The Forbidden timeline of Earth’s History according to the Anunnaki

Based on numerous archaeological discoveries: artifacts, records and monuments found in the past by experts, it is believed that the Anunnaki (Sumerian: “those who came down from the heavens), an extremely advanced civilization from an elusive planet in our solar system, came to Earth, landing in the Persian Gulf some 432,000 years ago.

In the last couple of decades, numerous controversial discoveries have been made which challenge mainstream researchers and their views on history and human evolution.

Every time we write about the Ancient Anunnaki; we come across much discomfort from various sides of readers. While there are those who firmly believe the existence of the Anunnaki, and their arrival to Earth can explain many accounts which mainstream scholars cannot, there are those who believe that the ancient Anunnaki never existed and that extremely advanced civilizations never existed on Earth.

However, in the last couple of years, a lot of researchers are changing their methodology and starting to think open-mindedly.

The ancient alien astronaut theory presupposes that thousands of years ago even before recorded history our planet was visited by astronauts from another world, intelligent beings with technology beyond our own today.  Many archeologists around the world consider modern day Iraq as the “cradle of civilization.” Between 3500 and 1900 BC the Tigris and Euphrates river were the home of the Sumerian people who prospered in this region.

Today when we read or seek information about the Sumer and the Anunnaki or the people that inhabited that part of the world we come across controversial author  Zecharia Sitchin.  In 1976, author Sitchin published his personal translations of the Sumerian texts in a series of books called “The Earth Chronicles.“ According to Sitchin, the clay tablets describe an alien race known as the Anunnaki, who came to Earth to mine gold. Sitchin practically suggests that extraterrestrial visited earth in the past because their home-planet needed gold to survive.

Based on numerous archaeological discoveries: artifacts, records and monuments found in the past by archaeologists and linguists, Sitchin indicates that the Anunnaki (Sumerian: “those who came down from the heavens), an extremely advanced civilization from an elusive planet in our solar system, came to Earth, landing in the Persian Gulf some 432,000 years ago. This advanced civilization colonized our planet, and their sole purpose was to mine large quantities of gold.

Approximately some 250,000 years ago, according to Sitchin, the ancient Anunnaki merged their Alien genes with that of Homo Erectus and created a species known as Homo Sapiens, obtaining, as a result, a genetically bicameral species. However, humans were a hybrid species and could not procreate. Since the demand for humans as workers became greater, the ancient Anunnaki once again manipulated ancient mankind so they could reproduce on their own.

Based on The Cosmic Code: The Sixth Book of The Earth Chronicles by Zecharia Sitchin, this is the real historical timeline of our planet:

Events Before the Deluge

450,000 years ago,
On Nibiru, a distant member of our solar system, life faces slow extinction as the planet’s atmosphere erodes. Deposed by Anu, the ruler Alalu escapes in a spaceship and finds refuge on Earth. He discovers that Earth has gold that can be used to protect Nibiru’s atmosphere.

Led by Enki, a son of Anu, the Anunnaki land on Earth, establish Eridu -Earth Station I – for extracting gold from the waters of the Persian Gulf.

Earth’s climate mellows. More Anunnaki arrive on Earth, among them Enki’s half-sister Ninhursag, Chief Medical Officer.

As gold production falters, Anu arrives on Earth with Enlil, the heir apparent. It is decided to obtain the vital gold by mining it in southern Africa. Drawing lots, Enlil wins command of Earth Mission; Enki is relegated to Africa. On departing Earth, Anu is challenged by Alalu’s grandson.

Seven functional settlements in southern Mesopotamia include a Spaceport (Sippar), Mission Control Center (Nippur), a metallurgical center (Shuruppak). The ores arrive by ships from Africa; the refined metal is sent aloft to orbiters manned by Igigi, then transferred to spaceships arriving periodically from Nibiru.

Gaining the support of the Igigi, Alalu’s grandson attempts to seize mastery over Earth. The Enlilites win the War of the Olden Gods.

The Anunnaki toiling in the gold mines mutiny. Enki and Ninhursag create Primitive Workers through genetic manipulation of Ape woman; they take over the manual chores of the Anunnaki. Enlil raids the mines, brings the Primitive Workers to the Edin in Mesopotamia. Given the ability to procreate, Homo Sapiens begins to multiply.

