Pre-Adamites? Did Ancient Civilizations Develop On Earth Before Written History?

Is it possible that advanced civilization existed on Earth before “recorded” history?

Is it possible that religion only tells one side of the story?

According to two notable gentlemen such as Roman Emperor Julian the Apostate (circa A.D. 331–363) and Calvinist theologian Isaac de La Peyrère (1596-1676) Pre-Adamite beings did exist in the distant past on our planet. But mayo other historians and mainstream researchers suggest there was a race of people inhabiting Earth before Adam and Eve lived on our planet.

Due to the “fall” of “Satan” a widespread destruction occurred on planet Earth. The result of this destruction was so extensive that the world had to be redone with Adam and Eve being the first. But what happened really?

Did “civilization” on Earth “restart” several times in the distant past?

Genesis 1:28 (ESV)
28 And God blessed them. And God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”

Let reconsider the following; Proverbs 25:2 It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings.

Considering the genealogy of man taking in count that Adam was the first human being in our era, it is reasonable to estimate that from Adam to our time about 6,000 years have passed. There were 76 generations from Adam to Jesus which are recorded in Matthew 23: 38. The History, since God created the planet and from Adam to our time is just a fraction of the age and history of our planet and the universe.

There have been other civilizations before “religion” was created, argue many authors.

The Adamic age, as the Bible suggests, will last 7.000 years culminating in the millennial reign of Christ on earth ruling from Jerusalem, and we are nearing the completion of the first 6,000 years of the Adamic period.

1 Corinthians 15:45 (ESV) 45 Thus it is written, “The first man Adam became a living being”; the last Adam became a life-giving spirit.

It is well-known that the Bible wasn’t actually made as a Book telling a universal history, nor cosmic or geological history and according to many researchers, it cannot be considered as a book of science.

Even though the bible clearly states, in the early chapters of Genesis that God is the responsible creator of the universe, man, and animals, we cannot seem to understand what the bible suggests happened before this time.

We know today that our plant has been “here” for over 4,500 millions of years and that the universe is around 13,700 million years old. Some scientists suggest the age of both the universe and our planet is much older.

There are even certain Maya texts which indicated that our universe is around 16,700 million years old. These texts were inspired by “fallen angels” and “Gods” who gave the ancient Maya great knowledge; Teaching them in Astronomy, engineering, and mathematics, allowing them to erect some of the greatest temples on Earth, like Chichen Itza. Even though some consider these tales of gods only to be a myth, many believe that there is much truth in them.

Researchers have come across numerous findings which have confirmed that man has existed on Earth way before sacred books like the Bible suggest.

But is it possible that Pre-Adamite civilizations existed on Earth? And better yet, is it possible that these ancient Pre-Historical civilizations might be connected in some way to the lost “civilization of Mu and Atlantis”?

Is it possible that the Bible speaks of beings that belonged to these ancient civilizations?

Some researchers believe that there is physical and Biblical evidence which points to great knowledge and scientific breakthroughs which the bible does not contradict.

Ecclesiastes 1:9 – 1:10:

That which has been is that which will be, And that which has been done is that which will be done. So there is nothing new under the sun. 10 Is there anything of which one might say, “See this, it is new “? Already it has existed for ages Which were before us.…

Is it possible that all of the highly advanced technologies that we have developed such as lasers, atomic bombs, satellites, computers, spaceships and so on, existed in the distant past?

With civilizations that predate “Adam and Eve”?

According to Biblical accounts, nothing is new.

but not only do we have written evidence that points towards the existence civilizations before Adam. Researchers have found, in all corners of the world, physical evidence that points towards the existence of highly advanced ancient civilizations: The map of the Creator which is believed to be around 500 million years old, the giant footprint of 1.20 meters found in Swaziland, South Africa, estimated to be around 200 million years old, the sandal footprint found in Utah on a rock that is believed to be around 400 million years old, the Nevada sho print which is believed to be around 250 million years old, the fossilized human hand found in Colombia believed to be at least 100 million years old. these are just some of the findings that have been avoided by mainstream history and science. But is it possible that these findings are indications of Pre-Adamite civilizations?

Many researchers believe that highly advanced beings existed on Earth in the past, the evidence speaking of these beings can be found in ancient texts from different religions. The bible is one of them.

