The lie we live in! Everybody should watch and share this video, I’m Speechless, spread it!

This 8-minute, 28-second video has left me speechless. It’s as if we have long stopped living in reality, we live a lie, one that has become so widespread, that we cannot see what is really happening—so evidently—all around us. 

Have you ever wondered about what FREEDOM actually is? What it really means?

It is defined as being the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants. Regrettably, in today’s society, you barely have any power at all, the right to act is limited by predefined rules which we have been blindly following since time immemorial.

Are we free to act as we want? Or have we been acting as we are told, almost as the entire planet is following a predefined movie script called life? Strangely, this script has made us forget the very definition of living freely. We Wake up, we go to work, we Eat, and we sleep.

Thinking has become a limitation mostly because there is so much twisted disinformation around us. From the textbooks we see in school, to the useless information we are being fed by corporations and media around the globe.

Freedom has slowly become a word that has adapted many meanings. As decades and centuries pass, freedom is evolving into an unrecognizable word.

It is also denotated as being ‘the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.’

However, prison and slavery are all around us. There are present in society in different ways, without being visible, we are imprisoned by a system that was put together by the people, but has become corrupted and twisted to the point where we act almost as if we lacked minds of our own.

We say FREEDOM, and liberty are present in society because we have a home, a job, a car, but in the end, we are all stuck on a MASSIVE ‘island’ in space called Earth.

It’s as if society has become deceived throughout centuries to the point where we wage war justifying it is for the sake of freedom, even though freedom is something that cannot exist in a state of war, and wars cannot obtain freedom. Wars are part of the system.

How can freedom exist when there are nearly a billion people that are starving? Does this mean we have chosen to ignore it?

Do you feel free?

Can you drink water freely in the wild, knowing it is not polluted? That it is not poisoned? Can you take food from a tree as our ancestors did once and eat it? How about growing your own food? Everything around us is controlled, and as things are looking now, we aren’t improving as a species, we are doing a piss-poor job as one.

We have DE-EVOLVED to the point where we cannot obtain food from nature, drink fresh, ice cold water and use the land Earth has given us to make our homes.

Yes, once—in the very distant past—when the word freedom was still not defined, we were able and capable of doing everything freely, without fear, and without freedom because it is modern society who has created the word, but failed miserably to define it, let alone implement it adequately.

This video defines and resumes everything we have failed to do as a society. It is a wake-up call.

Thank you for reading, enjoy this video. It’s one that made me think about a lot of stuff. Credit to Spencer Cathcart for creating the video.

Let me know what you think and post your comments below.

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  1. It’s about money not freedom. You think you’re free, try going somewhere without money.

    1. Not only money but capabilities:
      I do want to travel to the center of the galaxy, but im not capable to do so, according this article, does that means im not free?

      1. …which is just a super massive black hole that will suck you into another galaxy where up is down and pony’s are stallions…

      2. This topic isn’t about the Mayans or Egyptians, so I will defer and wait for one.

  2. religion is mind control and another arm of the state, television is another mind controlling devise controlled by the arm of the state it’s all thought controlling machinery religion being the main one upto the rise of radio and television and now we have multimedia

  3. Inspiring short video, unfortunately It’s all Utopian thinking as innate nature of a man is not good but evil, just notice how hard it is to be good it requires a lot of effort while evil comes easy and that’s why majority agrees with the existing status quo, they want their little piece of it no matter what’s the cost.

  4. The major problem is overpopulation. There should be no more than 500 million people on the planet at any time. Depopulation is under way, just look around.

    The next problem is the uber elite globalists who control everything. They should be identified, rounded up and executed right down to their last child.

    But not to worry, Fukushima will usher in the death of the human species. We did it to ourselves which is why there’s such a rush to colonize Mars. The rich want to survive.


      1. If you would calm down and study the problem then you’d see that unlimited population growth is NOT sustainable.

  5. Wow, this was a great video with a message so powerful that I wish every man, woman and child on earth could hear it. Ivan has said in words what I have thought and felt for years but couldn’t paint the picture he has. God bless you and God bless all humans.

  6. I’m so pleased to have watched this. I can make small changes to my life but I fear that our fate as a race is our own making.

  7. very well put together , and the total truth , but it’s way to late , the HUMAN RACE is based on greed . and it has to be said that the usa is by far the root of ALL evil . a country built on murder and greed . the same can be said for britain too , i don’t write great britain cos it ain’t great at all. its like living in hell . i am classed as weird cos i don’t have a mobile phone .why? . its because i don’t follow in the footsteps of others , well i find them weird! i have spent 53 years on this planet and i have watched the people of this country go from a genuine caring people into what we are today ! (horrible) and its a shame . and like i said . IT’S TO LATE !

  8. Wow great video. Well done. But I believe we live on plane with a firmament. Research it. Will change your life. Love this video.

