Forgotten Lands and Lost Civilizations

This article was written by Simon E. Davies. Contributor at  Many cultures from around the world speak of mythical lands, sunken cities and lost kingdoms that have defied all attempts in being discovered. It's possible these mysterious civilizations have come and gone, reaching back further in time than history...

Planet Nibiru

A solar system is a mystery, and scientists have been trying to unravel its hidden secrets for centuries. There are various theories and hypotheses about the solar system, but the one that has gained the most traction in recent years is the Planet Nibiru theory. The outer solar system is...

Human Origins Story Remains Incomplete with Missing Ancestors

YouTube Video Here: Human origins remain unclear given studies of known fossils, concludes a new Science review. Today, our last common ancestor with the apes remains unknown as debate rages on for paleoanthropologists. "The evolutionary history of apes and humans is largely incomplete," states the review. The study's lead author, Sergio Almécija, a senior research scientist...

The Obsession With Mars: Is It Our Ancestral Home Planet?

YouTube Video Here:   This year, Mars has been in the headlines as NASA, world governments, SpaceX, and billionaires focus on arriving on the Red Planet. Mars is an absolute obsession, as "Mars mania marches on," notes National Geographic. But why? By all accounts, Mars is a cold, desolate desert. One could...

Venomous Humans Could Evolve Due to Common Ancestor with Reptiles

YouTube Video Here:   Scientists have learned that venomous humans could one day become real. The headline elicits the response, "Aren't they already venomous?" For example, watching politicians talk, one gets the idea that malevolent reptilians may be in government positions today. At this point, who would be surprised? But seriously, it goes back...

Was the Drive to Rewrite the Code of Life Seeded In Our DNA?

If extraterrestrials visited Earth in the distant past, what kind of evidence might they leave behind? For Paul Davies, an Astrobiologist from Arizona State University, the traces of ancient alien (or their robot) visits might be found in one of three places: Nuclear waste Large-scale mining operations A "message in a bottle." (metaphorically) Now...

Scientists genetically link orangutans to giant ape thought to be Bigfoot

YouTube Video Here: Bigfoot may or may not be real, but there is a living relative of the giant ape thought to be Bigfoot already living among us known as the orangutan, according to scientists who studied the ape's genetic code. There have been countless Bigfoot sightings for hundreds of...

Study reveals ancient humans migrated to the Levant from Europe 40,000 years ago

A study of ancient teeth belonging to modern humans and Neanderthals of the Aurignacian culture at Manot Cave in Israel is shedding new light on human migration from Europe to the Levant around 40,000 years ago. The Levant includes the historic areas of Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, and Syria with close...

Researchers find one of the last necklaces made by Neanderthals featuring eagle talons

An excavation in a cave occupied by Neanderthals in Spain has uncovered what is considered to be the last necklace ever made by our distant cousins, which features eagle talons that had symbolic meaning and value. Around 40,000 years ago, Neanderthals roamed the Iberian peninsula and occupied caves near the...

Legends of the Menehune, mythological dwarf people of Hawaii who may still exist today

YouTube Video Here: All across the world, there are stories about people of giant stature, and also of relatively small people. In the mainstream, these stories are almost always called myths, and the proof is elusive. Conspiracy theories abound, suggesting giant skeletons have been a carefully guarded secret. However,...

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