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Expert says Humans are Aliens—and we were brought to Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago

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Expert says Humans are Aliens—and we were brought to Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago

What if  Humans are the aliens we’ve been looking for all along? According to experts, humans were most likely crossbred with another species, perhaps from the star system Alpha Centauri –which is one of the closest solar systems to Earth—in the distant past, giving birth to modern humans.

Tell Al-Uhaymir modern day Iraq, where the ancient Sumerian city of Kish used to be, archaeologists found one of the oldest ancient documents on the planet, the tablet of Kish which is believed to date back to the year 3500 BC.

The Sumerian king list states that Kish was the first city to have kings following the deluge, beginning with Jushur. Jushur’s successor is called Kullassina-bel, but this is actually a sentence in Akkadian meaning “All of them were lord”. Thus, some scholars have suggested that this may have been intended to signify the absence of a central authority in Kish for a time.

This ancient document is believed to precede the cuneiform writing of the Sumerians, and the Egyptian hieroglyphs for almost one hundred years.

Developing the ability to express thoughts through written language is one of the first ways in which man differed from the animal kingdom.

Five thousand years since, humans have developed electricity, divided the atom, developed computers, and led man to the moon. We have achieved things that other species have still not.

No other species on earth can attributure such unique achievements in such a short period of time. Interestingly, compared to other species of the earth, our ‘evolution’ is relatively short.

It has been a short period of time, most likely a few million years since the first hominid walked on Earth. Precisely this is one of the biggest scientific questions of all times: Why have only our species emerged to this truly advanced technological intelligence?

Evidently,  there is nothing more advanced than humans on planet Earth.

While there are different ‘intelligent’ species on Earth, none of them makes use of technology like us.

Just imagine for a second, if for some reason, mankind had to return to the jungle, and survive there. Many experts agree that most of them would not survive for a very long period of time.

Many scientists agree that humans, in addition to their intelligence, are not very capable to occupy a wide range of environments. In other words, we are very limited when it comes to our planet.

In addition to our fascinating intelligence, biologists have also noticed contrasts between human physiology and that of other animals on earth. Many scientists agree that compared to other species on earth, humans are rather strange. For example, a baby horse when born, is able to walk and function almost independently, but this a human baby can not do, which makes us quite helpless. In other words, we are born before being neurologically ready for life.

Many researchers agree that there are many vulnerabilities that accompany our intelligence.

Humans on earth eventually became bipeds, which freed up our superior extremities allowing us to manipulate objects, create tools and much more. But for all this, experts believe that our species has paid an expensive price. Lumbar pain a sign that according to many experts could tell us a lot about our species. Curiously, other animals on Earth do NOT have this problem. It’s as if only humans are affected by some of these problems.

So what does all of this mean? According to one expert, it means that we are the aliens we’ve we been looking for all along.

A new theory proposed by Dr. Ellis Silver states that there are several tell-tale signs present in the human race that suggest human beings did not evolve ALONGSIDE other lifeforms on Earth.

The book called ‘Humans are not from Earth: a scientific evaluation of the evidence’ is basically a resume of theories for and mostly against man’s evolution on Earth. In the book, leading environmentalist and ecologist Dr. Ellis Silver goes through an evaluation of thirteen leading hypothesis and seventeen factors which suggest HUMANS ARE NOT FROM EARTH.

Mankind is supposedly the most highly developed species on the planet, yet is surprisingly unsuited and ill-equipped for Earth’s environment: harmed by sunlight, a strong dislike for naturally occurring foods, ridiculously high rates of chronic disease, and more said Dr. Ellis in an interview.

According to Dr. Ellis, humans might suffer from back pain because our species initially evolved on another planet with a lower gravity, adding to the mysteries, Dr. Ellis also indicates that it is strange that newborns have large heads and make it difficult for mothers to give birth, which can result in fatalities for both mother and child.

So where do we come from? According to Dr. Ellis, Neanderthals were most likely crossbred with another species, perhaps from the star system Alpha Centauri –which is one of the closest solar systems to Earth— in the distant past, giving birth to modern humans.

According to Dr. Ellis, there are millions of people around the globe who ‘feel’ that they do not belong on Earth.

Dr. Ellis explains: “This suggests (to me at least) that mankind may have evolved on a different planet, and we may have been brought here as a highly developed species. One reason for this … is that the Earth might be a prison planet since we seem to be a naturally violent species and we’re here until we learn to behave ourselves.”

Dr. Ellis concludes that mankind did not evolve from that particular strain of life, but evolved elsewhere and was transported to Earth (as fully evolved Homo sapiens) between 60,000 and 200,000 years ago.

Furthermore, as noted by Robert Sepher, according to modern DNA sequencing, it is demonstrated that humanity as we know it, isn’t just ONE single ‘race’ that descended from the same ancestor in Africa, but a hybridized species, with a far more enigmatic truth behind it all.

Many questions have been raised in the discussion about Rh negative blood. If mankind did, in fact, evolve from a mutual ancient African ancestor, theories state that everyone’s blood would be compatible, but regrettably, this is not the case. This raises numerous questions that science alone has not been able to fully answer. Where did Rh negative blood come from? And why is it that a Rh negative mother carrying Rh positive children tries rejecting her own offspring? Is it possible that this can be explained by a rather controversial theory? A theory which suggests that humanity isn’t in fact one race, but a hybridized species.

