Orion, more than a constellation

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  • MisterX9

    I wrote something very similar to this a few years ago but didn’t post it anywhere but that doesn’t matter. What matters is your suggested focal point to understand why we think Orion is so important to humans. The constellation–not just the belt–has stirred the imagination for thousands of generations and possible representations are found in ancient ruins. You also make a good point in in that a significant messiah and in some case a god itself promises to that society its eventual return. I’m interested in finding out why a significant one leaves and promises to return? I too am looking for real answers and frankly really dismayed by all the conspiratorial information littering the blog-sphere and YouTube. Something about “Orion” appears to unite some people that appear to have similar traits. These are all questions that I work on in my spare time.

    • AncientCodeAdmin

      Hi thanks for commenting! Feel free to join our community at our forums: forum.ancient-code.com You will find an opportunity to discuss your ideas, suggestions and theories and perhaps together with our users, something new can be learned.

      The AC Team

    • trm

      its connected with sri lanka and its ancient history of Buddhism..(stupa in Anuradhapura)

  • Joseph Mason

    Stan Romanek claims to have received information from supposed ETs that
    included equations and a hypercube, where Orion is depicted —





    • http://www.unduecoercion.org Adam Marshall Dobrin


  • pve

    the picture with the stones in the sand looks like a mini stone henge

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  • Evan Thompson

    To note. he White House, the FDR Memorial
    (opening 1997) and the proposed World War II Veterans Memorial,
    are astronomically aligned to the belt stars of the Orion constellation

    • Tizzytay89

      thats crazy dope son

  • Evan Thompson

    Weird, what does this really mean

    • Tizzytay89

      YO evan thats crazy dope man

  • etta

    I don’t share this often, because of the weird reactions that I get from people, but I will tell the story here after hearing the question in the documentary about whether our planet, and perhaps the universe, was seeded from Orion. I don’t know about the Orion part, but I can speak to the ‘seeded’ comment…for what it’s worth…
    Years ago I taught beadwork in a local store. One evening a student, a middle-aged woman, appeared near closing and stayed until the owner and I were there. Then she said that she had something to share with us. She said we wouldn’t believe it and would think she was crazy, but she had been instructed that this was her mission, and that she would know the people to share it with when she met them…and we were two. Then she held out her hand and said ‘I was visited by aliens, and they gave me this.’ In her hand, wrapped in a piece of what appeared to be white paper was what appeared to be, and we soon learn felt like, plain brown clay. She said the aliens told her that it contained ‘all the seeds of the universe’, and that no matter how much she shared, it was never empty, and though she never wet it, it was never dry. She said we each were to take it and pinch it until we felt a hard, tiny speck, like sand, then to pinch it out with a little of the clay and put it on a piece of tape, fold it over, and pin it to something so as not to lose it, that it would grow into a crystal. We did. There’s LOTS more to the story, but to make it short (too late), we still have it, and it has a new home where it has been growing for over 25 years now, calving off several new tiny crystals, seeding the walls of its glass home with nests of crystal ‘eggs’. It’s incredible through a 60x scope. The original is a group of parallel double-terminated crystals. It calved off a cluster next. There are now 4 fully visible crystals and a wealth of nests. I believe in magic because I hold it in my hand every day and watch it happen…..
    Don’t care if you believe me or not. We know.

    • Sofia

      Etta, is there any way it could visit or see these formations? Please contact me! That is so beautiful, and I don’t doubt you for a second.

    • Terry Brown


      Please share more with us. I believe you.

    • sChas Bickel

      Could you show a pic?

    • justbrenda

      Ohhhh Etta … I need some! ♥

    • Seedoforion

      i believe you, i have been visited by aliens too but the unfriendly type. how did that woman describe the alien she saw? did it have blonde hair and blue eyes? do you have any pictures of the seed/crystals?

  • Tizzytay89

    I tend not to discuss any experiances with people because its pointless to open a box that cant hold everything you want to put in it. Anyway I am fascinated with the some of your post and experiences and I love the feeling of knowing that when I feel or see things that are considered phenomenal that I am not crazy. Twice in my life I have see patches of stars move in the sky . I have actually come to the point of consciouness where I can actually say that anything close to an idea from man is BS. Religion included , yes it creates hope and gives us the moral structure that is needed to establish structure in our lives but the truth is far beyond our grasp until we actually realize that the truth is everything opposite of what we see has possible or realistic .There is no truth there is just that moment in life when you realize that everything you believe is real and everything you doubt is possible and that this world is one of many and this existence is hamster wheel.

