The hidden origins on mankind: Giant Skeletons that will change History

The eyes of that species of extinct Giant, whose bones fill the Mounds of America, have gazed on Niagara as ours do now.” –Former President Abraham Lincoln, Niagara Falls, 1848.

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In the last couple of decades, much of the population on Earth has firmly come to believe that history has been told only partially. We have come to realize that there are numerous pieces missing from the puzzle and that mankind’s origin and the past are far more enigmatic than many scholars are willing to accept.

Throughout the decades, countless findings have been made, pointing towards a much different history than we are being told by mainstream scholars.

Religion, ancient texts, and monuments are only partially understood by scholars, who are ever-more selective when sharing their knowledge.

One of the most interesting researchers who has come to challenge mainstream scholars and their extremely linear views on history and our origins is without a doubt Michael Tellinger.

Tellinger is an author, scientist, and explorer, who has made a number of groundbreaking discoveries regarding ancient civilizations that mysteriously vanished under doubtful circumstances. Most of his research has been focused on the African continent where he has come across intriguing pieces of evidence which directly contradict mainstream history.

One of the most popular books in the world, the Bible, tells us that when the Gods were on Earth, they were giants. . . . This, when you bring up in conversation, normally brings up, you know, laughter and people giggling and thinking you’re joking, and yet, the Bible is full of references to giants in our history.” –Michael Tellinger (source)

While many believe that stories found in the bible cannot be considered as firm evidence supporting the idea that giants existed on earth in the distant past, it is interesting to note that there are other sources which point towards the existence of giants. In nearly all ancient cultures, there is evidence suggesting beings of humongous size, existed on our planet in the distant past.

Physical evidence supporting such theories can also be found around the globe. One of such examples is a part of an upper leg bone of a being that is believed to have been at least 3.5 meters in height. The bone is located at the medical school at WITS University in Johannesburg since the 1960’s. The bone was discovered in northern Namibia by miners and is considered as one of the most important and rare specimens of giant beings existing on our planet in the distant past.

However, more similar discoveries were made around the globe. A 38-centimiter-long figure found in Egypt is another impressive discovery that contradicts conventional historical views. The images displayed were taken in 1988 and were published by one of Europe’s leading newspaper,

Researchers from Egypt believe it had to belong to a creäture that was over 5 meters height. Only a few people got to take images of this incredible artifact in 1988.

In an interview with, Spörri stated: “It was an oblong package, smelled musty,” Spörri said when he told his story to the public in 2012. “I was totally flabbergasted when I saw the dark brown giant finger. I was allowed to take it in hand and also to take pictures. A bill was put next to it to get a size comparison. The bent finger was split open and covered with dried mold.”

According to Gregor Spörri, the grave robber who found the finger also had a certificate of Authenticity and an X-ray image, both of which are from the 1960’s.

Interestingly, in 1883, the Smithsonian Institute dispatched a team of researchers to the South Charleston Mount. There, according to reports, they discovered numerous giant skeletons ranging from 7 to 9 feet tall. The giants were said to have been buried with heavy copper bracelets and other items which appeared to have a religious and/or cultural meaning.

Apparently the report also mentioned that some of the giants had skulls which looked ‘compressed or flat-head type’, resembling similar skeletal remains discovered in south America and Egypt. (source)

Interestingly, another crucial piece of evidence was a discovery made in Wisconsin. The finding was omitted by researchers who remained silent and decided not to speak about the lost race of giants found in burial mounds near Lake Delavan in Wisconsin. The mysterious discovery, which was first reported in the 4 May 1912  issue of the New York Times states that at least 18 anomalous skeletons had been found in Wisconsin exhibiting extremely weird features unlike any known species to date. The excavation side was overseen by the Beloit College and included over 200 mounds. (source)

These anomalous skeletons were unlike anything is seen before, totally differing from any known human species with alleged heights that ranged from 8 to 10 feet.

“…presumably those of men, are much larger than the heads of any race which inhabit America to-day.”

Vine Deloria, a Native American author, and professor of law said:

“Modern day archeology and anthropology have nearly sealed the door on our imaginations, broadly interpreting the North American past as devoid of anything unusual in the way of great cultures characterized by a people of unusual demeanor.

“The great interloper of ancient burial grounds, the nineteenth century Smithsonian Institution, created a one-way portal, through which uncounted bones have been spirited.”

“This door and the contents of its vault are virtually sealed off to anyone, but government officials. Among these bones may lay answers not even sought by these officials concerning the deep past.”

“In addition to the human skeletons found in NY State, there is also the famous case of ‘The Cardiff Giant,’ a white alabaster-like statue of an 11-foot man which showed an exposed penis and hieroglyphic inscriptions. This statue caused a worldwide sensation and was exhibited in New York City to thousands of paying customers before it was declared a fake by the NY newspapers, despite the fact that scholars from Harvard and elsewhere insisted that the statue was genuine.”  Richard Dewhurst

The fact that huge megalithic structures have been discovered around the globe could prove to be another indication that giants inhabited Earth in the past. In ancient Egypt for example, we have numerous hieroglyphs which depict beings that are up to five times larger than ordinary humans.

In the valley of Khafre in Egypt, we find one of the most incredible ancient temples built using humongous limestone blocks, some as large as 30 feet long, while weighing over 200 tons.

This fact makes you wonder just how was it possible, for ancient mankind to erect such monuments, with the accuracy and precision they did, thousands of years ago.

Graham Hancock explains it pretty well in his book Fingerprints of the Gods: The Evidence of Earth’s Lost Civilization:“ At present there are only two land-based cranes in the world that could lift weights of this magnitude. At the very frontiers of construction technology, these are both vast, industrialized machines, with booms reaching more than 220 feet into the air, which require on-board counterweights of 160 tons to prevent them from tipping over. The preparation-time for a single lift is around six weeks and calls for the skills of specialized teams of up to 20 men.13 In other words, modern builders with all the advantages of high-tech engineering at their disposal can barely hoist weights of 200 tons. „

All of the above discoveries and facts are proof that history, as we have been told, is completely wrong, misinterpreted and incomplete, a fact that mainstream scholars around the world have ignored in an attempt to promote a specific ideology in today’s society.

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  1. Giants are 35 feet tall not 11ft the skeletons found all over the world have been told that they are photo shopped to hide the hidden history of these huge giants and the Smithsonian museum dump them into the oceans to hide the truth from us and call them a hoax don’t believe it folks huge giants existed and lived in Biblical times Goliath was the 35 foot tall who also had 4 other brothers they were the terroisists in those days and people did slay them too as in the story of David and Goliath

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