Our Hair is an extension to the nervous system—Reason why Native American Indians keep their hair long

Have you ever wondered why Native Americans keep their hair long? It’s kinda simple: “Hair is an extension of the nervous system.”

Hair is an extension of the human nervous system; it can be accurately described as exteriorized nerves, a type of highly developed ‘feelers’ or ‘antennae’ that are able to transmit enormous amounts of important information to the brain stem, the limbic system, and the neocortex.”

Update: Fact-checkers at Snopes have rated the claims of this article false after reaching out the Army, which claimed claims in the story are “pure mythology.” The article also found the hair follicles act as sensory organs, but found other claims dubious. We want to provide you with this information as you evaluate the story for yourself and listen to the testimony of Chief Golden Light Eagle in the video.

The truth is that countless ancient cultures across the planet have the belief that long hair has a unique and special significance. And even though some of these cultures were separated by thousands of miles, many similarities are present among them. Hair was considered an extension of the soul and evidence of that are traditions that many native American Indians have guarded until this day.

For example, the Navajo only cut their children’s hair on the first birthday and avoided cutting again afterward.

But the length of the hair in many ancient cultures was different than what we consider it today.

For many of us, hair is just another stylistic concern; it makes us look better, sometimes younger sometimes older, depending on the length, color, and shape. Hover for most Native Americans hair was by no means a stylistic concern, it was something that went beyond what many of us are capable of understanding even today.

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In some cultures, hair symbolizes not only an extension of the soul, but it symbolizes physical strength and virility; in other words, the virtues and properties of a person are said to be concentrated in his hair and nails.

But some would say that our hair tells a lot about us, on a much deeper level. Some would agree that by cutting your hair, you lose a small part of that unique relationship with oneself.

Also, there are many ways you can actually wear your hair according to Native tradition.

And there is a way to wear the hair for ceremonies and dances. For countless Native American cultures, braided hair meant unity with the infinite, and allowing the hair to flow freely signified the free flow of life.

But if we look at American history, Native Americans and especially the war that took place in Vietnam we’ll encounter fascinating details.

Unlike what many may believe, hair may serve a much bigger purpose than as just an accessory.

And while ”hair” is a matter of personal preference, we learn a lot from Native Americans when it comes to the way they wear their hair.

During the War in Vietnam, the American military was in search for talented, young men—trackers—that could navigate their way in stealth across the enemy terrain. Special Forces in the war department sent undercover experts to comb American Indian Reservations where they found countless brave young men who were more than adequate for the task.

Upon recruiting them, they carefully cataloged their abilities and talent’s and rapidly discovered that they were perfectly suited for the task.

Soon after the young men were recruited/enlisted, and after going through the countless rituals of joining the army, the skills and talents which were ever-present seemed to vanish. Confused the army started searching for answers and turned to some of the Native American elders who without hesitating answered how when their young men received the mandatory haircut after joining the military, they could no longer “sense” the way they did before. Their almost supernatural abilities—their intuition—disappeared.

After more recruits were gathered from Native American tribes, they decided to perform tests and see what was going on, and whether “the length of hair” had anything to do with their abilities.

After recruits were gathered, they let them keep their long hair and submitted them to tests in countless areas. After several tests where “trackers” with long hair competed against others with short hair, experts found how trackers with longer hair had access to something like a ‘sixth sense’ with an intuition much more reliable when compared to men with short hair.

As noted by C. Young on Sott, “Hair is an extension of the human nervous system, it can be accurately described as exteriorized nerves, a type of highly evolved ‘feelers’ or ‘antennae’ that are able to transmit vast amounts of important information to the brain stem, the limbic system, and the neocortex.”

It is perhaps best explained by Chief Golden Light Eagle in this video:

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  1. That was wonderful, Ivan, and full of interesting information, especially since I am of American Cherokee Indian descent. Thank you for posting this.

  2. Of course the military has denied this story and Snopes even quoted a Native American that denied such, but that’s to be expected from both the military and mainstream media. And while I also disagree with the neurological explanation, there is something metaphysical to long hair.

    While some claim that the hair serves as a kind of “antenna”, I believe it’s the opposite. In rituals, often people will strip naked to prevent energies from saturating clothing. There was even a joking reference to this in the movie Second Sight where Bronson Pinchot’s character, the psychic, had his abilities blocked by wearing a dark colored suit. I believe that by having longer hair more of the energies and emotion of the environment can be blocked out, allowing for better focus. This can become a problem if hair, clothing, or about anything else becomes saturated with negative energies, usually resulting from frustration, anger, or sadness. So I believe that it’s not that they got better reception, it’s that the long hair helped filter out some of the “noise”. But some might in fact use their hair as some sort of antenna, so I won’t dismiss the idea entirely.

    And one reason Native Americans were better attuned to spiritual energies has partly to do with where they slept. Pyramids are associated with various healing energies. Some point out that the insides of the pyramids are actually just rectangles connected by narrow passageways, but experiments with pyramid energies usually use hollow models. The tipi (or teepee) is a cone. Same basic concept. The shape reflected resonating energies into a central area rather than them collecting at the roof in a box shaped room. Even Tesla talked about resonating energies around us. And this site also has the story, “Napoleon Bonaparte’s mystical experience inside the Great Pyramid of Giza”. So sleeping inside such a cone structure could easily charge them with higher levels of energies similarly to those experienced in pyramid structures. Rather than “pyramid power” it’s “tipi power”.

  3. The himalayan yogis (higher practitioners) also don’t cut their hair…. and often once someone would go into a long retreat (years) they would not cut their hair once they started..

  4. I always accepted the hypothesis about hair and the life force. But what was the American Indian term for “nervous system”?

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