Researchers confirm: The Largest Pyramid in Mexico has been found

Researchers discover immense pyramid in Mexico, larger than Teotihuacan’s Pyramid of the Sun. 

Researchers in Mexico have discovered a Pyramid that, according to initial measurements, is larger than the Great Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan. Initial excavations were done in 2010.

The Pyramid, 75 meters in height, was explored by specialists from the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) on the acropolis of Tonina, Chiapas, estimated to be around 1700 years old.

Emiliano Gallaga, director of the archaeological zone, explained that work has been done in the last two years, and by means of a “three-dimensional, researchers verified that in the northeastern part of the site, stands one of the largest construction in Mesoamerica, comparable in size only to great Mayan cities like Tikal and El Mirador in Guatemala.


Another feature which makes this “unique” prehispanic pyramid stand out are the seven platforms which integrate it and were specific spaces intended to serve as palaces, temples, housing and administrative units.

It is a unique structure for various specific functions within the social, political, economic and religious structure, which is not repeated in any other archaeological site in the Mayan world stated researchers from INAH.

“It’s a big surprise to see that the pyramid was done almost entirely by pre-Hispanic architects and, therefore, is more artificial than natural.

“This is because it was believed that the entire structure was a natural hill, but recent evidence has revealed that the structure was almost entirely built by ancient inhabitants.


Archaeologists added that the pyramid is bigger than we had anticipated. The structure is connected by roads located on top of surrounding elevations.

Gallaga added that, after all of the information, we can confirm that this pyramid exceeds in height the pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan which measures 65 meters. INAH researchers have determined that the city center had an architectural continuity between 10 and 12 hectares, which is the double of what was previously thought and mainly corresponds to the south facade of the Acropolis, one of the most important Mayan areas known to researchers.

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  1. Yes built by a race which hasn’t discovered the wheel yet. Why can they never mention these structures may have been built by a superior other-worldly race.

    1. Why does it have to be extraterrestrial when these discoveries are made? The human being is an ingenious creature. Could be just as plausible that there is knowledge that has been lost through the eons. Races that are still not classified properly with appropriate intelligence levels. Or even peoples not yet discovered! There is only a very small amount of human remains found all over the globe. Technologies that may have once been incredibly common, forgotten as civilisations moved on; much in the same way that more modern traditions die away as the young no longer want to learn the old ways.

      No denying the incredible structures found around the world are amazing and almost unfathomable to understand the construction techniques but that does not equate to aliens.

      I too love the ancient alien theory, I personally think we need to look closer to our home planet for inspiration than to credit every amazing structure to a race of unknown space dwelling beings.

      By constantly crediting these marvels to ancient aliens we do our own humanity a disservice but diminishing our own capabilities.

      1. Not ruling out other possibilities at all. Like I said, I am a fan of the ancient alien theory… I love it!

        Just offering an alternative perspective, like your own and many others.

        I agree this is an incredible find though!! I love that there are always more discoveries to be made. In many circles there is a belief that all that is tonbe found is already found. Finds like this push the boundaries of what can yet be discovered.

        Looking forward to more information about this find as it furthers in its research.

          1. Not sure if you are referring to me needing mental help (which is actually true of my life currently thanks to a chronic pain/injury I have lol).

            Anywho….If it is for me can you recommend someone for me in Melbourne, Australia.

          2. Sir. Your comment was terrible. Maybe your pain is affecting your judgement.

          3. Obviously you do not care enough what you write to check for facts. Any BS that comes out it just fine. Am I always correct? No and I will admit it when I am wrong. I do the best I can to check the facts before writing something. I learned that in college, the military and 30 years in business. There are many many very good books or papers on both the Egyptian and Mexican/Guatemala pyramids written by top archaeologists. Why would you waste your time reading something by BS artists when you have access to the top people in their field? I remember what Howard Hughes said when asked by a journalists as to whom he would like to be stuck with on a deserted island. Of course the journalist thought he would answer some movie star. Hughes’ answer? The best damn boat builder in the world.” You do not have to take my word for these things. Go research them answers. Stop being lazy.