The book was written by Robert Sepehr, Species with Amnesia: Our Forbidden History tells us more about the enigmatic blood type Rh-negative. Not only does Species with Amnesia suggest mankind is, in fact, a hybridized species, the author suggests that highly advanced civilizations have been on Earth before us, just to be destroyed by some great global catastrophe, as mysteriously, history tells us.

Sepehr argues that for each race that has died out, another has taken its place, with a selected few holding on to the memories and sacred knowledge of the past race. In our vanity, we think we have discovered some of the great truths of science and technology, but we are in fact only just beginning to rediscover the profound wisdom of past civilizations. In many ways, we are like an awakening Species with Amnesia, yearning to reclaim our forgotten past. –

The Basque people of Spain and France have the highest percentage of Rh negative blood. About 30% have (rr) Rh negative and about 60% carry one (r) negative gene.

“There are 612 primate species and subspecies recognized by the international Union for Conversation of Nature (IUCN), and not one has Rh negative blood”. – Robert Sepehr, Species with Amnesia: Our Forbidden History

  • Markie Straub

    Actually, humans were perfect, pure white humanoids (just exactly like in that picture from the movie Prometheus) created exactly 6,000 years ago. You know if you drained every organs and even the heart of the blood, they all turn white. They were much bigger than us now. In truth, we de-evolved, not the other way around. As for the aliens? They’re from underground, created as hybrids, not from space. But “UFOs” do exist, though. They’re manufactured by the military for various purposes, even to deceive people.

    • rickd12

      LOL!! There is a wealth of evidence that refutes your, quite frankly, terrifying statement, We werent created 6000 years ago, we evolved from primates. Silly person

      • PonyriderOfTheSensitiveKind

        His comment would have to be one of the nuttiest i have read for a long time.

        • Michelle Fagan

          You need to look deeper…to understand x

          • MyPonyHasZeroNutTolerance

            Deeper in the hollow earth?

          • rickd12

            I believe there is more to this life than what we perceive. But what that guy said? It’s a no from me

      • Michelle Fagan

        I dont think we did evolve from primates…the evidence is quite clearly pointing ALIEN?

        • rickd12

          Nah. David icke actually invents a time machine 7 years from now, goes back in time, kick starts the big bang with a corbey trouser press then creates man. All hail David!!

    • PonyriderOfTheSensitiveKind
  • CosmoCircle

    Mankind is originated on earth, there is no doubt about it… the article sugests we came from somewhere else, thats wrong, we are from here,and our genetical code was designed to adapt to this planet….

    The truth is, we still have flaws in our design, our skin suffers from problems from solar radiation, our back suffer from gravity as well, our creators didnt made us perfect, we are not suposed to live more than 100 years, wich also is meant to limit our evolution…

    Lets be practical about the thinking, we humans were meant to labor minerals…

    many thousand years ago, there was some significant change to our species, thats clear, our evolution wasnt linear….
    we didnt develop our skills gradualy, there was a peak and some significant event about hominids in the earth, something that allowed our “species” to become far more inteligent and more creative than ever.

    I dont know what what that event was, but i can make a guess…

    Imagine this concept, an external inteligent life form came to the earth to seek resources, probably minerals, something that required field labor, something that could only be archieved by natural and manual labor, rater than technology, for that need, a species that travels in the space, usualy in limited populated spacecrafts.

    A super advanced species capable of manipulating genetics and creating new life forms by crossing genetical code from a species to another, so to serve the prupose of extracting what they were looking for, and to labor in field…

    this species took part of their genetic code and crossed it with the most possibly native inteligent creature in this planet, the chimp…

    and the result was the humans, us… mankind.

    We are the result of necessity for another species, they wanted something from here, they made us to archieve it, and possibly they did, and they left…

    “god” or the “gods” as we call them, superior beings who came out of the heavens and sky’s didnt made us for joy, we were meant to serve their purpose here, and disposed of it….

    So when religions say god created man, they are actually right about it, many religions say the same, its not coincidence, we were created, we are not a result of a natural evolution, otherwise chimps, wouldnt co-habitat in the same time as we live… there would be a linear and natural evolution for the entire species.

    Im convinced 100% that our creators are the beings now being found with enlongated skulls in Peru, smaller beings with fragile nature, wich also explains their need for a more strong type of body for labor…

  • Peace Storm

    This theory from a genetic perspective is referred to as “Panspermia” and there is nothing new about this belief. It’s been an active theory in Astrobiology for decades. I’d refer anyone interested in the SCIENCE of this theory to David Deamer’s work, Origins of Life, The Central Concepts.

  • Raven Lancaster

    well you’re not entirely wrong! There are however a few mistakes. 1. An Rh neg mother can have an Rh pos baby. The reason for the RhoGam shot is in the event that any of the baby’s blood mingles with the mothers it will make it difficult for future Rh pos babies to be born as the immune system sees this blood as a foreign invasion and will attack it. The RhoGam shot prevents this reaction from occurring. 2. The baby’s head is designed to contort to fit through the birth canal and to revert to normal afterwards. That’s what fontanelles are principally for. The difficulty arises from the lack of proper formation of a woman’s pelvic structure which has more to do with the sedentary lifestyles most of modern man leads. You don’t hear of this problem in “less developed” nations with more manual labor and physically demanding lifestyles.

  • GonzoG
  • Skye Willi Tansey

    Fun article, many experts agree


    This is true. A supreme being came to earth, and placed a human on it. In fact created it right there. The Alien is God. Weird eh? LOL

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