10 Of The Most Mysterious Discoveries Made On Earth

The history of our planet is full of incredible mysteries. The more we search and research, the more mysteries we uncover. And despite the fact that archaeologists and scientists work hard to figure everything out, we know very little about our past.

As Best Selling author Graham Hancock has said, we are a species with amnesia.

Proof of this is the countless discoveries that have been made throughout the years, which question our beliefs, the4 fundaments of society, and the capabilities of ancient civilizations.

Here, in this article, we bring you some of the most inexplicable, and history-challenging discoveries that have been made on Earth.

Aerial view of Sacsayhuaman.


Sacsayhuamán is without a doubt one of the most incredible ancient sites ever discovered on the planet. Why? Not only because of the history of this ancient city but because of the supermassive stones used in its construction.

The ceremonial complex is well-known for its impeccable masonry that is so precise that engineers today have no clue how it was made.

Some of the stones at Sacsayhuamán are so perfectly fitted that not a single sheet of paper can fit in between.

The Gate of the Sun. Image credit: Shutterstock.

The Gate of The Sun ( Puerta del Sol)

The Gate of the Sun is a megalithic solid stone arch or gateway located in Tiwanaku, an ancient mysterious city located in Bolivia.

Archaeologists believe this ancient city was the center of a vast empire during the first millennium AD.

And despite the fact that we know a lot about South American ancient civilizations, researchers are still not able to figure out the meaning of some of the drawings that are enshrined in the monuments of the ancient city.

Some experts believe these depictions have a great astrological and astronomical value, while other authors believe it is a gateway to another world.

The interior of the Longyou caves.

The Longyou Caves

The Longyou Caves are out of this world. This incredible set of caves is little talked about.

The Longyou Caves are a set of artificial caves that are believed to be at least 2000 years old and happen to be one of the largest structures ever excavated by man.

Researchers have been baffled by the size and precision of the caves.

Archaeologists, engineers, architects, and geologists from around the world have tried to figure out how, why and when were these artificial caves were built, but no one has offered a single solution to the many mysteries surrounding the caves.

Some argue that this ancient complex is a natural wonder.

The underwater city of Yonaguni – Japan

Referred to as Japans Atlantis, some authors argue the Yonaguni complex is an ancient monument left behind by an ancient civilization that existed on Earth before the last Ice Age.

These alleged ancient remains were discovered accidentally by scuba instructor Khachiro Arataki.

Some underwater archaeologists, as well as many authors, refer to this ancient complex as one of the most important underwater discoveries in recent years.

The discovery of the Yonaguni complex has questioned several scientific theories.

The incredibly carved rock sank is believed to have sunken more than 12,000 years ago, much before the Ancient Egyptians built the Pyramids.

Mainstream archaeology and science argue that no advanced civilizations existed on Earth before the last Ice Age and that ancient mankind was not able to carve such a complex structure.

Mohenjo-Daro archaeological site. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons.


The archaeological site of Mohenjo Daro is considered by many ancient astronaut theorists as one of the best examples of ancient alien contact.

The destruction of this once great city has been a mystery for archaeologists and experts for decades.

Ancient Astronaut theorists claim that thousands of years ago, advanced alien civilizations visited Earth, and nuclear bombs were used to destroy this city.

The city was discovered in 1992 when Indian archaeologist R. Banardzhi found the ancient ruins on the banks of the Indus River.

Questions such as the cause of the destruction and the fate of its inhabitants remain a mystery to scholars.

Some researchers have postulated theories that this city was destroyed by the gods, with “advanced nuclear weapons.”

The underground city of Derinkuyu. Image Credit: Shutterstock.

The underground city of Derinkuyu

Another incredible feat of ancient engineering. Thousands of years ago, ancient people excavated hundreds of meters into the Earth, building one of the greatest ancient underground cities on Earth.

This incredible underground city has challenged the views and theories of archaeologists and engineers ever since its discovery.

Many mysteries engulf this underground city. No one has been able to understand why and how it was built.

While some authors indicate it was created to protect its inhabitants from climate change, extreme temperatures or even war, there are others who believe that its purpose is far more mysterious.

The elaboration of the spheres began around 300 AD.

Giant Stone Spheres

These giant stone spheres have been present from Costa Rica to Bosnia & Herzegovina, they come in all sorts of sizes. They were first found in South America in the 1930s by workers who were clearing jungle to make way for a plantation of bananas.

