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An unidentified object is hurtling Towards Earth

The unexplained

An unidentified object is hurtling Towards Earth

It COULD be as large as one kilometer in diameter.

The object—still to be identified— will make its closest approach next month, and experts are still unsure what exactly it is. Astronomers say that the mystery object appears extremely DARK and unreflective. In addition to that, scientists state that the object has an unknown origin.

As it turns out, a mysterious object will pass by Earth next month. The strange thing is that its characteristics are so freakishly unusual, that no one can seem to figure out what exactly it is.

Dubbed 2016 WF9, the object was pinpointed fairly recently in the sky by NASA’s asteroid-and-comet-hunting NEOWISE project on November 27, 2016.

What experts at NEOWISE do know is that it COULD be as large as one kilometer in diameter.

Astronomers expect that 2016 WF9 will make its closest approach to our planet’s orbit on February 25 when it will pass at a distance of 51 million kilometers.

So far, the enigmatic object has created great confusion among experts at NASA. Experts can’t seem to figure out what the object is exactly. Is it an asteroid? Is it a comet?

So what do we know about the object?

Well, there is a general guideline when it comes to identifying objects and asteroids.

Asteroids are usually rocky and or more metallic in nature why comets are generally icier.

The object dubbed 2016WF9 seems to be extremely DARK and unreflective –a telltale sign that it could be a comet— however, it lacks all other characteristics typical of comets such as dust and gas.

What is even more bizarre is that fact that this means that the origin of the objects is UNKNOWN.

“2016 WF9 could have cometary origins,” Deputy Principal Investigator James “Gerbs” Bauer at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory said in a statement.

“This object illustrates that the boundary between asteroids and comets is a blurry one; perhaps over time this object has lost the majority of the volatiles that linger on or just under its surface.”

Interestingly, the folks over at NEOWISE did manage to pinpoint another object which they know more about when they discovered C/2016 U1, a comet that is making its way across our solar system.

Featured image credit: Shutterstock


Ivan is editor-in-chief at, he also writes for Universe Explorers.
You may have seen him appear on the Discovery and History Channel.

  • BendCris

    Nice Photo shopped Photo. It even has a chemtrail way out in space. Is this an actual photo of said object or just some random photo to illustrate. Either way, while there may be an object…the photo is a bit deceptive.

    • Hold on a sec lemme go snap an image of the object located millions of kilometers from Earth.

      • BendCris

        So then where is the photo notation next to the photo that says it’s a representation? Lack of journalistic ethics is why the internet is crazy with sensationalist bullshit. No need to be secretive…or deceptive. And whether you want to admit it or not you are not doing any service to alternative news by not crediting your sources. And many are re-reporting info without dates and many times no sources. Just want the truth and a way to follow the info. Featured image credit: Shutterstock …what a joke and nicely put at the very bottom of the page. Which could even refer to the photo of yourself….which is what your site is really about….you.

      • Mark

        Which is done quite often. So when you try to be sarcastic, say something that is actually sarcasm.

        • RiderOfABadTwighlightSparkle

          His response was quite good actually. I had a chuckle.

          Whereas all you have done is shown you are a prize nob.

          Well done. ☆

  • Abadon Reed

    Beam me up Scotty.

  • William Pantoja

    what does this picture have to do with this story? But it got me to “click” on the story!

  • Marietta Alexander

    This planet is in the crosshairs of God’s Judgment for turning from His Commandments and rejection of His Son, Jesus Christ, the Coming Messiah. People had better repent of their sin because God is very angry. THIS THING CANNOT BE GOOD!

    • featherknife

      An omnipotent spiritual being would NOT use lies, fear, hysteria, and lunatics like you to announce his plans. You have absolutely NO credibility, and nothing important to say. Sorry. You get an “F” in religion.

    • MyUnicornIsReallyAHornyPony

      Are you taking the piss or are you really a nutter?

    • Jason Haas

      John 15:18 “If the world hates you, you know that it hated me before it hated you.”

      Be blessed Marietta! You’re in good company!

    • Gerhard Huber

      I sure hope this comment is ironical oder you should ask for a medical treatment

    • Richard Nichols

      Seriously, do we need to take up a collection so you can afford to get back on your meds?

    • Manoj Pillai

      Will God become angry this easily, will he kill humans if they don’t accept Jesus as their saviour. We don’t want such God . In fact if God kills for Jesus, then what about his son’s message of forgiving? God is not a murderer. In fact he told noah after flood that he won’t repeat it. Is God a lier?

  • klokbeker

    een in de dampkring genomen foto

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