The Rhodope Skull: The mysterious cranium of a real-life Alien?

The mysterious ‘alien’ cranium was discovered in the mountains of Bulgaria by a 38-year old resident of Plovdiv. Until today, no one has been able to offer conclusive details about what the mysterious skull is. Fact or fiction? As always you decide.

When you want to prove that Aliens exist on Earth… what would be the first thing you would ask for? In our views, it’s physical evidence. Without physical evidence saying that aliens exist is just a wild theory actually, but what if we had physical evidence? I guess at that moment we would probably remain skeptical and say, Nah… it’s impossible, it must be something else.

Optimized-Alien Skull

In the last couple of decades, people all around the world have found mysterious skeletons which do not resemble any known species on planet Earth, therefore, these skulls are considered by many as ‘Alien’, unlike anything anthropologists and other researchers are familiar with.

This is the case of the mysterious Rhodope skull, a fascinating piece unlike any skull ever seen before on Earth. The Rhodope skull was discovered in the Rhodope mountains located in Bulgaria by a 38-year-old resident of Plovdiv. The finder of the skull, who preferred to remain anonymous, discovered the mysterious skull alongside a mysterious metallic object.

Dimiter Kovachev, the Director of the Paleontology Museum in Asenovgrad, is positive that the discovery is no fossil and has no analogy” or resemblance to any hominid skull known to science.

The anomalous skull weighs only 250 grams, it has six mysterious cavities which according to UFO enthusiasts, could belong the creatures ‘sensory organs’. According to the skull formation, the creature to which the skull belonged could have had up to six eyes, or another set of ‘unknown organs’. The most mysterious feature of the Rhodope Skull is that it lacks a mouth.

“Anthropologist Prof. Yordan Yordanov believes that the skull doesn’t look like any human cranium known to science for the past 30 million years.”

Skeptics, on the other hand, believe that the Rhodope skull is just (another) elaborated hoax, or that it might have belonged to a species that remains unidentified.

Alien Skull Bulgaria

The thing about discoveries like this is that, given the numerous ‘findings’ that have been fabricated around the world, it is hard to differentiate the real from the fake ones. While this could certainly be just another item that was created by someone and buried on purpose, there is also a possibility that we are dealing with a real cranium of an Alien being, or, the remains of a unknown (now extinct) species on the planet.

According to the discovery of the mysterious cranium, he has already received several ‘generous’ offers from people who are keen to acquire it.

Regrettably, just like with other findings that have been made in the past, there is little information that can tell us more about the mysterious finding. We were unable to find any scientific information relating to the skull. The whereabouts of the cranium are unknown, and the first article about the skull appeared in Turkish newspaper Milliyet. (However we were unable to find the original article on the website

Let us know what you think this mysterious cranium is, and if you have more information that can help us find out more about its let us know.

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  1. its just a fragment of The Nephalim, Fallen Angels, who lived here before man.

  2. This article is misleading. This is clearly an animal pelvis and we could probably find the exact animal with a 30 minute Google image search, because pelvises with distinctive flares like this are easier to find. The pelvic passages and joints are the reason it has “cavities for sensory organs”. If all of the scientific minds researching this can’t figure this out, we should be highly suspect of the qualified panel.

    1. Where are the cranial growth lines at that allows the skull to become larger as the brain grows?

  3. My guess is this may be a carved end of a knee knuckle bone from a mammoth or mastodon. May be pelvic where the left and right halves joint together.

  4. its the isolated frontal bone of cow like animal and it is quite deteriorated. in other words part of skull of cow like animal. the cavities right under the flat top are the sinuses of the skull.

  5. I’m leaning toward a proboscis for taking in nourishment. Being physical, it has to have sustenance.

  6. Its the position of the holes or voids that makes me think this may be a large animal knee or pelvic bone. I have worked with these bones and if you grind away some of the surface of these type of bone you will find similar voids like we see in the pics of this skull like object.

    1. And there are definitely ground-away parts. That’s the first thing that jumped out at me. The second was that it looks like a pelvis.

  7. Maybe it was a human skull that had some kind of bone cancer or unstoppable bone growth that overtook their facial features. Cant they test it for dna?

  8. 1.
    This is the first part of a very, very old story from mainstream media
    in Bulgaria, probably from 15 years ago or even longer. 2. After the initial
    sensation broke out, lab studies identified the item as a fragment of an
    ordinary bovine (or sheep – I don’t remember) skull with the top and bottom jaws missing. You are
    looking at the nasal cavities. 3. The fact that a 100% debunked story
    from Bulgaria resurfaces after so many years as
    “not-debunked” shows that the source is a Russian/Turkish propaganda channel
    (which uses a database of “sensations”) promoting mysticism, BS,
    counter-science and generally disbelief in what is real and reasonable.
    Yes, this is a part of a totalitarian regime’s hybrid war on reason and reality.

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