gravity they think they are right side up? You believe that the planes/helicopters on the bottom of the ball can take off upside down? Geeez.

          4. God’s word is truth and there are over 120 references to this flat, stationary, 4 cornered earth we live on. The bible says that one who mocks or argues a matter without research into it is a fool. The bible also tells of the firmament in Genesis 1 (that’s the first book of the bible) and how God made the sun, moon and stars on the 4th day and set them in the firmament, also in Joshua (that’s the 6th book of the bible) verse 10 tells of Joshua commanding the sun to be still and the moon to be still, because the earth does not move. God set the earth on pillars, also in the bible many times is mention of the foundations of earth and you can ask any builder, they’ll tell you all foundations are flat! I have yet to see ONE building built upon a spherical foundation, and you think I’m silly?? I am not the one believing (having ‘faith’ in) the false religion of scientism nor their fake ‘outer space’ stories. I know the truth and don’t need any bedtime sci-fi stories to pacify me, I have peace of mind in knowing the truth.

          5. Many refer to it as a disc by cutting it off at the Ice wall that is the ‘bounds’ for the waters but there is more to it beyond the ice. The freemasons have a square and compass as their ‘symbol’ on everything because they know that the earth is a flat square with the circle of Ice within the square, they are not stupid. The bible tells us there are angels at the 4 corners. These angels will in the end times be holding back the winds so that they blow no more. God’s word is truth and even the devil knows that!!

          6. You wouldn’t know how to debate even if someone gave you an outline to follow, I guess Twain was right ,” It is easier to fool someone than to tell them they have been fooled.” But for Fools I guess that is your nature.So Sad, Very Sad.

          7. I guess they are right, some people can not type a cognitive sentence even with computer apps.Is the color of your hair the same as your little pony, if so, please just pick a color mate.

          8. That’s funny at the sheer childishness of it all….here, pull my finger.

          9. “…computer apps.Is the color…”
            And you can’t put proper spacing in between a period and the start of the next sentence. So what’s your excuse, Paul the Putrid Purveyor of Phony Ponies? His sentences are completely cognitive…maybe it’s your brain that isn’t.

            Go join a Clinton P-Hat convention…you’d fit right in there.

          10. How do you see the sears tower for that far when the curvature science claims says you can’t see it from that far? 8′ of drop per mile squared!! Did you miss math class?

      2. This site monitors all comments and only allows the ones they agree with….no free speech here. Maybe this one will be approved. Yes, the earth is flat, just the way God made it. There are many ways to prove that we don’t live on a round spinning globe. If you never were told the Biblical account of creation, you can find it at its his story dot com. Scroll down to the world that God made snow globe.

        1. Me too….but the hilarity of it all would be wasted on us. So it has to stay so all may see and laugh with us.

        2. Sigh. No it isn’t, even that ridiculous pamphlet you lot masturbate to states the earth is a sphere

          1. If it has been proven to you that the earth is indeed a round spinning globe, then you could easily prove it to others. However, if you believe that only because you were told that it’s true, then you cannot. So….can you prove it? I have disproven it many ways on my site.

          2. When bought my daughter a telescope for her birthday we took it out and looked at Venus. Can you guess what shape it was?

          3. And this is somehow supposed to prove that the earth is a round spinning globe? What you most likely saw was a star because God didn’t make any planets.

          4. Wow. No it was the planet Venus, we could see the various coloration in the clouds and it was spherical. Also looked at the moon which was also spherical. This is caused by something called gravity. Also I checked out your site……..seek help

          5. Thank you for at least checking out my site. If you did so, you probably noticed that Jesus loves you and died in your place. He did this so you could go to heaven instead of the lake of fire. All you have to do is repent, ask him to forgive your sins, and start living for him. Hope you do…..

