What happened to Puma Punku? Did a cataclysmic event destroy the ancient complex?

While everyone talks about the fascinating precision of the builders of Puma Punku created this megalithic complex, and how they managed to transport megalithic stones weighing hundreds of tons, no one has asked what happened to Puma Punku thousands of years ago that caused a mass-displacement of the megalithic stones?

What could have created so much energy to throw stones weighing hundreds of tons all around the place?

Puma Punku is one of the most important places if you want to see what ancient man was capable of. These stone structures are among the biggest ever found.
Puma Punku is one of the most important places if you want to see what ancient man was capable of. These stone structures are among the biggest ever found.

Puma Punku is without a doubt one of the most fascinating ancient sites on the planet. Located in modern-day Bolivia, Puma Punku is part of an even larger archaeological complex known as Tiahuanaco. This mysterious ancient site remains as one of the most enigmatic archaeological complexes ever discovered on the planet. Based on recent carbon dating tests performed on organic material on the site, researchers estimate that this fascinating ancient complex was erected by the ancient Tiahuanaco people around 300 and 1000 AD –predating the famous Inca civilization.

The stonework found at Puma Punku is beyond fascinating. The andesite stones used in the construction process of this megalithic site were cut with such precision that they fit together perfectly, and are interlocked with each other without the use of mortar. Not even a sheet of paper can fit between their thousand-year-old stones. But how was this possible thousands of years ago? Even before the Inca, which are known to have been very skilled engineers? Puma Punku was created by an ancient culture which did not have a writing system and did not know about the wheel. So how was this possible?

Puma Punku lokes like a giant Lego Playground. The huge stones fit together like a giant puzzle and form load-bearing joints without mortar that have endured thousands of ears ago. Researchers agree that the angles utilized to create ‘flush joints’ are evidence of a highly advanced knowledge of stone-cutting and an advanced understanding of descriptive geometry. So you are telling me that all of this was created by a primitive culture that didn’t even have a writing system? What are we missing when we look at Puma Punku?

Furthermore, mainstream scholars even suggest that the blocks of stones used at Puma Punku are so precisely cut indicating  a possibility that the builders of Puma Punku used prefabrication and mass-production technologies, indicating that the Ancient Tiahuanaco had in their possession extremely advanced technologies far more advanced than anything seen in later periods after the fall of the Tiahuanaco empire.

What happened to Puma Punku thousands of years ago?

But even before the ancient Tiahuanaco placed the gigantic blocks of stones we forget to mention that they were transported up a steep incline from a quarry located in the vicinity of Lake Titicaca, some 10 kilometers from Puma Punku. Other stones from Puma Punku are believed to have been transported from the Copacabana Peninsula, nearly 100 kilometers away.

However, according to local mythology, Puma Punku is directly related to heavenly deities and the time of the first creation. According to legends, the first inhabitants of Puma Punku had supernatural powers and were able to ‘carry’ megalithic stones through the air using SOUND. Interestingly, the Inca tribes believe these legends are true, and they firmly deny that their ancestors had anything to do with the construction of this ancient megalithic site.

“A story was told by the local Aymara Indians to a Spanish traveller who visited Tiahuanaco shortly after the conquest spoke of the city’s original foundation in the age of Chamac Pacha, or First Creation,  long before the coming of the Incas. Its earliest inhabitants, they said,  possessed supernatural powers, for which they were able miraculously to lift stones of off the ground, which “…were carried [from the mountain quarries] through the air to the sound of a trumpet.” (The Ancient Stones Speak A Journey To The World’s Most Mysterious Megalithic Sites)

While nearly everyone around the globes talks about the impressive stones found at Puma Punku and the laser-like precision by which they were cut, we seem to forget and ask a very important question: What happened at Puma Punku that caused megalithic stones to be thrown all around the place?

If you visit Puma Punku, you are going to see huge blocks of stone that look as if a giant cataclysmic struck the area in the distant past, causing a mass-displacement of the structures at Puma Punku.

