Humans with blood type Rh Negative belong to an Extraterrestrial lineage according to new theory

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  • cher150

    What a mass of misquotes!

    • Ben Morris

      Well, enlighten us as to what we should be reading from this!

  • patriot156

    ya uh no Genesis 6:4 says “there were giants in the land in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God(denoting angels not Seth’s bloodline, or caines) came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were old men of renown.
    WHile post flood person Nimrod would fit this bill, even though he may have been many times shorter than preflood Giants. he would of certainly been 10ft tall at least or taller.
    But to say God came in unto women is an incorrect statement.
    My question was before I had to correct that so does this mean anyone who is of a – factor fit this? Meaning A-, B-, O-, AB-, Types too or?……………
    If so no wonder I know and and connect so much with this off science stuff. Bu for me ti’s God rather than Aliens but who knows.

  • Karine Smith

    I always wondered what beings build the pyramids in Egypt as well as the Aztecs? Could they also be connected to these ET beings as well…

  • TexasRescuer

    The amount of stupid in this article is mind-boggling. Did you even TAKE a science course in junior high?

    • Lori Moncherry

      That is the problem, not ONE scientist can agree on the origin of RH negative.

  • TexasRescuer

    “this radical, hard-to-explain, by most natural laws intolerance”

    Rh fetal blood incompatibility is neither radical nor hard to explain. It’s basic science.

    • Lori Moncherry

      NOt really, most species that cannot interbreed, reject their young.

      • TexasRescuer

        Um… species that “cannot interbreed” by definition do not breed, therefore they do not have young to reject.

        • Lori Moncherry

          Which is why women who are RH negative have Rhogam shots while pregnant, to prevent spontaneous abortion. You may want to do a BIT more research.

          • TexasRescuer

            Wait, so you’re saying Rh negative women have Rhogam shots to prevent spontaneous abortion because they’re a different species?

          • Lori Moncherry

            Yes, look up the definition of inbreeding, interbreeding and hybrids.

          • TexasRescuer

            Ok. So you believe that people with Rh negative blood are somehow not members of the human species, Homo sapiens?

          • Shark S.

            If rh- people were from a different species, then why can female rh+ people produce rh- children together with rh- male people without any problem? Why can even rh- women produce at least one rh+ child without any problems? Why are children of a rh+ mother and a rh- father even fertile? No other hybrid (like ligers, mules, etc.) is fertile. All hybrids have severe health problems whereas children of “mixed” rh+ and rh- are just either rh- or rh+, no problems what so ever.
            Also, why do you think that this one trait (the rh- blood type) is so important? The rh-factor (at least the one you and your peers find so important) is coded by a very small set of genes compared to the rest of the body. Even IF rh- blood were somehow “alien” or “better” you still share the rest of the genes with the lowly rh+ humans 😉

            Just because science can’t explain rh- completely, Just as blue eyes, by the way, it doesn’t have to be extraterrestrial. There are many, many open questions in the field of genetics (I’m a molecular biologist, I have to know). But what’s known even now is that a missing proteine on the surface of the blood cells doesn’t indicate extraterrestrial origin.

        • Tom

          ok …who said they can not breed???…gesh…neg and neg can breed…the problem apparently comes in with a pos and neg …plz people I know that this topic is widely unfiltered but there are some things in the medical community we know…

        • Tom

          Please ignore my last remark, I misread your comment.

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  • Allan Stark

    A lack of certain blood cell proteins can be due to the same genetic causes of a lack of any other body part or sensory ability.
    And if relatively closed societies such as Basques show more of this, one must ask questions about too much inbreeding.

  • Abadon Reed

    Yeah, you lost me when quotes from a book was brought into the story.

  • Kendell Muhammad

    If the Son’s of God impregnated the Daughter’s of Men, the Children would be Half-Breeds, both God and Man, Godman. The Question is, Who is the Daughters of Man referring to? The Original People of the Earth are Black People.

    • Lori Moncherry

      Not necessarily. Neanderthals have been around for 800,000 years. Modern man only 40,000.

  • Dan Wyles

    Um…this is an older theory… And it has already been found that your Basques also contain high Neanderthal DNA… As well that rh-negative has come from Neanderthal breeding with homosapian…. That is also why I’m white and red hair also came from Neanderthal. Read any article from a creditable source from 2014-now on Neanderthal DNA being found in every non African savannah persons. The average person contains 2-3% Neanderthal DNA… Doesn’t seem like much…but it is responsible for 70% of your appearance.