        1. If you take time to travel to Mexico, you can spend weeks visiting hundreds of sites all around Mexico with extensive ruins. Talk to the people doing the work and you will learn quite a bit. Talk to the Mayan people, they are still here.

      2. Ironically, the building of these pyramids was probably due to influences by both extraterrestrials and ancient human breakaway civilizations. Research Secret Space Programs and Corey Goode for more.

        1. I think I am going to puke if I hear another word about aliens.

          1. The term “alien” is actually a derogatory slur for extra-terrestrials. They don’t like the name “aliens”…I’ll go get the bucket.

            Why would you even bother posting your opinion on this if you were disgusted by it? I’m guessing your ego couldn’t resist.

          2. Because it saddens me to see so many stupid ass Americans.

          3. Hah, it saddens you? Somehow I doubt that. I guess you’re including some Apollo astronauts on that list, too. If believing in ETs/EDs places people in the aforementioned category, then I’m proud to be counted as a “stupid-ass American”.
            Btw, you sound like a shill/disinformation agent working for the cabal. Might want to change tactics.

          4. Well because I depend upon them to do work for me. I did not say all Americans but just many. If some Astronaut believes in UFOs as being some alien craft, then he suffered too many times from lack of Oxygen. So you are proud to be stupid. No I work for myself and so far it has paid off.

          5. Work for yourself, huh? It seems no one taught you humility or critical thinking skills.
            Yes, several astronauts believe UFOs are both man-made and non-terrestrial. I could list them if you like or you could do your own research and develop some discernment on the subject instead of arbitrarily writing it off as quackery. I’d start with the Citizens’ Hearing on Disclosure or all the witnesses from the Disclosure Project.

          6. If I had not learned critical thinking in college or in the military I would be broke instead of living the good life a mile from the beach. Why should I feel something for someone being stupid? Name the “several astronauts”? Oh shit more BS articles. Sorry I will stick with scientists. By the way have you ever been to area 51? I have and there is nothing to see. You might see a few idiots running around the desert hoping to see something. I think when they are not at area 51, they are in town slopping up the beer.

          7. Unfortunately, critical thinking skills are not considered a prominent feature in any westernized learning institution, hence the standardized testing, or in the military, notably seen in the strict adherence to following orders. In this day and age of information, it is a choice to remain ignorant.
            Now, I’ve given a handful of starting points to research in this thread (the Disclosure Project alone has over 500 government/military/intelligence community witness testimonies). Btw, what makes you think Area 51, excluding S4 and S2, is going to have any major classified intel, aside from semi-secret aircraft/drones, if the public has been fully aware of its existence since the early 90s? If you choose to ignore the references then that is your right, but the knowledge that is used to discern truth on the subject of the paranormal/extraterrestrial phenomenon and advanced civilizations, both here on Earth and abroad, is readily available to anyone that has the interest. I’ve spent the better half of 5 years researching many of these subjects and I’ve only gleaned the tip of the iceberg (my masters degree and federal law enforcement background give me some credibility). Many scholars and researchers have spent their lives delving into these subjects, and from my point of view, they represent the crux of human reasoning beyond the controlling hand that suppresses profound truths from the public.

            NASA scientists and astronauts who acknowledged, in their own account, we are not alone:
            Dr. Edgar Mitchell
            Gordon Cooper
            Dr. Brian O’Leary
            George Leonard
            Retired Army Command Sergeant Major Bob Dean
            Dr. John Brandenburg – Deputy Manager for the Clementine Mission to the Moon.

            This is the short list and these are only Americans. Scientists and astronauts/cosmonauts worldwide have commented on craft that doesn’t seem to be man-made (though much of it is).

            Whether you follow through with any of the mentioned references is not of interest to me, but I’d rather people of open-mindedness and genuine interest comment on a serious thread, rather than an ostensibly obtuse, narrow-minded, egocentric human being with a callous demeanor. Your “success” in life shouldn’t be measured by how well off you are or how much money you’ve made, it should be measured by how you treat others. Goodnight, sir.

