Otherworldly Technology? The temple of Seti I and the flying machines of ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt contains countless mysteries, in fact, I love to call it the land of Pharaoh’s and mysteries. Simply put, many of the enigmas present in Egypt do not seem to have a clear explanation. At least mainstream scholars are unable to clarify some of the curiosities that surround the ancient Egyptian civilization.

One clear example is the construction of the Pyramids or the Sphinx of Giza.

However, equally puzzling is the written language of the ancient Egyptians.

In fact, Egyptian hieroglyphs only began to be deciphered after the discovery of the Rosetta stone, but they continue to be a constant source of astonishment for archaeologists.

In order to find astonishing ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs we only have to travel to the temple of Seti I in Abydos, where we can find strange carvings of what appear to be a helicopter (among other things) present on a slab inside the temple.

The mysterious hieroglyphs can be observed in the hypostyle hall of the temple of Seti I in Abydos. Carved onto the slab, the strange hieroglyphs are said to clearly represent the figure of a helicopter, an airplane, a submarine and a kind of flying saucer or zeppelin.

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs 3

But is it possible that the ancient Egyptians knew about such vehicles thousands of years ago? Maybe some of them visited ancient Egypt in the distant past. Mainstream scholars say NO, and point towards palimpsest.

Experts explain the curious symbols in the following way:

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

The original glyphs which date back from the Reign of Seti I were “erased” and replaced by a new set of hieroglyphics carved during the reign of Ramses II which turned out to be these strange looking figures which according to researchers, accidentally resemble modern day machines.

Take notices that this theory has not been accepted by all archaeologists equally.

In time, the slab where the hieroglyphs were carved became eroded resulting in the curious symbols we see today which resemble helicopters, an airplane, a submarine and a kind of flying saucer thanks to Pareidolia.

With the resulting images of palimpsest our mind sees objects that it can recognize, but incongruent with the time. Experts also add that the images displayed by media are often retouched to accurately display a similarity with modern vehicles.

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs 2

In this image, you can see what scholars believe happened with the hieroglyphs.

And while Egyptologists may be right when it comes to palimplest –not saying that they are or are not—it is curious that all the objects we ‘see’ are in fact flying vehicles.

Some believe that the curious hieroglyphs at the temple of Abydos are one of the best pieces of evidence that ancient civilizations –in this case the ancient Egyptian civilization— witnessed extremely advanced technology thousands of years ago, which may have originated somewhere else.

What do you think? Do you support the story offered by Egyptologists and archaeologists or do you think that these curious hieroglyphs tell a story which modern society is still not prepared to hear?

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  1. At Angkor Wat there is an unmistakable image of a Triceratops. It’s so famous I even saw it on a post card. But how in the world would they have known what a Triceratops looked like? Were they reconstructing dino skeletons?

  2. This glyphs are convex so how in the world did they manage to carve the superimposed ones in the areas were the stone was already removed during the original carving? Overlapping hieroglyphs theory makes sense on paper with pencil (which btw is erasable) but not with embossed stone.

    They could of course grind the whole stone slab flat and start over, but they didn’t. I suppose the next step will be to say the super glued the missing parts in 😛

    So this explanation is as good as stone hammers and copper chisels used to shape massive granite blocks

  3. This can be correct…Ramayana and Mahabharatha are two epics of India written in sanskrit which is an ancient language.Book of Ramayana contains a brief on an airplane called “Pushpaka Vimana” “Vimana” means plane. This belongs to Ravana in the book who was an evil king ruled from Sri lanka This book is said to have narrating the events in Treta Yuga or Era of Treta (which is second yuga in the cycle of eras of the world {Krita or satya, Treta, Dwapara and Kali} ). Todays world is Kali the last in the cycle.Another book or Mahabharatha which depicts wars said to have happened in Dwapara yuga is mentioning on highly powerful Arrows in warfare known as Asthas. Different types of asthras or arrows with different scales of devastation is narrated here. the most powerful being “Brahmasthra” with the face of “Brahma” or the creator of the universe. If this asthra is used (resorted as a last option) that place will not have living creatures for a span of over many years) This is much similar to our Nuclear missile and the energy comes out by subatomic fission and fusion. So we have to think from where did they get the knowledge of such high tech warfare which were unknown till a couple of centuries back?

    1. The resource material you draw from is very credible and true history.
      I sure would like for folks to realize the history they have been told is all with out any supporting material facts at all .
      And that no ,, one ,, from that far in the past sat around carving fictional stores on the walls of temples built for ,, people ,, over 12 feet tall.

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