    • Blue genes

      Yep. I’m Finnish blond with touch of red and my Finnish father had that rh- blood, I didn’t inherit that, but I did inherit body type, including very noticeable occipital bun and same autoimmune disease intolerance for wheat (celiac). Definitely some enhanced Neanderthal genes going on… Also Finnish & Nordic Sámi-people are genetically related closely to Basques. That was the first wave of humans coming up here, European’s first nation.

    • Cowboy

      I am Rh negative, have radish blond hair, blue eyes, 2.7% Neanderthal + 3.8% Denisovan & mtDNA 2X highly located in the Great Lakes Area, Lake of Galilee.

    • Lori Moncherry

      I would agree with you, but you lost on one thing. My husband is almost all sub saharian African(we just did our entire genome testing), and is a dark black male whose father is from Kenya, yet he had 2.7% Neanderthal in him. Kind of squashes your theory. On a sidenote, I had mine done, I have the SAME amount of Neanderthal, and I am blond with green eyes, and I have 0 negative blood. There are many scientists who disagree that Neanderthal has ANYTHING to do with whether you have RH- or not. Do more research.

      • Dan Wyles

        Well actually you answered your own problem with the “theory” your husband is “almost” and his father is all…..even in the African savannah there is mixing but the ones without any mixing are the only ones that could disprove anything. It is less theory and more fact now by the way …most if the articles you are referring to with scientists that disagree were published before June of 2014 when the actual DNA evidence was published. The fact that your husband has rh-negative and 2.7% Neanderthal in him go hand in hand…while your traits originated with those of rh-negative blood…the generations of breeding with rh-posative people allowed for you to carry those protines now. The fact of the matter is that if a rh-negative women is with an rh-posative man…she can only give birth to one child while if a rh-posative woman is with an rh-posative male…they can have many children (obviously we are speaking of the hundreds-thousands of generations before the shot was available). So though the traits of red hair and white skin etc may be passed down through more and more breeding… The rh-negative eventually bred itself out.
        For more information on this look at the publishings made on the history channel and other credible sources rather then just listening to speculations of everyday Joes.
        But as I had said before… Make sure the articles were published after June 2014 otherwise they are theory presented as fact before DNA evidence was provided to prove otherwise (totally changing the views of the scientific community).

        • Lori Moncherry

          Actually you misread what I said, my husband is RH positive and “I” am negative, yet we both have the same amount of Nenderthal DNA, so no, Neanderthal and RH negs do NOT go hand in hand, not to mention Neanderthals have been around for 800,000 years, modern man 40,000 and RH negative about 20,000. Facts are everything you know.

          • Dan Wyles

            Indeed they are…that is why I will correct the made up numbers in your reply. Though traits of Neanderthal have been around for 600,000+ years …Neanderthal as a defined subspecies is only found to be 250k-200k years old. Homosapian is not 40k years old…but closer to 200k years old with the oldest actual homosapian remains thus far being 160k years old and found in Ethiopia. (2 adult skulls and 1 child)
            As far as rh-negative emerging 20k years ago…another made up number I assume…or again sources of no relevance that have been dated. The fact is that no one knows which is older…Positive or negative… Though everyone seems to walk around stating opinion as fact. Either something was added that made the positive…or something was lost that made the negative. What we do know with 100% fact however is that the Basques and a branch of the Jewish people have the highest percentage of rh-negative DNA (also sections of Europe. They also have the highest % of Neanderthal DNA showing in testing. 1-3% is absolutely normal by the way.
            As far as looking into hr…you don’t just pick up a bone 50k years old and say this was rh negative or positive …it takes recreating the DNA and examining it from that point. In the USA and western Europe rh-negative makesn up at most 15% of the population….while in Africa it is only around 3% and in Asia it is less then 1% meaning that population wise world wide is much less then the 15% people claim. That being said…if rh negative was a mutation and was not the origion …even if it existed 160k years ago it would be almost impossible to locate… Especially considering scientists are not sitting around doing expensive DNA reconstruction on thousands of Neanderthal remains to specifically look at rh in the blood. They have only done the new process a couple of times that I’ve seen published thus far.

            Well that’s it for me…being of Rh-negative blood myself… I am more passive then confrontational… Seeing your replies to multiple comments negatively throughout the forums allows me to conclude that being in something for education is not the same as those in it for argument… And you can never educate the argumentative …for they are not open to learning.

