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12 Facts about Puma Punku

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12 Facts about Puma Punku

12 facts about Puma Punku

12 facts about Puma Punku, the Ancient Alien fortress.

12 facts about Puma Punku, the Ancient Alien fortress.

45 miles west of La Paz high in the Andes mountains, lie the mysterious ancient ruins of Puma Punku. The megalithic stones found here are among the largest on the planet, measuring up to 26 feet long and weighing more than 100 tons each.

Puma Punku is a large temple complex or monument group that is part of the Tiwanaku Site near Tiwanaku, Bolivia.

  1. Puma Punku is so unique in the way that it was constructed, shaped and positioned, that it is the most intriguing ancient site on the planet.
  2. If you look at the stones carefully, you can see some intricate stonework, as though they used machine tools or even lasers. Evidence of ancient civilizations using modern technology?
  3. At Puma Punku you will find incredible stones with perfect right angles, almost smooth as glass, this makes Puma Punku unique. Only few places on earth display this type of stone work.
  4. The massive stones were hewn at quarries over 60 miles away according to archeologists.
  5. Puma Punku is located  at an altitude of 12,800 feet, which means it is located above the natural tree line, this means NO trees grew in that area which means that no trees were cut down in order to use wooden rollers, the question is how did they transport the stones?
  6. Tiahuanaco is located near Puma Punku, less than a quarter mile northeast of Puma Punku. Scientists believe Tiahuanaco was once the center of a civilization with more than 40,000 inhabitants.
  7. Tiahuanaco is probably the greatest Native American civilization that many people haven’t heard of.
  8. It’s said that Tiahuanaco displays all the races of mankind, even elongated skulls, people wearing turbans, people with broad noses, people with thin noses, people with thick lips, people with thin lips, and some of the statues are particularly unusual and are unlike the ones found in the nearby area.
  9. One of the most important archaeological artifacts ever discovered in Tiahuanaco or Puma Punku is the famous Fuente Magna Bowl.
  10. The Ceramic bowl has Sumerian cuneiform and Proto-Sumerian hieroglyphic written on it.
  11. The megalithic stones found at Puma Punku are among the largest on the planet.
  12. There are stones at Puma Punku that weigh over 100 tons.
  • I’d love to see more of the finding at Puma Punku… it is all mind boggling at what we are finding on the Earth.

    • Bluey Australia

      Evidence of us being here longer than they say…and more perhaps advanced than us now….

  • Not only did this rock come from 60 miles away but also the rock is Diorite, which is one of the hardest igneous rocks. Diorite tools were used by Egyptians to work granite. It is capable of taking a high polish but for people to work such a hard mineral to such exacting standards over 3500 years ago….. highly unlikely. Some of the construction stones are all alike to the last measurement. What it looks like….. or more closely resembles….. is the modern practice of casting concrete using forms or molds.

    • So, Joe, what’s your take on how and why this place exists?

    • anonymous

      contrary to ancient aliens, there is no Diorite in puma punka it is made up of granate and red sandstone it was also fashioned using a method where they would create ridges in the rock with metal tools (which they had) then take off the ridges this would not have required laser cutting or diamond tools. The site has been carbon dated to around AD 550 and is covered in the pictographs of the native Tiwanaku people.

      • Anonymous

        …and carbon dating is SOOOO absolute, precise and foolproof…?
        The native inhabitants laughed at the idea, when asked if THEY were responsible for the architecture at Puma Punku; they insisted these ruins were there Long before the people arrived.

        Mainstream scientists et al. will proclaim many things, and even go as far as distorting and ignoring evidence that could harm the present paradigms – and attack the character of discoverers in attempts to discredit their work.
        Ancient Aliens Debunked is a prime example — quite often facts are misrepresented, and only selective data are discussed on each topic, to give the readers a usually false impression that the topic has been thoroughly, absolutely, and scientifically disproven.