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  • sChas Bickel

    Alright this will be long so bare with me, Yes all ancient civilizations were mimicking Orion, But the people who decoded their hieroglyphics and building structures got it all wrong when they point to Sirius, Obviously anyone decoding messages and looks to Sirius Because Orion belt points to that Bright Star, But they followed the belt the wrong way if you follow Orion Belt the other way it leads you to Taurus and in Taurus there is a cluster of Stars seen by the Naked Eye Known as the Pleiades. THIS is the star system the ancients are talking about. Look at the research done by Herschel:


    Now at Stonehenge all the way in UK:

    The Mayan Temples of Tikal:

    Gobekli Type (Turkey):

    Dogon Tribe Africa:

    Easter Island (Off coast of south America):

    He has many others if you look at his Star Map collection, if they blow your mind like it did mine this one will spread the pieces to the cosmos. There is the exact map on the Mars Cydonia site:

    SO if all the ancients are pointing to the Pleiades as where they came from, check out this new find from Astronomers:
    They literally say that there was a collision here in the life zone of two planets and now there is a planet being made in the life zone of this solar system, exactly how astronomers believe Earth was made. What if the people living on these planets knew of their demise and sent out ships to this Solar System since the Pleiades is the closest Star System to ours. Makes perfect sense! Or maybe I am full of it.

  • Scott Weatherall

    Just stumbled across something might be of use, in the rendalsham
    moor ufo case the witness discribed a hilogriphic, I searched it its a circle with a triangle with two small circles contained if your looking
    down on that and imagine a pyramid base to the point you get orion,
    not only that but contained you have all the ratios for the earth, sun, and moon from the triangle? Funny or what the truth is out there !!!

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    no great scholar he realized that this coordinated presented the link I posted can reveal, are so many coincidences, everything is there. The beginning

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  • GoldFlute

    Maybe we’re looking in the wrong place (Orion’s belt)? Maybe it’s just a marker for easy identification? Maybe what we should focus on is Orion’s Nebula.
    According to The Book Of Enoch, it is there where the watchers “chose their leaders” and conspired against the will of God. It is also there where they are now kept as “prisoners” (in the Nebula). More specifically, the 7 stars in the Nebula. (Perhaps the Trapezium?)
    According to my – perhaps flawed – understanding, there are 5 stars in the Trapezium…A-B-C-D-E (with A and B being binaries).
    I am not an astrologer, but it appears that Enoch is describing the Nebula when he writes of “fiery columns”, “place where water is collected”, “desolate area” (supposed black hole), 7 stars (mountains)…

  • bob

    Tgiza pyramid codes year 33 and 1844. Same dates as in book of Daniel, old testament predicting Christ’s coming first and return dates. Exact match before it happened. You r all left behind now sleeping and not on ur watch. Study

  • darludacha

    Its just wonderful to read ‘Orion more than a constellation’. I found your article through asking exactly the same question- Why were the ancients so interested in Orion. If you go to mythicalireland.com you will find the results of years of work on the Boyne Valley and the Orion constellation- By Anthony Murphy and Richard Moore

    ‘“The summer solstice is a very significant time in this current era,”
    Richard explained. “On this day, the sun is located above Orion, in his
    upraised hand, as if he is holding onto it. This is something that only
    happens in this modern age. The sun’s solstice positions are slowly
    regressing through the Zodiac, taking almost 26,000 years to complete
    one revolution. So when the summer solstice sun’s position gradually
    moves out of Orion’s hand, as it will do over the next few decades, it
    will be almost 26,000 years before that happens again.”

    Moore and Murphy are convinced that the builders of Newgrange were aware of this 26,000-year movement, known to astronomers today as the
    ‘Precession of the Equinoxes’.
    So we live in a very important time and our questions arise now.

    Were the ancients sending a message forward to our time for some reason?