Life on Earth regresses during a new glacial period.

Climate warms again. The Anunnaki (the biblical Nefilim), to Enlil’s growing annoyance, marry the daughters of Man.

The “accursation of Earth” – a new Ice Age-begins. Regressive types of Man roam the Earth. Cro-Magnon man survives.

Enki and Ninhursag elevate humans of Anunnaki parentage to rule in Shuruppak. Enlil enraged. Plots Mankind’s demise.

Realizing that the passage of Nibiru in Earth’s proximity will trigger an immense tidal wave, Enlil makes the Anunnaki swear to keep the impending calamity a secret from Mankind.

Events After the Deluge

11,000 B.C.
Enki breaks the oath, instructs Ziusudra/Noah to build a submersible ship. The Deluge sweeps over the Earth; the Anunnaki witness the destruction from their orbiting spacecraft.

Enlil agrees to grant the remnants of Mankind implements and seeds; agriculture begins in the highlands. Enki domesticates animals.

10,500 B.C.
The descendants of Noah are allotted three regions. Ninurta, Enlil’s foremost son, dams the mountains and drains the rivers to make Mesopotamia habitable; Enki reclaims the Nile valley. The Sinai peninsula is retained by the Anunnaki for a post-Diluvial spaceport; a control center is established on Mount Moriah (the future Jerusalem).

9,780 B.C.
Ra/Marduk, Enki’s firstborn son, divides dominion over Egypt between Osiris and Seth.

9,330 B.C.
Seth seizes and dismembers Osiris, assumes sole rule over the Nile Valley.

8,970 B.C.
Horus avenges his father Osiris by launching the First Pyramid War. Seth escapes to Asia, seizes the Sinai peninsula and Canaan.

8,670 B.C.
Opposed to the resulting control of all the space facilities by Enki’s descendants, the Enlilites launch the Second Pyramid War. The victorious Ninurta empties the Great Pyramid of its equipment.

Ninhursag, the half-sister of Enki and Enlil, convenes a peace conference. The division of Earth is reaffirmed. Rule over Egypt transferred from the Ra/Marduk dynasty to that of Thoth. Heliopolis built as a substitute Beacon City.

8,500 B.C.
The Anunnaki establish outposts at the gateway to the space facilities; Jericho is one of them.

7,400 B.C.
As the era of peace continues, the Anunnaki grant Mankind new advances; the Neolithic period begins. Demi-gods rule over Egypt.

3,800 B.C.
Urban civilization begins in Sumer as the Anunnaki reestablish there the Olden Cities, beginning with Eridu and Nippur.

Anu comes to Earth for a pageantful visit. A new city, Uruk (Erech), is built in his honor; he makes its temple the abode of his beloved granddaughter Inanna/lshtar.

Kingship on Earth

Mankind granted kingship. Kish is first capital under the aegis of Ninurta. The alendar began at Nippur. Civilization blossoms out in Sumer (the First Region).

Primacy in Sumer transferred to Nannar/Sin. Marduk proclaims Babylon “Gateway of the Gods.” The “Tower of Babel” incident. The Anunnaki confuse Mankind’s languages.

His coup frustrated, Marduk/Ra returns to Egypt, deposes Thoth, seizes his younger brother Dumuzi who had betrothed Inanna. Dumuzi accidentally killed; Marduk imprisoned alive in the Great Pyramid. Freed through an emergency shaft, he goes into exile.

3,100-3, 350
Years of chaos end with installation of first Egyptian Pharaoh in Memphis. Civilization comes to the Second Region.

Kingship in Sumer transferred to Erech. Inanna given dominion over the Third Region; the Indus Valley Civilization begins.

Sumer’s royal capital shifts about. Kingship deteriorates. Enlil loses patience with the unruly human multitudes.

Inanna falls in love with Sharru-Kin (Sargon). He establishes new capital city. Agade (Akkad). Akkadian empire launched.

Aiming to rule the four regions, Sargon removes sacred soil from Babylon. The Marduk-Inanna conflict flares up again. It ends when Nergal, Marduk’s brother, journeys from South Africa to Babylon and persuades Marduk to leave Mesopotamia.

Naram-Sin ascends the throne of Akkad. Directed by the warlike Inanna, he penetrates the Sinai peninsula, invades Egypt.