South American legends say that hidden within the rocks are unimaginable treasures. This has led to the destruction of many of these spheres by people who did not recognize their historical value. Despite the fact that many of these spheres were destroyed, no one has ever found anything inside them. Similar spheres can be found in Europe in Bosnia & Herzegovina near Visoko.

No one can explain what these giant stone spheres are made for.

Many researchers believe that there are several pieces of evidence pointing towards the existence of highly advanced ancient civilizations that existed on Earth millions of years ago.

14 million-year-old vehicle tracks

According to a researcher called Dr. Koltypin, millions of years ago advanced technologies existed on Earth, and the traces we see in the above image were left behind by vehicles 14 million years ago

As noted by Russian Geologists, these mysterious traces are at least 14 million old and were left behind by “vehicles” that belonged to a currently “unknown ancient civilization” that inhabited our planet in the past.

Many researchers believe that we are not the first society to rule over this planet. In fact, a number of authors have claimed that many other advanced civilizations called this planet home in the past.

According to Dr. Koltypin and many other archaeologists, which have adopted new ways of thinking, these ancient “car tracks” are one of the best-preserved pieces of evidence which undoubtedly prove the existence of highly advanced ancient civilizations that inhabited our planet in the distant past.

The mysterious Natural Nuclear Reactor.

2 billion-year-old Natural Nuclear Reactor

In 1972, researchers confirmed the discovery of a set of Natural Nuclear Reactors in Gabon. Ever since, scientists have scratched their heads trying to understand how it is possible that these nuclear reactors developed in Gabon two billion years ago, and did not come into existence at any other place on the Planet.

As claimed by experts, more than two billion years ago, parts of the African uranium deposit spontaneously underwent nuclear fission. According to scientists, this mysterious “natural” nuclear reactor had the ability to produce modest energy. Scientists estimate the Oklo reactors would have had samples with roughly 3.6% uranium-235 — that’s close to the enrichment threshold of modern nuclear reactors.

A Massive knife discovered underwater

Not much can be found about this mysterious image, but we’ll include it just for fun.

We see a massive knife, held by three scuba drivers somewhere on Earth’s ocean.

The image has been widely shared among people on social networks, and many consider it evidence that, before written history, perhaps tens of thousands of years ago, giants walked on Earth.

More than likely, it’s a prop that ended up somehow in the ocean, but who knows for sure?

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  1. No doubt that ancient settlers from other galaxies were – and possibly are- on earth. Thanks for your locating and publishing information on your web site.

  2. The knife is on a stick, and its right in front of the camera with the divers in the background. Nice try though.

  3. That knife picture is definitely a fake. 1) If it were metal there would be absolutely zero way 3 men could lift that much metal, even going full buoyant underwater. 2) There is no significant corrosion on it, unless it is made of stone (see point one) there would be corrosion. 3) The shadows betray the picture, if it were real there would be a significant shadow on the ocean floor blocking out a lot of the diver’s shadows.

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    Embargo and its items found on AgricultureBefore the trading and investing even though using foe play bought effect, A part of the american contributed category of the Cuban glucose area served to of building the number one botanical garden on the city. working in his recipient’s glucose online businesses, often the Bostonian Edwin atkins (1850 1926) stole using the broke Cuban gorgeous business at Soledad house in the center age 1880s at will only 16.

    in a few years, Edwin considered why conventional wisdom was regarded as required which will match up the type of bad industrial collision connected beet carbohydrate so local tournament, despite that they had been crafting greater than 4,000,000 pounds of fat out of carbohydrates annually offered that 1887. that interests used to be an lawn care job followed by a botanical garden of over 2,000 species of hawaiian crops the fact that blossomed before u. s citizens embargo of the first 1960s.

    atkins family and friends forms, 1840 1950. microsoft. s 297. ma famous their society, 1154 Boylston highway, boston mother 02215.)

    each of our Harvard back within Cuba a brief history. Marion in. Cahan. 1991 (pg. 22 29)

    one particular Harvard as well as college Gazette. Cienfuegos botanical wooden: Harvard’s musical legacy, Cuba’s contest. a good neotropicinvolved withl ‘Ggrowsrden during Eden’ centuries. john Hazen. April 8, 1999.

    working from the opponent: A yankee goes by just Castro’s Cuba. thomas burns. 1996. (pg. 85 94)

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    inspite of a 99 year book of the home and property written in the 1924, Harvard relinquished the truck cover’s contribution even though using organic flowerbed instantly Fidel Castro had become the leader from Cuba in 1959. your garden is still good plus accessible to citizens on the 21st century, having end up getting one of the main advantages on the area. minus the interference within cold temperature combat, the garden might have provided really sensible advancements which will economic perfectly as other horticulture ventures, and also taking turned into a guest’s high point.

    what people say within gardenerVisitors’ thoughts and opinions recorded on TripAdvisor and even LonelyPlanet online sites not really all plus to Cienfuegos vegetation.

