NASA Claims: Over 30 advanced civilizations have collapsed before us – Are we next?

A NASA-funded study has found that ADVANCED ancient civilizations that existed on Earth thousands of years ago were as susceptible to collapse as WE are today. 

Is there a mysterious, chaotic pattern within civilization?

How many times have you heard in history books that a superpower in the distant past became so advanced and uncontrollably powerful that it eventually collapsed?

You may think you haven’t heard of that in history books at all, but you may be wrong.

If we look back at our history books –which by the way are totally incomplete— you will notice that in the distant past, looking at the 18th century, for example, there were countries like France who were considered a world superpower.

Their mighty culture developed at such a rate that they eventually felt supremacy and acted irresponsibly in turn.

With vast territories overseas, spending money uncontrollably, eventually lead to catastrophic budget deficits which in turn caused them to enter into debts and their currency was devaluated, chaos followed.

Even though France did not disappear entirely from history, it is evidence of a small chaotic pattern present in modern-day society. This chaotic way researchers believe has been present in civilization for thousands of years.

The truth is that even before that, there were numerous cultures and civilizations that just as France and other countries, were the makers of their own collapse.

If we look back in history 3000–5000 years, we will find a historical record that clearly shows us how advanced and sophisticated civilizations were just as susceptible to collapse as we are today.

While lifestyles were much different in the distant past than they are today, it turns out that there is an ongoing pattern encrusted into humanity that raises numerous questions about our sustainability as a civilization which ultimately challenges our ability to stay ‘afloat’ as a complex society and culture.

If we look back in time over 10,000 years, we will discover that numerous advanced civilizations that predate the Inca, Olmec, and Egyptian civilization existed on Earth which mysteriously vanished without a trace.

Look back at the Ancient Maya for example. The Ancient Mayas were one of the most advanced and sophisticated ancient civilizations ever to rule on Earth.

This ancient Civilization, which flourished in the jungles of present-day Mexico(south), Guatemala and Belize is noted for the Maya script, the only known developed writing system of the Pre-Columbian Americas.

Tikal mayan ruins 2009
Ancient Ruins of Tikal in Guatemala. Image Credit: Wikipedia

In fact, the ancient Maya were so ahead of other societies even in Europe, that they had perfected the use of rubber creating various products from it 3000 years before people in the Old World even knew what it was.

The Maya created fascinating monuments, pyramids, ancient cities, writing techniques and strangely, like many other great civilizations, they too disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

But in addition to the Ancient Maya, researchers around the globe have found similar patterns in other civilizations that just as the Maya, collapsed and vanished.

Many scientists argue that it is difficult to overlook the sheer number of repeating patterns in most of these civilizations, and a study partially funded by NASA provides us with evidence that there are certain (chaotic) characteristics present in ancient cultures that lived on Earth thousands of years ago and eventually disappeared.

This is considered by many people as a sign that clearly states that ancient civilizations have reset a number of times.

In the report, applied mathematician Safa Motesharri and his “Human and Nature Dynamical” model claim that “the process of rise-and-collapse is actually a recurrent cycle found throughout history.”

“The fall of the Roman Empire and the equally (if not more) advanced Han, Mauryan, and Gupta Empires, as well as so many advanced Mesopotamian Empires, are all testimony to the fact that advanced, sophisticated, complex, and creative civilizations can be both fragile and impermanent.”

In the study, we find that“Technological change can raise the efficiency of resource use, but it also tends to raise both per capita resource consumption and the scale of resource extraction, so that, absent policy effects, the increases in consumption often compensate for the increased efficiency of resource use.”



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  1. Pretty lousy article, absolute total misunderstanding of the situation or our place in the universe with off world malignant pseudo gods. Look at all the major religions. Do not look to close. Koran says guess who is the lord of the star system Sirius. The research here is terrible, abysmal is a better word. That is jacks or better to open.

  2. There’s no Mayan mystery. They were washed away during the “great flood”.

    Note, the “bible” is a plagiarism of the ancient Sumerian story.

  3. Good article! it is no news that life is in cycles, even economics, fashion and what ever else, all is in cycles.

    Looking at the extreme precise (machine quality) craftsmanship of the very ancient stone works in rocks like granite, basalt and andasite there is no doubt these were not made by the nearly monkey brained stone or bronze age men!!! how would they even know about astronomy to align them?! if they were only a bit smarter than monkeys (according to the rubbish evolution theory) cycles repeat unfortunately we usually loose most of the knowledge and start over, kind of reminds me a “groundhog day” film but on the much longer scale

  4. NASA is lying as the only other people that existed on earth before man were the nephilim! There has been no other human race before man and we did not descend from apes! Wake up! Everything nasa says is a LIE!!!