        The fact remains that HOWEVER the ruins of Puma Punku were built, the precision and quality cannot presently be replicated, even with MODERN TECHNOLOGY, TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES. So “metal tools” or no, if the results cannot nearly be duplicated today, it seems highly unlikely that these ancient peoples could have done so.
        Not to mention the fact that these people THEMSELVES claim to have had nothing at all to do with the project!

      • stunami

        If you are so sure then recreate it. Anyone can say they used this method but without proof of recreating it now it is not plausible. Look at the cuts more closely. There are inline bevels as precise as modeling in an advanced 3D modeling software. The same goes for coral castle. These so called scientists need to create an experiment where they reproduce their theory with the tools they claim the ancients had. Using words alone is not science. It’s a bad theory. And its arrogance to think time and evolution is linear with no solid evidence to prove it. At least ancient alien theorists are looking at these mysteries and widening the scope of possibilities. Today’s mainstream scientists LIMIT our thinking which will never solve the mystery. I think they want it to remain a mystery so we are easier controlled.

      • pfff

        Please show me all the records of carbon dated stone out there…. You’ll look very stupid trying to answer this one.

        • Uncle Arty

          water jet?

      • patriot156

        uh no they can’t precicsely date it again your attempt at debunking is debunked for they say i’ts possible this city was there 7-10k bc and not just ad times. Just watching the show now on this and they took a rock from that area and used two different types of cutting on it. Modern machining doesn’t even come close but diamond laser type cutting came the closest to being able to recreate these right angles and precission cuts. SO no you didn’t dubunk nothing! As I stated above your skepikcism is conditioned in from thousands of years ago when the world was far more wonderious and better than it is now.
        Especially when man lived 900 or more years.


        What did they carbon date ? The stone that is millions/billions of years old ?

      • Uncle Arty

        the only red sandstone at Puma Punku came from Tiwanaku. Two completely different sites whose only relation is proximity

    • pfff

      You don’t just ‘work granite with diorite’. Absolutely EVERYTHING Egyptologists say about the construction is false. Go ahead and bounce some diorite off of granite. Let me know when you get a square edge. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get a square edge on granite without a machine. Period. Ask any mason you can find.

      • pfff

        I work with brick and stone every day. Please, brilliant Egyptologists with your brilliant theories, let me know what I’m missing.

    • diablo135

      The stones were from only about 6 miles away and this place was built some time after 536 AD. 1400 years ago. Still quite remarkable.

      • Reverend Joe Ruyle

        Indeed! I still find the MOST remarkable thing about this site is the precision of the stone work. “Stone age” people simply could not make long straight channels in even a softer stone which do not vary in either width or depth by more than .001 inch over their entire length and have perfect 90 degree corners at the bottom. Add to that the equally spaced holes at the bottom of that channel which are exactly the same width of the channel and all flat bottomed and exactly the same depth…… and what you have is a demonstration of how incredibly easy it was for the builders to manipulate stone.

    • Donny J

      The rock is sand stone and andesite. Get a clue.

      • Uncle Arty

        no the sand stone is only found at Tiwanaku, any red sand stone laying around at Puma Punku was dropped there, probably when the Spanish stripped Tiwanaku bare to build their freaking church

  • 12 Facts about Puma Punku Amazing… All Points Put By The Debunking Theorists Are Pointless… Skeptics are Always There In Every Field… If Puma Punku Was Built As Per The Debunkers Theory Then The Construction Would Never Have Got Completed… Same With The Great Pyramids… Hiding History Too Has Become A Profession… Think World Wake Up — __/__

    • Bluey Australia

      Your so right,the world,s so called brains cant see for the trees,they think they know it all,the lost history or past of this planet we dont know..maybe they were just as advanced as us,and destroyed themselves because of ignorance..sounds very much the same as us….history does repeat itself….ponder….????

      • Lou Grave

        Actually it’s a bit of a good thing that history repeats itself. In the past, they discredited people that said that the Earth was round, the Earth wasn’t the center of the universe etc. But at the end, science prevailed.

