The Orion Correlation: 3 fascinating ancient structures connected to Orion

Monuments spread across planet Earth, have a incredible, precise alignment with Orions three stars; Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka
Monuments spread across planet Earth, have an incredible, precise alignment with Orions three stars; Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka

For some mysterious reason, the constellation of Orion was of great importance to ancient cultures around the globe. Some even call the Correlation of Orion a global phenomenon since this pattern of stars was accurately portrayed by our ancients on monuments throughout the ancient world, from Egypt to Mexico. For an unknown reason, this constellation has been the center of the skies for our ancestors.

While there are numerous structures around the globe which are astronomically aligned, there are some monuments which literally mimic the sky.

But what is ORION? Astronomers usually refer to it as M42, and it is there where stars are being born. The Orion constellation is one of the most prominent star formations in the night sky and has been revered by ancient cultures around the globe for thousands of years, even perhaps before written history.

The constellation was named after the Greek demigod Orion in the 8th century B.C. when connected, the stars form the head, shoulders, belt and feet of a man. According to Greek mythology, Orion was a giant born with superhuman abilities, a mighty hunter who killed animals with an unbreakable bronze club.

When the Greek hero was eventually slain, he was placed among the stars for eternity. His father was Poseidon.

In this article we take a look at Orion and why it was so important for our ancestor’s thousands of years ago. Perhaps the ‘Gods’ themselves came from Orion in the distant past?

The Giza Plateau and Orion



The Great Pyramid of Giza and its companion structures have fascinated researchers, historians, and archaeologists for centuries.

These majestic structures are unlike any other monuments on the surface of the planet. Interestingly, the three pyramid at Giza seems to be profoundly connected with the constellation of Orion.

The ancient Egyptian civilization firmly believed that it was from Sirius and Orion that beings came to Earth in the form of humans, referring to Osiris and Isis and according to mythology they literally instigated the human race.

This is perhaps one of the main reasons why the builders of the Pyramids decided to mimic the constellation of Orion on the surface of the planet. Looking at the three main stars of the constellation of Orion, and observing at the three main pyramids of Giza from above, we notice a fascinating similarity among the two.


Furthermore, according to Goro Adachi, there was an extraordinary set of alignments around 10,500 BC.

  1. Orion reached its lowest point at the Meridian in its 26,000-year precessional cycle. (Precession slowly shifts Orion and other stars up and down the meridian, the imaginary north-south line drawn in the sky where the stars achieve their highest daily altitudes.)
  2. On the vernal equinox, the Great Sphinx, directly facing east, witnessed the rising of its two celestial counterparts – the sun and Leo.

At the moment of equinoctial sunrise (c. 10,500 BC):

  1. Orion was positioned right at the meridian.
  2. In the southern sky, the Milky Way was seen roughly vertical and positioned in such a way that it appeared to be an extension of the Nile. Orion was situated just to the right of the celestial river – closely mimicking the configuration of the Giza pyramids and the Nile.

Teotihuacan and the Constellation of Orion

Credit: History
Credit: History

However, if we travel half way around the world, we will find another fascinating phenomenon in the ancient city of Teotihuacan. According to experts, the entire city layout of Teotihuacan is aligned astronomically.

It is consistently oriented 15 to 25 degrees east of true north, and the front wall of the Pyramid of the Sun is exactly perpendicular to the point on the horizon where the sun sets on the equinoxes.

The layout of the pyramids of Teotihuacan are placed in such a way that they represent our solar system but also Orion’s Belt. According to ancient mythology, it is a point of creation. History tells us that in 3114 B.C., the gods came from the heavens to Earth in a convention, and this convention occurred in Teotihuacan.

The Ancient Hopi and Orion

hoppi and orion
The three Hopi Mesas align “perfectly” with the constellation of Orion. Credit History Channel.

If we travel from Teotihuacan further north into the modern day United States, we will eventually arrive at the sacred Hopi land.

The Hopi are a Native American tribe whose cosmology, monuments, and landscape also have a profound connection with the constellation of Orion, and as other ancient civilizations across the globe, ranging from Africa to Europe, the Hopi tribe also constructed their sacred sites in correlation to the constellation of Orion. High above the Arizona desert, their reservation, encompassing more than 1.5 million acres, consists of 12 villages.   According to research both the Hopi landscape and the tribe’s mythology are centered on Orion.