Inanna usurps the power in Mesopotamia; Naram-Sin defies Nippur. The Great Anunnaki obliterate Agade. Inanna escapes. Sumer and Akkad occupied by foreign troops loyal to Enlil and Ninurta.

Sumerian civilization rises to new heights under enlightened rulers of Lagash. Thoth helps its king Gudea build a ziggurat-temple for Ninurta.

Terah, Abraham’s father, born in Nippur into a priestly-royal family.

Egypt divided; followers of Ra/Marduk retain the south; Pharaohs opposed to him gain the throne of lower Egypt.

As Enlil and Ninurta are increasingly away, central authority also deteriorates in Mesopotamia. Inanna’s attempts to regain the kingship for Erech does not last.

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  1. Weird how these Aliens had the ability to travel all over the world but never visited anywhere outside of Asia or Africa in the 450,000 years they had to do so… guess they just couldnt find the time.

    1. Every ancient culture on Earth in every continent have similar stories about visitation from men fr’om the stars who granted knowledge and skills a built megalithic cities using tech we don’t even have today

      1. The book of Enoch explains in detail who these beings were and the knowledge & skills they taught. By the way, most of it wasn’t good such as warfare. There’s a better book that warns us of these Nephilim who are working against the Creator.

    2. Actually if you read all 12 books in the series the Anunnaki did travel all of earth to survey it for gold. After the flood they abandoned the African mines in favor of the open veins of gold in South America.

  2. Anu
    is an Ancient Bulgarian name and means the Sky or Godly people as
    Ancient Bulgarians used to call themselves. ANuNa means To Sky
    Belonging, and -ki is a typical suffix for plural of noun in Bulgarian
    language. It is encoded in Bulgarian language as the Ancient Bulgarian
    language is the first human language. This language is still spoken
    today by Bulgarian people and the meaning of the words is preserved as
    well as their ethimology.
    The Sky people of God were not ETs at
    all, but enlightened people, wise men the first human beings on Earth
    Ancient Bulgarians. Their priests or as they were called zhretsi were
    performing spiritual rituals on rocky mounts and sanctuaries wearing
    those “strange objects”Stichin talks about. Those objects were as
    strange as pine cone called tiras used as a symbol of the Godly man. Its
    meaning tiras (TaRaAz) into ancient Bulgarian language is exactly this –
    A Soul to God Ra AllFather of Ancient Bulgarians belonging. Bulgarian
    zhretsi used to wear as well rosette on their hands which Stichin vainly
    calls “wrist watch”, projecting his own contemporary mind on ancient
    people. Rosette is the Ancient Bulgarian sign of the planets of Solar
    system as our ancestors were very good astrologers and observers of what
    is in nature. Rosette is also a sign of the wise man, the priest and
    the astrologer predicting upon the sky the seasons and natural
    phenomena. Anunaki are first mentionned in the epique of Atarhaz whereas
    the name Atarhaz is an ancient Bulgarian name as well having the same
    root as Taraz (Soul to Ra God belonging). Together with the Anunaki the
    Igigi are metionned in the epique of Atharhaz. Igigi is a Bulgarian name
    as well meaning the Gigants, the Giant people. As the first human
    beings on earth were giants and there have been found many giant
    skeletons in Bulgaria during the ages.

    1. Bruh stop it ASSYRIA was the first after sumeria . The offical launguage was akkadian ancient aramaic. Bulgaria was even there back then

    1. Such comparisons have been done extensively by Z.Sit’chen et Al. Remember the series Ancient Aliens? There are a number of researchers who have compared the ancient tablets of Sumer from th Library of Ninevea with the ancient Vedic texts of the Indus Valley region. Not only do they coincide but they also seem to derive from mu earlier source material.

      1. Thank you , I would like to see those comparison. Wondering which side of the conflict Vishnu was on when he went out and bombed cities that were against him. also wondering if he was the one who bombed the pyramids.

        1. John, i’ll dig a bit for you and see what I find and get back to you. I find the story very credible and why should we doubt our ancestors who believed their story important enough to engrave it in stone for it to last so we could understand it too.