    • Chris Hill

      This means aliens did it lol

      • KGC

        Hi, I don’t think so. I think the so called “Primitive” people were more advanced then we will ever know. These are objects that we cannot build, were built 10 Thousand years ago. THINK ABOUT IT.

    • KGC

      Mr. Menon,
      I could not agree more. There is nothing done today that has not been done before.

    • patriot156

      Skepticks I believe is by design rather than natrual skepticism. I have a feeling or memory some reason of some covnent that people thousands of years ago may have made about the truth on this. Back when the Earth was filled with magic and wonderious creatures, and when man was still able to have close realtionships with God and his angels before the Giants and their abominations. after this time of trouble and flood people took a covenant to not disclose or divulge these truths for fear of it happening again. So over the milleniums people have forgotten and now is just skeptical but that is inbreed in them to be so because of the covenant they took many thousands of years ago. I fully believe mankind although they didn’t have the written language back then the conveyed in pictures and items they created. Meaning the H blocks of that area the little aircraft looking embolem Baghdad batterie Pic on the walls of the Pyramids that look like Submerines aircraft etc.. We were hear before and destroyed ourselves but this time around we develped written langauge and are about to do the same. Just watching the show now they take that little golden plane looking thing and it does fly.

  • Ravi

    This discovery truly is out of this world.if moulds were used and cutting tech made of a precious jewel or of the rock itself could be possible.precision can be accepted aswel man could of been dumb as blonde in that day and age and this construction is alil far fetched or unbelieveble.question still is if man had created or built these monuments there seems to be some significance in it coz its all around the world and they all have something similar in design.

    • Highcover

      Is it posable that they had a way to mix some chemicals the way they make concreat? Then use wood to form it. That many years ago the elavation might have men much lower.

      • Ivan

        Well they could have used some sort of chemicals sure, ancient man were very intelligent. But I am not sure if there is evidence that points towards the use of chemicals and molds… Besides the “stones” at Puma Punku were quarried and transported.

      • Bluey Australia

        Pre-flood days in Noahs Time….worth a ponder..what was the world like pre-flood days..were just as advanced as us…even more to the point of total destruction..its a truely amazing site….

  • Rock Man Sand Grinder

    The quarry was 6 miles, not 60. Ancient civilizations had plumb bobs and t- suqares. Debunkers are from both sides, either you debink main-stream or you are debunking ancient alien beliefs, but to assume man was dumb and lacked tools is, well, absurbed and ignorant. Beloeve what you want, but dont fabricate.

    • AncientCodeAdmin

      Hi, thanks for commenting and sharing your opinion. No one is fabricating here anything. Articles here are based on information gathered. Let me clarify a few things.

      1) Based upon petrographic and chemical analyses of samples from both individual stones and known quarry sites near Puma Punku, archaeologists believe that sandstones blocks were transported from a quarry near lake Titicaca, which is approx. 10 km from Puma Punku. Other ANDESITE blocks were transported came from quarries from about 100 km. Andesite by the way is one of the “hardest” rocks to quarry.

      2) Did you know that there is no evidence of “tools” near Puma Punku? No expanation has been given to “how” ancient man managed to quarry Andesite Blocks or transport them. Plumb Bobs and T-squares would have helped very little there.

      3) No one is assuming “Man was dumb”. “Au contraire” We believe Ancient Man was extremely intelligent, they managed to achieve amazing things, some of them we cannot replicate even today.

      4) The fact that Puma Punku’s “constructers” MIGHT have used plumb bobs and T-squares does not tell us really anything about the construction ( nor transportation ) of blocks that weigh 2, 5, 10 or 100 tons. We know that Ancient Egyptians used Plum Bobs, but we have not found any evidence of said instrument in Puma Punku.

      Again thanks for sharing your opinion. Have a great day.

      • Drew Palmer

        The andesite blocks average 5kg.

        The tree line in the Lake Titicaca area is 17000 feet, and certain scrub brushes in the Bolivian Andes can be found at up to 22,000 feet, by far the highest altitudes in the world.