          6. Why would an all loving God create a place where his most beloved creation is tortured for eternity? Look, it’s a free world so believe what you want. Peace

          7. Peace to you too, but I would like to answer your question if you don’t mind. The Bible does NOT teach that. The only ones that spend eternity in the lake of fire are the devil and his angels, and those that take the mark during the coming Tribulation when the devil and his angels rule the earth for the last 3 1/2 years and force everyone to take a mark if they want to buy or sell. And right after they issue this decree, God warns the inhabitants of the earth by sending an angel to tell them not to take the mark. The rest of the people who do not want to believe in Jesus do not spend eternity in the lake of fire. They are judged in much the same way that our current court system works. Each gets a sentence based on the severity of their crime, so some spend a day there and others a year and so on. But they all perish after their sentence. I remember when I was an atheist I used to get so mad at God. I used to say “Its’s not fair, I have to do things your way or go to hell”. Then later, I realized that God’s ways were actually much better, and still do. God has given each of us a choice. Because we all have sinned, those sins need to be dealt with. In the same way as if we commit a crime here, that needs to be dealt with. So God sent his son, Jesus to die for our sins and pay the penalty required. Those who wish to have their sins forgiven can ask him for that and he will do so. If you choose not to, then you will have your day in God’s court to answer for them. I didn’t make the rules, God did. He wants everyone to repent and see that his ways are better and offers eternal life to those that do. Those that don’t would probably become rebellious troublemakers in heaven so it would not be fair to the rest of the inhabitants. Pretty much the same system as here. The troublemakers end up in jail. If you have any other questions I would be glad to answer them. I have studied the Bible intently and can give you a straight answer based on what the Bible teaches. What you want to believe is your business. Its not up to me to tell you what you should believe. You can also email me directly from my site if you like. God Bless….

          8. What is the name of the famous scientist that proved gravity?? I’ll wait.

          9. No sir. Mr Newton ‘theorized’ about gravity and tried to prove it mathematically, but was unsuccessful his whole life. Newton has many a theory, but ZERO proof! Proof (real science) must be repeatable, observable and mathematically correct and his is none of those. Want to try again? I doubt it as I have looked for many a year and still have found not one scientist or anyone who actually has proved that gravity exists, only theory’s and hypothesis. Newton’s theoretical prediction of an oblate spheroid is only that a theory, as it has never been proven either. You are basing your life (and your beliefs) on theory and hypothesis and not facts.

          10. The nonsense comes from the pseudo-science religion that everyone believes with ZERO proof! The prophecies of the bible have been proven, science has proved the flood and many others have found much proof of God’s word. There is much physical proof of Sodom and Gomorrah, the flood, and the proof of the firmament is in Antarctica, that’s why it is guarded and no one is allowed to go there with out government permission and even then to only approved locations. The Antarctic Treaty is the only treaty never broken and ALL nations agree to and guard it shores, Why? These nations can’t agree on anything but they ALL agree to this, why??? Are they hiding something? Ask any builder and they will tell you their foundations are always flat, never spherical! One cannot build on a sphere.

          11. The flood most certainly has not been proven. Evidence of localised flooding in the Mediterranean has been hypothesised which was a sea level rise of meters and not on a global scale. Of course there will be places mentioned in the bible that existed and that we have and will find evidence for but what we will never find evidence for is God, angels, the devil and a myriad other things

          12. It has yet to be proven by actual science and is still today only a theory. You are basing your beliefs (that’s a religion) on theory and hypothesis and not facts or repeatable proof. It’s 2017 and we have all sorts of ‘modern technologies’ with which prove things with so why has nothing been proven yet?? Why can’t NASA prove the earth is a globe and end this ‘silly’ idea of a flat earth?? They can’t because it is truth and they have nothing but theory and hypothesis and science-fiction tales to feed you. If the earth were a globe they would have some real proof, they have NONE.

          13. Yes you are asleep in life and soon Jesus will come for those who love him and the sleeping ones like you will burn in the lake of fire! You have been told and now have no excuse when you stand before God, you can’t say you were never told because I told you. There is only ONE way to life eternal and that is JESUS! You have been forewarned.

          14. I will, thanks! Make sure to stay asleep so you don’t have to grow-up and be a responsible person. You’ll be just one of many ‘zombies’ that will die first when the going gets rough.

