Did Ancient Astronauts Tamper With Human DNA Thousands Of Years Ago?

According to the Ancient Astronaut theory, in the distant past, before the dawn of civilizations, intelligent extraterrestrial beings tampered with human DNA on Earth to create mankind as we know it. According to numerous theories which seem ever more possible in recent years, ancient mankind was genetically manipulated in the...

NASA-funded study finds: Dozens of advanced ancient civilizations collapsed before us

Is it possible that just like many other advanced civilizations in the past, ours too is heading towards an impending collapse? Is the collapse of society imminent? These are some of the questions a study from NASA aims at answering. The study, partly sponsored by the Goddard Space Flight Center...

800,000 year old footprints in the UK suggest history needs to be rewritten

According to a group of archaeologists, a series of footprints discovered in the United Kingdom over a year ago are evidence of human beings living on Earth much earlier than what mainstream scholars suggest.  The mysterious footprints are believed to have been left by a group of adults and children...

Did prehistoric civilizations with advanced technology exist in the past?

We believe yes, and there are numerous incredible archaeological findings which indicate that thousands, and even millions of years ago, civilizations with extremely advanced technology existed on our planet and just like us, called Earth ‘home’. These ancient civilizations could have had far superior knowledge and technology than we...

Pre-Adamites? Did Ancient Civilizations Develop On Earth Before Written History?

Is it possible that advanced civilization existed on Earth before "recorded" history? Is it possible that religion only tells one side of the story? According to two notable gentlemen such as Roman Emperor Julian the Apostate (circa A.D. 331–363) and Calvinist theologian Isaac de La Peyrère (1596-1676) Pre-Adamite beings did exist...

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