        The site has been so heavily looted, down to stones being used in private homes in nearby Puno, it would shocking to find tools still remaining. Which works both ways – any advanced technological artifacts would have been looted as well.

        All of which still doesn’t explain the advanced machining techniques, the apparent innovation of an assembly line, or how the massive stones were lifted. I’m not a believer in ancient aliens but there is still something very wonderful that happened that is still unexplained.

      • diablo135

        They found tools right there laying next to unfinished blocks.

  • eyeamme

    We can speculate until the cows come home but we still can’t duplicate it.

    • thepotriotsociety

      the Coral Castle in Florida?

  • hrlock27

    What about if it was a trap- a cell, to lock something like a bad angel.
    just saying. 🙂

    • John Copper


    • Bluey Australia

      Could be, what about satin he was thrown down to the earth…????

  • Remowill

    All of the Scientists assume that there were no civilizations before the present one. isn’t it possible that there was a civilization that grew so big and powerful that they destroyed themselves in a war, or something. Maybe we are their descendants.

    • unknown :P

      This is a plausible alternative to having been visited by far advanced extraterrestrial visitors.

      If human civilization had reached a peak higher than today’s technology, it’s absolutely possible that they achieved these feats that are still unexplained by present standards and knowledge.
      This would explain a lot of anomalous artifacts and evidence of advanced architecture that cannot be replicated with the highest technology and techniques available to us at present.

      It’s also interesting to note the very similar origin stories that numerous ancient civilizations share – many of these that didn’t have any contact at all with one another – similarities that span the globe, across oceans and millennia, with remarkably similar creation stories, and clear parallels between their gods and the noted events of their origins —- much too similar to be mere coincidence…

      • Bluey Australia

        I agree,what was this planet like pre-flood days…were we so backward as they say…I think not I think we have been here longer than what they say maybe for hundreds of thousands of years….evidence is there…I think they are really scared at what they have found…but ignorance from them so called experts is typical….we have a long past and its buried under the sands of time….

    • Lilith Filth

      but why war and why stone ….there is evidence that we have been working in stone much much longer then science theorizes …. but that natural courses left man in a survive mode for 10’s of thousands of years…forgetting completely once was known widely . but why stone we today engineer nothing that will last 10 k years let alone 50 or 100k years

      • Lilith Filth

        i would like to see this site do some research in to underwater discoveries . some of theses sites like cuba could date back as far as 50k years….

      • John Copper

        Why stone? They used stone for one reason and one reason only… TIME! This is the same reason that Mount Rushmore is in stone! Potentially, thousands of years from now, people will wonder who or what THESE beings were, yes? YES!

      • Mandy Gershon

        Thousands of years from now, people will be looking at Mt. Rushmore and thinking it was a place of worship. 😉

    • Bluey Australia

      Tyical Scientists,they werent here over 50,000 years ago,so why do they debunk things such as this Puma Punka..because of their ignorance…they dont have any clue to who built it and why….I think man was just as advanced as we are now and finally destroyed the world then…..maybe we are headed down the same path….remember the Flood….

    • Lou Grave

      It’s very hard for someone to grasp the idea that there was people around before his god created him. I think the biggest barrier to science is still to this day religions or remnants of.

  • thepotriotsociety

    What about the Coral Castle in Florida? Seems to me that someone is aware of something in the past…..

  • RMR

    Assuming that Puma Punku is dated around 500-1000AD Just a quick survey of contemporary civilizations and their technologies will put things in perspective eg. the kingdoms/dynasties in India were far more technologically advanced at around the same time in history

    • John Copper

      Which gives credence to the Ancient (alien or advanced man technology) Times Theory.

  • Boomer

    If you look at some of the amazing things around the planet from far, far back it appears to me that there was someone who wanted to leave a simple message… we were here. Could it be that when we finally really decipher our DNA that we will find the real message they left?