  3. And the Bible says they are Fallen Angels. So, who are you going to believe. The Bible, who prophesied the coming of the Messiah, and then proved it, in the personhood of Jesus Christ? Or a bunch of lies making it look like this all happened from a people from a far distant planet. Makes you think of Superman, doesn’t it? A fiction.

    1. So apparently you have not read Sitchen’s Earth Chronicles. That combined with the locking of your mind to anything other than the equally sensationalist stories told you by the perpetrators of religion have artificially elevated your version and demoted others’ in your worldview. I’m so glad you have the proof and I strongly encourage you to go tell the hordes of anthropologists and archeologists they can stop digging because you know what really happened 😉

      1. Sitchen is a fool. Enough said. Those who think they are wise, but are actually fools. I’ll take the Bible over him, any time.

        1. So since you think this site is for fools then you only show up to shove your belief upon others. Got it. True Christian of you, just like Jesus told you to do in Gospel of Matthew….. yea we know that book too.

          1. You really, really don’t know the depths of what you believe. Good luck surviving what is coming upon the earth. Coming soon.

          2. I dont troll Christian web sites for the purpose of belittling their beliefs. You cannot say the same nor can you claim to be a true Christian in the biblical sense of the term without being a hypocrite. Go re-read the Gospel of Matthew and sin no more.

          3. As I said, you truly, truly do not know the depth of the Bible, to realize that these very Annunaki (which is a story given to the Sumerians, to explain something to them that they had no concept of a True ONE God) are the fallen angels of Jude 1:6, Genesis 6:1-6, and the Book of Enoch. The ENTIRE Bible is about staying away from these evil beings who would just as soon kill you, and eat you for their food. THESE are the beings that God the Most High, our TRUE Creator commanded the Israelites to commit genocide upon. THESE beings are the entire reason a global flood happened. So, you go right ahead and believe all of the other civilizations’ stories and beliefs. By the way… while you’re at it… where is the evidence of a physical god in those civilizations? Only one that we have first-person accounts of is Jesus, the Son of God who came to earth in human form… and there are plenty of documents in history to prove that He did indeed exist. None for any of those that you believe in.

          4. You grossly underestimate me. The creation tale and story of the great flood was taken verbatim in idea before it was paraphrased from the Enuma Elish into the book of Genesis. It was written 4,000 years before the Bible some 6,000 yrs ago. Every ancient culture has written about the men from the stars and even cave drawings depict them. The only proof you have to offer is a heavily edited and embellished book written some 2,000 yrs ago at the earliest. No physical evidence has ever been found to support the story of Jesus. That us why faith is so important in religion, believing in something with no proof.

          5. And therein lies your problem. Man didn’t exist on the planet until 6,000 years ago. So, how and whom wrote your ‘Enuma Elish’? It wasn’t man. Unbeknownst to you, what you believe was man, was the very beings of whom we speak of. And yes, there were NON-Biblical evidence of Jesus, as in first-person historical writings of Josephus Flavius, Pontius Pilate, et al.

          6. Bravo kodster on your comments. The Bible warns us exactly what the Nephilim were up to and what they plan to do in the future; yet, the devils lies & deception go deep. Keep up the faith.

          7. You know, Jakrabt… you are so insistent that you’re correct. Can you prove to me that your ancient ‘Sumerian’ writings existed prior to the oral histories of the Jews? Can you prove to me that their oral histories are not based on the histories of Adam, and his third son, Seth, and Seth’s lineage? Or can you prove to me that the Sumerian history is not based on Cain, Adam’s first-born, the one that was sent away from Adam and Eve, for killing his brother, and whose first-born son, the Evil Enoch, is the one responsible for the Sumerian history? Cain’s lineage is the one that you are following, and it was Cain’s lineage that was responsible for allowing the Nephilim to come in and corrupt mankind, thereby causing the Great Flood (or Deluge, depending on which history you want to follow). Based on this, then, which one are you following? Seth, or Cain? If you’re following Seth, then Noah was the one that was saved out of the Flood. Of course, there are many different versions in all of the other civilizations, but they are ALL based on the account in Genesis, not the other way around.
            You’ll find out, soon enough, though, who is wise, and who is the fool. Less than a month, I’d say.

