The Anunnaki Speak: A Message to Earth

Are the Ancient Anunnaki the missing link in our amnesic history?
Are the Ancient Anunnaki the missing link in our amnesic history?

“We have left you certain landmarks, placed carefully in different parts of the globe, but most prominently in Egypt where we established our headquarters upon the occasion of our last overt, or, as you would say public appearance. At that time the foundations of your present civilization were ‘laid in the earth’ and the most ancient of your known landmarks established by means that would appear as miraculous to you now as they did to the pre-Egyptians, so many thousands of years ago.

According to the work, translation and books of Zecharia Sitchin, “the Adamu” were the first modern humans.

The Adamu were created by the Anunnaki some 450,000 years ago when they genetically mixed their DNA with that of prehistoric man and obtained a labor force which was used by the Anunnaki to mine gold on Earth.

However, not everyone believes in the Anunnaki and their connection with our civilization.

If we look back in history and try to trace back the stories about the Anunnaki, we will come across 1976 when Sitchin published his personal translations of the Sumerian texts in a series of books called “The Earth Chronicles.”

According to Zecharia Sitchin, the excavated clay tablets describe an alien race known as the Anunnaki who came to Earth to mine gold.

Sitchin believed that “the Anunnaki” came from another planet in our solar system that has a 3,600-year elliptical orbit called Nibiru.

According to the Ancient Alien theory, the Anunnaki genetically altered primitive mankind and created a labor force which allowed them to mine gold faster.

For those who want to find out more about the Anunnaki, it is noteworthy to mention that details about them are extremely limited and most of the history surrounding their existence is filled with great controversy.

However, from a historical view, we find numerous details that tell us a lot about the mysterious Anunnaki.

The Anunnaki and their MODERN history

While we know there is information about the Anunnaki which dates back thousands of years, many have come to ask whether there is more recent evidence of the ancient Anunnaki. The answer is yes, but as always it is shredded in mystery and doubt.

So far the only modern connection to the Anunnaki comes from the November-December 1958 editions of Flying Saucer Magazine.

Brinsley Le Poer Trench, the editor of Flying Saucer Review, details that this otherworldly message appeared for the first time in a 1947 issue of Fanatic Stories written by an author under the pseudonym “Alexander Blade.”

The message of the Anunnaki was made available to the public shortly after one of the most famous UFO incidents on Earth happened: Roswell.

Many people argue that the Anunnaki were real, but their true origin and legacy has greatly been misinterpreted in recent years.

Others say that the ‘Message of the Anunnaki’ which appeared in the 1947 issue of Fanatic Stories is nothing more but a science fiction story and that such a message is the result of the imagination of “Alexander Blade.”

The message which has been interpreted as coming from the Anunnaki is as follows:

Mankind in Amnesia

“We are already here, among you.

Some of us have always been here, with you, yet apart from, watching, and occasionally guiding you whenever the opportunity arose. Now, however, our numbers have been increased in preparation for a further step in the development of your planet: a step of which you are not yet aware…

We have been confused with the gods of many world-religions, although we are not gods, but your fellow creatures, as you will learn directly before many more years have passed. You will find records of our presence in the mysterious symbols of ancient Egypt, where we made ourselves known in order to accomplish certain ends. Our principal symbol appears in the religious art of your present civilization and occupies a position of importance upon the great seal of your country. (The United States of America)

It has been preserved in certain secret societies founded originally to keep alive the knowledge of our existence and our intentions toward mankind.”

“We have left you certain landmarks, placed carefully in different parts of the globe, but most prominently in Egypt where we established our headquarters upon the occasion of our last overt, or, as you would say, public appearance. At that time the foundations of your present civilization were ‘laid in the earth’ and the most ancient of your known landmarks established by means that would appear as miraculous to you now as they did to the pre-Egyptians, so many thousands of years ago.

Since that time the whole art of building, in stone, has become symbolic, to many of you, of the work in hand – the building of the human race towards its perfection.”

“Your ancestors knew us in those days as preceptors and as friends. Now, through your own efforts, you have almost reached, in your majority, a new step on the long ladder of your liberation. You have constantly been aided by our watchful ‘inspiration,’ and hindered only by the difficulties natural to your processes of physical and moral development… “

“You have lately achieved the means of destroying yourselves. Do not be hasty in your self-congratulation. Yours is not the first civilization to have achieved – and used – such means. Yours will not be the first civilization to be offered the means of preventing that destruction and proceeding, in the full glory of its accumulated knowledge, to establish an era of enlightenment upon the earth.”

“However, if you do accept the means offered you, and if you establish such a ‘millennium’ upon the basis of your present accomplishments, yours will be the first civilization to do so.



In a sense, they succeeded, but in another sense, their failure equaled their success. Human acceptance is, to a very large extent, measurable by human experience. Succeeding generations, who never knew our actual presence, translated the teachings of their elders in the terms of their own experience.

For instance, a cross-sectional drawing, much simplified and stylized by many copyings, of one of our traveling machines became the ‘Eye of Horus”, and then other eyes of other gods. Finally, the ancient symbol that was once an accurate representation of an important mechanical device has been given surprising connotations by the modern priesthood of psychology.” 

“The important fact is, however, that we are here, among you, and that you, as a world-race, will know it before very much longer! The time is almost ripe but, as with all ripening things, the process may not be hurried artificially without danger of damaging the fruit. There is a right time for every action, and the right time for our revelation of ourselves to your era is approaching.”