  • Curious George

    Where are the human or otherwise remains? Is this an archeological dig of any sort? Even if the site was looted, wouldn’t there still be some evidence of tools buried somewhere? Besides the Ancient Alien protheorists, has any other entity studied the site?

  • Anoniguy

    The constructs appear made to ‘lock together’ and the differing shapes cannot be just random..they must have had rhyme and reason behind them. Let us not forget that also, these buildings were architecturally designed, intelligently and for a purpose which we know absolutely nothing about because all we are seeing is the scattered fragments of a much larger whole.

  • Chevy

    I think there’s a point to be made here that’s missing from any posts I’ve seen. It looks as if there was some kind of explosion that blew up the structure as it may have been before said explosion. I think the blocks are too big to have been thrown around by a tornado or hurricane. A meteor strike? If so where are the remnants of it? I hope to one day go there personally and get a first hand look. Whatever the truth is, we don’t know it. We can speculate as to how men could make such things back then, and why they would. I would say without some kind of technology or ability we have long forgotten, simple tools and slave labor are not feasible explanations for Puma Punku’s construction and subsequent destruction.

    • Bluey Australia

      Evidence of advanced culture surpassing our own,why do we wonder…the world may have been more advanced than us today..perhaps a huge world conflict between Nations and peoples over 50,000 years ago…and with history we must learn from may have been more advanced in all aspects of the times long ago….its just typical of ignorance of today..thank God there are like minded people like me…History repeats it self…we should learn from such sites…

  • Bluey Australia

    Puma Punku,well if they are correct in dating this site,it seems that our forefathers an ancestors were very advanced indeed,remember the flood what was the world like before the Noah flood??? maybe they werent so backward after all,and just as advanced as us maybe more,and their advancement caused them to be wiped out,pause for serious thinking or rethinking or who we really are….pretty advanced stuff….

  • jaymac

    There’s evidence of modern man being more than 400,000 years old (‎) <–just read that//

    Genome projects have uncovered a "bottle neck" effect roughly 60,000 years ago that suggests mankind dropped in population down to about 6,000 individuals before rebounding into the current population. If we could have attained the advanced state we're in today in so short a time then why not for the first 300,000 years? It's a matter of ego. No one wants to think they don't live in the peak of civilization and it could very well be that there are those (crazy conspiracy theory, sorry) that want to keep people ignorant of the past for their own possibly selfish reasons. For much of our known history the powers that be have burned books, suppressed science, and generally controlled the masses through various religions and social orders.

    It's absolutely my belief that before the ice age a civilization or civilizations existed that were advanced in ways different and greater than ourselves. The exact means of their fall are debatable but I tend to believe it was a combination of events both natural and man made. A major impact in the oceans by meteor or comet, world wide war, out of control diseases. Any one or combo of things. I also believe that it's the memory of those days that have inspired the oldest legends, myths, and religions. Who knows, the stories about gods and aliens visiting disparate peoples could very well be survivals of that lost age coming back to lead men towards a better path than the one which had brought them to the brink the last time.
    Why keep it a secret? Who knows, maybe the conflict never really ended.

    • Bob

      Just found this site, and jaymac seems to have the most reasonable answers to all this ancient alien stuff.

      If the speed of light is the top speed possible in this universe, then no aliens have ever visited earth, the distances involved are too vast to cross, even from our nearest stellar neighbor.

      So, it would seem those ancient aliens were us, but something knocked them back to the stone age(asteroid, super volcano, major ice age, pandemic), and us “modern” humans with our present civilization have not yet reached the level of technology our ancestors had reached.

      No little grey men with impossible eyes, just us.

    • Bob

      One other thing…

      If the problem is that we today just don’t have sufficient technology to construct FTL(faster then light) spaceships, something that may indeed be possible with a more advanced technology, then all bets are off.

