Have Researchers Found ‘Bullet Holes’ in Million-Year-Old Prehistoric Skulls?

Is it true that there is such a thing as forbidden archaeology? An area that shows discoveries that are not meant to come out to the light, the alternative truth that could potentially rewrite history as we know it.

Although many are reluctant to accept it, there are a number of anomalies that show us clearly that something disturbing happened in the past, that mankind is a species with amnesia and that history as we know it is incomplete.

The truth is that we have no idea what exactly happened on earth thousands of years ago, we are confused about the origins of life, how civilizations evolved and how they disappeared, yet the answers seem to be right in front of us.

Some consider these findings as crazy and most state that they have no solid background, but that might be just a small dose of fear inside mainstream scientists who are firmly holding onto their beliefs, not willing to let go of old systems that have become outdated and cannot explain the numerous mysteries found on Earth.

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Researchers from Russia suggest that one of those out-of-place discovers is the prehistoric bison that is believed to have bee shot with a firearm, the only thing strange about it, is its age. The remains of the bison that has a bullet hole in the cranium are displayed at the Museum of Paleontology in Moscow, you can see a perfectly round hole that was supposedly caused by the impact of a projectile launched at high-speed.

Researchers believe, even though they never found the remains of the projectile, that the hole in the cranium was caused by a bullet caliber similar to the ones we use today.

Even more strangely, this animal is native to the region of Yakuzia in Eastern Siberia and lived in the region over 30,000 years ago! So what did we miss in history? Is it possible that a highly advanced civilization existed thousands of years ago? Before our “modern history”?

Another one of those strange cases is the so-called “Neanderthal hunter.” In 1921, the British Museum received a human skull found under curious circumstances. In a remote zinc mine located in Zambia, formerly called Northern Rhodesia, workers accidentally stumbled upon a mysterious cavern.

The cave was crowded with human remains, all impressions gave the idea that the place was some kind of prehistoric cemetery.

Recovery efforts of the bones were very clumsy and only a small amount of the bones ended up in hands of researchers, but among those bones, researchers found the so-called Broken Hill Man or Man of Rhodesia. At first, the skull was classified under the category of Homo heidelbergensis, researchers even doubted it was a hominid mainly due to its size.

After careful studies, researchers placed the Broken Hill Man or Man of Rhodesia into the African Neanderthal lineage. But studies of the skull came out with two interesting things.

First of all, the being lived several millions of years ago, and the subject suffered from a mental illness.

More mysteriously, on both sides of the skull, two perfectly round holes were located, entrance wound and exit wound, both with the same diameter. This has been one of the main mysteries regarding the Man of Rhodesia as experts have no clue what could have caused such perfect holes in the cranium.

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According to Professor Mair, it is possible that the wounds were caused by some sort of bullet.

The possibility that the wounds were caused by a spear has been discarded as the wound would look very different. so how is it possible that there is evidence of bullet wounds on a being that lived several millions of years ago?

This has been just one of those cases where science literally said: Well, we have no idea.

What do you believe? Is it possible that history is all wrong and that there have been highly advanced species on Earth thousands of years ago, possibly even millions of years ago?

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  1. Mental Illness? Was that satire because of the holes in the head? There is no way to determine mental illness from a skeleton of a Neanderthal.

    1. You are totally correct
      Even rudimentary knowledge of ballisticsgives pause. They need to.look more closely at the hole. HV projectiles leave characteristic damage to bone.


    2. NO! BOTH of these were from wounds from weapons of the Atlantians; in Atlantis they had all types of modern weapons. READ books on Atlantis, it really did exist, and was very advanced in their TECH., they even built bases on the Moon; this being over the past several million years.

  2. It was sharks shooting laser-beams that did it, that’s the only explanation for the perfect holes that went through both sides of that one skull.?

  3. These were mutant subhuman Atlantian slaves from Atlantis. Subhumans Neanderthalers, Austraopithocenes, and other prehistoric early humans were used by the people of Atlantis as a slave labor force. Any that rebelled risked being killed. Atlantis was MUCH like the old Antebellum South in the U.S., it was also similar to NAZI Germany and Stalanist Russia. You need to watch the movie THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU and AMISTAD to understand what Atlantis had been like over several million years. This system didn’t end in the U.S.A. until the end of the American Civil War in 1865. Another movie on this is ROBINSON CRUSOE ON MARS, the Atlantians also enslaved and even executed captured ETs who crash-landed and were marooned on the Earth. There are books by many Psychics who can describe life in Atlantis over several million years.

  4. Ancient human hunters were known to be proficient and deadly with the sling as a weapon and hunting tool. A small round hole doesn’t HAVE to come from a bullet. As they say, when you hear hoofbeats, you don’t necessarily assume zebras.

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