A look inside the Flat Earth Theory

The Flat Earth Theory: Could it be true and what aren’t we being told

The Globe VS Flat Earth Theory

We have to admit, that even though there are some conspiracy theories that might sound absurd and anything but normal they are there for a good reason: It makes people question a lot of things. Sometimes we stumble upon small pieces of evidence that suggest a historical event or scientific discovery which is believed to be backed up by facts hasn’t been combed through and other realistic possibilities might not have been eliminated properly.

One of those theories is that of the Flat Earth.

On December 24, 1968, the crew of the Apollo 8 mission captured one of the most famous photographs in human history known as “The Earthrise”. The image, photographed by Astronaut William Anders displays one of the most beautiful images of our planet, the first color image of the Earth from space.

However, there are many people who claim that the Earth isn’t round, that the images from NASA are faced and that the Earth is, in fact, FLAT. The flat Earth theory is considered by many people as the greatest conspiracy in the history of our civilization.

Flat Earth Theory

According to proponents of the Flat Earth theory, the Earth is, in fact, a disc with the Arctic Circle on the center with a wall of ice of 150 meters around the edge in Antarctica. Day and night are explained as the sun and the moon is spheres measuring 51 kilometers and moving in a circular motion 4989 above the plane of the flat Earth. Like spotlights, these celestial spheres illuminate different parts of the planet in a cycle of 24 hours. In the flat earth, there is also an invisible “anti-Moon” that obscures the moon during lunar eclipses. Moreover, the gravity on the Flat Earth is actually nonexistent since the shape of the disc would collapse on itself. According to proponents of the Flat Earth theory, the flat Earth disk spins up to 9.8 square meters per second and is driven by a mysterious force called dark energy.

Followers of the Flat Earth theory ay that the photographs of the spherical earth are manipulated, GPS devices are also engineered to airline pilots think they are flying straight around a sphere when they are actually flying in circles on a disk.

According to its proponents, there are many reasons for governments and governmental organizations to conceal the “true shape of the Earth”, but a favorite explanation among many is that organizations like NASA steal billions of dollars promoting the idea that there is a round earth while spending money on “rockets”, “scientific” and ” technological research”.

Many people who believe in the flat Earth theory suggest that since most of us have never seen Earth from Space, we cannot blindly follow what NASA and other agencies are telling us…

But wait a minute, let’s do some research

First of all, let’s take a minute and watch some of the Flat Earth theory videos and see what their proponents are telling us:


While these claims are certainly interesting and fire up a person’s imagination most of these claims can easily be debunked by yourself. It seems that the only thing you need is a normal camera and a laptop. Here is a video which contradicts the Flat Earth Theory:

So what do you think, who wins this debate? The Globe Earth Theory or the Flat Earth Theory? In our views, it’s better to give the flat Earth theory a rest since this theory doesn’t seem possible at all.

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  1. whether the earth is a plate, bowl, or a ball… your still going to see a curve in the horizon. If you take a ball of clay, and push down a flat bowl into it- you can easily have 100s of miles of flat horizon on an ocean, and if you use a ruler to press into the clay you can have 100’s of miles of flat bridges. The landscape of our planet allows for flat horizons as far as the eye can see, and we just have no got up high enough yet to see the curve. Globular Earth fanatics that just want to write this off though- have not looked deep enough into the Gleason map. This is the one fact you can track yourself. Sun rise should act like a giant encompassing light presenting itself from the center of the ecliptic and than spreading out north to south. This is not what happens. It moves around just like the Gleason map shows, and how the flat heads justify it. Do this yourself- its regulated by local airports. Search sunrise in the south tip of south america, than sun rise in Seattle… and every points in between. It moves up the west coast. On Solstices days- it should present itself evenly going both directions from the equator. The sun circles over us… But this does not make us flat by any means- but its their only argument. There is a clear argument to be made here by them- and a real world reason to be made- and why this movement has so much steam. I offer another conclusion to the rabbit hole though. In my FB group -all roads lead to the truth- i laid it all out. Because if more than one conclusion can come from the data- than we just need to go back to the drawing board. *imagine an eyeball. The white part is the antartica, and the pupil is earth. The system admits to manipulating land mass to create their globular models. Africa is just one of those… its not far fetched they did this to antartica as well. If you make the planet look more like this example you can now have a circling sun. There’s also great evidence that the moon does not reflect that sun over us as well, AND the southern aurora is different in color than the northern. Give us a 2nd sun below the planet we can not see- just like every other binary star system we see across the universe… than now we’re not so different. You put my conclusion into the flat earth argument and i assure you it will all fit identically.. .making this a bigger mystery that needs to be solved. BUT AGAIN… it does not matter if we’re a plate, bowl, or a ball… your still going to have a curve in the horizon when we do actually get off planet and high enough. (for the record) Every weather balloon, rocket, and ISS image never shows more than a continent in the frame of the camera… we are clearly larger than they say we are.