  • dodge

    there is a page missing in the book of us and why don’t people see what went before us the tec is far more complex than you could dare to think

  • Hillbilly
  • David Laidig

    Genesis 6 vs 1>4

  • Stan

    About the ruins of megatons rocks and the technologies. It was the works of the giant Nephilites and hybrid humans during the days of Noah (Genesis 6:4). Those fallen angels were intelligent and with huge strength and might. It is those days where giant animals (Dinasour), unicorn, half human half animals were found.
    Because God sees the earth were so corrupted, He sent flood to this earth and it covers even the highest mountain of the earth.
    That is why you find no other equipment or tools that left behind. All those tools have been washed away and destroyed, tons of sand covered the the tombs and ruins. That is why recently Archaeologist found massive Dinasour bones graves as though there was great flood that gathered all the bones in concentrated site. Yes that was the massive rain and water that pour from the sky 40 days and 40 nights.
    The fallen angels are from heaven, of course they are far more advanced than the modern archaeologist or scientists could comprehend.
    When u find those ruins, tombs or Dinasour that was buried marks the before the great flood. When u look around the Pumapunku, u may see some rocks where like in the mess, it is probably moved by the flood. It is impossible anyone could moved the multi tons stones.

  • Foos

    I do believe there is life out there in the universe. That being said I don’t think puma punku was built by aliens. Just good ol’ human ingenuity. Ancient people wernt stupider than we are today. Puma punku is the product of generations of skilled stone workers knowledge. Each generation perfecting old technology as we do today. The reason we today arnt sure how exactly how they did it is because we lost generations of larg scale stone working experience to history. Even the tools uses have rotted away with time. Bottom line, ancient people were just as smart as we are today. Ignorance isn’t stupidity.

  • Jay V

    Fascinating,but with regards to #5. Flawed logic. Man has transported things heavier than trees far greater distances. Just because they didn’t grow there doesn’t mean they weren’t brought in from other places….much like the stones were. If the stones could be moved from a distance,the trees could have been moved from distances exponentially farther.

  • aztekk

    “No modern engineer is able to build these structures, so they must surely be of alien origin”.

    More like, no one today is interested in recreating these structures.

    These are terrific works of art created by humans, its sad to take the credit away from humanity and give it to the little green men from mars.

    Lets get a grip.

  • Joe

    What a mystery! I’ve wanted to learn who built it and how. Also how was it destroyed like that? NO quake did that!
    It is TOO precision to have been built by men at that time. It was Machined as well.

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  • MickeyG

    Here is a distirbing theory. I have often wondered why these structures display a use of very advanced technology but the medium (stone) was used. The technology does not match the medium. Now go read the testimony of Solomon, considering the above.

  • some of these are hardly ‘facts’ though are they? 1 – 3 are just opinions and 6 – 10 are not really about stones themselves. So now we have 4, 5, 11 and 12 and even some of those are just stating the bleeding obvious as opposed to being genuine ‘informative facts’. He may as well wrote ” some are square..FACT! ” ” made of stone FACT ” ” on planet Earth FACT! ” I know people want there to be more at play and want there to be these grand hidden agenda’s so we can all feel special. But the truth is we are not…..we are just one more life-form evolving, living and dying. If you believe we are all ‘special’ then most likely YOU ‘are’. Yes, there may well be arguments for additional investigations of time spans, but ancient aliens? people please.

    • Barbara Sheehan

      To believe that we are the only people that exist in the Universe…a Universe where there are 100’s of thousands of *earthlike* planets is extremely naive.

      • Donny J

        To think that we have been visited by anthropomorphic aliens for no good reason is pretty unsound as well. How close is the nearest earth-like planet from which an anthropomorphic could come?

        • bleak

          What reason do you want? What reason does the US invade [country xyz]? RESOURCES, maybe? We had/have something they want(ed); GOLD. Why is gold, a metal with no intrinsic value, considered so “precious” to this day? Outside of some specialized tech, tooth fillings and jewelry, gold is not valuable. Except the value that was placed on it by… who? The Anunnaki.

          • Donny J

            Gold is rare, easily made into jewelery, and can be polished to a shine. That’s why has considered precious. It’s not a conspiracy.