          15. Zombie = Zoned Out Masses Buying Into Everything. I haven’t owned a Tel-LIE-vision in 10 years at least, I don’t allow that device to turn me into a brainwashed boob! That’s why the masses are zombified boobs, from watching the boob tube and believing it tells truth, it doesn’t. The last laugh will be on the zoned out, brainwashed masses by those of us awake enough to see the truth and survive the coming nightmare. You on the other hand will not survive the dark days ahead so go ride your purple pony into the sunset of your death with the rest of the zombies.

          16. Apparently you are. Ignorance is not so much a shame as being unwilling to learn–Benjamin Franklin.

          17. I own no game systems, and I have no modern technology except this old laptop and an old flip phone, and that will be gone soon enough too!

          18. It’s too bad that you think you are smarter than God because someday you will have to stand before him and be judged for your sins. However, you can ask Jesus to forgive you instead and then you won’t have to. Up to you….

          1. Usually I don’t bother responding to comments like yours, but God loves you as much as he loves everyone else. Jesus died for your sins just like everyone else’s. So I am telling you about the universe that God made. If you would rather believe in the universe that science created that is up to you. If you want to spend eternity with God in heaven then you may want to get to know him.

      3. Actually that doesn’t really have to be a proof if you take into consideration a thing called ‘perspective’.

      4. Ever hear of depth perception, when you go down to the shore ,make sure you bring a very good set of binoculars with you so you can see the whole ship before anyone else.That alone will tell you that Science’s phony earth curvature formula is a fraud.Debra the Deplorable in this comments section is dead on!

        1. How original, maybe you should go back to your safe space.Idiots like you are plentiful, what a waste of our creators miracles.

          1. I am laughing at the superior intellect, How you can remember to breathe when you get out of your puddle in the morning is truly a miracle of evolution.

          2. If you know anything about Biology (and I’m guessing you are an expert at practically everything!! /s), breathing is a reflexive action controlled by the brain and is involuntary, which has nothing to do with memory.
            Nice try…play again later.

          3. Lol. I love how they act all sage like. Then lose their shit and start insulting

        2. Flat earthers claim there is some fantastic cooperative “conspiracy” that involves most people of power and such for the past so many years… unfortunately for flat earthers the Piri Reis Antarctica map is dated in the 1500s. Even Mr. Piri Reis was helped with many other older maps to make his complete map we see of his today. he sought out to sail around and map it out himself and not only does it show that the poles of the earth do wobble, tilt and move because his map shows that the south pole was alot warmer back then. His map is extremely accurate and according to flat earthers it would mean that this everyday layman was in on this fantastic cooperative conspiracy back in the 1500s for some odd reason to try and trick the entire world that the earth was globular…BUT IT DOESN’T EXPLAIN WHY… AND WHY WOULD HE DO IT? Mr. Piri Reis was no global elite illuminati ruler from NASA seeking world domination and had no money in on tricking the world into thinking the earth is globular. He was a common man, a sailor and a merchant that wanted to map all the land for future trade routes. For Goodness sakes flat earth people! The Piri map if anything proves fallen angel technology may have been used to help some people many years ago do things that amaze us like the pyramids and many other crazy large structures too big to build without modern technology. Piri map
          Most of flat earthers seem they will believe this theory from those that have NOT gone to this described “edge” of the earth to touch this “firmament glass” or sail to the east or west to videotape this ice edge or ledge depending on which flat earth theory you believe in. Even if the edge or ledge is “guarded” by the elite people, they wont show any video tape footage of these massive fleets of guardian ships guarding this so called edge or ledge. With all the money, time, and technology NOT ONE flat earther has video footage of this physical dome up close either…. supposedly guarded i guess… and no video of the guards either. There are logical questions that will prove that the bible is correct that says the earth is a globe.
          For example: Why are there NO pictures of this flat earth edge or the guardians of this edge guarding it?
          How do we get solar, lunar and other planet eclipses… impossible with a flat earth?
          How can we have 24 hours of light at the poles of the earth depending on the time of year …. impossible with a flat earth?
          Why are there different stars in the sky depending on the hemisphere you are in, when in a flat model we should all be able to see all the stars at some point.
          Depending on location you won’t see the opposite hemisphere stars ever!
          And depending on where you are you may see the different sets of the same stars (which is impossible in a flat earth model) all the time as in the circumpolar stars at each pole but then we should all see the same stars?
          Why do toilets spin in opposite directions depending on the hemisphere you are in (impossible in a flat earth model)?
          Why does a plum line eventually start to spin when you swing it straight… impossible on a flat unmovable earth?
          Some of these questions you can test with your very own hands and see with your very own eyes but flat earthers refuse to believe their own hands and only believe the opinions of other flat earth leaders when these people have NEVER seen this so called edge or dome, have pics of this edge or ledge or even the guardians of the edge… and you people don’t even think that is fishy at all?
          Here are some other experiments, explanations and documentations that you can do yourself. Please watch them they will enlighten you.

