Operation Highjump – The Untold UFO War in Antarctica

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  • Nowhereman

    This whole ordeal needs to come out in the open to the public.

  • Your own Doctor

    There is now rumour that this war is again in full swing; However the USA are now in a stronger position militarily, (they feel). This is not the case. This in my opinion is a Terran race of Reptoid who were on this Earth millions of years before we were genetically upgraded. They are very advanced and peaceful. They have been spoken of by the Indian nations in the USA as their protectors and that they saved their people from annihilation. They have stories going back several thousands of years of how their people emerged from underground. They are also spoken of in many old cultures and depictions of them are plentiful. It is poignant to note that the race were only observing until they were shot at! Shoot first and ask questions later seems to be the policy of the US. This race , whomever they are have been here for a long time, they did not threaten us but we threaten them. We invade their home and believe we have that right! It is a repeat of the attack and murder of the indigenous tribes of the Americas and other lands such as Australia and New Zealand. Except this time they are up against a formidable foe with tremendously advanced technology and weaponry.
    Why should we be surprised that we cannot live with any other race? We can’t live with each other!!!!