    1. This is the GREAT DECEPTION. Remove the Flat, Domed, God created Earth from the center of the universe, Make it spin in the middle of oblivion among a countless unimaginable amount of other planets, effectively brainwashing all of mankind from birth for generations through forced indoctrination via schools and weaponized television. Introduce Evolution, perpetuate the lie over and over again. There is a huge HUGE reason NASA and the CIA were started by scientists taken from NAZI germany at the end of ww2 via operation paper clip. There is a reason the book of 1 Enoch speaks of the wandering stars that disobeyed God (THE PLANETS). There is a reason the NWO is pushing the UN agenda21 and there is so much mainstream talk of MICROCHIP implants in the right hand or forehead that you must have to buy or sell anything NWO WORLD CURRENCY. The sad thing is it was all foretold thousands of years ago and its now all comming to pass… STATISTICALLY NOT POSSIBLE. Get right, read the bible, listen to what Jesus says, Love one another and the the truth will set you free! 8)

  2. I subscribe to the “theory” that the earth is both, flat, and a globe, depending on how I feel about it. Ultimately, since we have not yet learned to live in peace on it, or accept each other’s views, what shape what we walk on takes matters little. What matters is, do we care enough to prevent it from being destroyed?

  3. Based on the fundamentals of quantum physics.. a growing number of scientists are beginning to lean in the direction of the idea that we’re matrix type of construct indicating that space, time, and yes.. mass are in fact only computer code that’s merely designed to seem real..

    So. In that sense.. sadly.. I’m afraid that the earth isn’t flat… nor is it round.. or for that matter even real.

    Yep.. should’ve taken the blue pill.

  4. .. oh, and @ Kurt..

    certain elements within the world of quantum physics have been proven to physically act differently, all depending on whether or not we are observing as they do so. I say that just to articulate that… the stunning truth is, we see “matter” as it dictates we see it. Still, that doesn’t mean that it actually exists..

  5. Wow…people still want to believe in a flat earth. Let them, does it matter what one believes? With that said, how does a flat-earther explain gravity on a massive body (Earth, in this case) in the vacuum of space?? How does Gravity work with a flat-Earth? And finally, are you calling the hundreds of humans who have been to space liars? Are you saying they don’t see a spherical planet? That their orbits are just circles on a flat plane like NASCAR drivers? Flat Earth theory raises tons more questions than it answers.

    1. I’m not sure I totally subscribe to flat earth but there are some issues with what we are told we live on. For example, Earth is said to be a globe with a circumference of 25,000 miles. However, there are a ton of examples where mountains can be seen up to 160 miles away. Not just the peaks…substantial percentages. These should be well below the horizon. Even our statue of Liberty can be fully viewed from 60+ miles away. This would be impossible given the dimensions we are told Earth is. So there’s that. And the gravity thing is questionable as well. It doesn’t seem to apply in a few experiments that you can do yourself at home. And Newton’s big embarrassment is that he could never explain HOW gravity works. The trouble with science is that a lot of unproven theories are coveted very religiously. I’ve taken the time to research the things I mention here. Take some time to question the status quo. See if science holds up. Or don’t. Makes no difference to me. But for the record, NASA is a fraud. Take any of the Apollo photos on their website, put them in Photoshop on your PC, and then play with raising different levels on the image. You will quickly see they have been poorly edited. All of them. If we’ve been to the moon, they wouldn’t need doctored images to show us. NASA is complete BS.

      1. There was a recent interview with a NASA rep who stated that the Van Allen belts were a challenge that we would need to overcome if we are to explore space. This interview can seen on YouTube if you care to look for it. It’s shown pretty regularly in moon hoax videos. The trouble with his statement is supposedly we’ve been through the radiation belts. At least seven times. Truth be told, no man has ever gone more than 400 miles up. You should see the footage of the astronauts setting up fake earth pictures from inside the craft. In living color. Which is odd considering when they “got to the moon” they used a grainy b&w camera. Watch ” A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon. You’ll never believe moon landing crap again. Every astronaut is a liar.

        1. My research is identical to yours. Not to mention that the radiation of the Van Allen belt is over 2000 Degrees c, hotter than most steel mills. All of NASA’s metals would liquefy rapidly under such violent conditions.

