Is Cuicuilco The Oldest Pyramidal Structure On Earth?

As history goes on, we seem to forget the mysteries surrounding our past, civilization, and our origins.

Pyramids are present in every corner of the globe, we can find thousands of pyramids with different design and size, and there are thousands of undiscovered pyramids across the world, waiting to be discovered. We are very familiar with the Giza Plateau, and it pyramids, in Mexico, we have numerous pyramids predating the Aztecs and Maya and even in Asia, we have huge pyramids that challenge mainstream archaeology. But there are also other pyramids that are not so well-known, and one of them is the Cuicuilco pyramid.

This pyramid is located on the outskirts of Mexico City, and some researchers believe that this pyramid, is the oldest pyramid on the planet. Cuicuilco was discovered in the 1920’s by archaeologist Manuel Gamio by noticing a strange formation on a natural hill. In 1922 researchers from the University of Arizona, Byron Cummings, began excavations, removing a thick layer of lava and other material to discover a circular pyramid, spread over four levels and built with uncut stones on flattened clay. According to measurements, the Cuicuilco pyramid is around 18 meters high and measures 20 meters in diameter, while its original height is believed to have been around 27 meters.


The archaeological site of Cuicuilco is covered by a dense volcanic lava field known as “Pedregal de San Angel.” The lava field covers an area of approximately 80km2.

Researchers have also discovered a Stele near the pyramid of Cuicuilco, considered to be proof pointing to the connection between the builders of Cuicuilco and the Olmec civilization, believed to be the mother civilization of Mesoamerica.

Unlike other pyramids like the Egyptian, the question is not how it was built, but when. To answer this mystery, researchers took into account the lava which covered the pyramid, suggesting that the Pyramid of Cuicuilco must have been completed before the eruption which covered it with lava. According to scholars, this eruption occurred 8000 years ago, challenging known history once again, since the oldest known American pyramid is believed to be 2000 years old.

Taking in count the timeframe we are speaking of, according to mainstream archaeology, humans were not capable of creating such constructions 8000 years ago.

Cuicuilco Pyramid

Because archaeology cannot understand this timeframe, researchers suggest that the construction of the pyramid could have taken place more recently, suggesting that Cuicuilco is not 8000 years old but rather 2100 years old. However, physical evidence found at the pyramid, like the thick layer of lava and the period when the eruption occurred, places the pyramid around 8000 years ago.

In 1924, numerous female figures carved in stone were discovered at the pyramid. Strangely, these figures are very similar to those found in Europe dating back to the Paleolithic period. Among the figures, researchers have found mysterious looking sculptures depicting beings with helmets and strange-looking suits, resembling modern-day diving suits.

How much would the pyramid of Cuicuilco influence our understanding of history? Is it possible that humans existed on Earth thousands of years before mainstream scholars suggest? And that these ancient humans were technologically advanced? And not as primitive as some researchers suggest?

The fact that the pyramid of Cuicuilco is around 8000 years old suggests that the original pyramid builders could have originated from the American Continent, expanding later in history to other lands.


Currently, the pyramid of Cuicuilco is not being researched, no matter how old or how important the discovery might be for history, scholars have decided to abandon research on the pyramid and its people. Perhaps researchers are afraid that, what they might find, could abruptly change history in many ways.

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  1. They can but wont because they believe in evolution, so wont consider anythign else!
    Listen up we were here as created beings many thousands of years ago, and had technology much like we have today. Much knowledge was lost after the flood and the world divided into continents as we see today. These pyramids and civilizations were part of pangea, and we lived with dinasaurs much like others have found proof of such. Just tha people have believed in a lie for so long no one wants to admit something else existed before darwin and his crap theory of eviliution!

    1. there was no “great flood” there is cold hard evadance for evalootion whitch you are just to blind to sea and doo you know what has blinded you- the bible

      1. YES THERE WAS theres proof all over about a great flood they’ve found pete moss in layers that that dat back thousands of years before the Pyramids. Theres a structor that they found in the black sea that looks like a house that has been covered over and sunked for thousands and thousand of years.. theres been fossilised sea shells found on top of MT Everast. Countless other finds so yes there was.
        And no the bible doesn’t blind me it open my eyes. But my guess is all that monkey shit that’s been thrown at you with your belief in monkey man has blinded you though!

        1. Patriot,l your conclusions may be valid (and I tend to agree) but there is reason or justification to attack Broden personally. Why not stick to facts and maintain a reasonable dialogue rather than making things personal?

          1. well in my defense he flung the poo first so to speak. by commenting on how the bible has blinded me. So since he’s a monkey man all that garbage they tell people makes them blind to anything else.
            Plus it’s obviously the great delusion God sends to lovers of not the truth.

          2. Patriot, as I understand your statement, you are saying it’s ok to attack Broden personally because he did it first. Sounds much like a child’s answer to “who started this,” not a mature acceptance of responsibility for encouraging a continuance of blaming the other person for personal attacks. I recently joined this group thinking it might be a source of mature thinking about engaging issues. But evidently I was mistaken

          3. So… let me guess your either an alt account for Brodan, or a troll wanted to go off topic then?
            Fine no skin off me if you leave. Really, though if Brodan wanted defended he could of done it himself.
            Besides, if you look at the time stamps his remark was 6mo’s ago.
            So you felt compelled to restart something that was rested for at least 6mos?

  2. What is actually known about the purpose of the pyramid? One could reasonably assume it had some astronomical significance, considering discoveries found at other pyramid sites.? Hopefully the comments here will stick to a debate of facts and opinions and not resort to ad hominem attacks like most sites.

  3. I believe there was many civilizations on earth over the course of several million years. I also believe human kind was engineered by aliens from an existing primate species that was already here on earth at the time. Another thing I’m only beginning to believe is thst there are scientist worldwide who know far more about human history than they would ever admit and they are involved in a centuries old cover-up to hide the real history from humanity to protect religion.

  4. Science to earn the denomination “scientific” has to base on facts. Ignoring facts makes science a religion and the credibility of any scholar vanishes with every new discovery he choses to ignore.

  5. Carbon dating is good for about 70,000 years back, right? This shouldn’t be a problem. There’s got to be some organic material from when that was constructed.

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