Looking at the entire star formation of the constellation of Orion, and comparing it to the Ancient Hopi cities spread in the vicinity of the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon, we will notice a staggering similarity where the land mimics the stars from above.

They say it is a place where they can make contact with the gods and according to some researchers, not only do the three mesas represent the stars in Orion’s Belt but when connected to other Hopi landmarks throughout the Southwest, the collective sites map the entire body of the Orion constellation.

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  1. The pyramids DO NOT mirror Orion. There is an excellent discussion on wikipedia, as well as by Andrew Collins, and the astronomers Ed Krupp and Tony Fairall. It is much more likely they mirror Cygnus, but I do not know of any astro archaeological studies done using Cygnus.

  2. Hello Everyone,
    I also feel that ancient earth and people were very advance than us. I was reading in curse of king tut that a last stage of incurable disease ill boy saw into king tut’s mummy eyes and miraculously his disease disappears.
    I spoke to some very well known Egyptologist regarding this they still don’t have answer if it.
    as well as I am also disturbed by a dream since 3 years where Jesus looking like person with big closed eyes made up of sun rays, tells me to “GO THERE” and I see myself to a desert and he leaves me and goes to mid of three star, that time I was unaware about those three star latter on I able to know in dream that its a belt containing three star then I search on internet belt containing three star then I able to know its a Egyptian god I think orion or osiris
    I asked about this dream to Egyptologist in UK that time also she was unanswerable she only told that god won’t reincarnate on earth again but my question that the person in my dream is oval headed long beard and hair looks like Jesus. it can’t be my psychological question but I am neither interested nor connected by any means with Egypt or Jesus.
    still my dream is unanswerable that’s different part that those dreams have series where i asked that there is only sand and black rocks no water no food none of my relative so what I’ll do there? so that person reply you go there I’ll give you everything.
    after so much research I feel that it would be connected with one world government but still I am not connected with that also.
    I am also waiting for someone to guide me on this.

    1. Do you regularly smoke pot?
      Why don’t you pour on yourself 2 gallons of gasoline and light up yourself? You might probably have the most and last mystic experience of your senseless existence.

      1. Dear Venezolana
        your word shows your value and quality of living as well as manners and etiquettes taught by your mother and father as they also would be from same shit. nevermind.
        even a small kid also keep distance from you and never pay attention to you so well educated and from respected family people like us will never pay attention to you as you want to grab only attention by your shit from mouth.

    2. Hello nikhil,
      After reading about your dream it seems like its purpose is to awaken your soul with universal knowledge. It’s interesting that you mention Jesus has closed eyes and sends you on a quest to find the “three star”. I believe this is a connection to the third eye. I would research more about your minds eye specifically about decalcifying your pineal gland. It’s a process that could take months please be patient and begin to practice daily by bringing forth your third in mediation / deep concentration. I know this will bring much clarity to you and answer your dream or further its understanding.

      1. Respected Zeek,
        First of all thanks for reading my post carefully and taking my dream and post seriously and genuine reply to me.
        I am from India and know about 3rd eye. I feel 15-16 years back I used to practice 3-4 hours per day yoga(meditation) but to support family I concentrate on my job etc. and left meditations.
        in my dream that person look like Jesus (its identical) I don’t say I am confirmed that he is Jesus because I saw that persons head is OVAL shape but best of my knowledge Jesus don’t have oval head (please correct me if I m wrong).
        Leaving me in desert containing black rocks and that person fly away and disappears in middle of 3 star and after some days (when full day i used to think and confused about that star) I saw a clear sideline of belt containing 3 star where I wasn’t aware of any Egyptian God having such belt so I feel that it would be connected to Egypt because desert and 3 star both are connected to Egypt.
        as I said above that I see myself in desert and I ask I don’t have anything there not even food or water so why should I go there that time I saw a very thin and very long line in that desert from upside would be indicative to Nile river but not sure about it.
        I am have sketches of all these (person, belt, thin line).
        As per your guidance I’ll start again meditation let’s see but I am very worried about all these that what will happen next but one thing makes me relaxed that I am not going to loose anything as it says I’ll give you everything.
        my financial condition is not sound but nevertheless I am planning to visit Egypt in April of 2017.
        Thank you once again for your precious time and valuable suggestions.

        God Bless You.

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