          If space were a vacuum, then nothing could propel within it. Rockets, airplanes, and helicopters all need atmosphere to push against to attain any thrust whatsoever. Much like taking a boat out of water, it cannot move. A vacuum will not allow friction. If space were made up of water, that would change everything.

  6. Only here would they put up a flat-earth theory for consideration. What would be the purpose of a global conspiracy by scientists and world leaders to make us all believe in our knowledge of it’s current configuration if it was flat. The flat earth theory doesn’t even make sense. Good lord…

  7. I don’t know who the author is but this is biased towards the round earth theory. There’s actually more evidence that the Earth is flat then there is evidence that the Earth is round. I should be writing articles if someone like you can. It’s obvious you didn’t look at either one of the videos or else you wouldn’t even be debating. There is no proof that the Earth is round. That is also a theory. Do your research stranger. I used to believe in aliens in outer space. I used to believe we landed on the moon. None of those things happened and there is no outer space. We’re being scammed by NASA and their CGI.

    1. I’m a little late to this party because I only recently discovered that this nonsense exists. I see a lot of this NASA and “powers that be” are the ones propagating the round Earth story, but I have not found a reasonable explanation of the motive for such a belief. What is driving this? Are you guys religious fanatics?

      1. Not a religious person but there are flat or immovable descriptions of a domed plane in the bible. I discovered after the fact and I am now leaning towards creationism. I still remain skeptical however. I say that because we could still be deceived in other ways despite the earth being flat.

        1. That does not answer the question of the alleged “cover-up”. What’s in it for anyone to manufacture such an evidence dis proven idea that has existed substantially since the ancient Greeks?

          1. It’s a great question. There are many different theories on that but I think it’s just to cover-up creationism. Do the research. There’s a lot to cover and I don’t have time to discuss it now.

          2. Ancient Greeks were trying to cover up Jewish creationism? 15th century Christian scientists were trying to cover up creationism? There’s really no research to do. A simple understanding of geometry coupled with an even more rudimentary understanding of physics shows we are living on a sphere. Experiments were proving this 2500 years ago. I don’t need any more research, because research to the contrary always has to involve either added conspiracy or added unprovable unknowns. I’m good with the mere angles of shadows of sticks in wells as the Greeks did it 2500 years ago, although I have physically been around the world in the Air Force, and using Occam’s razor to explain that could only come to the conclusion of a globe.

  8. It’s pretty bad when the person in the first video starts out with a false statement. I personally have been high enough to see the curved horizon and I didn’t even have to get in an airplane.

  9. The solution of this is to show the world a real image (video footage) of planet earth. Since NASA has all the needed funds and resources, the public deserves to know the truth. As long as NASA continue to conceal important information, globe and flat earth theory will always be theory.

  10. I have been researching this ever since my friend brought It up at a bonfire on the beach. Here I am standing next to the ocean with a horizon…I’m thinking, all these years looking out over the ocean and never getting a glimpse of what’s on the other side. Following the tides between high and low, follows the moon cycles. Moon and sun rise in the east. The more south you go, following a compass, in my hemisphere the more equal day length and night length are. It was at night, so looking up to the stars I thought, well since the earth is a spinning spherical object it makes sense that the north star is alwaya north of me and everything else appears to spin around that since we are rotating on a tilt. The tilt gives us our seasons and also the light summers and dark winters closer to the poles. For me, the implications of a spherical earth are at the core. The ability to harness a huge amount of energy that exists as a form of magnetism. Not only protecting us from solar winds, but also drawing energy in from the cosmos. Energy is everywhere, it is if we truly understand it that we can learn to adapt to it. Flat earthers want things to evolve to them.

  11. So how come all other planets are alway seen as round spinning balls…and how come is it not possible our planet isn,t shaped like the moon or other planets during millions of years

  12. Our earth is even supposed to have had several civillisations during these millions of years

  13. So earth is millions of years old ….as old as our star systheme and all our other planets are round shaped….are we the only planet that has been flat for over a billion of years??

  14. given such shoddy “research” is it any surprise that you chose to overlook seemingly all of the person’s assertions; did you not clock that the current globe model has yet to be verified by any successful experiment either??? AS WELL AS COMPLETE FAILURES TO ASSERT ROTATION AND EVEN ORBIT. On balance, can you be certain you’ve not been had over, as many with minds, pens, eyes, calculators have murmeringly been concluding plenty time before even a globe model had even been assembled. No harm in checking, come on????

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