“Some of you have seen our ‘advanced guard’ already. You have met us often in the streets of your cities, and you have not noticed us. But when we flash through your skies in the ANCIENT TRADITIONAL VEHICLES [Vimanas, see Exhibit 14, this paper – GJ] you are amazed, and those of you who open your mouths and tell of what you have seen are accounted dupes and fools. Actually, you are prophets, seers in the true sense of the word.

You in Kansas and Oklahoma, you in Oregon and in California, and Idaho, you know what you have seen: do not be dismayed by meteorologists. Their business is the weather. One of you says, ‘I saw a torpedo-shaped object’. Others report, ‘disc-like objects’, some of you say ‘spherical objects’, or ‘platter-like objects’. You are all reporting correctly and accurately what you saw, and in most cases you are describing the same sort of vehicle.” 

“… Now that the art of manufacturing plastic materials has reached a certain perfection among you, perhaps you can imagine a material, almost transparent to the rays of ordinary visible light, yet strong enough to endure the stresses of extremely rapid flight. Look again at the great nebulae, and think of the construction of your own galaxy, and behold the universal examples of what we have found to be the perfect shape for an object which is to travel through what you still fondly refer to as ‘empty’ space.”

In the center of the discus, gyroscopically controlled within a central sphere of the same transparent material, our control rooms revolve freely, accommodating themselves and us to flat or edgewise flight. Both methods are suited to your atmosphere, and when we convert abruptly from one to the other, as we are sometimes obliged to do, and you are watching, OUR MACHINES seem suddenly to appear – or to disappear.

At our possible speeds your eyes, untrained and unprepared for the maneuver, do make mistakes – but not the mistakes your scientists so often accuse them of making.”

“We pass over your hilltops in horizontal flight. You see and report a torpedo-shaped object. We pass over, in formation, flying vertically ‘edge-on’… Or we go over at night, jet-slits glowing, and you see an orange disc. In any event you see us, and in any event, we do not care. If we chose to remain invisible, we could do so, easily, and, in fact, we have done so almost without exception for hundreds of years.

But you must become accustomed to our shapes in your skies, for one day they will be familiar, friendly, and reassuring sights.”

“This time, it is to be hoped that the memory of them, passed on to your children and their children, will be clear and precise. That you will not cause them to forget, as your ancestors forgot, the meaning of the diagrams and the instructions we will leave with you.

If you do fail, AS OTHER CIVILIZATIONS HAVE FAILED, we will see your descendants wearing wiring-diagrams for simple machines as amulets, expecting the diagrams to do what their forefathers were taught the completed article would accomplish.

Then their children, forgetting even that much – or little – would preserve the amulet as a general protective device – or as an intellectual curiosity – or perhaps as a religious symbol. Such is the cycle of forgetfulness!”



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  1. The article loses credibility when it references only the US. 95% of the world’s population does not live in the US and the US is not the only source of technological or civilizational advancement.

    1. On the other hand, in 1947, we were just over WWII, full of national pride, and IF this is REAL, the message may have been tailored for the audience. Just sayin’.

  2. Where, exactly, did this Anunnaki message come from? There’s no reference to tablets, stone carvings, etc. that could have possibly included the message. Not to mention, how exactly would a human of today’s era translate something from 450k years ago? What language would “people” even speak back then? Is there an Anunnaki rosetta stone? While it’s fun to think about…there is absolutely nothing credible about this story.

    1. Agree, this could be part of the “Disinformation” campaign or a product of a person with a lot of free time and imagination.

      1. Especially since one can follow the spread of civilization post flood. The Anunnaki are most likely the fallen Angels, and their offspring, and they’ve been the basis for nearly all gods of mythology in cultures around the globe.

  3. It’s called the epos of Gilgamesh.Thats where it comes from and it’s real, fragments of the claytablets containing the story can be viewed upon in The louvre Paris .So the ananuki are not made up by some ufo magazine whahaha..No no my friends. The Sumerian civilization in Mesopotamia (*The oldest and most advancing civilization till untill today when we took over) ,nowadays iraq had a leader called Gilgamesh. He told a story of our origins.Put them on claytablets where they would be found during archeology findings in the soil of Iraq. It explaines all of religion.The origin of humanity and who are real creators where .The Ananuki.

  4. I wish that people would actually read all 13 volumes of the author’s work before writing such inaccuracies. Although the first visit of the Anunnaki occurred 450,000 years ago the genetic creation of Man (Adamu) wasn’t until about 220,000 years ago. The first version of Man was incapable of reproducing so after enough complaints from the other Anunnaki workers their Chief Geneticist Lord Enki performed an adjustment to Man’s DNA allowing them to breed.

  5. I dont buy it. Sitchin was a hack who made up the majority of the garbage he published.

  6. I’m ready to be contacted by Alien races, Between the feeling deep within self n (predictions) of certain things almost on a daily basis since i was 10 year old. I can’t believe how folks are denial of the the truth….After all there’s more HYBRID PEOPLE than we realize.. I’m thankful to be a Hybrid n it’s really a greatness once I have learned my abilities and I chose to do only good things with them. I refuse to do evil with what’s giving to me.

  7. Where does one apply to work with the Anunnaki? Do they have a website?

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