          8. All you are presenting is conjecture and no facts. Also, I am very resentful that you say the military does not teach critical thinking. Obviously you never spent time in the military. I spent 9 months at a Russian language school in the AF and critical thinking was taught and totally necessary. I also spent 2 years in AF intelligence where critical thinking is mandatory. Any order given to you must be a lawful order. You should read the UCMJ. To work on modern military aircraft generally requires 2 years of technical training and without critical thinking you would never finish the course. To be a pilot of any aircraft requires usually a degree in engineering and extensive studies in math, engineering and science. You should note that all the first astronauts were first test pilots for either the Navy or the Air Force and they in turn were usually fighter pilots first. I could go on with this but I doubt you have studied anything about the military. Until there is some physical evidence for a visit from another planet by alien beings anything is pure conjecture. Show us a nut or bolt or small tool made of some exotic metal? None. Sorry all of this is wishful thinking. There is no scientist on the planet who would not be totally overwhelmed if some direct evidence was found that we are being visited by beings from another world or that some have visited us in the past. We find fossils of animals dead for millions of years but not one fossil of ET or any tools or anything else he could have left. Also, there is nothing hidden by our government or any government about UFO’s. It would be impossible to hide anything with so many snoops in the world. Sorry but I see you have no argument.

          9. I hate it when people twist my words…”not considered a prominent feature” does not infer “not at all”. And if it were impossible to hide anything and everything from the public or even those within the military/industrial complex, then classified intel or OpSec about the atom bomb, i.e. Manhattan Project, would’ve been compromised before it was completed. Guess how many people worked on that project?
            Furthermore, I was not providing evidence. As I stated, I am providing starting points for your OWN due diligence and research. Sadly, you seem too close-minded to even review credible testimony. I am not going to waste time on this discussion any longer since my first assumption about who you are would seem correct.

          10. Not impossible to hide something. I did not say that. I am strictly referring to hiding about some alien visit. To inform you, the Soviet Union was quite aware of the U.S. progress in developing a fission weapon. They waited until both were dropped on Japan and immediately declared war on Japan. They then used their spies within the military to secure details of the construction of the bomb and not too long afterward had their own bomb. It is almost impossible today to hide any scientific or technological advancement in governments since there is so much sophisticated equipment used by everyone. No government is hiding anything about aliens. You trying to insist there is silly nonsense. I did the research and there is nothing. Just a bunch of people seeing something and not one shred of physical evidence. You completely ignored my request for a nut , bolt a tool anything left by an alien craft. There is nothing. Until there is some physical evidence, it is just beer talk.

      3. Totally agree. Why would ET land on Earth and pile up a bunch of rocks anyway? Seems silly to me and there’s ZERO evidence for it.

        1. They did not “pile up a bunch of rocks”. These constructions are impossible to reproduce today and are the result of advanced math, geometry, physics and astronomy, PLUS techiques we have no idea about today. So….just look at the EVIDENCE

          1. Just because we don’t understand how an ancient civilization constructed something does not mean it was built by aliens.

          2. true, but….an ancient civilization could have not build some of these on their own. Hard to believe the cave man dragging his female by the hair into bed (my image of cave man, ok?) would have jumped to “let’s practice some geometry, astronomy and stone melting at impossible high temperatures

          3. How these structures were built has been known for many years. A bigger question for years was how the Mayans farmed on islands in lakes etc.

          4. What a bozo. Mayan people did not disappear. They still live there and showed scientists how the pyramids were built. No big deal, just have enough workers.

          5. BS. We would use mechanical tools instead of hand labor is the only difference.

          1. If ET is here, they don’t need Earth as a spacemark or our resources for to fuel ships. If they’re here it’s because of a quantum leap in physics, on their part.

          2. I think the only gap here is the one between your two ears.

      4. There is no knowledge that is lost. Instead of people lifting, we use cranes.

      5. So you think you are smarter than the Mexican scientists who spend their lives at this? What an idiot.

      6. Scientists present a theory and not just a wild ass guess. The theory must be backed with data and then confirmed and rechecked through peer review. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. Sorry I will stick with science and not moonbeams and lolipops.