          1. Nobly and intellectually stated, unfortunately Mr Reis did not have the authoritative restraint over him as we do ourselves to this day. Many of your examples of theory are debatable but I feel this is a topic in which would be very time consuming.

          2. i hear ya buddy. I think many of the things we have been taught has been a lie. nasa is a lie, government is a lie and so much science has shifted from one peer reviewed fact to another its enough to make any sanes head spin. i get it… we have been lied to and it can be disappointing swimming in this world of lies and sifting through it with a fine toothed comb. we can not be mad or blame the flat earth people for questioning the main narrative of things and believe me i get it that you and others are searching for what you believe is truth. we have to take some fishy things from both sides and throw them out and always be critical and go where truth leads us not try and lead the truth. bless you buddy for your desire for truth, keep looking and try not to be biased even if a globular earth person shows you something and ill always keep my mind open to truth.

          3. I could not have stated that more eloquently, I think we are on the same path.Truer words are hard to bear from mind. Keep the flags of discontent flying and may the truth be some where in the middle for all to view in astonishment and wonder.

          4. at least you are willing to talk peacefully… i am not a grammar expert but i have seen very vial words of exchange from both sides and any of that cannot be positive for reality and search for truth on either side.

          5. When you travel, do you keep words in a vial for safekeeping? I prefer a waterproof baggie….but that’s just me. At home though, in my medicine cabinet in the bathroom…in a vial I have some choice words I keep in there in case I nick myself shaving….but I’m running out and need to get some more….razors too because they are a vile invention made to slice human flesh.

        3. As a former active duty Naval Officer I have used 40 power binoculars in the middle of the Pacific ocean. You see the conning tower or sail of an approaching ship first, then slowly the remainder appears. Sell your B.S. to someone else. I know you’re full of it.

          1. Your active duty Naval experience must have been a waste of time then., Obviously spent too much time below, what a shame. My B.S. is free. I Don’t think you know much of anything, at least worth mentioning., Why don’t you try peddling your stupidity elsewhere.

          2. Just because you signed up to be a Sol-DIE-r for the corporation means you know something?? You are far more deceived than I.You can even use your own eyes….they belong to the corporation now!!

          3. Very Christ like, as the cold hard truth is a hard thing indeed. Many can not face it , it is to factual for them and they have no understanding. I am bound to tell truth, that sometimes brings pain as it is a painful thing to face oneself at times knowing we are sinners and facing that sin, that is a hard thing to do. The truth is never the easy path in a world full of lies! I admire all veterans because of their bravery, skills, dedication and more and have two brothers that served, it does not change the truth of the matter, that the Corporation of the United States owns the militaries and needs Sol-DIE-rs to fight their wars and protect their drugs. The truth is an eternal thing and never changes, just like God.

      5. I’ve already been to the shores….on both coasts! Take a trip there yourself and be sure to take some binoculars or a good zoom camera as that has already been debunked many times! Go to the top of the nearest lighthouse and don’t forget you binoculars! Great flat earth and flat water observation! take the whole fam damily!! Blessings!!