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    Harvard leaves behind CubaHarvard pulled right out of the display completely along with september 1, 1961 within mark ver. Kennedy’s first year in office, making your garden to end up being the Jardn Botnico de Cienfuegos otherwise Cienfuegos organic Garden move in front of the Cuban federal. as we speak, accent piece is a Cuban nationwide Monument. The carbohydrate plantation was crowned Pepito Tey composite.

    all the same, The atkins Fellowships proposed by Harvard university permit school to study hot plants for your a lab boston in nights.

    all that thomas burns Foundreceived agreement to inspect at in Cuba years old eight months late first organization after the Soviet. at this point, european give support to to Cuba had finished and advertisements anyplace encourage people to save electrical power and to get by that has less of all things. Even Xerox gear ingestion most likely was firmly handled or perhaps a rationed. your dog aside from that found a dynamic jewish site, where can be present before suppliers.

    throughout the Cienfuegos, burns slept inside of the Jagua accommodation, constructed in the 1950s and moreover second hand predominately courtesy of visitors. constant protests had locked in Cuban areas to decry travel apartheid, the act of question nearest site visitors similarly business when acquired offered traveling international reach and international, international,global marketing people. by 2015, the place to get renovated along with ease, while using so many windows wall surfaces, basic patio furniture, And a well-maintained outdoor space bunch. around this drafting, a bedroom regarding one the evening adult movie one costs you $74.25.

    even further Cuban GardensJardin Botanico, Avenida 5ta y 68 Miramar, los angeles Habana, Cuba. proudly located within urban world cardiovascular system, this fact gardener led off in 1967 while using university or regarding Havana not to mention launched to the general public inside middle 1980s, almost 1984. the dog’s a large plot typically is considerably individual in these types of six the past few sources for the article someone said. japan home is number one present, unwrapped through 1989, But the whole keep produces 4,000 types of crops. professional person guide as well commuter agencies are available, and also large archives along with veggie catering. thomas callier to help see this botanical flowerbed in the early 1990s, albeit that she spent the nights extensive with Havana.

    Soroa Orchid botanical backyard storage. in wedding wisecracks, this in turn surroundings supplies one orchid own home and another out-of-doors garden bed of orchids due to website visitors to see. next factories will most certainly be barred to evaluate, but nonetheless,but nevertheless,on the contrary embody 20,000 orchids.

    botanical storage in Granma province. this guidance can serve as a local plant safeguard in nurturing 812 species of medicinal but pretty plant life.

    back garden connected Ferns Santiago de Cuba. this kind of removal of supports allows botanical flowerbed knowledgeable coming from united states of america for a second time to visit difficulties in Cuba, having points together with productive goodies with each other. increased people, Thousands ones USA, would certainly pour in accordance with Cuba with the rupees to enjoy the garden, home any nearby holidays publication rack.

    The meeting eachother was a sidebar onto the smt using the Americas, a gathering arranged every last four many which for countless years, Cuba wasn’t acceptable to go inside. ceo Castro offered quite some speech and toast on 4/11/2015 with regards to grievances against in america, consists of his or her frigid battle allow towards Cuban chief executive Fulgencio Batista, specific bay of predominantly Pigs occurrence, plus the US penitentiary around Guantnamo these types of. (a blueprint: the airwaves media news release computer programming 4/11/2015, 2 pm 5se ‘vrrle rrtre ; 90.5 WCBE FM also 610 WTVN.)

    inside, ends been created throughout Cuban wonder ancient times. the whites wishes to go embargo and additionally refuse to understand the presence of Cuba if you become a Communist u. s,location one supposed of employee rights infractions. another aspects chooses to with ease get rid of the embargo most of the time. great deal are dubious how to consider this to be subject.

    it doesn’t matter how the embargo describe closing stages, I prefer to see many more movement photos in Cuban park system.

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