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The Atacama Giant: Depicting a ‘Sky God’

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There are many geoglyphs around the world which are beyond fascinating. One of them is certainly the Atacama Giant or Gigante de Tarapacá as it is known locally. Created around 800 AD, many believe that this giant geoglyph is the earliest depictions of a ‘skygod’, something that has caused much debate among experts.

Optimized-Atacama-Giant-Alien - The Atacama Giant: Depicting a ‘Sky God’

The Atacama desert in chile has been a very important place in the past and present. The Atacama desert features some of the largest collection of ‘pictorial’ geoglyphs discovered on the planet. Researchers have found approximately 5,000 examples in the area. Most of the geoglyphs from the area depict animals and humans, but there is one anthropomorphic geoglyph that clearly stands out from the rest, and is considered to be an extraordinary example of ancient man’s ingenuity and talent.

Located near the town of Huara, there is a mysterious geoglyph that depicts what appears to be a humanoid figure which strangely resembles a robot or even an extraterrestrial being. Locally known as „El Gigante de Tarapacá,” the mysterious figure was created in the Lluta style, which according to researchers, tends to have long and narrow legs, combined with a square head.

The giant figure located near the eastern slope of Cerro Unita is the largest humanoid geoglyph on the planet with a length of eighty-six meters making it thirty-one meters longer than the Cerne Abbas Giant.

While many cannot agree as to what the mysterious figure actually is, there are some researchers who suggest that the Atacama Giant is a representation of a Pre-Inca Shaman, which is believed to have been depicted holding a bag and arrow.

According to experts, the square-shaped head is, in fact, a representation of a jaguar mask and the robot-like similarity is purely coincidental. Researchers estimate that the mysterious figure was created sometime between 800 and 1400 AD.

The mysterious ‘antennas’ seen sticking out from the head of the Atacama Giant are believed to be representations of ‘magical rays’ and are believed to have been used by the ancients as an astronomical calendar that helped them predict seasons and rainfall.

Even though many people disagree, there are some who believe that the Atacama Giant is one of the largest and oldest representations of Alien Beings that visited Earth in the distant past. Ancient Alien theorists suggest that the mysterious and anomalous shape of the Atacama Giant is proof of Ancient Extraterrestrial visitations and that the Atacama Giant does not represent an Ancient Shaman, but one of the beings that came down from heaven in the distant past.

Why the ancients decided to create such an anomalous figure is something that will continue to fuel debates among those who believe we were visited by Aliens in the past, and those who offer other theories in hopes to debunk the Ancient Alien theory.

The Atacama Giant is certainly one of the most mysterious geoglyphs on Earth, and we cannot help and wonder, what were the ancients trying to tell us, thousands of years ago.

Check out the Atacama Giant on Google Maps by entering the following coordinates: 19°56’56.0″S 69°38’01.4″W