            Enjoy the theorys…but look at the recent research of only a year and a half ago -the present.
            Have to ignore the previous publishings (as well as the ones that are not credible sources) and stay current. Keep investigating…but above all else…keep speculating and dreaming….. We need new theory to investingate

          • Lori Moncherry

            Dan, not the stats I pulled up, so unless you have found the meaning of life, that is merely YOUR hypothesis. BTW there has never been a time in history where a “mutation” has created perfection. 0- blood is just that. Again I hired a genome specialist, I will trust their data on the numbers over your ability to google.

          • Shark S.

            How do you define “perfection”? O- people are universal donors but can’t accept blood from anyone but other o- people, whereas AB+ people can accept blood from everyone. Pretty “perfect” if you ask me.

        • Vickie Solik

          ” The fact of the matter is that if a rh-negative women is with an rh-posative man…she can only give birth to one child” The REAL fact of the matter is she can only give birth to one Rh+ child. If the Rh+ man is recessive for RH- they can conceive a Rh+ or Rh- child and if the baby is Rh- they can have another and another as long as the child is Rh- or the mom receives Rhogam with each Rh+ child.

  • All of us have the DNA of advanced beings. I am in touch with one such race from Orion.

    • Bryan Clarke

      take your meds

  • Mahnaz Akhter

    Don’t you think your artical is based on a specific religious doctrine? And somewhere you are trying to convince your readers that this faith is proven and tested scientifically now.

  • Cowboy

    The Rogham injection was created to genetically assure that the blood group of the baby would NOT be Rh negative. This group of people have been harassed & killed forever.

    • Vickie Solik

      Oh please no one is trying to kill Rh- people! Rhogam keeps the mom from being sensitized to Rh+ babies and miscarrying them. google it.

      • Cowboy

        Dream on while the numbers of Rh- are being reduced & the race is being exterminated!

        • Vickie Solik

          Where do you get your information? I have known Rh- women who have received Rhogam and still had Rh- and + children. It’s a recessive trait that doesn’t cause any problems (except in certain pregnancies) so it doesn’t get bred out but there is no advantage biologically to be Rh- so it is not a desired trait either.

  • Dave Zaku

    interesting article, but who are the scientists? Where was their paper published? without this information the news report is pretty much worthless.

    • Steve MacLeod

      Well said. It means very little actually.

  • Kerri

    Makes perfect sense.

  • Michelle

    I’m RH O NEGATIVE, I’m white with brown hair and blue eyes. My mom is white with red hair blue eyes and freckles. My dad is white black hair blue eyes. I have 3 children, all my pregnancies were fine. I did have a miscarriage could that have been the reason why I lost the one?

    • Tosha Turpin

      I am A neg,I lost 2 babies before they told me i had RH negative blood.i had my 3rd child after they gave me a shot.It was so hard to lose my first 2 babies ,,So it is your doctors responsibility to tell you ,wish i had known sooner.i just stumbled on this page doing research but who knows what the real story is ?
      there are only theories much like everything else.

  • Kim

    Ok people, I’m not here to debate, just to get some sort of understanding. I’m an African-American from South Carolina who has the A- blood type. My mother was also A-. None of my other siblings nor my daughter has the RH- factor. Why is this?

    • miss j

      well, if you read the article… its because they think you are all aliens. or have alien dna. why do you expect to get a real scientific answer from people who think their blood comes from aliens? check out the comments.. its all people who think they knew there was something special about themselves! because they too believe this story.

  • leslie green

    Now, that explains why I’m always called spacey! I’m O- … !

  • Tom

    hum… you need to re read your research….the “monkey gene” was the one added to make better slaves…the rh neg. appears to be pure ….original human in other words

    • Vickie Solik

      And where is your research? Scientists? This is mainly based on Stichin’s translations of Sumerian tests that if you use a little imagination sound like genetic experimentation. And the point I was trying to make was that all these people who believe they are “pure” humans or “descendants of the Nephilim” or in some way better because they are Rh- are just as full of Rh factors to one degree or another as all the Rh+ humans except for the Rh null (which is extremely rare and comes with problems).

      • Tom

        I was responding to the article not your comment Vickie. Your comment was interesting but impossible to me to research at this time.

  • Vickie Solik

    Just so everyone knows and all you Rh- who think you were created by the Nephilim and do not have icky monkey blood in them please read this-The Rh blood group system (including the Rh factor) is one of thirty-five current human blood group systems. It is the most important blood group system after ABO. At present, the Rh blood group system consists of 50 defined blood-group antigens, among which the five antigens D, C, c, E, and e are the most important. The commonly used terms Rh factor, Rh positive and Rh negative refer to the D antigen only. There is a “Rh null” and is consequence of the absence of all Rh antigens, Rh null red blood cells also lack LW and Fy5 and show weak expression of S, s, and U antigens. Red blood cells lacking Rh/RhAG proteins have structural abnormalities (such as stomatocytosis) which can result in hemolytic anemia.