      • Skull_Krusher

        I would have to say you are naive to think only in the 100’s and thousands. The Universe is infinite. Therefore infinite amounts of planets with life,.

  • m.m

    o maybe we humans got a round 2 in earth we’re just fucked up in round 1 and our race almost annihilate because of the things we’ve done

  • mouser

    These stones were not carved like some people think. This is my theory of how they were made and it may answer some other questions about some other constructions that seem impossible. In those times you’ll find that there were giants in the lands. These giants were not just huge. They had some interesting attributes in the way their sinuses were made. They could create sound vibrations in such a way as to actually soften stone. Science will tell you ,you can soften stone with sound vibrations. The proper frequency and volume can not only soften stone to the consistency of play dough, but it can make heavy stone light enough to ;levitate them. Create a form of anti gravity. Scientific experiments have been done to prove this. The giants could do this. These stones that seem to be cut so perfectly to fit together. were actually softened and pressed together. Try it yourself with playdough. See what you get. Stones like you find at Puma Punku ,that look intricately cut were actually softened and molded. Made to a mold. Think about it. look around and you’ll find more of this technique. Some monoliths have what looks like carvings. but think about softening the stone then pressing a tool into the soft stone. When they find these stones they should look around the site for the tools and molds used to make the carvings. I think they over look this. I think they will find that the giants who were created by humans and falling angels copulating had some unusual powers that we don’t understand. This is how the pyramids were built.They were not just big and strong, they could do some strange things. Think Frequency,Vibration. This is the key to explaining a lot of these things.

    • bleak

      Yes it is the key and your comment is brilliant. It (“interference/intervention theory”) explains so much like the old testament “God” (who was not the Supreme Creator, merely thought they were), the nephilim (giants), Elohim (“gods” plural), our so-called “junk DNA,” these giant megaliths, and other mysteries. It’s thee KEY to unlocking our history, I strongly believe. The Sumerians wrote about it in The Epic of Gilgamesh, cuneiform tablets, rollers, and more. The Christian Gnostics wrote about the “archons” (rulers) who control this planet TO THIS DAY. Zecharia Sitchin, Lloyd Pie, Erick Von Daniken, and other very serious research scientists spent their entire lives uncovering the truth. It’s just a matter of seeing the connections between seemingly disparate groups of data. The oldest pyramids in Egypt… the largest, most complex and precise pyramids, do not have a single bit of writing/hieroglyphs on them. Not one symbol. While all post Gaza architecture of ancient Egypt is PROFUSELY decorated with symbols. Why? Because the great pyramids were not created by the ancient Egyptians despite what modern archeologists claim. Khufu was not entombed in there. HA.

  • pfff

    Anyone that makes the claim that any of these ancient sites was made with HAND TOOLS is completely ignorant. Feel free to go take the best carbide tipped sledge hammer you can find and start swinging at a block of granite. Call me in a month and tell me how far you got.
    I dare you to talk to ANY mason you can find and ask him to describe how he would complete any of the work at Puma Punku with his finest chisels. Real life workers know these things are impossible.

  • patriot156

    I beleive all this is here to show us not ancient aliens so much but that ENoch and the biblical accounts of preflood history are correct. Being created and not evovled answers why people thousands of years ago were able to construct such sites in the first place. I like ancient alieans only because of what it talks about the Giants and titans of the ancient world. IT also is telling us that unlike modern mainstream theory is that ancients came this way by land bridge, but that since were much older than a 6k theory but not evovled we were part of Pangea, and yes we were with Dinasaurs as lots of evidence shows. With the finding of living tissue in Dinasaur bone one has to say that 65 million years ago crap is false!

  • patriot156

    I as of yet have been giving access into one of the Smithsonians sites that has articles on the Nephilim and Giants, and have been trying now for over a year so…..

