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A sandstorm in Iran has revealed the remains of a Lost Ancient City

According to initial reports, the newly discovered ancient city occupies approximately 5,000 square meters. Experts suggest—based on early analysis—that the ancient site dates back at least to the Islamic Middle Ages (661-1508 AD), but several experts argue that it could even date back much earlier. So far, experts have recovered clay …

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The US is PREPARING for war in outer space

The United States Air Force is carrying out various reforms, including the creation of a new post for a three-star general. The purpose is to be adequately prepared for eventual war in space. The various changes include the restructuration and formation of the space war command center. In other words, …

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800-year-old clay pot yields HISTORY-CHANGING discovery

Archaeologists came across a lost, 800-Year-Old Native American clay pot. What they found inside is changing History for good! At the First Nation’s Menominee Reservation in Wisconsin, archaeologists made a small but stunning discovery: a tiny clay pot that according to reports was around 800 years old. While it may not …

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Scientists have detected METAL in Mars’ atmosphere

Scientists at NASA have said that the “MAVEN spacecraft has made the first direct detection of the permanent presence of metal in the ionosphere of a planet other than Earth.” NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft has made an unprecedented discovery as it spotted traces of iron, magnesium and sodium ions in Mars’ …

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What has NASA found? US Space Agency to make MAJOR announcement

NASA has called for ANOTHER press conference to discuss another major discovery. The conference will be attended by several members of the Cassini team, which raises speculation among many that the announcement could be a revelation about Jupiter’s sixth closest moon Europa—the place where astronomers believe its most likely we’ll find …

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