  5. Civilization’s advancement is the very reason why eventually it fails… It is inevitable. It is inevitable because when a civilization begins a path of progress and continues flourishing and advancing consistently throughout time it’s more primitive, simplistic, spiritual, harmonial, and peaceful way of life changes into a lifestyle that becomes superficial and materialistic. In the harshness of primitive life it is in the goodness of our own human nature to find strength in means of survival by people banding together, forming a community. By combining a diversity of skills, talents, and efforts people will work together merely of honest good will and a desire and willingness to equally share and help each for the common goal of betterment and ease of survival. As the chain of population growth and advancement continues, value systems and personal goals change and so begins the path of destruction when competition, conflict, selfishness and greed takes root. We tend to lose our connection with the original and natural state of things. Most of all, we lose our connection with each other and eventually forgot our common purpose. Yes, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, one of those is continuous advancement.

    1. They don’t teach history in school anymore do they. Humans have never been a kumbaya species, How we are today is how we were 2000 years ago.

  6. That there existed many civilizations earlier is evident in the scriptures of India.Read any purana, it begins with the narration of our location in time in the cosmic wheel of time consisting of billions of years. It also mentions about
    the earlier civilizations. Western scientists ridiculed these as mere myths but
    now they are discovering the truth.

    There is an interesting conversation in the Ramayana between Rishi Vasisht and a sage by the name Bhusundan. This sage had the power to live and take birth at will through the ebb and flow of cosmic ages. When Rishi Vasisht asked Bhusundan how he managed to live through the aeons, when, at the time of pralaya – the dissolution, when fire and water engulf the world and when the twelve suns spit fire on the earth. Bhusundan replied that at the time of pralaya, when all activities cease in the world, he leaves his body and stays motionless in the earth’s atmosphere. When the final storm of dissolution uproots even powerful mountains, he stays attuned with the essence of mountain. When even mountains melt and the whole universe becomes the form of liquid, he abodes himself in the atmosphere above the final waters. When all planets and elements get completely destroyed thus at the end of the kalpa (aeon), he emerges out of the seven universal sheaths and remain in the pure sky of primal consciousness. At the time of the next creation, he comes back to the universal egg.

    Vasihta then asked Bhusundan whether he could narrate some incidents occurred during the bygone aeons. Bhusundan replied:

    ‘In one kalpa (aeon), the earth was filled with big boulders, without any trees,
    plants, forests and mountains. During one pralaya, the earth was covered with ashes for 12000 years. In one chaturyuga (age-quartet consisting of millions of years), the earth was full of wild trees and in another filled with mountains. I remember the origin of sun and moon, the dharma system of Indra and devas. I remember the origin of the oceans…. I also remember the origin of sages like you- Vasisht, Bharadwaj, Pulastya, Atri, Narada, Marichi, Sanalkumara, Brigu, Isha, Skanda and goddesses like Gauri, Saraswati, Lakshmi and Gayatri. I shall tell you some facts from my long memory.

    ‘O great sage Vasisht! You are being born now the eighth time as the son of
    Brahma. The earth had gone under water five times. The world has been
    devastated by the fire of Siva 30 times. Siva killed ten Indras due to certain
    improprieties. Indra had fought with Krishna eight times for the sake of Bana.
    Yuga after Yuga as per the rise and decadence of the intelligence of people,
    the Vedas, Vedangas and rituals had undergone changes. The puranas which occur in every yuga, get repeated in many ways with similar meaning. There was another epic by the name of Ramayana with one lakh verses and expositions on spiritual truth. The epic written by Valmiki or by a person with a similar name is being written now the twelfth time.

    Mahabharata also existed in the previous yugas and it is appearing now the 7th time. The Rama Avatar has taken place eleven times. There were the avatars of Buddha in six Kali Yugas. Krishna Avatar is taking place the sixteenth time. In the last Kalpa, the Northern direction was not this. This mountain was also not at this place. The directions are known based no the movement of the sun and planets and location of mountains. When changes happen to this, the directions also change. Once in a Krita yuga (satya yuga), there was the observance of Kaliyuga; and in the Kaliyuga, the observance of Krita Yuga.….’

  7. First of all, we really have no clue to how old this earth is, Secondly, without a doubt there were advanced civilizations here before us some many millions of years ago. The one thing we all have in common is everyone thought they were it, thought they would always be here.

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