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Sky Cars Are Here and Some Look Like a Flying Saucer


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Sky-Cars-Flying-Saucers - Sky Cars Are Here and Some Look Like a Flying Saucer

The idea of air travel by sky car or flying saucer has been around for decades, with patents by Alexander Weygers and Nikola Tesla from the Roaring Twenties. 

Now, numerous inventors are hoping to make the dream a reality at last, with plans for vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (VTOL) vehicles.

In a few years, owning your own saucer-like personal aircraft may finally become accessible, at least for a wealthy few.

Flying Saucer-Like ‘Skyriders’???

A Canadian company called Daymak has introduced a lineup of electric vehicles as part of an eco-friendly campaign called Green Army. 

The vehicles are called the Avvenire Series and include:

  • Solar-powered Ebikes
  • All-terrain ATV
  • Autonomous driving Scooter
  • Auto-pilot E-Car
  • Skyrider personal flying vehicle  

There, tucked in on the end of the lineup at left is the flying saucer-like Skyrider. 

“No longer the fodder of our imaginations, the SKYRIDER is a high-performance electric vehicle capable of flying,” states Clean Technica.

To be sure, one would think the Skyrider would be front and center. Maybe featuring a flying saucer prominently would overshadow an also-exciting lineup of eco-friendly ground vehicles?

On the website, the company highlights what the Skyrider means, “No more traffic jams. Your personal flying vehicle. We are all meant to fly.”

If we are all meant to fly, then maybe one day it will become affordable for anyone to own a personal flying vehicle? We can hope!

Specs for a Flying Saucer

Finally, we now have the specs for a saucer-like craft that you can buy yourself.

Of course, it’s not going to compare with UFOs’ abilities, as seen in recent Navy footage. No, these flying saucers are operating at speeds topping out at 186 miles per hour (300 km/h). Thus, they won’t be flying with anti-gravity lift or exhibiting instantaneous acceleration to 3,600 miles an hour.  

Nevertheless, having a personal flying saucer that can fly for 62 miles per battery charge is impressive for earthbound people. Instead of fancy anti-gravity, it flies similar to a drone, with a flying saucer-like look.

“When DaVinci thought of the first flying machine, this is how he envisioned the world. This is what dreams are made of; this is the new reality – because you were born to fly,” states the website.

Using fully autonomous flight, one doesn’t need to be a pilot to use this aircraft. A 4G/5G network communicates with a control center, enabling remote control. 

Complete with Cup Holder

Today, the company is taking deposits for the Skyrider, with deliveries expected by 2025. Order details show an ultimate package with heated seats, solar charging, and finger scan keys.

Would a genuine Tic Tac UFO have a cup holder? Well, this one has it, as well as air conditioning and optional branded keychain and coffee mug.

Presently, the cost is estimated around the price of a high-end sports car or small McMansion. You can see what the Skyrider looks like in the tweet below.


Electric Flying Cadillac

Early last month, General Motors debuted its futuristic concept for an electric flying taxi. Like the Skyrider, it’s a giant-sized self-driving drone geared for the luxury market.  

In design, it’s sleek and futurist. Best of all, it could save people time hopping from rooftops rather than getting stuck in congested traffic on the ground. That would be so beneath anyone with this Cadillac.

Traveling at 55 miles per hour, the sky Cadillac holds one passenger at a time.

From PC Mag:

“The Cadillac Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) vehicle represents the company’s first attempt in air mobility. The goal is to create an air taxi service that generates zero emissions. ‘We’re preparing for a world where advances in electrics and autonomous technology make personal air travel possible,’ said Michael Simcoe, GM’s vice president of global design.”

Inside, the cabin has wraparound lounge seating, biometric sensors, voice control, and hand gesture recognition, reports Reuters. Previously, several other car manufacturers showed concept aerial vehicles.

See the Cadillac VTOL below from SMG Consulting LLC:


Flying Cars on the Horizon

Joining the Skyrider and flying Cadillac, plans for flying cars with open-air cockpits are in the works.

An Austin, Texas startup has designs for a “flying car” called HEXA by LIFT Aircraft. It doesn’t look anything like the DeLorean from Back to the Future and is more of a huge drone than a car really.

From the Austin Business Journal:

“HEXA by LIFT Aircraft is an all-electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) single-passenger wingless multi-copter ultralight. It’s basically a huge done-like vehicle that can transport a single passenger. The flying car was on display Feb. 6 at Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport, and officials said it could be available to the public by the end of this year.”

The multi-copter is a joint effort by aerospace manufacturers from Vermont, California, and Austin. Together, they are building electric charging stations and simulators where pilots can learn how to fly.

Notably, a joystick operation allows pilots to guide the HEXA with relative ease. Hey, maybe all those video games could pay off after all?

“HEXA is a vehicle described as the world’s first personal eVTOL flying experience. The aircraft’s ultra-light designation means it does not require certification from the Federal Aviation Administration. It also does not require a pilot’s license to fly,” writes the Journal.

See the HEXA in action below:

Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube