Pentagon, U.S. Finally Gov Releases Navy UFO/UAP Footage: What’s next?

Back in 2004, the Navy captured footage of “unexplained aerial phenomena.” Translation, Navy UFO footage.  While most of us already accept that there is proof of unidentified flying objects, governments, including our own, have refused in most cases to confirm they have footage.

Sixteen years, at this point, after the fact, they are grudgingly and basically without comment releasing the following UFO/UAP video. After we show you the raw footage, we’ll present a collection of videos from different news and commentary sources covering the recordings from their perspectives and last year’s bombshell.

Unexplained Aerial Phenomena

There are many takes on this footage, of course, and some include historical information and analyze the images for you, like this one from Unexplained Mysteries:

A Rose By Any Other Name

No matter what you call it, UFO or UAP, even mainstream news sources, like CNN, covered the video and made mention of the name-swapping. As we all know, a rose by any other name will smell as sweet; this video shows that the U.S. Government has indeed suppressed modern evidence of UFOs.

Though they did acknowledge that these videos are real, back in September 2019, they had yet to release the video. This CNN clip is from that initial agreement that the footage was real.

From Mainstream to The Late Show

Back in 2019, everyone rushed to cover this, and in some ways, the knowledge that UFO seekers aren’t insane and this sort of phenomenon is real has been lost in the simple acceptance of the issue. That includes coverage of networks ranging from FOX to CNN, but also, The Late Show.

The Clearest Footage?

Some of the footage is grainy and dark, but you can clearly see the objects being filmed. While there are seemingly always excuses to explain away UFOs, we can finally see with our own eyes this Pentagon-kept footage.

Where Do We Go From Here?

The past. Here’s how the information was treated before the September release that the video was indeed authentic. Contact covered the incident for the Discovery Channel:

The Government has known of this for over a decade, and with the sheer number of amateur videos out there, it’s hard to believe these are the only military videos. What comes next? Different people have different opinions on that.

What do you think? Are we about to see the release of information confirming alien life, or visitation of our planet? Are they simply releasing what was already out there to slow people’s curiosity and control the messaging?

In any case, it seems these Navy UFO videos, direct from the government, show increasing openness is at least being forced by the leaks.

Below, Frank  Valchiria, author of Dreams from the Sky, talks about what he believes comes next.

Featured image via screen capture from featured video

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