Does this 7,000-year-old ‘Cosmic Egg’ depict the earliest illustration of DNA?


Found by British researcher and author of ‘Atlantis and the Silver City’ Peter Daughtrey,  the intriguing object composed entirely out of stone was found in Algarve, Portugal and is believed to date back over 7,000 years. Its peculiar characteristics –like the design of what seems to be the double helix of DNA— makes this ‘cosmic’ egg one of the most intriguing objects found to date. Interestingly, the double helix model wasn’t found until 1953. The obvious questions we need to ask —if it is in fact the Double helix of DNA— is how such a symbol could exist on a stone egg that some say was carved approximately 7000 years ago?

Most people refer to the artifact as a ‘massive stone around six feet in length’ resembling the cosmic creation egg.

In addition to its size, the fact that the artifact has a strange set of symbols engraved on its surface have made the artifact very popular among researchers, some who claim it carries a hidden message mainstream scholars have ignored.

If the peculiar design engraved on its surface is in fact the double helix of DNA, it poses numerous questions which make quite a few experts very uncomfortable.

Many of the so-called creation eggs depict snakes wrapped around it. However, looking at the stone egg found in Algarve, researchers are skeptical whether or not it depicts a serpent. No one can argue against the fact that this strange artifact may in fact depict one of the earliest representations of DNA.

The egg of cosmic creation is a very popular mythological motif present in ancient cultures all around the globe. For example, if we look at ancient Greek mythology we will find the Orphic Egg.

However, such artifacts are not only present in Europe. Similar artifacts have been found in China, Egypt and throughout the rest of the world. These so-called ‘creation eggs’ were used to explain how life on Earth began. M any ancient cultures were firmly convinced that ‘Gods’ who came down from the heavens brought the ‘Cosmic Egg’ to Earth and mankind was created from it.

Interestingly, Daughtrey believes that this fascinating item has a profound connection with the lost city/continent of Atlantis, more accurately the small village of Silves.

The mysterious artifact can be found today in the Lagos Museum in Algarve.

According to the museum, the stone is an ‘ancient standing menhir,’ and similar objects can be found all over the western coast of modern-day Portugal, but also in different locations around the globe.

Just as the Pyramids are a worldwide phenomenon that no one can explain, these enigmatic cosmic eggs or ‘ancient menhirs’ are also a global phenomenon that somehow spread across nearly all ancient cultures in the distant past.

But what if it is just a popular ancient symbol? What if there isn’t anything special to it? If we look back at different ancient cultures we will find that ‘Eggs’ are a very common symbol due to the fact that eggs are actually found all over the planet, which in turn people connected that eggs give rise to life, which is why ancient man utilized the egg symbol as a way of illustrating ‘new life’.

However, the symbolism found on the surface of the massive stones what has caused admiration from some researchers who claim that whoever created the curious illustrations must have had access to specific tools, whereas Bronze tools would be enough.

The central symbol on the surface of the ‘standing menhir’ curiously resembles a rod. The Rod was a powerful symbol connected with ‘creation’ in many cultures. If we look back at history, we will find that in ancient Mesopotamia the Rod was considered a symbol of the power of the gods. It also resembles the Caduceus, the ‘staff’ carried by ancient Greek God Hermes. Interestingly Moses also had a similar rod.

What do you think about this curious artifact? And what do you think about the fact that similar objects are found all around the planet? Is this another global phenomenon? Does it resemble a rod, or is it possible that it is one of the most ancient symbols of DNA found on the planet?

The truth is that the world egg, cosmic egg or mundane egg is a mythological motif found in the creation myths of many cultures and civilizations. One of the earliest ideas of “egg-shaped Cosmos” comes from some of the Sanskrit scriptures.

Let us know what you think.

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  1. According to Manu Smriti (the treatise on dharma in India), the creation has been described thus:
    ‘This universe was enveloped in darkness- unperceived, undistinguishable, undiscoverable, unknowable, as it were, entirely sunk in sleep. The irresistible Self-existent Lord, undiscovered, creating this universe with the five elements and all other things was manifested dispelling the gloom. He who is beyond the cognizance of the senses, subtle, un-discernible, eternal, who is the essence of all things and inconceivable, himself shown forth. He desiring, seeking to produce various creatures from his own body, first created the waters, and deposited in them a seed. This (seed) became a golden egg resplendent as the sun, in which he himself was born as the progenitor of all worlds. The waters are called Narah, because they are the offspring of Nara; and since they were formerly the place
    of his movement (ayana), he is therefore called Narayana… That Lord having continued in the egg divided it into two parts (male and female) by his mere thought. Its (the egg’s) womb, vast as the mountains of Meru, was composed of the mountains and the mighty oceans were the waters, which filled its cavity. In that egg were the continents, seas and mountains, the planets and divisions of the universe; the gods, the demons and mankind’. (Manusmriti, 1:9).

    1. We don’t want poetry… we want scientific fact and the Manu Smriti is poetry and totally irrelevant to this finding.

      1. I agree its poetical. Science depends upon calculable facts. But now science is seen transcending even the calculable and reaching out to the sublime world of concepts or ideas beginning its journey from the physical to the mental, from the mental to the intellectual and from the intellectual to sublime truths. It s only a matter of time spirituality and science meets with the same truth in the end.

  2. It doesn’t look like the DNA spiral to me. Its basically one dimensional – it may be raised but there is no alternating passing behind at crossings that would signal two separate spirals, and why the central spine?

  3. On the 20th, I saw outside a golden circle in the sky, It to a degree it looked like a zero. But it Looked like a vesicia pisces, or it looked like this, except without the rod. The middle of the top and bottom of the symbol were not connected, there was what my mind is telling me a gap between the light, which would make it look like a pair of parenthesis. It wasn’t a ufo light. This was a light that seemed as if it was emanating out from space its self. The second I decided to go grab my phone to take a picture, from the top of the light it got “sucked up.” These are the only words I’ve found how to describe it, but it wasnt like it got sucked up a vacuum, meaning that one end enters through it first. It was as if the light was unfolding into it. The thing about though is, for 3 days before I saw that, I was “entertaining” some thoughts I had about how multiple symbols can be sketched out to use as representations for math(which I’ve never really been interested in even though I’ve noticed I recognize patterns more vigilantly than others), but these drawings were related to the swastika, phi, and yin-yang. I’ve always been able to in a sense “pseudo-discern” a multitude shapes, by looking at things which would seemingly not show them, but I’ve never felt like I had while drawing these on my whiteboard, it was a weird sense of belonging. I felt, obligated to entertain my thoughts which would be called crazy in our societal paradigm. As I stopped drawing on the first day, the different variations of these symbols I drew made me think I was onto a track to discovering something related to how dark matter comes into existence, and then turns into a focal point for the observer. After seeing that symbol in the sky, I had to laugh as I recognized I’ve been becoming so interested in researching symbols, and now looked like a mad man who said they’ve seen a ufo. If anyone has any idea of what this might be, I welcome all sources of knowledge.

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