      1. Why? The Egyptians built their pyramids without using the wheel.

          1. I wish you had the chance to try cutting a stone of that size and precise proportions with bronze tools and move it with sleds

          2. Damn Americans do not know how to do any work today except play with their Iphones. Let me explain. How would you separate. rock without some kind of iron tool? You use wooden wedges? Huh? Yes, you put the wedge into a crack in the rock and then pour water on it. The wedge will expand breaking the rock. This has been used for likely 5,000 years. Next. how to you make stone to an exact dimension? Again since you likely have never done any stone work I will explain it to you. You can use another stone or grit. That method is still used today on those granite counter tops you have in the kitchen. Instead of a mechanical grinder you must do it by hand. Takes longer but it is done and has been for thousands of years. The Copper or Bronze tools were likely used to take off a chip. Faster then trying to grind it down. It seems like Americans have gotten away from doing any physical labor and the only thing they can do is play on a Iphone. The same method for splitting the rock for construction was used by both First Americans (Mayans and Aztecs) and Egyptians for mining. They did not have explosives and chipping away at piece of green stone could take forever. You look for a crack in the stone and put a dry wedge in it and then dump some water on it and the wedge will expand breaking the rock. You then can put a Bronze wedge in the larger crack you made and hammer it into the stone further breaking the stone. Another example of using your head when no equipment is available. How did the Chinese etc. and Americans remove the smoke and dust from mine shafts before the invention of ventilation? Well they allowed water to drip down into the shaft which caused an updraft and removed the smoke and dust. All our ancestors were just as smart as we are and may have been smarter since they did not have easy access to modern equipment.

          3. As to moving the stones. again I doubt you have done much physical labor. Once you get something moving it will continue to move as long as it does not run itno an obstacle or friction stops it. Since there were lots of trees in Yucatan, the Mayans maybe used tree trunks. Years ago some idiots in my brother’s factory were trying to move a roll former. Likely weighed about 5 tons. Pushing and trying to use a bar etc. My brother walked over and told them to get out of the way. “Now raise the corner of the machine a few inches and put a block under it. Now do that with the other three corners. He then stuck a couple of pieces of pipe under the roll former and knocked out the blocks and kicked roll former across the floor to the other side of the plant. Years ago my father was explaining to a potential investor in a mining operation. My father said that he would have the mine into operation in 6 months. The investor laughed. ‘mr. McNicholas Rome was not built in a day ” My father’s answer “No but then I was not running the job either”. I watched a bunch of Mexicans put up a building for a 7/11 type operation. The sign said it would be open in less then 45 days. I knew this was impossible. I did not know these Mexicans. I have never seen anyone work as fast and so coordinated in my life. July 4 and the store was open for business including all the merchandise.

          4. Harry here is an expert. He has been moving and carving gigantic stones since you all were in diapers. He is an expert in Mexican engineering because he once saw a gas station get built really fast.

          5. No my son is in the natural stone business nutcase. He has to carve those stones all the time. Instead of writing like a fool learn something. Also, I live in Mexico and have visited the pyramids many times and talked to Mexican archaeologists who work on this and not boobs like yourself who do nothing but blab. I also spent 20 years in mining and had to learn how to move those stones and how to crack them. I studied how miners worked prior to modern equipment. I visited la Mina Eden in Zacatecas, Mexico which has an excellent display as to how mining was done 400 and 500 years ago prior to modern equipment. Also, idiot my point with the construction of the store was to show how work can be done very fast and the job finished but obviously you never did a day’s work in your life. Did you ever work in a quarry or a mine Ozark? Damn stupid hillbillies will never learn anything.

          6. Have you ever done any research on the great pyramid? The stones were cut with a precision we can’t match today with lasers. They were not cut with wooden wedges. And if they built ramps, where is the material they would’ve needed to build the ramp? The ramps would’ve needed an amount of material equal to roughly 4* the amount used in the pyramid itself. Which would’ve been almost a more impressive feat of engineering than the pyramid itself.

