The 400 million year old hammer

According to studies of the Metallurgical Institute of Columbia, the inside handle underwent the process of carbonization, the head of the hammer was built with an iron purity only achievable with modern-day technology. According to analysis, the head of the hammer consists of 97 pure iron, 2 percent chlorine, and 1 percent sulfur.

This curious artifact was discovered in the city of London, Texas, USA, in 1934. The hammer appeared embedded inside a rock and since its discovery, there have been many theories about its origin, and most importantly its incredible age. So how did the hammer end up embedded inside the rock?

So how did the hammer end up embedded inside the rock?

Well, for the hammer to finish inside the rock, it had to have been built before the rock was formed and that would be several of million years ago according to some. After its discovery and due to all the questions the hammer raised, researchers decided to abandon the incredible discovery in the Somerwell Museum, in Texas.


According to studies of the Metallurgical Institute of Columbia,  the inside handle underwent the process of carbonization, the head of the hammer was built with an iron purity only achievable with modern-day technology. According to analysis, the head of the hammer consists of 97 pure iron, 2 percent chlorine, and 1 percent sulfur.

Surprisingly researchers also found that the iron had undergone a process of purification and hardening, typical of metallurgy of the twentieth century. According to analysis, the rock encasing of the hammer was dated to the Ordovician era, more than 400 million years ago.

The portion of stone surrounding the hammer-head also presented abnormalities, seeming to have merged with some type of sheath covering the hammer. According to geologists, the slow process of petrification dates back hundreds of millions of years. This has led several ufologists and ancient astronaut theorists to a quick deduction of the context of the incredible discovery leading them to assume not only that there was a human civilization before the historical process of petrification in Texas, but that this ancient civilization already possessed the necessary technology for the fabrication of a hammer with modern features.

Evidence suggesting that the iron from the hammer might have originated from a meteorite is not a possibility according to researchers. The chemical analysis of the artifact also detected certain amounts of potassium, silicon, chlorine, calcium and sulfur. Thus, this composition contradicts the hypothesis postulated that the hammer-head belonged to the fragment of a meteorite, since the bodies of our solar system do not have that type of chemical composition.

Researchers also believe, that since the head of the hammer was found embedded into the rock, it suggest that the embedding process was performed under different atmospheric conditions to the current, different atmospheric pressure, more similar to those in the remote past.

Against the remote possibility that a meteorite with an extremely rare and bizarre chemical composition and exceptional morphology, got caught, in prehistoric times, onto a piece of wood just as the head of the discovered hammer imprisons its handle, some researchers and ancient astronaut theorists point toward the fact that our planet was inhabited in ancient times, by civilizations with advanced technical and technological capacity, of which today we only have legends, and items like this one who were trapped in rock. Unfortunately, some scientists do not agree with the theory that an ancient civilization created the hammer, and claim that it was only a metallurgical technique that had been eventually abandoned.

This extraordinary artifact belongs to the list of many other mysterious objects that have been discovered across the globe, and just like the Russian “microchip” or the 300 million-year-old screw, this item has caused debate among researchers and historians who are divided in groups, supporting and denying the possibility that the human race is much older than previously thought.

Whether this artifact is indeed a hammer dating back hundreds of millions of years, is something that will fuel debate among supporters of the ancient astronaut theory and conventional archaeologists, who both have provided arguments explaining the origin and age of the hammer.

Image Credit: (C) 1986, Glen J. Kuban / David Lines

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  1. What does the evidence say? If someones paradigm does not allow for an artifact being outside the boundaries of their belief system, then they are no longer able to call themselves scientists, and have joined the ranks of fanatics. Let the evidence speak for itself, or avail yourself of rehabilitation.

    1. And you believe “evidence” based upon theories, not facts? And just what do you think my belief system is? You’re full of assumptions, aren’t you?

      1. It’s pretty clear that no testimony, no matter whose it is, will ever even convince someone with your mindset to even consider that the nature of this reality may be a little more complicated than you are comfortable with. That’s quite the unscientific approach you are attempting to employ.

  2. I am not a Scientist, but I seriously doubt that the hammer is 400 million years old.

  3. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on there, guys! Your assumption that the rock is millions of years old could be based on flawed “science”! Carbon dating is unreliable after a certain number of years of age of the item being tested. Anyone know what that number of years is? And Brian Kerr has a good question? Why can,t they carbon date the wooden handles?! They have carbon-dated petrified items before, haven’t they?

  4. it would be nice if you would offer some reliable sources of all this information.

  5. I read a while ago it was a hoax, it was a modern hammer dropped in molten lava then cooled quickly

    1. Molten lava would have burt that handle to a crisp not petrified it and it doesn’t appear to have any burn marks, sorry.

  6. Most likely whole think was found on demolition site. Hard to determine age of it but hammer was accidentally dropped in cement during the construction work during 1700 maybe 1800 century. Gold rush times possibly. It is not old as it’s claimed because wood would be heavily fossilized. In this cause I can see wood texture.

  7. The wooden handle of the hammer is an indication that the hammer belongs to our recent past. But how it ended up embedded in a rock seems certainly puzzling to us. However, if we use the criterion of Occam’s razor then the 400 million years as its age can be ruled out because the wood of the handle shows that cannot be more than a few hunderd years.

  8. Other observers have noted that the hammer is stylistically consistent with typical American tools manufactured in the region in the late 1800s. One possible explanation for the artifact is that the highly soluble minerals in the ancient limestone may have formed a concretion around the object, via a common process (like that of a petrifying well) which often creates similar encrustations around fossils and other nuclei.”The stone is real, and it looks impressive to someone unfamiliar with geological processes. How could a modern artifact be stuck in Ordovician rock? The answer is that the concretion itself is not Ordovician. Minerals in solution can harden around an intrusive object dropped in a crack or simply left on the ground if the source rock (in this case, reportedly Ordovician) is chemically soluble.”

      1. It was carbon dated. It’s no more than a couple of hundred years old – as was the lump of “rock” surrounding it.

  9. Most assUme that life back then was sub-par to the current human & knowledge as we know it is predictable. AND many remove epigenitc energies from the equation to get results to match ones thoughts. Most science is flawed when the human mind calculates it. There are so many other variables and possibilities omitted by human thought. We are so flawed we are oblivious to said flaw.

  10. Notice how this ‘analysis’ completely ignores the wood. That tells you right away that this is fake. Thus, there is no debate. This is a cut and dry case of fraud.

    1. The wood was not ignored its turning to coal. Whether Fake or real the woods Fossilized and was not ignored

  11. Latest episode of Ancient Aliens included this, but was curious as to whether anyone has
    asked this: If the hammer’s iron percentage etc means it could have only
    been made with todays technology, then couldn’t tomorrow’s tech (future
    tech) have created this, along with a means of time travel to send it
    back for testing such time traveling device? The materials seem oddly
    simplified which to me would be a first or secondary perfect thing to
    test if testing time travel methods. If true, then there is the matter
    of the who will the person be to discover this and set the events into
    motion in which this test comes to fruition in the first place? 🙂 Ouroboros…

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