Archaeologists discover 2,400-year-old solid gold ‘bongs’ used by Aryan kings to smoke cannabis at ceremonies

Archaeologists have uncovered two 2,400-year-old pure gold ‘bongs’ that were used by Aryan tribal chiefs to smoke cannabis during ceremonies. The historic drug paraphernalia was found alongside 7lbs of other gold items when an area of land was dug up in Russia to make way for power lines. The items had been buried in a stone chamber before being concealed by a thick layer of clay. 


Criminologists have since carried out tests which indicate that the thick, black residue found inside the vessels comes from the cannabis and opium which the tribal royal smoked. Experts believe the items belonged to the Scythians, a nomadic warrior race who ruled large swathes of Europe and Asia between the 9th century BC and the 4th century AD.

It means the so-called bongs could be some of the oldest in existence. Several historians say the Scythians smoked, and sometimes brewed, a strong concoction of cannabis and opium in order to alter their state of mind before heading into battle.


The famed Greek historian Herodotus, who died in 425BC, wrote: ‘Scythians used a plant to produce smoke that no Grecian vapor-bath can surpass which made them shout aloud.’ The dig also led to the discovery of golden cups, rings, and neck rings. All the items have since been cleaned and put on display in a Russian museum. Antonn Gass, from the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, in Berlin said: ‘These are among the finest objects we know from the region.’

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  1. Fantastic! What a wonderful find. Also shared with the Temple of Ankh’n’Abis/Church of the Sacred Herb, on Facebook.

    1. You’re right: the hoard (no skeleton were found, so we don’t even know to which tribe of Scythian league the bong and jewels belonged) is a ‘royal’ hoard. ‘Normal’ Scythians used bronze bongs and…finished with problems caused by overdose of copper. The use of cannabis among Siberian Scythes is well known from years – the plants and hash were found almost in every Pazyryk tomb, so called Tocharians – for a change – used and were buried with ephedra.

  2. Scythians were descendants of Esau in the Bible. They had a ruddy complexion (red hair and freckles) and later migrated into Crimea and as far as the British Isles. Those remaining formed the core of Khazaria (around modern day Georgia) who converted to Judaism and was tolerated in a hostile region between the Orthodox and the Muslims. Many (Ashkenazim) Israelis are descended from them.

        1. Which studies? And which haplogroups of Y chromosome and a mitochondrial DNA?

      1. The bible is a leaning (meaning not objective) historic book.

    1. You are Slav, maybe a bit ‘Turkicized’ Slav – you almost have not the dominant Scythian haplogroups of Y chromosome: R1a (but NOT Z 93, i.e. of Turkic subclade) or N* of Siberian Scythes. The next Bulg-ARYAN in my experience. 😛

  3. IIRC this is an older story thats been semi-debunked. From what I recall something like yes they used cannabis in those but they were not “bongs” they were like incense burning holders where they bundled all kinds of different herbs and burned it in the bowls for rituals and ceremonies. With things like frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, and rose.

  4. Pity that photos are from kurgan Kul Oba, discovered in the year 1830(a real criminal story from tzarist Russia). Also the people, the Scythes, had nothing common with Aryans, i.e. Indo-Iranian speaking group that left Sintashta-Petrovka culture in ca 2,200 BCE and started its long way to Indian subcontinent. We even can’t be sure what was Scythian language, as they were confederation of various , not only IE speaking groups. For example Pazyryk group (see: Ice Maiden) had mainly Uralic Y chromosome haplogroup N. The guys from golden bongs could speak – for a change – some non-IE proto-Caucasian language (see: a place of the discovery). Yes, all them are Europoids, have mainly European-like look, but the last b…* that saw Aryan in Europe was called Adolf Hitler. 😛

  5. just look like pots to me, where are the pictures of the thick residue or the bongs? just making it all up as you go along arent you.

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