The Ancient Code

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  • Konstantin Jankulis

    the answer is within the buildings.

    if you apply mathematical formulas witch you can get by looking at the buildings, you will find those buildings explain their own position or the position of another ancient building.

    the mission is for us to understand the language of the building.

    if you have a round shaped building with 3 terrasses and each is in a kind of proportional dimension to the basement / you can find easy equations and you will find your answers.

    the building it self answers the question by the way it is build.

    Go on youtube and type in Carl Munck… he found that a long time ago, but our scientists tend to fully ignore this and they want to find the same answers by them selfes. so… it will take some years until they will found Carl Munck and his answers with interesting simplicity.

  • Joseph Mason

    Also see —

    Code of the Ancients




  • gilcarlson

    Similar fascinating info can also be found in the “Blue Planet Project Book”

    Blue Planet Project is allegedly the notebook
    of a scientist who worked on a top secret United States government program
    involving alien research. The document contains notes and drawings supposedly
    made by the scientist.

    The scientist visited various UFO crash sites,
    and the notes and drawings were allegedly made from those visits.

    Book based on notebook of scientist working on
    secret government alien research program, Contains notes and drawings of aliens
    and UFOs at crash sites made before he disappeared.

  • Judith Woolworth Donahue

    Actually they COULD fly,,,they mined helium + thats how they moved the stones, mapped earth + explored deep sea….WHY? because of global warming partially…IF you stand back + look at the sites they actually READ like pictionary…its volcanology with 3d technical details.ENTIRE Easter island volcano STATUE ring mimics visually *even some red erupting tops*the REAL volcano ring of the ring of fire.ADD faces to the real volcanoes + they are twins..easy + teaches u how to read them…..GIZA pyramids is another ideogram,,,,restore the pyramids reflective casing then stand back + LOOK ,you SEE smaller volcanic buildings + a super volcanic mirror REBUS…VOLCANIC MIRROR is the descriptive archaic term 4 a real aerosol*acid rain*phenomena that happens with large volcanoes, the highly reflective acid drops surround earth completely in the stratosphere, reflect away sun so earth cools….Happens EVERY super volcano + ALWAYS cools earth….the ONLY reason to send a visual super volcanic mirror visual communication it being ONLY 1 thing in nature ….is to instruct how to stop earths end by warming…there are more….oh and our solution is logical, its written in their language,,,EVERY person of any nation SEES the SAME super volcanic mirror visual + it SAVES a world + its ALREADY proven to work on a smaller scale by PINATUBO 1991 see NASA langley “volcanic aerosols reflect sun and cool earth*