From all of the above, we know that God did not create a planet empty nor in chaos, but Earth had become a desolate planet filled with destruction. Isaiah 45: 18 and Genesis 1: 2

We also know that God decides to ravage the land but not completely destroy it. Jeremiah 4: 27

We have found many pieces of evidence on our planet which confirm that after periods of civilized life on planet Earth, came cataclysms and destruction, but not a complete destruction of life on the planet. It is as if the planet restarted several times, with different beings, animals, and life in general.

There is physical and Biblical evidence which indicates that possible existence of great cataclysms and catastrophes in the universe and on our planet which seem to support the idea that our planet passed through several stages in the distant past. We are surely not the first civilized beings that inhabited this planet.

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  1. wrong you assuming that Adamite period was only 6k years ago, and it could very well be that adamite period was a heck of a lot further back than that. Example If a 1000 years = a day with God and one of our days =1000 years with God BTW that script has been used to debunk those of us who beleive in a longer creation, but if you look at it it’s only saying the same thing forwards and backwards. In the Book of Jubilees it states that while Mehuselah was what 980 years old or so, he didnt’ even live one day. So those who hold that one day in Genesis means 24 literal hours which is wrong. Which if wrong then would that not mean that mainstream Religion has been the antichrist then? Or False Prophet?
    SO look Second thesalonians has been fullfiled for the beast or antichrist has been revealed.

    1. Why are you having a dig at mainstream religion we have been around for 2000 years almost and have followed the bible and christ I can guess where you are coming from and read your bible it says for us christians to beware of false witness’s. At least we are open minded enough to see there is a far bigger picture opening up through science geology fossils and then all matched up with radio carbon dating anyone can see that we have only scratched the surface of man on this planet I am not saying the bible is wrong or science is wrong you have to open your mind to both untill we meet our maker and he can fill in the gaps.

      1. that’s because you are the false prophets and withnesses, who are blind leading the blind. You are the harlot that’s spoken of. Your missinterpretation of scripture has lead to the rise of the beast and fullfills revelations 17:17 and others. Scripture if full of examples of how his people are leas astray by wicked preachers. Jerimiah comes to mind among other books of Prophecy. Mainstream Christianity got it wrong that’s why, and are leading people to thier destruction, and being pupits in Satans overall plan to lead as many to destrution as possible that’s why. I’ve read a lot in scripture and never hear some of the other sayings in the sripture why?
        is that because they dont’ know or don’t think it’s important? or being lead by satan either willingly or unkowngly or what?
        Mainly the point is they got it wrong. If you compare Thier teachings and followings with Prophecy the ones that talk about false this or false that it fits. In Pauls teaching about the Antichrist it says that even then 2000k years ago there were already antichrists at work. Check Fo’xs book of Martyrs people being killed by what was supposed to be serving God. the one Peophecy that does say that specically says that may will throw you into prision put you up before Judges for my names sake that means they will be thinking they are doing Gods will. Where would they get that idea if they werent’ following some wrong teaching or something? I mean most will say well it says this or to do this as theri excuse woudl that not mean they are following some misinterpreted scripture? If so then somethings has to be wrong then wouldn’t you think? I mean prophecy doesn’t get fullfiled if people haven’t taught garbage and followed that garbage now does it.
        My point on preadamite civilizations is that we’ve been around for a lot longer than a mere 6k years and these things are coming more and more to light now because of what it says in Daniel. To shutt up the books meaning to shutt up the meanings there of untill the time of the end which I fuly believe is now. That’s why.
        Humble yourself as a little child be naive not sophisticated and have a full heart to learn and know truth and scripture pray before even picking up the bible for the Holy spirit to lead and guide you in all truth. Look for the codes that are in scripture that help unlock the pure truth and not what someone just says. Look for the stumbling blocks the scriptures that lead people to follow certain beliefs that will fullfill the beast prophecys. Blank your mind of all teachings, and premisconceptions of what people have said is sin or other things. and reaf the book. Other books as well like the book or Enoch Jubilles etc… see if that doesn’t change some of your purception. remember the sermen on the MOunt says those of pure heart will see God that doesn’t mean litterally but while reading scripture they will be able to pick out the truth over the goggly gook that people teach. One code I know of to give you an example is the beast prophecy in Revelations where it say it is a number of a man and his number is 666 look back in 1st kings 10:14 and it says in that year the gold that measured was 666 in weight. that’s what i mean by code. also remember the parables of when asked why he doesn’t just speak plainly of what he means he says well if I did then those that can’t understand simple parables would be turned and saved too. so I beleive there are other parable examples even though their not called parables. WOrks of mans hands traditions of man others I guaranttee you look in that sence of things instead what’s accepted and you will be as angry at status quoe as I am.