          8. Kodster, it is you who come here disputing what orhers have presented. If you actually were an open minded scholar of the ancients you would be debating and offerring evidence to support your disagreement. Instead you deny all of archeology and anthroplogy to favor one collection of writings that even christianity itself cannot agree to its entire meaning, formulate your own opinion which are not fact from statenents that do not even exist in the accepted canon. And at the exclusion of all other equally credible sources. Then to top it off you simply cannot accept the opunion of others and resort ti name calling and behavior unworthy of a true christian. So yes, fake christian troll is what you are based upon your own words. And btw, you still have not satisfied your burden of truth, sweetie.

          9. How do you know I haven’t done so, studying the ‘ancients’ as you call them? Maybe I have, and have determined that the one that makes the most logical sense, and is evidenced by the ONE that proves that it is correct, in the person of Jesus Christ (Yeshua), that came to earth and proved that what He was promised, in Genesis 3:15, along with some 300 OTHER prophecies, in fulfillment, is the accurate version? Yours can’t. They’re all based on assumptions and speculations. Even the buildings that are on the show ‘Unearthed’ can’t identify the structures that are contained underneath these buildings… like the Parthenon in Greece… where they discovered that the Parthenon is built on another structure that pre-dated the Greeks. I know who built the megalolithic structures… and your story of the Annunaki confirms they built them, but the Annunaki, which is just one civilization’s name for them (there are many different civilizations that have different names, but they are one and the same… the Bible calls them ‘Nephilim’). The Bible says that they are NOT from an extraterrestrial source (meaning, from another star system or planet, but they are extraterrestrial… just not in the manner in which you believe). The Nephilim, or Annunaki, are the offspring of the fallen angels, or ‘watchers’… the ones that God the Most High sent to watch over mankind, but became rebellious to Him because they thought THEY were the ones to inherit the earth, not mankind. This is what it is all about… a fight over the earth, between God the Most High, and the fallen angels, of whom mankind is but a pawn between the two entities. Lucifer is the leader of the rebellious angels, and he wants to put himself above God the Most High. So, you see… your story is similar, but it’s the wrong one, because we have evidence that Jesus Christ, son of man, and equally, fully, Son of God, so God Himself coming to earth, in the flesh, as evidenced by the Bibical account. Your versions cannot provide this same evidence.

          10. Your account of Genesis fails to account for “elohim” and the plurality and Hebrew meaning “many gods” . The Bible also fails to describe the ancient cultures who were the Pre-Adamites, pre-Egyptians and the super ancients of the Caral, Lemurians, Tiahuanaco and of the Indus Valley. Artifacts havw been found in pre-cambrian stone and coal that date back earlt as 250 million years ago and are manmade. Structures have been found on the moon. Your argument is very weak because evert phtsical evidence tells an opposite story. Even the apostle Paul warned against reading inti the bible beyond what is written. You read too much Creationist fairy tales.

          11. Then you do not understand that ‘elohim’ is Hebrew for ‘Sons of God’, which is another reference to ‘angels’. Angels are considered ‘Sons of God’, as well. So, again, here we have where angels rebelled against God, and morphed themselves into mortal form, descended to earth, at Mount Hermon, and had sexual relations with the daughters of man (Jude 1:6; Genesis 6:1-6). The Book of Enoch also confirms this narrative, and early Christians, including Paul, recognized Enoch as canon, even though the Council of Nicea, and Emperor Constantine (who was actually the one that took it out of canon and made it a part of the Apocrypha) did not. The council and Constantine were trying to hide it. That’s why we have the confusion we do, today. And why we’re having this debate.

          12. You are either ignorant of geology and human civilisation or you just plain ignorant.

          13. Oral histories take precedence over ‘written’, Jabkrabt. You have NO idea how far back oral histories existed. Writing didn’t exist back then. If you can prove to me that the oral histories go back that far, then we have something to talk about. Unfortunately, you cannot.

          1. You don’t know me… so, how do you know how close-minded I am? I’m very open-minded to consider ALL options, until the option proves itself to be implausible. Otherwise, why would I even bother to be posting, or reading the article? I wouldn’t investigate it, if I was close-minded. So, where does that leave you?

          2. You are so narrow-minded, yourself, that you don’t even realize what position you put yourself into. Oh well.

          1. You don’t even know me, dude. You just proved yourself to be one, because you can’t even provide an argument.

        2. We know Sitchin qualifications but not yours ,you are obviously a profesor or of high religious degree.Please tell where you qualified, and what you have had published.

