Meet ‘The Eye’ a strange and nearly perfect spherical island that moves

In the middle of South America, there is a strange and almost perfectly spherical island that moves on its own. The landmass in the middle —called the Eye— floats on a pond of clear and cold water which is extremely strange and in contrast to its surrounding area. The bottom appears to be solid in comparison to the marsh around it.

Until now, no one has tried explaining ‘ The Eye’ or unraveling its many mysteries.

Looking at the story behind this mysterious island, many people have come forward claiming that “a circle inside another circle represents God on Earth,” — and as paranormal investigators point out— regardless, the area deserves much more interest.

Google Earth has been the place to go to if you are looking to explore the surface of the planet like never before. For years this tool has been used by researchers, scientists and ordinary people around the globe to make fascinating discoveries.

This time Google Earth reveals a mysterious island located in the Tarana Delta between the cities of Campana and Zárate, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

There, in a little-explored and swampy area, is a mysterious spherical island that is nearly 100 meters in diameter and moves —seemingly on its own from side to side— ‘floating’ in the water channel that surrounds it.

Its discoverer is an Argentine filmmaker who investigates paranormal phenomena, UFO cases, and alien sightings.


After the filmmaker,  Sergio Neuspiller, researched ‘the Eye’ in situ, checking the anomaly in order to rule out an optical illusion, he started a Kickstarter campaign. The Kickstarter campaign is needed in order to raise the necessary funds to gather a multidisciplinary team of scientists and researchers to ‘The Eye’ in order to get to the bottom of the mysterious island in South America.

How is such an island even possible? Is it the result of an unknown natural phenomenon that we have rarely seen on Earth? How has it lasted so long without deforming? And what caused its initial formation?

Is it possible that the nearly perfect spherical island is connected to UFO activity in the area? Or is there something underneath it that causes the mysterious island to move erratically?

The truth is that if we look back at the historical records of Google Earth we will find that ‘The Eye’ has been visible on satellite images for over a decade and has apparently always moved in a mysterious way as if it were seeking attention from anyone looking from above.

To check out the enigmatic island for yourself, head on to Google Earth and visit the following coordinates: 34°15´07.8″S 58°49´47.4″W

According to website, Pablo Suarez from Boston University who does dynamic systems modeling said that he had not run across anything like it. To him, it does not appear to be a crater or to have been caused by any typical natural phenomenon.

Gustavo Sznaider, who works at a company specializing in satellite surveillance, stated he had never seen anything like it before either, in spite of the years of experience he’s had analyzing imagery of the Earth.

Don’t forget to visit the website for more information and stop by the Kickstarter Campaign.

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  1. From the attached picture it looks like a glass ball in water, it even has a dark crescent on one edge just like glass would bend the light.

  2. It’s feel like something build to perceive gravitational changes. Possible with connection with the moon and/or the magnetic mantle of the earth.

  3. This is very interesting indeed! I don’t think it is just paranormal investigators that feel it warrants more interest!

  4. My theory is that it’s similar to the affect that happens with ice if the conditions are right. The current in a stream or rivers Eddie’s form small circular ice sheets that will spin and grow. They will move around freely from the other ice.
    It looks like the algea in the swamp might be doing the same thing. So it is its own independent patch. The current, even the slightest, keeps the island of algea moving.

  5. I believe that the floating bog in the middle is the very thing that created the spherical shape.

    1. It is not a sphere. It is circular, but not a sphere… A sphere is a ball-like shape. This is most likely a very flat object, so it is a nice circle, but not sphere-like.

      Islands like this are rare, but not unheard-of. Most of the time it is in the form of an ice island, and the shape is created by wind or water flow that causes a circular motion or even a vortex. Floating objects get caught in the circular flow, and build up to form a CIRCULAR island. These are generally very thin, and not spherical. They can be made of anything that floats, ranging from ice to driftwood. Floating islands are common in bogs or swampy areas. floating free is unusual, and floating in a circular flow is even more unusual… But it happens. And it is not caused by UFOs. The perfection of the shape is due to natural “grinding” forces that occur at the edge during rotation.

      1. You are absolutely right. Sphere was the wrong term. My thoughts are that the irregular, oblong island rotating around the circular hole is was have it its bear perfect, circular shape.

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