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Is the 20 million year old Wolfsegg Iron an artificially made artifact?


The 20 million year old wolfsegg Iron, an artificially made artifact 20 million years ago?

People most commonly refer to it as the Woflsegg iron or Salzburg Cube, and it is a small piece of iron that was found within a block of coal in the town of Wolfsegg Austria.

Why s it interesting ? Well there are numerous things around this object that have given it a mysterious “aura”. First of all the origin of this strange artifact is a mystery. According to many who have seen and analyzed it, it is an artifact that unarguably proves the existence oh ancient civilizations in prehistoric times whose technological developments exceeded the modern human race.

A report that appeared in the scientific journal Nature (Volume 35, 11, November 1886, page 36) describes the object as being “almost a cube”, “with a deep incision”. The object is 67 mm high, 67 mm wide and 47 mm at the thickest part. It weighs 785 g. Some have argues that this artifact is most likely a meteorite but given its specific shape and dimensions it is a theory that has had numerous challenges, the biggest being its peculiar form. Interestingly, the Wolfsegg Iron was examined in 1966 at the Naturhistorisches Museum. The final opinion Doctor Kurat from the Museum and Geological committee at Bundesanstalt in Vienna is that the object is simply an artificial cast iron. The problem is it was found buried inside a 20 million year old coal seam.


Ufologists believe that his object did not originate in space, as it was believed earlier, they suggest that this artifact, is proof that millions of years ago, civilizations existed on earth that had extremely advanced technology, and they point to numerous other artifacts found across the globe, suggesting that a pattern exists among all of them.

It remains as one of the most famous anachronistic objects since its discovery in 1885, when a worker was breaking coal from Wolfsegg, discovering a iron-cube-shaped somewhat deformed object.

According to accounts, the edges of this strange object were once perfectly straight and defined, our sides were flat, while the remaining two sides, facing each other, were convex an towards the upper part of the artifact, there was a rather deep groove. The shape of the object, which is currently in a municipal museum near the foundry where it was found, does not look anything like a cube: its unique flat surface is the result of cuts made to analyze it chemically.


The test gave interesting results, showing that the metal object does not contain nickel, chromium or cobalt and according to scholars, proving that it cannot be a meteorite as previously believed. It look as if it was actually artificially produced. People who have looked at the object claim it couldn’t have originated in nature, but those are mixed opinions. Certainly this item seems to lack the characteristics of a meteorite according to those who have analyzed it, like Doctor Kurat from the Museum and Geological committee at Bundesanstalt in Vienna.

The true origin and purpose of the wolfsegg Iron will serve as a topic of discussion among researchers and ufologists. The object will certainly remain as a very interesting and mysterious artifact, whatever the different views and opinions are.

Image source: Sagen.at