The numerous perfectly fitted structures at Puma Punku were created with the most durable stone found in the region. The stones found at Puma Punku range in weight from 50 to hundreds of tons, so the obvious question we are not asking is: What could have happened at Puma Punku that literally threw megalithic stones weighing up to hundreds of tons all around the place? What could have produced such energy thousands of years ago? And why are mainstream scholars not investigating it further?

Check out these fascinating images of Puma Punku and let us know what you think:

puma punku and aliens

Tiwanaku e PumaPunku 179e

puma punku


puma punku ruins




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  1. i think the reason why investigations have not been taken any further is that the archaeologists are stuck for an explanation they just cannot understand what type of technology the ancient peoples could have had to build like this but it’s not just in south Americas it’s in other parts of the earth as well ancient civilisations cutting and moving massive stone blocks weighing hundreds of tons long distances across valleys and up hills the archaeologists would have us believe they were pulled along on cut timber logs by hundreds of people and they cut these giant stones so precise with stone axes or antlers or some early forms of metal tools, it’s just a load of bollocks, I am a mason/builder and I know what it takes to cut and shape stone of various types and the type of strength your tools need to be say to shape granite, even with the technology we have today you would struggle to cut and build with such precision. I think also that some of these stone monuments are older than what were led to believe and some of these people that have occupied them have came across these ready built structures and moved in and just used them what have we lost what have we missed in our assumptions as we have dug around is anybodys guess we have still got a lot of searching amongst the ancient texts that have been found and try to interpret them and come to understand the ancient peoples discriptions of there surroundings like The book of Giants The book of Enoch ect. Some of the cave paintings that archaeologists have come across show some strange creatures amongst the other animals that they have painted. I think it’s all fascinating

    1. Hey Ivan , you are one of the best person to say this , “we should do a toughest and greatest revolution against the mainstream scientists that what they are hiding , ignoring and even destroying against normal public and humanity in the all realm of science so the world of science become completely free of corruption and deception and be in the full disposal of honesty so the human knowledge can be uprightly served” , and Ivan I also think that science has invented many alternative or advanced Technics in place of radiocarbon dating in so many decades but they also hiding this from us to save their faulplay against being exposed to normal people , because for example to say that Puma Punku Megaliths’ have a date of 300 to 1000 AD , feels like just complete childish nonsense to anyone !! And if most of American people do be revolutionized against mainstream scientists’ dogmas then science would become automatically fairer in all over the world !! Thanks a lot if you have given slightest attention to this !!

    2. “…have came across these ready built structures and moved in…”
      I like this comment simply because we see at other sites around the world, especially Baalbek, that one structure was built upon another, and then another, until the romans built their temples to Jupiter and Venus. Here at Puma Punku and likewise half a world away, we find enormous stones, laser-like cuts, and the inability to ever fit a sheet of paper between them, all undetermined who built them and how. Very good comment, Graham

    3. The Law of One books are also interesting for the comprehension of these concepts. Matter can be created with mind/thought/will from energy (which is everywhere). So isn’t it possible that the technology used was simply the mind of a very advanced race (possibly if only to show more recent (10-15k years) people but advanced enough, how to do it)?

  2. The knowledge or paradigm filter is at work at Tiwanaku. The site was obviously built before the Cataclysm. The whole end of south America was lifted thousands of feet up; there are indications Puma Punku was a seaport. The site is probably at least 15,000 years old. Christopher Dunn demonstrated machine work at Giza and Tiwanaku.

  3. Ivan,I really like what your doing.its so informative..anyway,you still didn’t expalin What happined at puma punku.you talked about all the megalithic stones and their shapes and everything else BUT what happined.most archeologists and scientists say it was a great flood that destroyed puma punku,I don’t go along with what they say.if it was a flood that caused all the destruction then why is it that Tiahuanaco is still intact,no smashed up thrown about rocks,boulders whatever.i say it was destroyed by the people(and I say people very lightly)that built puma punku.was there a flood,most likey yes if you look at Tiahuanaco being burried,not Destroyed but burried so possibly a flood after puma punku was destroyed,which would mean Posnansky is right with his dates.

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