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Ancient Aliens: Modern UFO from Chile Matches Ancient Chilean Geoglyph

UFO-1-2 - Ancient Aliens: Modern UFO from Chile Matches Ancient Chilean Geoglyph

Chile has an incredible rate of UFO sightings, among the highest in the world. Today, some call the country’s coastline “Alien Alley.” 

A recent UFO video from Chile is the subject of Ancient Aliens, Season 15, Episode 3, “Destination Chile.” We’ll review the episode and the compelling evidence that connects an ancient petroglyph with a bizarre and remarkable modern UFO sighting.

First, the show delves into the amazing history and geoglyphs in Chile, including the Atacama Desert.

The Atacama Desert, a Landscape with Lifeforms Like Mars?

The Atacama Desert in northern Chile is the dryest place on the planet, even though it runs along the west coast of South America. Conditions in the desert have long been compared to the Red Planet, Mars. Thus, NASA has carried out testing in the Atacama, drawing comparisons to probable conditions on Mars.

In 2013, a NASA rover found many microbes living beneath the parched sand in the Chilean desert, traveling by wind. The study results from 2019 determined “that microbial life can efficiently move across the driest, and most UV irradiated desert on Earth.” The authors speculated that similar microbes might spread across the Martian landscape, 140 million miles away.

Could life be similar in Chile and on Mars? Ancient Astronaut theorist David Childress believes there’s much more in common than microbes. Citing geoglyphs similar to those found at Nazca, Peru, Childress notes they are meant to be seen from the air. Although the Nazca lines are famous, there are five times as many geoglyphs in the Atacama Desert.

The Atacama Giant and El Enladrillado

For example, the “Atacama Giant” is a massive alien-looking creature with points extending from its head. Amazingly, the figure stands 30 feet longer than a football field at 390 feet tall. On the ground, it’s nearly invisible but easily spotted from the air. Ancient Astronaut theorists believe they were meant to signal extraterrestrial visitors similar to marks or on a runway.

Today, UFO sightings are more frequent in the area of the Atacama. So much so, that Rodrigo Fuenzalida, Director of Aion Chile, says “…Chile is honestly like a kind of arrival point.” 

“There’s a huge wave, a large quantity of UFO sightings. Quite simply, there is not one family in Chile whose member has not had a UFO experience,” Fuenzalida explains.

In San Clemente, Chile, in 2008, a national UFO trail was created that leads to an impressive formation known as El Enladrillado. There, 233 massive megaliths weighing ten tons apiece were erected like a giant platform in ancient times. Author Erich von Däniken believes the remote location could have once served as a spaceport. Today, tourists can visit and see for themselves.

The Selk’nam Tribe and Bizarre Rituals to Sky Gods

In 1919 in Tierra Del Fuego at the southern tip of Chile, a German anthropologist, Martin Gusinde, visited the native tribe called the Selk’nam, also known as the Ona people. Unfortunately, the tribe was wiped out by English explorers.

As radio host Victor Hidalgo points out, some tribe members were taken back to be shown in “human zoos,” and the tribe was subject to genocide.

Before being wiped out, Gusinde published a book about the Selk’nam called, “The Lost Tribes of Tierra Del Fuego.” There, you can see the tribal rituals of painting their bodies in bright red with white lines. Their heads are elongated and immediately seem alien.

“These creator gods of the Selk’nam actually descended from the sky and gave knowledge to the local population,” said Giorgio A. Tsoukalos.

In once case, a costume had strange antennae protruding from both sides of the head. Immediately, one thinks of the Atacama Giant, with the peculiar points emanating from the head.

Modern UFO Sightings in Chile

The Selk’nam tribe had a deep belief in otherwordly visitors, and today, it appears visitations may still be taking place. Fuenzalida confirms the area where the tribe once lived is a hotspot for UFO activity today.

On August 17, 1985, in Santiago, Chile, the longest-running variety show on television broadcast reported a UFO moving for 40 minutes along half of Chile’s coastline. The path moved along the Atacama down to Tierra Del Fuego. Today, nobody knows what the object was.