          7. You are confusing quarrying the stone with grinding it. They removed the stone from the rock by using wooden wedges. They then used grinding methods to grind the stone flat. The hardest stone to grind flat was the few pieces of granite used around the tomb. The rest of the stones used was soft limestone which was quarried not fr from the pyramids.

          8. I guess I will have to go into details since you do not understand. Nobody knows for sure how the pyramids were built except for moving the stone by sleds which there are pictures of by the Egyptians. They used the tools they had. Except for the actual burial area the pyramid were built of limestone. Limestone is very soft and can easily be worked by bronze tools. The stones were first quarried. Wedges were used to release the rock. Next bronze tools were used to shape the stone. Finally grit was used to grind the stone. The latter is still done today with stone except we use mechanical grinders. To measure if something is flat is easy. A jar that is somewhat transparent has water or olive oil put in it. A straight line has been painted on the outside. You place the jar on the stone and you can tell if the surface is flat. That is for the limestone which makes up likely for than 95% of any pyramid. The limestone was quarried not far from where the pyramids were built. Nest the granite for the burial area. A small number of heavy stones of granite were used for the burial chamber. These were quarried some distance from the construction site and had to be barged to near the location. They also were hauled with sledged. Wedges also were used to separate the stone from the rock at the quarry. However, bronze would not be hard enough to shape the granite so very likely a hard type of rock was used Maybe greenstone or some other very hard rock was used to shape the stone. The stones were all hauled to the construction site by sleds. That is well documented. Now how was the pyramid constructed, There is not much to tell us. However, they had to use what they had. No. 1. Lots of workers who were paid good wages, good food ration and lots of beer. A good and secure job for 30 years. No. 2. They had a pulley with a 10:1 ratio. No. 3. Lots of sand. A ramp may have been used at the bottom with wood floated down the Nile from other locations in Egypt. The heaviest stones were placed at the bottom where not much lifting was required. I doubt any ramps were used further above. Now how do you lift those stones? One one end of a pole is the pulley with a basket. The other end a rope is tied around a stone. To lift the stone you fill bags with sand and put into the basket. Each bag will likely be filled with 200 pounds of sand. 10 bags mean 2,000 pounds of sand. The 10:1 pulley then can lift 20,000 pounds. Is this how the pyramid was built? Nobody knows but it is a very practical idea with the tools the Egyptians had. Likely the Mayans and Aztecs used something very similar.

    2. A. Pre-Columbian societies had the wheel. This is evident with toys and other ceramics that were found. It just wasn’t used for construction because of terrain and lack of animal power.
      B. I get tired of people mentioning superior other-worldly races, when it comes to things like this. A superior race would have done a better job than just piling rocks and cementing them together. This temple was built around 1700 years ago, which puts it at 300 AD. That’s not really that ancient.

      1. true is not that ancient, but WE are tired of people like you who dismiss other theories who make more sense than a pitiful god and cave men working with giant factories to melt the rocks

      2. A bit more than piling rocks. The stones had to be formed to fit one another perfectly. The pyramid was first “Engineered”. As far as the wheel. It is not know that the Mayans had designed any wheel. Aztecs appear they had with small toys. The other thing they lacked was the arch in construction. What is not said much in the U.S. is that many Mayan people still go to these temples to perfrom religious ceremonies.

    3. no need to mention fictitious ideas in an archaeology discovery … and they did use logs to roll heavy stone … so they did use wheels. They just didn’t make wagons and bicycles

      1. The reason was they had no draft animals. They only had dogs and turkeys as domestic animals.

          1. No they did not have horses and camels. I really do not know if your comment was in jest or you are serious?

          2. The earliest known camel, called Protylopus, lived in North America 40 to 50 million years ago (during the Eocene).

          3. Yes and the only member of the camel family to survive when humans arrived were alpacas in S. America. There were none in n. America. The alpaca was used by people of the Andes for food and for their wool. They were not draft animals.

