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“Man-made metal” found embedded inside ancient Geode has experts stumped

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Depending on the size of the geode—the largest crystals can take a million years to grow. So how on Earth is there a metallic—apparently man-made—object embedded in one?


Throughout the years, researchers, archaeologists and ordinary people have come across a wealth of documented artifacts that have been ‘recovered’ from very ancient sediment, coal seams, minerals, stones and even geodes.

Many of these items are anything but orthodox, and point to the possibility that our civilization’s history is completely undocumented—or if you prefer, partially correct.

All of these discoveries seem to indicate that a vastly different story has been recorded in our history books and that the majority of mainstream scholars are unable to cope with the fact that there are things out there that completely rewrite our history.

So many pieces of evidence have been uncovered throughout the years but despite that fact, history is still not being recorded properly, and for whatever reason, it seems that many have attempted to conceal or suppress such discoveries. The question remains why? Why are such discoveries immediately disregarded by experts? And why is it so hard to keep an open mind about these findings?

The truth is that impossible artifacts have been found in the most unusual of places on Earth and one such discovery—of an apparently unbreakable piece of unknown metal—was discovered by a man named Mike Walters, an amateur geologist.

According to reports, Mike—who often comes across such geodes—found a strange Geode and after opening was left stumped with its content. A sort of metallic object resembling a ring was embedded inside of it. According to Mike’s email to coast-to-coast, “I have never found anything like this: it appears to be a polished metal of manmade origin.”

So, who on Earth could have created this extremely ancient metal object? And how is it possible that it got embedded within the Geode? Furthermore, the object inside the Geode has remained encapsulated for a period of 200 million years according to this statement.

So what are we looking at here? An Alien artifact? Evidence of an extremely advanced civilization that lived on Earth? Or is there another explanation?

Here’s Mike’s email to Coast-to-Coast AM:

My name is Mike Walters and I’m an amateur geologist. I often come across geodes. A geode can form in any cavity within a rock, but the most common method for geode formation is via gas bubbles that form in cooling ash beds.

The bubble gets “frozen” in place when the silica rich ash/dust hardens. The partial or complete filling of the bubble may occur immediately or even thousands to millions of years later and can encompass a variety of different minerals.

I have opened thousands of these and have found beautiful crystal and mineral deposits. However I have never found anything like this: it appears to be a polished metal of manmade origin (close-up above, full image below).

We use a special cutting disc to open the stones. I noticed something odd with the stone; the cutting disc would not cut through, I had to cut circumferentially around the Geode to get it opened and I found this object. I used sulfuric acid to dissolve the remaining minerals to free the object. Unfortunately the remaining Geode was dissolved, however, the metal object is intact. I plan to have a doctor friend take some x-rays of the object.

Mike Walters.

(H/T Coast-To-Coast AM)

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