In 1977 in Pampa Lluscuma, Chile, just below the Atacama, a military unit witnessed two shining violet UFOs land. Corporel Armando Valdés recounted disappearing into the light, appearing again to find that five days had passed. His beard had grown, and his watch showed the date from five days in the future. However, his men only witnessed the lapse of a few minutes. 

Encounters like this one are one of the hundreds reported over centuries and possibly going back thousands of years. However, unlike in the United States, the Chilean government is openly looking for answers. 

Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena

In 1990, Augusto Pinochet stepped down, ushering in reforms that led to more transparent attitudes, including toward UFOs. By 1997, the government created CEFAA, the Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena. Pilots were regularly reporting UFOs, some of which came dangerously close to government aircraft. 

Hugo Camus, the CEFAA director, explains that the agency takes reports from residents all over Chile. Rather than hide the evidence from the public, the government is committed to transparency. Camus encourages other governments like our own to follow suit.

El Bosque Air Force Base UFO Footage

Thanks to CEFAA, there is more video evidence of UFO phenomena. For example, a video from the El Bosque Air Force Base in Santiago in 2010 showed UFOs zipping by squadrons of fighter jets flying in an acrobatic air-show. The jets were part of a celebration to commemorate a change in Air Force command.

Following analysis of the video, the UFO was estimated to be flying at an astonishing 4,000 mph. CEFAA found the object on seven separate videotape pieces, indicating it was not an aberration in the film.

Infrared Video of Strange UFO Discharging a Plume

On November 11, 2014, near Santiago, Chilean Navy officers testing an infrared FLIR camera aboard a helicopter captured an object flying beside them at 4,500 feet altitude. After tracking it for a few minutes, the craft discharged a plume behind it. Although not visible with the naked eye or radar, the infrared camera caught it all on tape for nine minutes. Then the government released the footage in 2017.

In 2019, Image analyst Michael Bradbury and astrophysicist Travis Taylor sat down to review this UFO footage. After reviewing the footage from 2014, they noticed the object appeared to be two diamond-shaped objects. Bradbury concludes the objects must be large since the footage was filmed from 35 miles away.

Using filters, Bradbury isolates the image to show a heat signature. Taylor notices a circle of cold air around the craft, which baffles him since there is a thin hot layer immediately around the craft.

“This thing – it is hot, and then instantly, it’s cold, and in nature, that’s not how things work,” notes Taylor. “There is a different temperature bubble around the vehicle than there is around normal vehicles, which suggests some type of field,” he concludes. “From a physics standpoint, we can’t really explain what’s causing that,” says Taylor.

Examining the video showing the plume that comes out, the experts note that the plume is hot but not made up of particulates as in normal aircraft.

“I’ve never seen any earthly vehicle that is explained this way. What on Earth could this thing be?” asks Taylor.

Remarkable Similarity to an Ancient Geoglyph in the Same Area

After concluding the footage does seem to show a vehicle with otherworldly features, Bradbury shows Taylor something compelling. It’s a photo of a Chilean geoglyph that bears a striking resemblance to the UFO footage. 

The geoglyph shows two diamond-shaped objects with a plume-like object dissected by a line. However, the geoglyph is of undetermined age and could be hundreds or even thousands of years old.

“That’s really exciting,” says Taylor. “That’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen in my life!”

“It is truly amazing,” Bradbury concurs. 

“These are the cases where I think there really is something to the Ancient Astronaut theory,” says Taylor. 

“I agree too,” says Bradbury.

Thus, we have a modern UFO which closely resembles what ancient people depicted long ago. However, it remains a total mystery how they could have seen such a craft as we only see it through infrared technology. How is this possible? Did humans create the geoglyph, or was it made or instructed by extraterrestrials? Decide for yourself.

Watch “Destination Chile” for yourself on the History Channel.


Featured images: Screenshots via YouTube