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Black Knight Satellite


Our universe is a fascinating and mysterious place. Populated with planets, stars, meteors and other celestial bodies, it’s a never-ending source of wonder. Even with the technological revolution, we know very little about what’s going on in outer space. Are there some kinds of aliens or other life forms out there? What mysteries does the universe hold? This strange feeling of wonder and curiosity is what inspires scientists and researchers to continue learning more about space.

While scientists are searching for undiscovered planets, new stars and galaxies, some mysterious objects have already been discovered and unclosed. One of the most bizarre and controversial objects is the “Black Knight” satellite. This satellite has been a source of speculation for decades. This blog post will explore the background and history of the Black Knight satellite and the various theories about what it could be. So, let’s get into the article.

What is Black Knight Satellite?

The Black Knight satellite is a large, unidentified object orbiting Earth. This satellite is orbiting in the vicinity of the near-polar orbit of the Earth. According to some conspiracy theorists, it is of extraterrestrial origin and has been doing so for over 13,000 years. Some theories claim that NASA is trying to keep this satellite a secret, as its discovery would challenge our current understanding of the universe.

During the first space shuttle mission, STS-88, in 1998, American astronaut Jerry Ross took a photograph of the Black Knight satellite. The NASA photo of this satellite is catalogued as a photo of space debris. An American space journalist, James Oberg, claimed that the Black Knight satellite is nothing more than a thermal blanket lost during a spacewalk mission.

History of Black Knight Satellite

The first recorded sighting of the Black Knight satellite was in 1899 by Nikola Tesla. He claimed to receive radio signals from space that were not of natural origin. These signals were later thought to be associated with the Black Knight satellite. In 1928, a ham radio operator in Jorgen Hals first received odd signals. The signals were Long Delayed Echoes (LDE) that he couldn’t explain.

A UFO researcher named Donald Keyhoe claimed in 1953 that the US Air Force was investigating two satellites orbiting Earth, one of them being the Black Knight satellite. However, it was later revealed that Keyhoe’s claims were based on any actual evidence. Moreover, he was also advertising his book related to UFOs and the stories were made to create a sensation.

In 1958 and 1965, a British rocket was launched to study the Van Allen radiation belts around Earth. These rocket launches unintentionally intercepted signals that were later associated with the Black Knight satellite.

In 1960, another astronaut Gordon Cooper reported observing a glowing green object in his capsule while he was on a mission in Mercury 9. The object was also detected by tracking systems. However, no clear evidence of this object was found. In addition, NASA’s mission transcript or personal copies doesn’t include any mention of this event.

In 1973, a Scottish author, Duncan Lunan, claimed that he had decoded these signals, which were of extraterrestrial origin. He believed that the signals were sent by aliens observing our planet. He also claimed that the signals were sent from the Epsilon Boötis star system and that the aliens were warning us about nuclear war.

Mail Online also published a story in 2017 which claimed that elite soldiers from a secret Illuminati war plan had shot down an alien satellite that has been orbiting around the Earth for 12,000 years. The clip was uploaded on WikiLeaks. According to SecureTeam10, it was a Black Knight satellite. The article also claimed that the US government had been withholding this information from the public.

Sightings of Black Knight Satellite

Several scientific explanations have been put forward to explain the existence of the Black Knight satellite. Despite this, several proponents of the Black Knight theory have come up with their own explanations. These claims make Black Knight a controversial topic. It has become a jumble of unrelated stories, where fact and fiction are often difficult to distinguish.

In 1960, Time Magazine published an article about the Black Knight satellite claiming it was a Soviet spy satellite. In 1963, a US military test missile was photographed in space, and some saw this as evidence of the Black Knight satellite’s existence.

In 1998, NASA took a murky image of the Black Knight satellite as evidence of its existence. The image is called STS-88. The astronaut Jerry Ross claimed it to be a thermal cover lost during a spacewalk. However, NASA has never confirmed the Black Knight satellite’s existence and claimed it was space debris. Moreover, NASA has also released several images of space debris that they say is the Black Knight satellite.

Some conspiracy theorists believe that the US government is aware of the Black Knight satellite but is keeping it a secret. They claim that it is an extraterrestrial spacecraft that is monitoring our planet. Some believe that the satellite is of alien origin and is responsible for UFO sightings. They also believe the government is hiding this information to prevent widespread panic.

Is Black Knight Satellite a Space Junk or Alien Satellite?

Whether the Black Knight satellite is space junk or an Alien satellite is still a debate. Several scientific explanations claim it to be space junk. NASA’s claim that it’s just a wayward thermal blanket lost during a spacewalk mission in 1984 is widely accepted by the scientific community.

On the other hand, several conspiracy theories claim it is an Alien satellite. They believed it to be a sign of aliens’ existence that has been monitoring our planet for centuries.


The truth behind the Black Knight satellite is still uncovered even after many years. It might be space junk, as NASA’s scientists and astronauts claim. But, there are also several theories which deny this claim.

Till now, there is no concrete evidence that can prove the existence of this satellite. Moreover, our knowledge of other life forms in our solar system is very limited. So, the existence of aliens is also a matter of debate. However, the speculation surrounding the Black Knight satellite continues to intrigue people. Maybe someday we can get some answers about this mysterious satellite.