        3. A closed mind is a terrible thing, I believe in the heavenly father but I also seek the truth of our history. That does not mean I am a non believer.

    2. Genesis is only an attempted account of these events according to the understanding of the people of the time. The Bible is full of errors and contradictions. Its 66 books was chosen by Emperor Constantine during the Council of Nicea in 325AD so that he could establish Christianity as the State Religion and become its Head. It’s all a scam to control the masses.

      1. It wasn’t during the Council of Nicea, and the Latin Vulgate wasn’t written until 382 AD, by St. Jerome. Try again. Genesis is Truth, God’s Word, inspired or breathed by God to His prophets, who are the authors of the books of the Bible. Jesus Himself recognized the authenticity of the Old Testament, even quoting it in the synagogue at Nazareth. We have proof that Jesus was on the earth, through the first person witness of the Apostles, through the first person witness of Josephus Flavius, who was a Jewish General, until he was taken captive by the Roman army. Try again to dispute the Word, at your own peril. It is NOT full of errors and contradictions, because what you believe here… is actually the foundation of the Bible, itself, without Sitchin’s spin on the truth. The Nephilim of the Bible are the offspring of the fallen angels, who came to earth, through another supernatural dimension. If you can’t believe that, it’s incredible that you believe Sitchin’s fairy tale.

        1. One fairy tale to anouther.
          Itvall comes down to which ones fit better in the progress of life as a whole.

          You sound like a Catholic extremist that in the iron age would send people to burn if they didnt believe.

          You are a funny guy.

          1. #1… I’m not a guy.
            #2… I am not a Catholic, period. I won’t have anything to do with that Satanic cult, which, if you truly knew the history of the Catholics, you would know that the Vatican and the upper echelons of the papacy believe in the Annunaki just as much as you do, and follow the same ancient worship system of the fallen angels, which is the cover story of the Annunaki.

    3. I find it startling the lies people will believe in order to deny the truth. People will believe all this nonsense, but can’t believe God would come to earth in order to show us the way to live among one another, to show us what sacrifice truly means in order to give us a way to live free from lies. Love indeed is the only way we can survive this evil world. This love we only begin to understand once we have children. Jesus indeed was real and the Bible clearly warns us to stay away from the Nephilim. Keep speaking the truth kodster. People will believe anything these days…as long as they don’t have to admit that their conscience continues to lead them back to God. The emptiness that believing in lies brings in an unending cycle and leads to more searching…that never fills that hunger. This hunger can only be satisfied with a relationship with Jesus Christ.

      1. Thank you, Sister, for the edification. Many of these people who fall for the lies of the Fallen Angels don’t realize that the Bible, which is God’s means of communication with us, preceded the Fallen Angels’ civilizations and societies’ historical accounts, rather than the other way around. What they want to believe is that the Sumerians, Babylonians, et al, pre-dates, but it doesn’t.

        1. You say the Bible,which one?So many versions,all rewritten by man,not God.If he had written the bible how are there so many differences?and mistakes.Most stories in the old testaments are from previous religions and most of the books thrown away. (DEAD SEA SCROLS)How was this decided by people being kicked to death at the first conference.But as you say you are God’s testament to his word.

        2. Hey Christian Troll. The opening line of the Bible was changed to separate us from them. The Creator, the ELOHIM (the Annunaki) then us. 7 billion people have been lied to. This article doesn’t event account for the stone circles of South Africa a giant active energy grid or even sniffs the work of the Great Michael Tellinger. I’ve read over a dozen Bibles (Chinese is the most accurate) and a lot of it has 90% truth to it but without that other 10% you are completely blind to your faith. At the tower of babel, money was introduced to enslave us and it still does today. They never left. They are still here and they are coming close to showing themselves. Just hope it’s Enki and not Enlil that shows up.

  4. I like bed time stories, you guys all have a good point! Its incredible the time people expand at proving their version of what they think is truth.

