Has NASA found Artificial Walls on the surface of Mars

According to ufologists and UFO hunters around the globe, another monumental discovery has been made on the surface of the red planet. Recent images taken by NASA’s curiosity rover show what appear to be artificial structures on the surface of the red planet, specifically walls.

UFO hunters point towards the following images and suggest that these are the ultimate evidence of past life on Mars.

According to many, these images prove that millions of years ago, when the red planet had an atmosphere similar to Earth, and liquid water flowing on its surface, ancient civilizations developed on our neighboring planet. These images, together with other interesting photographs of the red planet show that in the distant past, Mars was inhabited by intelligent life forms who built structures, buildings and monuments just as we do on Earth.


While skeptics will firmly dismiss these findings, people on Social Media have compared images of ancient walls on Earth to the alleged structures found on Mars, the similarities are staggering.

The possibility of Life on Mars

Consider for a moment the possibility that in the distant past, when Mars had water and an atmosphere, life developed on the planet.  For hundreds of thousands of years, perhaps even millions of years, life on Mars developed to the point where they became capable of creating structures just as we on Earth. Life on the red planet continued to strive, society developed and just as we call Earth home today, these ‘beings’ might called Mars their home millions of years ago. Then, chaotic changers turned the planet into a desolate and inhospitable place. Oceans, lakes and rivers dried out, Martian vegetation disappeared, and the planet became inhospitable and life forms on the planet became extinct.

Are there any similarities between the images on MArs and 'man-made' walls on Earth?
Are there any similarities between the images on MArs and ‘man-made’ walls on Earth?

Now, millions of years later, our civilization has developed to the point where we can send spacecraft to other planets and moons, we are exploring Mars and seeing incredible images that spark our imagination.

While these images might be evidence that support the above-mentioned scenario, they can also be the product of Pareidolia. In order to fully understand Mars and its past, prove or dis-prove the existence of life on Mars, we need to examine the evidence physically and based on scientific facts come to a conclusion.


At this point, the only thing we can do is ask ourselves, what if these images are evidence of ancient structures, walls, and monuments on Mars. What if we are looking at the product of intelligent alien beings, who became extinct millions of years ago? At this point we can only wonder and debate whether these images are the product of intelligent design or not.

Let us know what you think about Mars, the above mentioned scenario, the above displayed images of structures and other countless images that have been made available thanks to NASA’s Curiosity rover.

Remember that our opinion about Mars drastically changed over the past twelve months.

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