  • patriot156

    I beleive all this is here to show us not ancient aliens so much but that ENoch and the biblical accounts of preflood history are correct. Being created and not evovled answers why people thousands of years ago were able to construct such sites in the first place. I like ancient alieans only because of what it talks about the Giants and titans of the ancient world. IT also is telling us that unlike modern mainstream theory is that ancients came this way by land bridge, but that since were much older than a 6k theory but not evovled we were part of Pangea, and yes we were with Dinasaurs as lots of evidence shows. With the finding of living tissue in Dinasaur bone one has to say that 65 million years ago crap is false!

  • Frank Barr

    one thing for sure this was not done with hammer and chisels ,these are machined as accurate measurements that we cannot match today

    • Brian James

      Hi Frank, we do have the technology to produce the H-blocks with CNC machines and diamond tooling. Check out Coldspring Granite in Coldspring Minnesota and they’re doing such every day.

      • Frank Barr

        Say we do now .We still can not move and set 200 ton blocks .up steep mountains in the middle of no were . So as you know what it takes to manufacture these tools and the power it takes to run them and the maintenance to keep them running How was it done 8,000 years ago

        • Black Candy

          8,000? More like 1,500.

          The blocks aren’t extremely accurate, there is significant variation between them.

          There is also nothing to suggest that cuts and shaping such as those at Pumapunku couldn’t be made with the technology and techniques of the time, and even of a much earlier time as evidenced by older sites throughout the world with impressive stone work.

          I guess the Code of Hamurabi was made by aliens too. But different, more advanced aliens than the ones at Pumapunku, seeing as how it was made earlier and is of more intricate detail carved in stone that is just as hard.

          • Frank Barr

            I do not agree with you .The time frame is up for grabs ,However it takes planning and a written outline of a method of procedure. Rock was cut out of shear cliffs we could not build this today

      • cptwayne

        The stones at Puma Punku are made out of red Sandstone and Andesite, not diorite or granite. Cutting tools were found at Puma Punku and are in the various museums located in Peru. The tools are made out of a special copper alloy that renders them able to cut their stones.

  • Puntos sobre las ies.

    Fact: These pieces were done by people with advance construction skills, knowledge and the technology, to build them. How? We are still far away to decipher. To say they were done by Aliens is an easy way out, just because we don’t know how they were constructed. I believe there was a highly developed civilization in this place which constructed these buildings, which disappear for reasons we do not know. Much later in time, this place was inhabited by other cultures, or its descendants, which built on top of it, with what is obvious a much lesser construction knowlege. This is postulate, not a theory!

  • Adrian Ledesma

    if they were molded rather than sculpted then they could have brought up in small pieces then melted into a shape. that would explain all the little indents or ‘bubble’ holes in them. question is… where are the molds?

  • Brian James

    We do have the technology to make the H blocks with CNC machines and artificial diamond tooling. Most granite (whether it be for countertops or gravestones) is machined in this manner. It’s too bad that we can’t at least locate the area where the H-blocks were produced as evidenced by the dust/waste and then possibly find the machined pieces of stone or even parts of the related tooling.

    • snoopyone

      Archaeologists say the large stones were quarried 60 miles away from Puma Punku. Why do i find that hard to believe?. The stones at Puma Punko are perfectly proportioned as if they were compressed molded from a mixture poured into form,dried and then erected. I have not been there to do any estimate weights and measurements,but i will bet many are precisely the exact same size. I think the method used to make the stone structures at Puma Punku far exceeds the method used to quarry the stone cubes at the Pyramids.

      • Black Candy

        Even just eye-balling some of the repetitive block designs at Pumapunku one can see that the dimensions are not the same between blocks.

        There is no evidence, zero, that these stones were cast.

  • Lydia Brindley

    Stones are hundreds of feet high n weighing hundreds of tons . The granite blocks are precisely cut at right angles that are equal all the way around the block .Some scientists think they are thousands of years ..many of the blocks are as smooth as glass ..would love to go n see them

  • Joe

    Apparently American natives were incompetent inferior races unable to carve sandstone building materials and needed the help of Aliens, or perhaps European stone masons.

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