The Entrance to the Sphinx: Rare image shows possible entrance into the Great Sphinx of Giza

Are there entrances that lead into the Sphinx? According to numerous accounts and rare images of the Great Sphinx of Giza, it is very likely that there are cavities, chambers, and tunnels, that lead beneath one of the most enigmatic ancient monuments on Earth.

This is a rare image of the Sphinx taken from a hot air balloon, in the early 19th century. This is before excavation and restoration.
This is a rare image of the Sphinx taken from a hot air balloon, in the early 19th century. This is before excavation and restoration. Notice the HUGE ‘hole’ located on the head of the Sphinx.

The Great Sphinx of Giza is without a doubt one of the most enigmatic ancient monuments on the planet. This marvelous ancient piece of architecture remains one of the few ancient pieces of work that nobody bothered to take credit for, and mainstream scholars have been perplexed by its mysterious history for years.

At 241 feet long and 66 feet high, the Great Sphinx of Giza holds the record as the largest monolith statue on the surface of the planet. But its beauty and mystery go far beyond its size.

The Great Sphinx was discovered (almost completely covered in sand) in AD 1817, when the first modern archaeological dig, led by Giovanni Battista Caviglia managed to uncover the Sphinx’s chest completely. After a couple of decades, the entire Sphinx was finally excavated in 1925 to 1936 by an archaeological expedition led by Émile Baraize.

Many researchers suggest that the Sphinx is incomplete, it was left half-finished by its original builders. According to numerous discoveries, scholars speculate that the Sphinx was originally intended to be a much greater accomplishment than what we are able to see today.

However, the incredible size and mysterious beauty are not the only things that have baffled researchers. The fact that scholars have no idea who erected this majestic monument only adds to the mystery of the Great Sphinx, which has already been the center for countless speculations connecting it to lost civilizations and extraterrestrial beings. In fact, there are some scholars like Mark Lehner and Graham Hancock point towards an alignment between the Great Sphinx, the Pyramids of the Giza Plateau and the River Nile in relation with the constellations of Leo, Orion and our galaxy the Milky Way.

However, perhaps the biggest mysteries are located within and below the Sphinx itself.

Great Sphinx Tunnels 2Great Sphinx Tunnels

Many researchers have long proposed that there are many chambers located within the Great Sphinx and below it. Some have even suggested that the mythical hall of records is located right below this mysterious ancient monument. It is said that the Hall of Records holds the key to understanding our civilization and the real history of humanity. Mythologically, it is said to be a library buried somewhere in Egypt, and many people believe it could be located under the enigmatic Sphinx of Giza, watching tall and proud over the Pyramids of the Giza Plateau.

The Hall of Records is said to house the knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians documented in ancient papyrus scrolls and is believed to account for the history of the lost continent of Atlantis, as well as its location. Compared in importance, the Egyptian Hall of Records is just as the Great Library of Alexandria, which housed Grecian Knowledge.

While those who believe the Hall of Records exists was built by the ancient Egyptian civilization, there are others who think that the Hall existed but was not built by the Ancient Egyptians, but rather by a much older ancient civilization that predates the Ancient Egyptian.

Curiously, there are several extremely rare and old images of the Sphinx, which show what appear to be numerous entrances into the enigmatic monument. These entrances are believed to lead into passageways that ultimately reach vast chambers located under the Sphinx. These chambers have long been associated with mysterious underground libraries filled with ancient texts that could piece together the ‘unknown history’ of mankind.

In the book Message of the Sphinx, Graham Hancock, and Robert Bauval state that the Egyptian government together with American archaeologists have blocked any investigations around or underneath the Sphinx, preventing anyone from locating the underground cavities and finding out what is located beneath the Sphinx.

Several photos indicate there is a strong possibility that there are shafts and passageways leading towards unexplored chambers underneath the Sphinx.

Interestingly, Charles Thompson, who explored the Sphinx in 1733, mentioned entrances and a “hole in the top of the back” of the Sphinx.

Professor Robert Temple inside a cavities located in the rear part of the Great Sphinx. © Copyright New Dawn Magazine,
Professor Robert Temple inside cavities located in the rear part of the Great Sphinx. © Copyright New Dawn Magazine,

Rare images of the Sphinx show numerous anomalies that were ‘covered up’ by later restorations. There are images of the Sphinx, which show a huge fissure on top of the hips of the Sphinx, which many claims led to the burial chamber. According to, there is also documented evidence of a large rectangular entrance on top of the hips at the back of the sphinx. This entrance measured 4 feet x 2 feet in size and is mentioned in many travelers reports of visits to the sphinx. This shaft and burial chamber that it leads to is thought to have been formed during Pharaonic times, to form a retrospective burial chamber, which a few people gained access to.

However, it is well known that there are many discoveries made in Egypt that have not been released top the public. There are also reports of numerous excavations that have been halted by the Egyptian Government for reasons of ‘national security’, one of the best examples is the enigmatic labyrinth discovered in 2008 by a group of Belgian and Egyptian researchers.