  5. Stichin has always said that he thinks that this is what happend on our planet. He did the investagstion to tell us to look deeper for ourselves. Now with that said read the book of enoch that has been taken out of the bible. That will explain alot to the disbelivers

  6. Was Stichin not part of the Freemason order? Was he not officially honored by the order with medals of do-goodery for what he had done to mislead the masses into thinking we are cattle for the sole purpose of mining gold? This story line may be true, it’s hard to tell, but what is painfully obvious is the untruth of our only purpose as humanity to mine gold for our makers from Nibiru. There is something higher that rules them, as well, an All Knowing power of some sort that everything sprouts from and essentially is a reflection of. Still so much missing from this powerful story

  7. Does someone claim the truth by being the first one to write it down? Of course not. Long before mankind wrote the stories down, people transferred them via oral tradition. And long before mankind was around to even talk, the Constellations spelled out the Gospel in the Stars. One must trust his source to have faith in it for the truth. I, for one, have come to believe the Holy Bible to be the inspired Word of God in it’s original ancient manuscripts (of which there are over 50,000 copies). However, I do believe in other non-Canonized books like the book of Enoch to be extremely information, though not divinely inspired. Can’t you believe that a Christian can be as well studied & versed in everything that you know & understand; yet, come to believe in the Word of God? Why is that so hard to accept? Not all Christians are dumbed down paganized drones you make them out to be. Best wishes to you in your pursuit of the truth, since that is what I believe motivates most of us who inspire to know.

    1. But those original ancient manuscripts you mention were written decades after the stories took place by people who weren’t there through hear say and then translated over centuries into multiple languages before being read by you in American English I would have to argue that it would be a very loose interpretation of the events if even remotely resembling them and inherently flawed because of vast differences between the many languages it has been transferred into and many other unavoidable occured errors

      1. Also the bible is so easily disproved through science (and common sense) that I honestly don’t understand how anyone can take it literally I don’t understand why humans have to think we are special in some way because we really aren’t and there is almost 0% chance we are alone in the universe if anything we are the evil on this planet and the animals are divine plus your god is so petty and cruel he can only be made by man no all knowing entitie would act exactly like us but even more childish and evil creating parasites that eat kids eyes and make them blind and allow them to be raped and tortured etc etc its just not plausible to me in tue slightest but hey whatever floats your boat lol

        1. The Dead Sea Scrolls found in 1947 prove 99.99% accuracy of translation for almost 2,000 years. All modern translation go by texts found in Alexandria, Egypt; but the King James Version uses the Textus Receptus (Authorized Text) which I believe to be the inspired text. So, you may argue whether or not you believe the texts to be inspired by YHWH, but you cannot with honestly argue translation errors. In addition, I’ve studied the King James Version in English to the original ancient manuscripts, which there are over 50,000 to go from making the Holy Bible the most documented piece of historical evidence in the history of the world, and I have come to accept they are inspired by YHWH written by over 40 known & unknown authors from different backgrounds, occupations, experiences, etc…

          Concerning intelligent life in the universe, do you even comprehend the odds against life happening? Do you understand everything that has to happen simultaneously in a symbiotic environment from RNA, DNA, at the atomic level to the vastness of space with gravity and electromagnetism? The odds are totally against everything happening on Earth for life to exist by chance. It’s so far removed from chance that it is utterly preposterous to assume that intelligent life has to exist elsewhere.

          You. Assume. Too. Much.

  8. I don’t know much about the topic in the article, other than what was read, so will probably go and read more at somepoint. But from the comments why are people dismissing the possibility that aliens had a part in our history? Or even interfer with our natural course in ‘evolution’ to become Homo sapiens? To be fair, having alien vistiors would explain a lot. Not saying I believe the Anunnaki story completely, but it could be half true. We were more primitive in thinking back then, nowadays we would see aliens and their ships where as back then it was gods and magic.

    Everyone wants to dismiss aliens but are quick to accept god, allah or whoever. I am not against people’s beliefs but for all we know god/allah/etc could have been an alien. I’m opened to the possibility of gods, I am not saying I believe nor would I follow god if there was proof either. But I accept the possibility. When it comes to history, don’t assume we have answers or know the past because there are parts of it we know nothing about even as close as 50years ago.

  9. I have evidence that the Annunaki exist here and now, as do variant species of extra-terrestrials who often reveal themselves through digital photography – at dusk. Once a skeptic; and not even a fan of science fiction (except for Yoda and Darth Vader) . . . my recent personal photos have made a believer out of me. “Stay calm; and carry on . . . the future is now!

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