The Ancient Egyptian civilization, thousands of years older than previously thought

Is it possible that the Great Pyramids of Giza are over 7000 years old?
It looks like an Ostrich egg is questioning the age of the Pyramids of Giza postulated by mainstream archaeology.

Some evidence casts doubt on the actual chronology of Egyptian pharaohs. The Turin King List, also known as the Turin Royal Canon, raises many questions that science does not seem to accept. Despite attempts at reconstruction, approximately 50% of the papyrus remains missing. This papyrus as presently constituted is 1.7 m long and 0.41 m wide, broken into over 160 fragments.

The Egyptian hieratic papyrus thought to date from the reign of Pharaoh Ramesses II contradicts the established dates and chronologies on the Egyptian world. Researchers are coming across great amount of information which suggests that Egypt is much older than what archaeology and history are telling us.


The Turin King List is currently located over 3000 kilometers from the land of the Pharaohs, deposited in the Egyptian museum in Turin, Italy. It was discovered in 1822 by Bernardino Drovetti in the ancient Egyptian capital of Thebes. The list was translated by Jean-François Champollion, known primarily as the decipherer of the Egyptian hieroglyphs and a founding figure in the field of Egyptology. Even though the The Turin King List has numerous historical details, modern-day archaeology has chosen to ignore it.

The Shemsu Hor

According to the Turin King List, Egypt was ruled by beings -half man, half gods who received the name or title of Shems Hor (the “companions of Horus”). The 1.7 meter long list tells a different story than that accepted by mainstream Egyptologists. The Turin King list points to the fact that the first government in the Nile Valley was not that of Pharaoh Menes 5000 years ago as archaeology believes, but around 11,000 years ago.


This revolutionary king list appears ratified largely by another story equally despised by archaeologists: The texts of Manetho dating back to 240 BC. Manetho, who was a priest of the sun-god Ra at Heliopolis was commissioned by Pharaoh Ptolemy II to write the history of Egypt from the beginning. According to Manetho, before Menes, the first pharaohs of the First Dynasty, Egypt was ruled by a demigods for thousands of years. The Greco-Egyptian high priest does not mention the Hor Shems like The Turin King list, but the coincidence is incredible.

There are more artifacts that suggest the history of Egypt is wrong. A Orstrich egg deposited in the Museum of Nubia, south of Egypt suggests ancient Egypt is older than we are told by history and archaeology. The discovery was made by English archaeologist, Mallaby Cecil Firth in 1907. The egg, painted and deposited in the tomb, had several different drawings on its surface, on one side it had depictions of plants and ostriches while on the other side, an impossible scenery: The Great Pyramids of Giza.

This discovery is incredible just because of the depiction of the pyramids. Why? Because according to researchers, the human remains found at tomb 96 where the Ostrich egg was found date back to the Nagada I culture; 7000 years ago. This is something impossible since Archaeology and history tell us that the pyramids at the Giza plateau are around 4.500 years old.


So who is wrong? Ancient texts and depictions of the pyramids that date back thousands of years ago? Or archaeologists and historians who firmly hang onto their beliefs?

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons / Nubian Museum of history /


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  1. There is a misspelling in the text – the word ‘accordion’ is a musical instrument – should be ‘according’

    The Shemsu Hor
    ‘Accordion’ to the Turin King List,

    1. According seems ok to me taken from the text.

      or According to the Turin King List, Egypt was ruled by beings -half man,
      seems ok.

  2. Horus is his Greek name. Heru is his real name.
    Once called “Shems Hor”, later “Hor Shems”.
    Those three ‘pyramids’ look more like sails to me, which is also more credible to me.
    I put no faith in this article.

  3. The texts are compelling simply because they actually exist. Archaeologists shouldn’t cherry-pick which evidentiary texts they allow in or out in support of their theories or beliefs. In legal matters, once the meaning of a word or even a text has been established in a particular context, the same meaning or level of probity is assumed for all its occurrences in similar contexts. The wisdom of this seems lost to most archaeologists. I agree that the egg’s interpretation is iffy. But great work – fascinating stuff.

  4. one should never absolute this kind of stuff. because dating is and can be inaccurate.
    They get this dating thing then come to some theory around it as to when people did this that etc. Example: Ron Wyatt found what could be the ARk of Noahs ark, but since they found evidence of Iron connectors they say impossible because man didn’t have iraon age then. BS For one what the heck is a boat doing out in the middle of nowhere anyways. But one can’t artifice some aging thing then ignore all other evidence because it doesn’t fit.

  5. According to the Turin King List, Egypt was ruled by beings -half man, half gods Not too surprising since angels made Giants half human half Gods would be about right

    1. Please, modern Christianity is based on many, many other cultures, including Egyptian. Angels, lolol

  6. All we do is make our best guesses based upon what we “think” the evidence available tells us. Mistake can be made, even when all the experts agree. Personally I believe there were other civilizations many thousands of years ago. Time and changing sea levels may have destroyed the evidence of these, so we will never know for sure. The same can be said of the Egyptian civilization. If we can’t find the evidence of its true age, we will never know either.

  7. those are NOT the 3 pyramids at Giza on the egg.

    it is time to don the archetypal rosy colored lens

    that image of ‘3 triangles’ is an archetype found everywhere
    the idea of ‘3’ grouped together is found everywhere, I mean everywhere

    a trinity representing an IDEA grouped together

    in fact all you have done is show or give another reason why the 3 pyramids on the Giza plateau may have been built after the egg

    which came first the pyramids or the egg?

    you have egg on your face sir

    ‘All Work is Derivative’
    this video gets to the point

  8. The ostrich egg can under go carbon dating and other radio metric tests that can tell us how long ago the egg was laid, all what is needed is a very small sample of the shell.

  9. Manetho established that the World was created 24.925 years ago, when it was masturbated into existence. So, if you go back in time by 24.925 years, then you have the starting date from the creation. As Manetho gives the dates of the Rulers to within a month, you can pinpoint the date, when Osiris and Isis ruled, and in what year he was murdered by Set

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