The underground temple consists of over 3000 rooms which are filled with incredible hieroglyphs and paintings; the enigmatic underground complex is located less than 100 kilometers from Cairo at Hawara, not far from the Pyramid of Amenemhat III.

This incredible discovery has been kept away from society under mysterious circumstances. The results of the expedition were published in 2008 shortly in the scientific journal of the NRIAG, and the results of the research were exchanged in a public lecture at the University of Ghent. Media from Belgium attended. However, the finding was quickly suppressed since the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities (Egypt) put a hold to all further communications about the discovery due to Egyptian National Security sanctions.

This means that it wouldn’t be a surprise that cavities, chambers, and tunnels discovered under the Sphinx have been dealt with ‘properly’ by the authorities in order to keep whatever is below the Sphinx, a secret hidden from society.

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  1. If the estimated age of the Sphinx is even approximately correct, then it predates all Egyptian history, which means some advanced people were there before Egypt even got started.

  2. I know of that papyrus fragment. In my opinion, it only proves that ancient Egyptians believed in their old gods, and so recorded that belief. That in itself does not prove their belief was well founded. I will say that there does seem to be fragmentary and disconnected hints around the world that there was some kind of advanced civilization preceding even Sumer. Perhaps before the last ice age began.

  3. I bought a book with the readings from the “Sleeping Psychic”, Edgar Cayce. I believe during his trances that he said that before the Egyptians took over that area that the Atlanteans had been there before. Also, what astonished me was that Atlantis was over 10 Million Years Old, and the Great Sphinx was actually a Giant Lion. The entire area was lush with green vegetation, rivers, farmlands, and a highly advanced civilization, which was a colony (?) of Atlantis. I don’t know if Atlantis (or the area pre-dating known Egyptian culture) could be over 10 Million Years Old, however, who knows what would be discovered underneath all that sand.

    1. If you live in Virginia Beach like me you know all about Edgar Cayce. I think he was thinking in terms of 10,000 rather than a million years. Just Sayin’

  4. very well imaginable…. who knows when the truth will come out…. I have even seen an interview of an reincarnated boy who claims that the entry to the chambers is hidden behind one of her ears….

  5. The Great Sphinx was discovered (almost completely covered in sand) in AD 1817, when the first modern archaeological dig, led by Giovanni Battista Caviglia managed to uncover the Sphinx’s chest completely. After a couple of decades, the entire Sphinx was finally excavated in 1925 to 1936 by an archaeological expedition led by Émile Baraize.

    Interestingly, Charles Thompson, who explored the Sphinx in 1733, mentioned entrances and a “hole in the top of the back” of the Sphinx.

    Thompson mentioned the hole in 1733 , before it was discovered in 1817

    Have I missed something ?

  6. The original mention of a “Hall of Records” was by Edgar Cayce, Read Edgar Cayces Story of Jesus.
    All these others are “Johnny come latelys” who parrot what Cayce said in the 1920’s.

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  49. Cornerback Jason McCourty [url=]Tottenham t Shirt Sale[/url] is expected to start against the Bills following groin surgery Aug. 24. Right guard Chance Warmack, who sprained his right MCL in a loss at Cleveland, also hopes to return to the lineup Sunday. Nose tackle Sammie Hill, who had arthroscopic surgery on his right knee Sept. 2, also should return to practice Wednesday.
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  50. Hoyer has played well since returning as starter, throwing eight touchdown passes with just one interception. The Texans have had some trouble protecting him though, and he’s been sacked seven times in the past two games combined.
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  51. The Saints didn’t exactly struggle to move the ball without Spiller last week at Arizona, surpassing 400 yards. But they settled for four field goals to go with only one touchdown in a 31-19 loss.
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  53. The signing gives the Bills added depth and experience on the defensive line as the team transitions to a 3-4 scheme under coach Rex Ryan. The Bills did not select any defensive linemen in the draft.
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  54. “The one thing that we are doing, however, and it’s irregardless of whatever position it is, we’re always looking to help the organization fill holes where needed,” McElwain said. “Obviously (Golson) mentioning us is something that’s exciting, and at the same time, we’re doing it at a lot of different spots.
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  55. Cantrell told The Associated Press in a recent interview that when she was asked in the pageant’s question-and-answer section whether Patriots quarterback Tom Brady cheated by using deflated footballs, she thought her answer might keep her from winning the crown.
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  58. Sharper was selected All-Pro six times and chosen for the Pro Bowl five times during a career that included stints with the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings. He played in two Super Bowls, one with the Packers as [url=]Cheap Wholesale Air Max Shoes[/url] a rookie and in the Saints’ 2010 victory.
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  59. The Giants traded up with the Titans to get the No. 33 pick overall to take Collins in the draft, but he has not been impressive in the early going of training camp.
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  71. There was plenty to go around between the three. Holliman led the nation in picks with 14 for Louisville and was a first-team All-American. So was Golson, who tied a school record with 10 for Mississippi. Grant had to settle for first-team All-Big Ten after coming down with five interceptions for Ohio State. Compare that with the Steelers, who managed all of 11 as a team last fall.
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