          4. What part of my post do you not understand? The words or the picture?

          5. Oh and Humans been here, they never came from anywhere. Seems to me like you believe in the out of Africa theory

          6. I accept the scientific theory and not some silly BS by idiots. Scientists have spent the last 100 years in Africa tracking the evolution of humans and then their journey out of Africa some 75,000 years ago. Scientists have traced their travels through the Middle East and into Europe, Southern Asia and Northern Asia and then onto the Americas. It is possible that small groups made it out of Africa sooner but the large migration did not happen until about 75,000 years ago. Sorry Duende, I have science to back my statements. What do you have?

          7. in North America, there are
            found Equus samples which do indeed appear in the time frame between the
            last ice age and the arrival of Columbus. The first of these was found
            in Pratt Cave near El Paso, Texas, by Prof. Ernest Lundelius of Texas
            A&M University. Prof. Lundelius responded to my inquiries and
            provided a horse bone from Pratt Cave which dated to BC 6020 – 5890.
            This date is well since the last ice age, into the time frame when all
            American horses should have been absent according to the prevailing paradigm.

            Equus specimen was identified by Elaine Anderson, an expert on Equus
            identification, at Wolf Spider cave, Colorado. It dated to AD 1260 –
            1400, again clearly before Columbus. Note that horses arrived on the
            new-world mainland with Cortes in 1519 AD [Henry, Marguerite and Wesley
            Dennis. All About Horses. Random House, 1962.]

            Patricia Fazio of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming,
            has joined our network of researchers in this field. Dr. Fazio (private
            communication) alerted us to a horse bone found at Horsethief Cave in
            Wyoming which dates to approximately 3,124 BP, i.e., 1100 BC, using
            thermoluminescent methods. We attempted to have this bone re-dated using
            the AMS methods which are more accurate, but there proved to be
            insufficient collagen in the bone to permit AMS dating. The 1100 BC date
            (although approximate) still stands.

            Dr. Fazio also
            pointed to a publication, The Wyoming Archaeologist 38: 55-68, where
            results of a horse bone found in Wyoming were dated to 1426 – 1481 AD
            (one sigma calibrated dates) using AMS methods, well before Columbus.
            The authors express difficulty in explaining this early date:

            “These radiocarbon dates place the horse skeleton at a very early age for modern horses to have been in Wyoming.”

            A paper by Dr. R. Alison notes evidence for horses in Canada dating 900 and 2900 years ago; also in the period of interest:However,
            the compete extirpation of ancestral horse stock in Canada has yet to
            be completely confirmed and a bone found near Sutherland, Saskatchewan,
            at the Riddell archaeological site suggests some horses might have
            survived much later. The bone (Canadian Museum of Nature I-8581), has
            been tentatively dated at about 2900 years ago. Another Equus sp. Bone,
            found at Hemlock Park Farm, Frontenac County, Ontario, dates to about
            900 years ago. Exhaustive confirmation of both bones has yet to be
            completed, but if they prove to be authentic, they comprise evidence
            that horses survived in Canada into comparatively modern times.

          8. That is BS and no serious scientist believes these quacks. You took this from a dumb ass Mormon site. Dumb asses still trying to get Jews here to help out the Native Americans. Horses died out at least 11,000 BC. None of your fossils is recognized by any serious scientist. Humans may or may not have seen them. If they did, they ate them. Horses were first domesticated in Central Asia or far east Europe about 5,000 BC or maybe a bit sooner.

          9. Prof. Steven Jones was a full Professor of Physics at Brigham Young
            University where he served for over 21 years before his early retirement
            in 2007. He conducted doctoral research at the Stanford Linear
            Accelerator Center and received his Ph.D. in Physics from Vanderbilt
            University in 1978. He received his B.S. degree in Physics from Brigham
            Young University in 1973, where he held a David O. McKay Presidential
            Scholarship. His research interests include studies in archaeometry,
            fusion and solar energy. He has published papers in Nature, Scientific
            American and Physical Review Letters. He taught an advanced class on
            Archaeometry (Physics 513R) and published, “Archaeometry Applied to
            Olmec Iron-ore Beads,” BYU Studies 37, no. 4 (Oct. 1998), pp. 128-142.
            The horse-bone dating project fits very well into Dr. Jones’ long-range
            plans for research in archaeometry.