    • Jay

      Can I ask something? 0 negative is accepted as the universal donor but they also can’t spontaneously give blood to everyone right? The blood needs to be checked for these other proteins too?

  • JC

    well, one problem with the Nephilim/Genesis theory, did not God consider this (as Evil), and a potential attempt by the Satan to corrupt the Hebraic Blood line to Jesus, by causing the flood to wipe out the Nephilim stain.

  • Brent

    This article is hopelessly inaccurate because the author apparently didn’t even try to understand what Rh positive and negative means, and clearly does not understand that it has nothing to do with the ABO blood typing. Others have pointed this out and gotten so technical in their explanations that no one understood what they said. I am going to dumb it down and say that ABO and Rh are two different kinds of proteins found on the surface of cells that are important because the immune system recognizes them as foreign if introduced into a human who does not have them naturally. In the case of Rh negative, there are no Rh-type proteins present that tend to cause a reaction. In Rh positive proteins are present that tend to cause allergic reactions in Rh negative individuals. So it isn’t at all surprising that there is variation in the percentage of persons in various parts of the world that have or do not have these proteins in their genetic makeup, just as is the case with hair color, skin color, eye color, and various other genetic traits. The ABO blood group is inherited separately and thus unrelated but at least equally or probably more important in causing allergic reactions in blood transfusions and transplants. Cells can have A or B proteins or both on their surface, and O is the lack of either. Hopefuly this dumbed-down explanation will help the author and its readers understand how utterly meaningless and flawed the entire article is and answer the questions some commenters asked about their own blood types.

    • Vickie Solik

      ” In the case of Rh negative, there are no Rh-type proteins present that tend to cause a reaction.” In the case of Rh- there are plenty of Rh proteins in the Rh- person just not the Rh D protein. Except for the VERY rare and problematic “Rh null” type.

    • Shannan

      It is not flawed. There are two factors Rh Positive and Rh Negative, RH stands for rhesus monkey. If you are RH Positive you have a protein on your red blood cell that is directly linked DNA to a rhesus monkey, if you do not have the protein you are then considered RH Negative and do not carry this protein on your red blood cell, ask any doctor they will explain it, in fact I still have a card that says I am Rhesus negative. Yes there are 4 blood types, but there are two factors again positive and negative. Also the author is correct in the fact that an RH Negative female will reject an RH Positive fetus, her body builds up antibodies which kill off the blood of the fetus, resulting in what we use to know as blue babies, where they would either die upon delivery or have to have immediate blood transfusions. Most importantly – RH Negative O is the universal donor, if an alien race such as the anunnaki did in fact genetically alter the apes that were on the planet when they came here some 450,000 years ago, to make a slave species to mine the gold, this would explain the universal donor, it is also said in Sumerian tablets that the anunnaki god’s used clay vessels to create their slave species and shows a picture of a anunnaki woman with a baby on one knee and a rhesus monkey on her other, some of these tablets are believed to be about 12,000 years old. Also interesting fact, a male who is RH Negative can impregnate a female of either positive or negative factor with non complications to the offspring, it is ONLY the female negative who cannot conceive without intervention from a positive male.

      • Vickie Solik

        Perhaps the type doctor you need to question about Rh- is a hematologist. Who will gladly point out that ALL people have Rh proteins on their blood cells and all that Rh- means is that the Rh D protein is not there. The only humans that truly have no Rh factor are the Rh null and they are extremely rare and often have bllod disorders due to being Rh null. Rh negative people are not half anunnacki, part god, pure human or any of the other titles they give themselves.

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  • Jay


  • Sharlene

    The RH Negative society has done quite a bit of research and the fact is that RH negative blood has no Rhesus Monkey factor and RH Positive does. Approximately 14% of the world population is RH negative – which is pretty rare. Not in all cases now but originally and still in the majority the traits of RH negatives are Blonde or Red hair, blue or green eyes, occasionally hazel, fair skin, tend to be more psychic, also have more electrical charge to them – think static electricity in your hair, body temp is slightly lower etc. There is a difference. No one is saying we are better than anyone – this is for the person that is focused on that. We are just trying to figure it out. It started with the Scandinavians who migrated to the Basque region. Some have said Nordic alien blood. Makes sense to me. That’s what we look like.

  • Tony Casillas

    I am Rh negative ?

  • Janet Howard

    I am rh negative and fit most of the description of wut I read up on this. Its kinda cool I thnk