  9. If we think we can survive without God in the picture then we deceive ourselves. God is easily found, if you want to have Him as your provider and protector.
    God has intervened several times over the last 6000 years when the world has been on the brink of self destruction and annihilation and here we are again.
    God will intervene one more last time to rescue the earth and His Elect. Anyone can be one of God’s Elect but to be that you need to be filled with His holy spirit and walking in His ways now. A day is coming soon when this opportunity will not be available. It will be too late

    1. I would be one of Gods Elect .. As soon as You Prove that there is One .. Blind Faith is a Fairy Tale …. Almost as Bad as Blindly believing our Lying Bogus Criminal Government ..

  10. To unite through the screen is not possible. Everyone has their own opinion and stubborn about it. That way there cannot be a collective goal. There is only one way though and that is back to the law of Nature, TORAH Law is that law and it comes from God! Humanity cannot live by TORAH law so the is only one thing left! Destroy everything and start again.

  11. All in all you’re just another brick in the wall. Actually this video is full of shit. My jobs for the most part was a new adventure everyday. Right now I travel across the US, never the same from day to day. When I was a park ranger you never knew what the day would bring. And when I was a forester I was in a different patch of woods everyday. And not all of us worship the mighty dollar over all else

  12. Well the message of this clip is that we need to change. To open our hearts and care for each other, and to stop the insane consumerism that feeds the rich because it doesn’t make us happier.

    Pretty obvious that this is right, we tend to forget our fellow person, and more and more is focusing on themselves and their family and are fiercely against anything that would make them share with less fortunate people. This is very prevalent in western countries.

    For some years ago there was a massive tsunami in Asia. One place hard hit was Phuket a lot of western tourists lost all luggage everything else than what they were wearing. It was also a lot who died, and a lot who lost loved ones. The local Thai’s living further inland quickly mobilized and shared what they had of clothing, food, and shelter. They were very poor because they worked to serve the tourism for very low vages. The rich who had everything and did not want to share with proper tips and haggling over prices for handicrafts even they could pay tenfold for it. The selfish people got all the help and support from the ones they looked down at. Some western people changed there, one went back home and invented a machine to let them build houses very cheap. He did not take patent and made money with it. He gave it to them. When asked a while later he said he had never been happier in his entire life.

    There is people looking for God but he is inside everyone of us we just have to slow down, listen and open our hearts then you’ll find him.

  13. This may be the biggest load of manure I have ever seen. Sure we can do it your way but what to do with the surplus 7 billion people? We sure the hell are not going to be able to feed them. You’re probably the same George Soros zombies who attack me if I dare go out with my Trump t shirt on. You have no idea what is reality, you are the problem not the solution.

  14. Very well written, and the video explains things simply. I’ve shared it hoping family or friends will watch it. Anybody who will listen! That’s the problem though, most people don’t give 2 shits. I thank you all for giving a shit, and helping to spread some truth. ?

  15. Dear viewers & Mr. Ivan.
    I am seeing your video for the first time. My friend Mr.Mehernosh Batival was speechless at this video. I wonder what he was speechless about. The facts you have mentioned (presented) are undisputedly true. But what are you trying to drive at by saying change yourself to be what you want to see & commenting on presidential election. I might agree to former & I am total loss for the for the latter. Reason being if you need leaders to lead then you’ll end up with a dictator. With politicians at least you have to endure for a limited period(if wrong one comes in to power. Do you think really there ever is solution to any of what you have depicted in the video. I doubt very much. If every body realizes one hing that we are all human beings & should like one then there may be light at the far end. In my opinion in the name of civilization we have stopped being human beings.
    I just expressed my feeling on seeing what we felt in third world when developed world mocked at us & dumped loads of garbage on us. At last developed world is seeing some lie within themselves.

    May I add in the end this video is not worth sharing.


  16. We are not Destroying our Planet ! The Rich Disgusting Fat Slob Criminal Government , that Supposedly Leads Us , are Allowing this Planet to be Destroyed for Profit ! The only way for us to stop it, is to Fight Back .. BUT HOW ? LEADERS ARE CRIMINALS !

  17. Glad its working for You .. But not everyone is that LUCKY .. I too busted my ASS for my Family , but unfortunately not every Corporation Plays by the Rules , and if You Happen to be Employed by one of these Bogus Corporations , then bend over , because its time for good Fuckking ! SO SHOVE YOUR CHRONIC COMPLAINER UP YOUR FAIRYTALE ASSHOLE … Stay in the FOREST DOUCHE BAG ..

  18. So you want to feed everybody in Africa who are unable to feed themselves so they can produce even more useless beings that are good for nothing other than producing more beings who are unable to feed themselves. At what point would you quit feeding them and let them starve to death? 500,000, 500,000,000 a billion, a trillion. Go home to mommy, she’s the only one who thinks you’re smart.

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