    2. Get in a jet airplane, fly in a straight line from west to east. You’ll eventually revisit the place you started at, and see the sun rise again in less than twelve hours. Need more proof? Get a powerful telescope, aim it at one of the planets in the solar system. Observe the spherical shape, then watch it spin on its axis. Take the same telescope, fit it with a time lapse camera, watch the stars move across the sky. Take the same telescope, aim it across the horizon, try to figure out why you can’t see beyond a certain distance..

      1. I’ve been up in airplanes and even worked at the airport (PIT) Marshaling and DE-icing planes from the boom. I’ve also driven from coast to coast as well as hiked to the tops of many mountains, I went to the roof of a castle in WV where you can see 3 states at once, been up to the top of several Lighthouses along the shores too! It’s flat as far as the eye can see. Oh, I’ve also been on a boat in the waters down in Florida for a week. I know exactly how my eyes work and about perspective! Funny how water always seeks it’s own LEVEL. Water proves the earth is flat.

        1. Speaking of perspective…the one perspective you are disregarding is the perception of SIZE.
          You are teeny weeny….the Earth is hugey wugey. Get it? Teeny weeny human, extremely huge Earth. The reason you don’t see a curvature is because of how small and insignificant you are.
          As far as the argument that water seeks its own level, again….size perspective. You see a bathtub or a lake full of water….all at it’s own level. Fine…we’ll agree on that.
          What you don’t see is the whole of Earth from a distance. But with your limited perspective, just continue to see things the way you want, let that head of yours fill with gases…and perhaps one day, you can float high above your flat Earth plane and see for yourself.
          We know you refuse to entertain the thought of gravity holding water to the Earth as a sphere, but let me ask you: If this were a Flat Earth, how do you know which position on the plane in space does it lie? In other words if your flat Earth were tilted a degree to the South, would all the water find the level and spill over the sides?
          What you and all other Flat Earthers are proposing is that your pizza-land is perfectly aligned in space to disallow water spillage over the edge. You believe in this perfect alignment, but not in gravity.
          And that is the inherent falsity and HUGEY WUGEY HOLE in your argument.
          Good day.

          1. Yes scientism’s religion wants us all to believe we are tiny weeny, but they themselves tell you you can see the curvature in a plane, I have flown and seen a flat earth below me! Today’s zoom cameras show that ships don’t disappear over a curve as well as zoom in on the sun and moon to show they are closer than we are told. You can believe the lies of their science religion but I’ll believe God and His word that is good forever and never changes!

    3. NASA = NAZI
      Remember that for the Elite are vowels are interchangeable.
      When they say guy they mean gay.

    4. You poor thing!! You believe everything they taught you in school and show you on TV!! You poor soul, you don’t know how to use your own brain and eyes!! Don’t you know anything about perspective, vanishing points? Have you the name of the famous scientists that proved Gravity???

  2. Pardon the intrusion, but having not personally been to the seemingly infinite, starry nesting grounds of space, it is only through reason, am I able to fully accept the fact that this beautiful, ancient and sentient Earth is neither round, nor flat, but BOTH, hidden and yet apparent, in the life-giving ALL of NOTHING. Forged between light and dark, good and evil, positive and negative, a consciousness, recycling all that is gained, or given by duality for the creation and/or destruction of energy. Polarity requires two forces in order to advance. Push, pull. Expand and contract. The reflection of a flat board would appear round atop a spherical surface. It is the perception of the EYE that creates the illusion of deception. What is real, is inconceivable and beyond the understanding of a mind, whom fighting with itself to find balance between its two sides. ALL, is in fact, NOTHING of the sort.

      1. *Bows deeply while long stemmed roses are thrown on stage*

    1. Joseph Farrell, in his book “Yahweh – The Two Faced God,” talks about how before Christianity, all over the world, it was one spirituality. That spirituality was that God was nothing… s/he was “no thing” in that one can’t define God. Excellent fascinating book of the beauty of the spirituality before the Elite made God into a man so, as Joseph Farrell said, they could create a debt that, like the Federal Reserve banking system, man/society could never pay the debt off. Fascinating as Joseph is truly an amazing historian. This book of his also clearly shows how our religions of today are used to balkanize us against each other and how Yahweh was clearly a psychopath which has resulted in our dysfunctional psychopathic society of today.


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