          10. You want me to spoon feed you. You are a psycho Anyway , you have no clue what you are talking about. Talking about public mainstream education, you got it buddy. Let me tell you about scientist and the field. When they were saying fat was making you fat and giving people heart disease, other scientist refuted that and said those scientist were wrong. Mainstream took it and ran with fat as the bad guy. Now look, it wasn’t fat after all that was bad.Hmm let me see , the out of Africa theory , no evidence, no proof and there are scientist who have been refuting that from the beginning. So what serious scientist are you talking about when there are suppressed fossil and bones etc. . Peer Review? I swear you all are rookies. Now go do some real research. I said threes sites and plenty other but you want to be a Gerber baby.

          11. You are stupid Duende so stop now. You have no science background. Just Mormon BS. Out of Africa no evidence. Fuck you you ignorant hick. Stop wasting everyones time with your Bs.

          12. Using someones religion as a profanity makes you an ignorant bigot.

          13. Thus, there are a half
            dozen dated Equus samples that date in the time frame 6,000 BC to 1481
            AD, well since the last ice age and all before Columbus. Note that all
            of these radiometrically-dated Equus remains were found in North
            America.In addition to this hard physical evidence,
            a number of researchers are looking seriously into oral histories of
            native Americans which point rather clearly to the existence of horses
            before the Spanish arrived. In particular, we note that research results
            have been published by Yuri Kuckinsky

          14. Huh and who the hell is Yuri Kuchinksy. I see no evidence of any equs fossils as you mention. Give us your source?

          15. Recent research has suggested that Eurasian prehistoric cave paintings
            depicting leopard-spotted horses may have accurately reflected a phenotype of ancient wild horse

          16. Please give us your source for this information. Also, the horse was not domesticated for some 15,000 years after humans came to the Americas and there are no fossils of horses from the time humans have been in the Americas.

          17. whatever, look it up. This weak site wouldn’t let me give you the links that is why I put just that . Thats 3 different sites and a book to amazon.

          18. In S. America but not Mexico and Central America. Llamas also are extremely limited what they can carry. Actually not as much as a man.

    4. We do not know that they did not have the wheel. They had no domestic animal that could have pulled a cart. Toys with wheels have been found at Aztec sites.

    5. Please explain which technologies? They built pyramids so did the Egyptians. They were good at math but sorry no Calculus. They did use the 0 ahead of Europe. They did use 5 algors. They had no domestic animals to pull as draft animals so even having the wheel would not have done them any good.

  2. Well,, look up Coral Castle in Florida, built by a single 135lb man single handedly. He knew of certain properties to move and place large blocks all by himself. Kind of like a Nicola Tesla with building. Tibetans seen moving large rocks to high place using certain frequencies by humming. Ther is alot of hidden technologies. probably taught to them by higher evolved races.

    1. That is silly nonsense. Have you ever done days work of physical labor?

  3. It could be a possibility that tonina could also be the famed white city. The Maya are actually thought to be a breakaway civilization from India (the exiled Naga people). Tonina was an aggressive state and slave labour could have been the determining factor. Sculptors from Pelenque were known to be captured and put to use on some of these sites.The structure obviously was done in progression and like any other civilization who in time reaches their zenith an this would be reflected in their architecture.
    Unlike Ollayante Tambo in Peru the building material are much more smaller and could be workable by a typical mason with not much degree of specialization needed.

    1. Everybody always want to say some one is from somewhere, maybe they were always in America and came from nowhere.

      1. That is becuase too many scientist have money tied up in the out of Africa concept and do everything they can to discredit the studies supporting the concept of spontaneous multi genesis. They always used to say that we killed off the neanderthals for instance. Now they say they merged into us and bred out.

  4. This is where they filmed Dusk till Dawn.. It’s the Titty Twister!

  5. why has no one mentioned annunaki yet…if you haven’t cited the annunak as the ancient builder race, then you have missed a major piece of history here…

  6. why has no one mentioned Anunnaki yet…if you haven’t cited the Anunnaki as the ancient builder race, then you have missed a major piece of history here…

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