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Video: 82 known Alien species are in contact with Earth claim experts

demogorgon by blazenmonk dabgu2v
demogorgon by blazenmonk dabgu2v
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According to experts around the world, there are 82-known alien species which are currently in contact with our planet. Evidence—such as declassified documents, images and videos—seem to indicate that there are some things ‘out there’ that cannot be explained rationally.

Today, when searching for ‘evidence’ related to extraterrestrial life we come from three main sources:

The first source are the alleged alien abductees and contactees, and those who have witnessed the UFO phenomenon first-handed. The second source for information comes from whistleblowers, including former military personnel, government officials, and scientists. The third source are the countless top-secret and above top secret documents which have been declassified by numerous governments around the globe.

Even though today –in the 21st century— there is an extensive amount of information related to the phenomenon, the public remains skeptical about testimonies, whistleblower comments, and even documents. This is mostly due to tot he fact that there are countless Alien hoaxes circulating across the internet.

This three-part video goes beyond the classical, confusing ‘New Age mumbo-jumbo’ in favor of the testimony of highly reliable whistleblower sources of information about known extraterrestrial species visiting Earth.

One of the best go-to- whistleblowers is former Canadian defense minister Paul Hellyer.

According to Hellyer, there are over 82 known alien species who have visited Earth in the distant past and continue to do so presently.

Furthermore, it is claimed that a wealth of information about the various alien civilizations is contained in highly classified, top-secret documents used as training manuals or guides for military and intelligence personnel.

Numerous claims—which have been tagged as nothing more than alien conspiracy theories—indicate that just by looking at the sheer size of the universe, alien life is inevitable. Many people would agree that our galaxy, with more than 1 000 000 000 000 stars, and our universe, with more than 100 billion observable galaxies, is teeming with alien life.

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Here are a couple of quotes about alien life.

“There is a serious possibility that we are being visited and have been visited for many years by people from outer space, by other civilizations. Who they are, where they are from, and what they want should be the subject of rigorous scientific investigation and not be the subject of ‘rubishing’ by tabloid newspapers.” (source) – Lord Admiral Hill-Norton, Former Chief of Defense Staff, 5 Star Admiral of the Royal Navy, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee.

“Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense.” The former head of CIA, Roscoe Hillenkoetter, 1960 (source).

Here are the videos:




What do you think? Is it possible, that after all, Earth has been visited by intelligent, spacefaring alien civilizations for thousands of years? And what if until today, some of these still continue and visit our planet?

Personally, I have to admit that simply put, there are some things that cannot be explained rationally. Even though there are lots of alien hoaxes out there, some ufo sightings, testimonies, videos, and images are considered—even by experts—as evidence of something that could potentially be recognized as evidence of alien life.

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