      2. Evidence was around Way before the “Bible” which was authored by Kings and priests.. which mixed thousands of years Older Pagan beliefs and rituals with the “modern Christianity” to form a book that was meant to Control the Masses… Do your Homework before you blindly spew about the Very Young Bible…find about when our earth wasn’t even in this Solar system… when earth/mars/venus was in a Plasma sheath.. and Saturn was our brown dwarf sun… you are still in preschool my kind young one…

  2. Genesis loses its meaning when you attempt to translate a mathematical language like ancient Hebrew into Greek or Latin then into English. What Genesis actually starts out talking about is the reconstruction efforts after the great war that saw the “pre-Adamite” people who ruled this earth for 100,000’s of years (you already have their kings list) going to war over a disagreement to make a superior life form to them. 2/3 agreed to it but 1/3 objected. The 1/3 waged war against the rest and this war almost completely destroyed the earth.

    Observe: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”
    now jump a few billion years to after this war:
    “Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.”

    This is where the reconstruction effort begins, this God is superior to the pre-adamite people and he restores most of the earth to its former levels in a very short period of time.
    The next few verses explain the order in which God restored the planet, seven distinct periods were required to do this.

    So what we have are pre-adamite people which we now call the angels (or the gods) common “g” and something superior to them known as God who THEY worshiped.
    The superior life form that caused this war is actually us! but we must “evolve” to the next level, something we have yet to do.

  3. I think it is fair that human history need to be updated. It is highly possible that ET races has been around more than 100,000 years ago. If you accept that current history is per what text book says than you are actually denying yourself of the possibilities that the past is being suppressed, hidden etc and awaiting to be discovered and disseminated. I would encourage all young people including those young at heart to continue research on your own. I did not accept official history and I continued search for the past several years and found out the many lies, deceptions and suppression that were being perpetuated by text books, etc. You need to find these out for yourself.

  4. But mayo other historians and mainstream researchers suggest there was a race of people inhabiting Earth before Adam and Eve lived on our planet…actually in islam there is this conversation between angel and Allah (God-one n only) why you created men? dont they always do destructive things? Allah said: I know best…something like that. Then Allah created Men (Adam)

  5. this is very much likely, we are not the first civilisation nor we are the last, earth is going to be destroyed including all living things, then a new race will emerge, nuclear atomic bombs shall get rid of all creatures, then the new generation, will pass through stone, iron and computer age once more again, and they will excavate our graves and might come across an intact cellphone or a car, then they will debate about ancient technology

  6. Pure fantasy, based on nothing but the overactive imagination of the author. #NoEvidence

    1. What about the Ooparts mentioned? Don’t they count as evidence? What exactly would you consider to be ;real’ evidence then? Do we have to transport you back in time?

  7. Earth is about 4.5 Billion years old. Universe is supposedly 13 BBBBillion, ot Million years old… and I agree, I think it’s older. Please proof read before publishing. Maybe best to get someone else to proofread your work… hard to proof your own.

    1. That’s what they said. They just wrote it funny, in thousands of millions of years instead.

  8. I think there’s a really high possibility of an advanced ancient civilization that existed before mankind. I mean religion aside, there have been 5 or 6 major global extinction events throughout Earth’s history, one of them eliminated the dinosaurs, so who’s to say that there wasn’t an advanced civilization that predates mankind which was annihilated by a similar catastrophe?

    Imagine a global catastrophe takes place today, do you really think that our homes and USB flash memory sticks and iPhones would still leave a trace say a 100,000-1,000,000 years into the future? I don’t think so.

  9. I think that the more you look at all the evidence that the “experts” aren’t willing to acknowledge the more it becomes self evident… Unlike the last civilization who built many stone structures, in 10,000 years there won’t be any evidence of our civilization… Except maybe some serious hot zones left by the radiation from our nuclear waste… That’s my thought.

  10. The middle of the second paragraph..

    “But mayo other”


    This site has got to up their game…

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